Choice & the November Lunar Eclipse

“As the sovereigns of our own soul, we always have a choice which is solely ours to make.  November Eighth, 2022, is not just an abstract construct that the controllers deem as “election day” but it stands as a symbol for your right to make decisions that go beyond their confinements that are based upon your soul’s perception of Sympathy, Love, Divine Justice, and Cosmic Law.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian November 7, 2022

As the energies of the November 2022 season are upon us, North American will experience an unusual, if not extraordinary, lunar eclipse beginning in the early hours on Tuesday the eighth.  This event will reach its full phase between 4:17 and 5:43 CST.  The full umbra of this spectacle will last for an hour and a half covering the entire United States.  The next lunar eclipse will only be partial and not occur until 2025. 

The fact that the entire nation will witness the unveiling of the Moon (soul) and some of her darkest secrets initiated on the day of our midterm elections is nothing less than synchronistic, if not biblical.

There are two striking alignments that should be considered. 

The primary aspect involves the opposition of the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio forming an axis through the Earth which will cast its shadow directly onto Luna’s orbit.  This axial alignment of Sun-Earth-Moon is always a powerful time for an awakened person to experience.  When the Sun is opposite Moon, we experience a Full Moon setting at Sunrise. This was a moment cherished by our ancestors because they could sense the soul and spirit in equipoise to these powers with their heart and feet firmly planted upon Gaia.  This is always a heightened moment in our earthly life if one cares to meet this power and experience it. 

Screen Shot 11-07-22 at 06.05 AM 001

The Sun-Moon opposition is a cyclical moment when a portal opens into God consciousness that presents itself through our acknowledgement. This oppositional energy helps one to see clearly and empower the soul to accomplish whatever tasks lay ahead through an enlightened state of Unity consciousness.

This November’s lunar eclipse will be squared by Saturn in Aquarius which acts to precipitate action.  The day will constitute events that should trigger further revelation and social upheaval.

Screen Shot 11-05-22 at 04.00 PM

Sun in Scorpio forms a Stellium with Mercury and Venus.  Mercury in Scorpio allows us to sense our deepest fears and desires.  Mercury in conjunction with the Sun opposite Moon will act as a beacon of light within the soul’s deepest recesses.  It is Mercury that acts as mediator to the soul’s salvation. 

Venus is also in Scorpio and conjunct Sun and Mercury.  This represents heart-based energy of beauty, compassion, and empathy.  In a lower energy this placement could represent jealously and possessiveness.  In the higher octave, the presence of Venus suggests a state of emotional intelligence that is necessary to process the events that will unfold.  This alignment is very suggestive of the living manifestation of Christ-Sophia whose presence and assimilation are required for the Scorpion’s transfiguration into the Eagle.  This can only be accomplished by the marriage of the Higher Mind (represented by Mercury) to our heart-based intelligence (represented by Venus), in the presence of the Logos (Sun). 

Moon in Taurus suggests the soul embedded within the physical body, which extends to all things that are corporeal.  The Taurus energy cherishes all things that are sensual, or sense based.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning a very comfortable placement. Moon is also in a Stellium with North Node and Uranus. 

North Node represents forward direction within the ascension process.  This alignment in opposition to the Sun’s powerful and enlightened Stellium will assist the human soul’s capacity to see what is truly within our best interested based upon our sense of security and sentient needs.  I do not anticipate deception playing a role in this alignment unless one is completely asleep. 

Uranus in Taurus conjunct Moon will overcome and expedite whatever change the soul is compelled to take. This alignment will also help to release our soul’s creative impulses.

Ceres in Virgo trine to the Moon will help to nurture the soul and empower its connection to the energies of Mother Nature.  It will focus our attentions to the fine details and allow us the resources to support others.   

Another axis is noted on this day which involves Pluto in Capricorn and Pallas Athena in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith in Cancer.  This energy carries the resonance of the Pluto-Neptune-Moon Yod that signified the Fall Equinox from September 2022 regarding the revelations of truth. 

The energy of Pluto in Capricorn acts to reconfigure the ego and egotistical hierarchy.  It is a death principle and will not only destroy everything that does not serve the energies of the Aquarian Age but will reveal all that is hidden down to the atomic level.  Those who cling to the old Piscean energies will feel the destruction in Pluto’s annihilation of everything that does not serve the soul and the time that we are now living in.

Pisces is a very spiritual sign, but to a great degree it represents confinement and imprisonment.  Those who are still choosing the secular path are circling a Plutonian drain that will purge all that is self-serving and corrupted in this older time.   

In opposition to Pluto is Black Moon Lilith (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May 17, 2021, essay entitled Black Moon Lilith) which represents our personal human libido which has been fought over and parasitized by the enslaving forces of the dense material world since the fall from grace.  Out of everything that we possess, it is our libido that is most coveted by the usurpers.  The alignment with Pluto at the lunar eclipse suggests the ending of this arrangement for those who will longer stand for it. 

In conjunction with Black Moon Lilith is Pallas Athena (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 25, 2022, essay entitled Goddess Athena) who acts as wise counsel to the heroes of our mythologies. Athena is always on the side of justice and is a feminine version of the Logos and Promethean power.  The Pallas Athena-Black Moon Lilith conjunction is in the sign of Cancer, which represents the tender loving energies of the human heart. 

Screen Shot 11-07-22 at 06.05 AM

Superimposed upon the Pluto opposite Pallas-Lilith is a Grand Trine connected to Venus is Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. When a Grand Trine is superimposed upon an opposition, it creates a Kite formation which (through the numerology of the kite’s angles) harbors the energies of the transformational sign of Neptune.  In this case, the energies of the Grand Trine are drawing off the Solar Stellium in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  These energies are focused directly upon Black Moon Lilith in Cancer which acts as a catalyst for Black Moon Lilith’s highest octave.

In addition, there is a second Kite aspecting the Moon’s Stellium in Taurus greatly enhancing the emotional intelligence of our soul’s capacity to sense the greater path within the new timeline that we are all being invited to take.    


There is no certain way of telling how the eighth of November and beyond will play out.  The astrology is suggesting a great potential for change, transformation, and transfiguration.  If a person is inclined to interpret these energies (especially Lilith, Pluto, and Saturn) on the mundane plane, the outlook can be viewed to be confining, dark, adversarial, and even deadly, as there will be aspects within us that constitute behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, that must die away.  Fortunately, these energies are no longer in resonance to the higher octave of the Aquarian timeline. Lilith (which is an essential aspect of the Moon) is transitioning back into the realm of our own divinity.  In ascension terms, Lilith will be reborn like the Phoenix through the death of her relationship with the dark forces that have kept her imprisoned for the last many Ages. 

Keep in mind that Lilith (Black Moon Lilith) represents our Libido (Life Force) which is our most precious aspect of human existence and one that is most coveted by the usurping energies that vie to possess it forever.  The reason for this enslavement is that the dark demonic forces cannot create anything through Love or the Spirit, due to their separation from Source.  Therefore, they must parasitize others who are still connected to their own Life Force.  Yet, for the enslavers to harvest our Life Force, they must invert the flow from its natural state of radiant Love, which we experience as the absence of Love or fear.  Once we realize that we are solely in command and guardian of our own Life Force, the enslaving powers will be doomed to dissipate into oblivion.      

Black Moon Lilith represents sexuality in motion.  It is the primal animalistic component of the human soul that is becoming aware of its spiritual origins.  It is Lilith reuniting with Zoe in the Tree of life.  This is the power of the soul in transcendence, stripping away all psychic and astral specters that have imprisoned the driving force of our independence in union with God.  It is through the sacred marriage of anima to Logos where we find liberation from the perpetual suffering inflicted upon the human soul within the past dark Ages of control and limitation.

As the sovereigns of our own soul, we always have a choice which is solely ours to make.  November Eighth, 2022, is not just an abstract construct that the controllers deem as “election day” but it stands as a symbol for your right to make decisions that go beyond their confinements that are based upon your soul’s perception of Sympathy, Love, Divine Justice, and Cosmic Law. 

A person who takes control of their own Life Force and exercises these rights wields true power for change.  This is not just for one day but continuously for the rest of your life upon this Earth. 

Make it thoughtful, loving, and courageous.

In Good Faith,



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