Mad Science and the Eighth Sphere Revisited

“The Eighth Sphere is not evil as much as it is an inevitable state of existence that our egocentric consciousness must engage with.  Eight has the power to transfigure.  The Eighth sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio which carries within it the powers of sorcery that can be employed for darkness, death, and enslavement, or that of great transformation.  The energies of Scorpio are ruled by Pluto, which is a death principle and directly related to the god Shiva.  This is the reason why Lord Shiva is worshiped by the cult of Mad Science.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, January 19, 2023

It is well into the new year of 2023 and more revelations packaged in thinly veiled corruptions bombard us mercilessly.  The schemes of the wicked keep up their assault as their narrative becomes less believable by the day. The War is waging through deception which the unjust can spin at will like a hurricane of lies.  This is the year when the veil will collapse leaving the full Orwellian intentions of the darkness completely exposed. So much so, that evil will no longer attempt to hide itself in the light of revelation.  In this form of nakedness, evil will become far more aggressive and show itself for the ravenous, sadistic, cannibalistic monster that it truly is.

This year will be a time of reckoning as the die has been cast through the public’s acceptance of their Great Lie. As predicted at the winter solstice, the situation will appear to be dire.  Those who side with humanity and freedom will appear to be the underdog.  It is only through active participation in the spirit of unconditional cooperation that we have any chance of overcoming the obstacles which we are now facing. Virtually all of us are acting as barriers for significant change which is the essential reason why this perverted comedy keeps playing out without any foreseeable ending.

If you are paying attention to any of the astral and or AI generated channels their mantra for years tells us that big changes are coming.  This is true in the sense that we are in a continuous free fall state of egotistically engineered erosion while perpetually just out of reach from any significant changes that would benefit humanity by bringing us back to spirit.  Like cold fusion, wireless power, free energy, or even our health, we will never get there unless we take a concerted interest, do the research, and make the personal sacrifices on an individual level that are necessary for us to achieve it.  There will never be any external saviors, natural or supernatural events, or extraterrestrial assistance on the physical plane—it is just us. Our relationship to true higher power is always through union within.

The vision given to me that helped explain what has happened is disturbing, but there is little that I write which has any semblance of mass appeal.  The point of these discussions is to bear witness to these times so that some of us who come again in the future will know that there were those who saw through the casted spells of the dark realm’s poisonous illusions.

This dream was in revelation to the Great Lie and given to me years before their grand scheme was hatched.

In this dream I was shown a subterranean station underneath the surface of lake Michigan which was a portal between the physical and astral realm.  The person showing me this portal was a smug, over-confident scientist in a white lab coat.  What I saw was horrifying as the barrier between the physical and the astral worlds had been breached and the only thing that separated us was a transparent electrical force field. On the other side appeared ravenous demons who had flooded into the tunnel and were probing the portal en masse.  These demons appeared remarkably similar to the lizard-insect-like creatures from the Alien movies.

Despite my overwhelming objection, I was assured by the scientist that there was absolutely nothing to worry about, and that these creatures would be held safely at bay through their vulnerable egotistical contraption.  I was also told they had no intention of turning off the force field, which I interpreted immediately as an overconfident statement or a downright lie.

A simple question that I asked myself was, “Why would they have created a portal in the first place if they had no intention of using it?”

This method of questioning should be applied to any situation.

Why would anyone create a biological weapon or an army of robots if you have no intention of using them? Why create an experimental “vaccine” and then forcefully mandate it onto the world’s population, if its design is extraordinarily harmful and killed most if not all the lab animals that it was tested on?

These are simply basic questions.  Any person with common sense will already know the outcome and will not have to stand around in suspense waiting for anything other than the intentional tidal wave of destruction.

So, I left the tunnel quickly, and made my way up to a high-level apartment in Marina Towers overlooking the lake.  From that perspective, I could already see the water inundated with the scourge of astral locust that had breached the barrier, even though I was just assured that such a catastrophe would never happen.  It was quite an unnerving sight to watch these creatures climbing up and invading the buildings.  Most people seemed oblivious to what was happening. Before I knew it, they were at our building, and crawling up the outside walls.

In the apartment was a young boy of about four years of age who spotted one of the creatures outside of the window and was immediately drawn to it.  That is when I decided to end the dream as this evil beast was preparing to devour the hapless child.

Keep in mind that this was an astral vision which means that these creatures remain mostly invisible in the physical realm. Undoubtedly, those souls who are awakening not only feel their presence but can sense them within the energies of the media and in the millions of infected souls who harbor them.

Perhaps the next question to ask is, “What makes us vulnerable to attack and infection from this astral presence?” The answer may not be what you think but it is the reason why we never seem to make any real headway towards liberation.

Previous lectures regarding the Eighth Sphere (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian essays from July 2017 Eighth Sphere: Dissension in the Ascension Community and August 2017 False Ascension, CERN, and Echoes of the Eighth Sphere) touch upon this subject.

The Eighth Sphere is a state of existence identified by the Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner who sensed it as a virtual reality that was destined to develop over the century proceeding the time of his visions.  Steiner saw a virtual construct being created by Satan (who he identified as Ahriman) and Lucifer to capture souls and derail humanity’s ascension with the Earth, which is prophesied to culminate in our present time.

What keeps us from moving forward is not suffering, fear, vengeance, or cruelty but spiritless existence married to love of ease and comfort.

Love of ease and comfort are widespread characteristics, and it makes it possible to be enlisted after death into the ranks of Ahriman, for Ahriman, apart from his other functions, is the spirit of obstacles. Wherever obstacles arise Ahriman is master … Those who are subject to love of ease on earth will become agents to the slowing down process of everything that comes into the world from the supersensible. So, love of ease fetters human souls between death and rebirth to spirits who, under Ahriman, are compelled to serve the powers of opposition and hindrance.”—Rudolf Steiner, GA 140, Linz, 1913

It is our essential lack of insight, fortitude, and an addiction to all the modern conveniences showered upon us that keeps us aligned with Ahriman’s agents of hindrance.  So many people are becoming dependent upon smart technologies, not fully realizing that they function mainly as tools of enslavement.  Any technology that stifles our natural creative powers is poisonous.  Yet, many embrace it like a long-lost lover who has come back from the grave.

In the process of this technologically driven bedazzlement, engineered deception, and astral driven soul strikes, something else has happened.

As we gave away our autonomy and subjected ourselves to the false promises of the Great Lie without ever asking sincerely the more difficult questions, aligning our soul to spirit, and seeing through the deceptions, the spirit of Ahriman-Satan descended into the soul of a living person here on earth.  Like Jesus in His time, there are many disciples whose soul is filled with Ahriman’s presence, but there can only be one who acts as the source. The evidence to suggest this is compelling, but perhaps the most convincing is that no one can sense how drastically we are all being manipulated.

Satan will never expose himself, and like Big Brother will continuously work his “magick” behind the scenes until he has achieved victory, or his power wears out and the veil of deception collapses completely. This is the reason why Satan’s disciples are ranting and raving their distorted ideological narratives like rabid jackals baying at the Moon.  Their “Moon” is the “Evil One” who they feel is now within their presence.  They have no other options than to let it all hang out and go for broke.

Ahriman-Satan is an archonic being or fallen angel that has characteristics which affect all of us at a soul level.  The idea of a fallen angel means that they were once spiritual beings who fell into the astral plane.  The substances that we take into our bodies carry within them astral signatures.  Many substances that we are familiar with hold within them the characteristics of the archons.  This is especially true for pharmaceuticals and if we take a close look at the history of allopathic drugs, we will find that at the birth of the industry came two substances, amphetamine and heroin, which were both synthesized in the late 1800’s by German biochemists.

The effects of heroin are Luciferic, meaning that when taken, we lose grounding in the physical realm and shift our consciousness into the hallucinatory astral plane with an overwhelming sense of emotional feeling at the expense of numbing our neurosensory system.

The effects of amphetamine-based substances are extremely Ahrimanic, meaning that they lock us into an egocentric physical plane of existence which heightens our neurosensory system while dulling our heart-based feelings.  The characteristics of Ahriman include prosaic, dry, spiritless, ossification married to technologically driven fact-based quantitative reality.  If we could envision the source of this energy as a being, it would be the epitome of an arrogant, egotistical, inflexible techno-totalitarian self-appointed “god” whose energies would be remarkably similar to the smug research scientist of that unleashed the demons in my dream.

It should come to no surprise that the actions of our technologically driven society are fueled with Ahrimanic substances, which are now perceived as a “necessity” for productivity, achievement, and success within the modern corporate and academic landscape. Ahriman destroys free thinking, by punishing creativity, and rewards those who can regurgitate his scripted answers and conditioned ideas. The spiritless realm that the technocrats have created is not unlike the realm of the Gnostic demiurge “Yaldabaoth” who creates his legions through a process of self-replication.  Cloning, robotics, digital binary systems, genetic manipulation, and automation are the children of this process.

Virtually all the disciples of Ahriman are of the grandiose mad scientist or corporate megalomaniac archetypes who perceive themselves as visionaries, albeit ones of great hubris. These are souls who have been selected by the Evil One who have vied for lifetimes to be in positions of great power at this moment in Earth’s history.  Many of these souls go all the way back to the days of Atlantis.  Despite their self-importance, they are still enslaved to the inflexible dictates of their Dark Lord.

In reference to the dark ones who are playing the role of villains (and relishing their parts), it is unclear as to where their self-awareness lies in this global drama.  Even if they are not cognizant of the ending, from a deep subconscious soul level, they must know that it is destined to come crashing down upon their heads as balance is the law of the universe.  In this world, hubris is always counterbalanced by the wrath of the gods in the form of Nemesis.  I suspect that many are attempting to ascend in a negative fashion, which is extremely difficult to do, for if they show any remorse, regrets, or compassion they will fail to ascend off world into the upper echelons of their dark order.

No matter what they think, or what they make us think, the world is not theirs to have which is why the egotistical forces ruled by Ahriman are forced to create the reality bubble that Rudolf Steiner called the Eighth Sphere.

Through his insights, Steiner perceived Earth permeated by specter-like beings which he called formations which cause distortions in our reality.  Considering how dark the world has become through the intentional efforts of the cult of Mad Science to bring down the veil, it does not take a certified Austrian clairvoyant to sense the evil surrounding us. There is a love affair of astral distortions driven by the tech-media that is steeped in violence, horror, terror, and nihilistic emptiness which society has embraced. We have been conditioned since birth to bear witness and engage this horror show like a clockwork orange. It is essential to realize how injurious this form of conditioning really is.  For virtually all of us, we participate in Ahriman’s conditioned reality out of sheer ignorance, boredom, and lack of perspective.

It is only when you come to realize that you have a choice in what your soul gives its attention to that you can escape its matrix.

What we give attention to feeds our thinking which in the human being is an egocentric process of mineralization.  As strange as that sounds this is a profound truth which the consensus of our science upholds.  Empirical observation proves that conscious observation causes subatomic particles to declare conformation and materialize.  The function of ego is to manifest on the physical plane, but it does not have the capacity for original thought. The ego is designed to be an element of soul engaged in discourse as a receptive counterbalance or foil that can be inspired or manipulated.  It is an element of soul that allows us to examine things from outside of ourselves and build entire worlds from whatever influences it.

We are living in the time of the Eighth Sphere, which through Steiner’s work has become ossified conceptually in his bias and temporal perceptions.

The Eighth Sphere is not evil as much as it is an inevitable state of existence that our egocentric consciousness must engage with.  Eight has the power to transfigure.  The Eighth sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio which carries within it the powers of sorcery that can be employed for darkness, death, and enslavement, or that of great transformation.  The energies of Scorpio are ruled by Pluto, which is a death principle and directly related to the god Shiva.  This is the reason why Lord Shiva is worshiped by the cult of Mad Science.

We are destined to experience great death and destruction, which was initiated at the time of the Great Lie and is already well underway.  The energies of Pluto will annihilate everything that is incongruent to the energies of the New Age.  Gaia is being transfigured as we speak, and so will the souls who are interested in moving forward with her. The Eighth Sphere that Rudolf Steiner talked about is NOT a state of Gaia, but a virtual reality, or alternative reality, that will play itself out in a parasitic fashion on a lower plane of existence into an endpoint of extinction.  For nothing can survive without the life force of the spirit which is Love channeled through the soul.

Inevitably, there will be detachment from Gaia as those who are destined to ascend negatively will pull away with souls who still choose to have an enslaving experience within lower dimensionality.  This is the virtual sphere that is destined to cast itself away from the Earth.  It is still unclear to me whether this happens on an individual or collective level.  I suspect it will be both.

Those who ascend with Gaia will transfigure themselves in the death that the rulers of the Scorpion bear.  Resurrection will be in the archetype of the egalitarian Phoenix, which is the nature of Aquarian energy. Again, it is unclear whether this happens in an individual or collective fashion. My suspicions tell me that it must be both.

One thing is certain, death is always the catalyst for the changes needed in this New Age.  Without the actions of Ahriman, Mad Science, and his minions, many would never be able to get to the ascended place that our soul is choosing.

The essential key to true Eighth Sphere transfiguration is to stay grounded to the Earth and have a sense of compassion for all regardless of the roles that we have chosen to play in this Divine Comedy.

In Good Faith,


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