Choice & the November Lunar Eclipse

“As the sovereigns of our own soul, we always have a choice which is solely ours to make.  November Eighth, 2022, is not just an abstract construct that the controllers deem as “election day” but it stands as a symbol for your right to make decisions that go beyond their confinements that are based upon your soul’s perception of Sympathy, Love, Divine Justice, and Cosmic Law.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian November 7, 2022

As the energies of the November 2022 season are upon us, North American will experience an unusual, if not extraordinary, lunar eclipse beginning in the early hours on Tuesday the eighth.  This event will reach its full phase between 4:17 and 5:43 CST.  The full umbra of this spectacle will last for an hour and a half covering the entire United States.  The next lunar eclipse will only be partial and not occur until 2025. 

The fact that the entire nation will witness the unveiling of the Moon (soul) and some of her darkest secrets initiated on the day of our midterm elections is nothing less than synchronistic, if not biblical. Continue reading “Choice & the November Lunar Eclipse”