Transubstantiation: Winter Solstice of 2022

“The concept of transubstantiation is a timeless principle that transcends Ages and cultures.  It is an act of consecration and all healing keys off this principle.  There is no monopoly on this process.  One does not have to be an ordained priest to consecrate or heal.  All human beings have the capability to offer blessings and impart intentional healing energies into substance. Sanctification is our natural birthright because we carry within us the essence of our godly parents through Christ-Sophia.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian December 18, 2022

The Winter Solstice of 2022 occurs on December 21, at 3:37 pm CST.  The highlight of this season involves the energies of Ceres in relation to the our dynamic human Life Force in balance to the Divine Masculine. This balance will be imbued in the Light of Truth for ALL to experience. 

Ceres is the Divine Goddess of Nature, nurturing, the harvest, and is the mother of the Moon goddess Persephone who is a spiritual archetype of the human soul.  Ceres is also known by the ancient Greeks as Demeter, who together with Zeus are humanity’s Divine Parents. 

The energies of the zodiac are always determined by the conscious alignment of the souls that come to meet it.  If one’s intentions are within a lower resonance, then what a person sees are opportunities to harness cosmic energies for individual empowerment, control, and enslavement.  In this fashion, the occult practitioner lays out intentional plans based upon past, present, and future planetary alignments. 

On the other hand, the movements of the heavens can be recognized as energies which can assist humanity in the ever-present moment.  Instead of scheming to acquire egotistical advantages over fellow souls, or scrambling to avoid catastrophe, regard the energies as an ambient celestial Life Force in the same way that a surfer embraces the unique power and signature of the ocean’s waves in a perpetual state of transition.  In the realm of this present (and higher) awareness, we are focusing attention upon all seven senses (light, sound, touch, smell, taste, emotion, and intuition), entering the realm of now-time, in a sacred dance with earthly forces that embody the essential nature of Ceres herself.  The presence of the Holy Mother shifts our consciousness into a heightened state of anticipation, astonishment, and pure joy in Christed Awareness.  To dance with the Holy Mother is to step outside of the linear time continuum.

As many of us struggle to understand what it will be like in the higher realms of existence, we must also realize that we live in the margins of heaven in those moments within our life where we feel ecstatic.  The New Covenant is that we are not here to leave this earth, but to ground ourselves into the energies of the Divine Feminine.  In doing so, we bring the unique and divine power of the Heavens that we all carry within us into this union of balance, respect, and mutual adoration. 

We are not only children, but sacred lovers of the Divine Masculine and Feminine spiritual principles.

The Law of One tells us that if we seek overt positivity, crusader entities within the astral realm will act to subvert your intentions.  The opposite is also true.  By Cosmic Law, we are here to find balance, forcing us to exist between the contrasts while transmuting all that must be lifted into the ascended realm of Unity Consciousness.  There is much good in the darkness that is destined to be discovered and resurrected. This process of salvation will never happen through any entity that exists outside of yourself.     

The power of transformation stems forth from the heart of a transfigured human soul initiated upon the path of their soul’s ascension. 

In past Ages, many people came to realize that they could empower themselves through unseen “spiritual” forces which always require a blood sacrifice. Eventually, enslavement occurs through the loss of individual sovereignty.  These bargains are always Faustian in nature, as virtually all mythologies and fables draw us to the same conclusion.

There is only one way to break free of this enslaving paradigm and this is also through sacrifice. 

Whatever egotistical empowerment a person might perceive through lower astral relationships are merely accoutrements steeped within the material plane of existence which are riddled with distortion from crusader elements.  All power accrued in this non-self-enhanced fashion will eventually force us to draw the same conclusion—that whatever is derived from lower astral entanglements is biased.  This includes the technological enslavement (which is entangled with the astral plane) that has been unleashed upon us.  To escape, we must look deep within the power of our soul, live as individuated aspects of our Divine Parents, seek guidance beyond the astral plane from our Higher Self, and draw our own conclusions.  Spiritual ascension never occurs through shortcuts, nor can it occur through egotistically derived self-empowerment connected to sources outside of our soul’s essence. 

Source outside of Self in the lower astral is ingrained with distortions and will never have our best interests at heart. It is only when Unity Consciousness emerges within the higher Spiritual (or what many call Fifth density/5D) realms that true objectivity in Wisdom and the Light of Truth exists.  All information within the astral plane is being conveyed through beings living within it.  Our Higher Self exists beyond that realm in the Spiritual in union with Source.      

Regardless of what we have been conditioned to believe, there can never be another being who knows more about earthly life than an ascending human who is alive in the moment and in communion with their Higher Self.

So, what must we sacrifice? 

All the advantages, influence, and personal power that we have won in the game.  Meaning the self-importance, attention, prestige, and fame that our ego defines itself by.   

This is the point where we come to meet the Greater Threshold Guardian.     

Whatever perceived empowerment gained through astral relationships must be placed upon an alter and sacrificed in service to the whole.  This is the only way that we can break free of our imprisonment as the externalized empowered ego dies within itself.  From this sacred act is born a soul in union with the Wisdom of their Higher Self.  This becomes our ultimate act of liberation from externalized entities that either masquerade or are perceived as beings more powerful than yourself. Within astral relationships, tribute is exchanged for clairvoyant information that ultimately constitutes a personal bondage to their limited teaching, insights, and agendas. What these relationships seek is attention and, in many instances, these astral entities are living vicariously through their pupils.   

In the same way that we must separate ourselves from our parents in earthly life, or even venerated teachers, we must come to transcend beyond these limiting relationships.  The goal of all esoteric training is to teach the student how to become independent within the Light of Truth.  As initiates become adapts, the student is becoming fully ingrained within the karma and dharma of the Master in Unity Consciousness.  In all forms of Western mysticism, the ultimate Master teacher is Christ-Sophia which is a Universal source far beyond the astral planes of existence.  Within the timeless construct of esoteric instruction, any great tutor knows that their task is completed when their pupils begin to teach the teacher.          

A human being in balance to the grounding forces of the Divine Feminine and to the Logos forces of the Divine Masculine are irresistible to souls in ascension as they are beyond the confinements of conditioned egotistical “empowerment.” At that point, there is no one who is fit to guide us, let alone control or rule over us. It is only the Wisdom of the Higher Self sensed through the heart that is an appropriate companion on our path to higher truth.  This is the essence of Christ-Sophia which is soul in union with its spiritual Higher Self. 

Not understanding our relationship to spirit, bypassing the Higher Self, and allowing your conditioned ego to be led in league with astral entanglements is a road to ruin. 

The Lesser Guardian of the Threshold is Fear.  The Greater Guardian of the Threshold has always been our spiritual Higher Self. 



It is the Church that makes the Eucharist and the Eucharist that makes the Church.”—Pope Francis & Pope John Paul II

The concept of transubstantiation is a timeless principle that transcends Ages and cultures.  It is an act of consecration and all healing keys off this principle.  There is no monopoly on this process.  One does not have to be an ordained priest to consecrate or heal.  All human beings have the capability to offer blessings and impart intentional healing energies into substance. Sanctification is our natural birthright because we carry within us the essence of our godly parents through Christ-Sophia.

Over the last Age, the Catholic Church held dominion over this practice.  The essence of Christian ceremony centers around the celebration of communion in Christ through the Mystery of the Eucharist. Although this practice is extensively observed in Christian communities, much controversy exists as to the nature and meaning of this ritual. According to Catholic and Orthodox dogma, if the dispensation of bread and wine is performed by an ordained priest through the Prayer of the Eucharist, it will be literally changed into the body and blood of Christ Jesus, even though the nature of those substances continues to appear in their original form. 

Hence the term transubstantiation which the Catholic Church maintains is the literal body and blood of Jesus imparted into the food and drink used in the ceremony. Virtual all Protestant factions de-emphasize or disagree with this viewpoint as many groups view the Catholic Church’s doctrine as a form of cannibalism or simplistic magical thinking outside the realm of rational logic and reason. 

In all instances, egotistically derived theological discourse has ensnared, confused, and derailed what is such a simple, natural, and organic act of consecration in love and communion in the spirit of Oneness.  It is always the intention of the human soul that either degrades or sanctifies substance, words, actions, and deeds.  This act is the ultimate artistic expression that has been co-opted over this last Age as a means of maintaining power and control. 

Getting stuck in the literal morass of ideas is a tactic used by egotistical Hierarchy to stifle and arrest the expansion of human consciousness.  Rigid doctrines dictated through self-appointed authoritarian control have robbed us of our natural abilities to consecrate and heal.       

It is interesting to consider the insight of the Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner upon the matter, who believed that the salvation of humanity is based upon our interest, understanding, and implementation of transubstantiation into an ascended Age of I AM Christed awareness.  

The Act of Consecration of Man—including the Transubstantiation—is a deed conducted by a human being in collaboration with the divine, spiritual world. To work as a priest is impossible if there is no awareness of the fact that a human being can act in consort with the gods.”— Rudolf Steiner

Steiner taught that there are four stages connected to the expansion of human consciousness regarding the ascension of humanity through transubstantiation, consecration, and revelation.

These are four periods of time after our descent when we came to know God through communion

The first is the Way of the Ancient Mysteries when the gods descended, and we lived amongst them.  The gods of our mythologies are the Lords of Time, meaning past, present, and future, serving the function of Birth, Nurturing, and Death. 

The second is the Way of the Semi-Ancient Mysteries when the gods withdrew and sent their forces down.  This was perceived as the music of the spheres permeating all of existence.  This was recognized as the language of God in sounds, tones, and song.  Time was experienced holistically as the Alpha and Omega were perceived within the nature of the sounds.   

The third is the Way of the Half-New Mysteries as man learned the magic of language and ascends to the forces of the divine world through the intonation of his own words.  Connection to the spiritual became a reflection of his own intention as the veil of separation expanded to its maximum dimension.  Communication between ourselves in the physical and entities in the astral and beyond are determined by our state of awareness and intention. 

This third period was a time of the rise and fall of religions and cults.  This is the experience of our current epoch which is now ending.  Although remnants of it still exist, its spiritual viability has been gutted and is no longer suitable for human beings who are ascending their awareness into the higher timeline.

The fourth way is the New Mysteries of the Aquarian Age involving humanity coming into communion with the heavenly realm in “I AM” consciousness.  From whatever cultural perspective our karma has been conditioned to view this transformation from, the essence of our soul’s ascension is established upon the merging of soul to our spiritual Higher Self.  From this state we have returned to the presence of the gods, in consort with them in I AM awareness.

Why is this important to know? 

Because we have the capacity to take back all that has been inverted, perverted, and co-opted through a process of resurrection in ascending awareness.  This action can only involve our individuated capacity to create, bless, sanctify, and consecrate through intention in resonance to Christ-Sophia. Perhaps we will not take back the material remnants of what has ultimately been degraded and corrupted, but we can revive and expand upon the ideas and intentions of what created it within the energies of the last Age. In this fashion, society remains intact within our individual freedom to contribute our healing powers through every endeavor that our soul’s touch consecrates through loving intention. 

Christos-Sophia energy is the essence of Ethereal Life Force that permeates all of existence. Awareness of this Life Force becomes apparent as we shift the center of our consciousness to the emotional intelligence of the heart.  This is the point where we find purpose in our lives and society begins to work for itself in an abundant fashion. 

In his autobiography, Nikola Tesla predicted that all of humanity’s problems will be solved in a matter of a few decades once we understand that cooperation with each other and spiritual Higher Self is the nature of our ordained future existence.  

It is not only Nikola Tesla who is graced by inspiration, but all our greatest insights come to us through our relationship to the higher spiritual realm in Christ-Sophia.   


Winter Solstice 2022

Screen Shot 12-17-22 at 12.10 PM

The energies of this Winter season focus attention to Ceres which will be crossing into Tropical Libra. In this position, Ceres is the manifestation of the Divine Mother within us. This is a time when we will begin to feel more comfortable with our inner self and where we can envision our Inner Garden Temple which is the place within the soul where our essence resides. In this position, Ceres will be in direct opposite to Jupiter, which has just crossed into Aries.  Keep in mind that Ceres (as Demeter) and Jupiter (as Zeus) are the spiritual parents of Persephone, goddess of the underworld, astral realm, and human soul.  This “Persephonic” archetype resides within the energies of the Moon. 

Jupiter opposite Ceres suggests empowerment to do great things with enthusiasm.  Yet the energies of Jupiter will be gifted initially through a distance and very much within specific boundaries. This may be through martial action.  Consider the fact that Jupiter-Ceres opposition is along the Aries-Libra axis which are the energies of the Archangel Micha’el in balance to the Divine Feminine who presides over the Scales of Justice.  Perhaps this season will help to facilitate further action to restore this balance.

Screen Shot 12-17-22 at 12.11 PM

The Jupiter-Ceres opposition is squaring the Sun at the cusp of Capricorn.  This will create tension and conflict. There will be great challenges to be confronted in this winter season.  Those who are trying to live in the Light of Truth will be perceived as the underdog and it will become apparent that our strength lies within the unification of the opposites.  This means that whatever tension (and distance) that still exists between the masculine (Jupiter)-feminine (Ceres) must come back into reunion once it is realized that this is our only way forward.  This will happen when we begin to experience the immense power existing within this balance which easily overcomes all obstacles. 

Sun at the cusp of Capricorn is a great initiator to achieve dramatic changes and its T-square to the Jupiter-Ceres opposition will be triggering transformation through illumination.  This will be through more revelations that will cause further upheavals in human awareness that must be processed within the soul to achieve significant growth.  The Sun’s position at this time of year is in conjunction with the Galactic Central Sun, which magnifies these luminous Christos energies. If this transformational force is resisted great turmoil will ensue.

It is interesting that the position of Jupiter in Aries focuses on self-sufficient power to do great things that others who are disengaged or oblivious to it can only dream of.  In opposition to Ceres in Libra, Jupiter is now aligned with the true purpose of masculine power as protector of innocence, champion of the Divine Feminine, and restorer of Divine Justice.

The child of this union exists within the hidden energies of the Moon, philosophically and spiritually empowered within the placement of Sagittarius. In this position, Moon is opposite Mars in Gemini, which should cause a feeling rising within the human soul to take action, seek confrontation, and rebel. Mars positioned in Gemini always leads to two outcomes, one vanquished, and the other victorious, which is the reflection of the timeline that the soul is seeking.

Screen Shot 12-17-22 at 12.12 PM

There is also an additional aspect to the Jupiter-Ceres opposition involving a Pluto-Lilith opposition with trine and sextile alignments to all planets involved in what is  a very intentional rectangle.

Pluto in Capricorn opposite Lilith in Cancer is interesting. Cancer represents the human heart and when aligned with the Lilith and Pluto opposition, it can represent the pursuit of power and authority over others within the lower plane of conflict.  In the higher spiritually oriented timeline, it is a call to validate deeper instincts and tear down social restrictions.  Lilith is our Libido which is our God-given Life Force. This is Love in the highest magnitude that can be manifested on Earth, which is an Ethereal energy that permeates all existence.

The person who can redeem Lilith (Life Force) leads by their glaring example of fearless within the Love of Christ Awareness.


Final Thoughts

When we finally come to understand that we are individuated aspects of the Source of Ethereal Life Force, we have then taken back our sovereignty and are once again transfigured into an ordained Child of God.  This is the point where we come to meet the Greater Threshold Guardian as an ennobled spiritual being in Christ-Sophia, that we too are at one with.  It is like meeting a part of yourself (along with a peek at your gleaming personal lineage) that had long been forgotten. This is a focal point of At-One-Ment with the most cherished element of you and your sacred family.  It is like going home.

From that point we are ordained in the eyes of the Universe.  We start to realize who we are, and we can begin to sense that we are tasked to bless and consecrate all the elements within the earthly life that we must return to.

As much as many would like, we are not leaving the Earth, for we realize that Her sacred energies live through us in divine union.  It is the human being that brings the healing power of the Logos into the grounding matrices of our Divine Mother.      

This is the task that ALL persons living upon this planet are charged within.  For some of us, these experiences have already happened, for others it is now in the process of occurring. For many others it will happen in due time.  

There will NEVER be any external savior(s) or any solution that does not involve your direct and intimate participation. We can only succeed in riding the tempest of these times through the blessings and graceful intentions of other living souls who have accepted the challenges that lay ahead as individuated sovereigns in Christ-Sophia.

In Good Faith,


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