Beyond the Soul’s Meridian (Book)

This is a work in progress but exists as a manuscript and virtually completed book.  This information has been copyrighted primarily to protect the author to freely distribute this information.  The initial intention was to create a syllabus to be used within my instructional endeavors on holistic and integrative medicine.  Constructive comments will be welcomed and posted. Any individuals or groups that are interested and or inspired by this work are free to contact me at <> for any further questions or elaborations.   As always, please refer to the source if any of this information is to be use for additional websites, public discussions, presentations, or publications.  Thanks.

Title (PDF)

Prologue (PDF)

Chapter 1 (PDF) An Introduction to the Astonishing Journey of a Fool

Chapter 2 (PDF) Confronting the Masters of Confinement

Chapter 3 (PDF) Journeying Past the Conditions of our Confinement

Chapter 4 (PDF) Timeless Essence

Chapter 5 (PDF) Wisdom, Understanding, & Consciousness Soul

Chapter 6 (PDF) The Science of Sleep and Dreams

Chapter 7 (PDF) Further Examples of Dreams of Significance and Synchronicity

Chapter 8 (PDF) The Alchemical Unification of the Opposites

Chapter 9 (PDF) The Nature of Free Will

Chapter 10 (PDF) Wisdom is Love

Chapter 11 (PDF) Our Earth’s Eternal Struggle: Atlantis and the Origins of Evil

Chapter12 (PDF) The Mystery of the Cross

Chapter 13 (PDF) Ascension

Epilogue (PDF)


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