Videos, Lectures, & Letters

Introduction to Problem-Based Learning

Supplement to Introduction (Part 2) Holistic Approach

Neonatal Fever and Sepsis

Fever and Sore Throat: Comprehensive Approach

Fever and Rash: Comprehensive Approach

Respiratory Distress : Stridor

Respiratory Distress: Bronchiolitis

Asthma Supplement

Fluids and Dehydration (Part 1)

Fluids and Dehydration (Part 2)

Fluids (Part 3) and Renal Failure

Feeding and Nutrition

Feeding and Nutrition (Part 2): Health and Healing Through Intention

Body, Soul, Spirit

Body, Soul, Spirit (Part 2)

Neonatal: NALS and Acute Distress

Neonatal Medicine (Part 2) and Cardiac Disease

Cardiac Disease (Part 3) Chest Pain and Sudden Death

Fever and Seizures

Hyperbilirubin in Newborn



Anemia in Childhood



Secular Humanism


Art and Healing

The Science of Dreams

The Moon & the Soul’s Journey

Confronting the Shadow

The Event

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