Videos & Lectures

Introduction to Problem-Based Learning

Supplement to Introduction (Part 2) Holistic Approach

Neonatal Fever and Sepsis

Fever and Sore Throat: Comprehensive Approach

Fever and Rash: Comprehensive Approach

Respiratory Distress : Stridor

Respiratory Distress: Bronchiolitis

Asthma Supplement

Fluids and Dehydration (Part 1)

Fluids and Dehydration (Part 2)

Fluids (Part 3) and Renal Failure

Feeding and Nutrition

Feeding and Nutrition (Part 2): Health and Healing Through Intention

Body, Soul, Spirit

Body, Soul, Spirit (Part 2)

Neonatal: NALS and Acute Distress

Neonatal Medicine (Part 2) and Cardiac Disease

Cardiac Disease (Part 3) Chest Pain and Sudden Death

Fever and Seizures