The Experimental COVID Injections: Informed Consent, Ethics, and Human Consciousness

“What I am witnessing through my practice is both shocking and unethical.  What is most concerning is that those who are opposed to the experimental injections are being strong-armed by their children, friends, and employers into receiving them.  This is done by threats of separation, isolation, and exclusion by the younger generations and the fearful who have been programmed to believe that their logic (which is the media’s logic) is based upon variables that are sincere.  The mind control that has been spoon fed into all of us since birth has conditioned ego to a level of arrogance that borders on misogyny.” 

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 7, 2021

Recently, one of my patients asked me to write a response to six questions posed to two practicing physicians.  These physicians are acquaintances of his son and part of a younger generation of conventionally trained practitioners.   My patient is a middle-aged father and fundamentally opposed to receiving the experimental RNA injections that the media is touting as safe and therapeutic.   Within the middle-age demographic there is significant push-back to the official narrative along with a healthy level of suspicion that the COVID agenda is far more insidious than the media is portraying it as. 

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Easter 2021: Time for Healing Our Deepest Wound

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 28, 2021

In this season of rebirth, let us not forget that this is happening in the time of Easter, which celebrates the mystery of Golgotha and resurrection of the human soul.  There are elements within the astrology of this 2021 spring season which signify the teachings that were given to us at the beginning by the Master of the Piscean Age.  At its conception, truthful information was conveyed by physical interactions and personal testimony inspired through the Logos manifested upon Earth. 

We were given two thousand years to prepare, in lifetimes lived in dedication to finding truth within the chaos that egotistical Hierarchy established and presided over.  Meditation, contemplation, nurturing, science, sacred union, artistic expression, vigilance, teaching, healing, and acts of compassion—all in the name of love— have been our scholarship. If we can read the signs, we can clearly see that the times we are living in today is the end point of this Piscean experience. 

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