Easter 2021: Time for Healing Our Deepest Wound

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 28, 2021

In this season of rebirth, let us not forget that this is happening in the time of Easter, which celebrates the mystery of Golgotha and resurrection of the human soul.  There are elements within the astrology of this 2021 spring season which signify the teachings that were given to us at the beginning by the Master of the Piscean Age.  At its conception, truthful information was conveyed by physical interactions and personal testimony inspired through the Logos manifested upon Earth. 

We were given two thousand years to prepare, in lifetimes lived in dedication to finding truth within the chaos that egotistical Hierarchy established and presided over.  Meditation, contemplation, nurturing, science, sacred union, artistic expression, vigilance, teaching, healing, and acts of compassion—all in the name of love— have been our scholarship. If we can read the signs, we can clearly see that the times we are living in today is the end point of this Piscean experience. 

We are now in the time where the Logos is manifesting though the souls of many who are awakening to this essential truth.  This new Aquarian Age is celebrated as the Age of the Spirit, where the bearer of celestial waters will flood this spiritually parched Earth with an overabundance of transformational and life affirming energy.  This is the time where the Law of Oneness unifies the Earth within the realm of unconditional giving, that is if we can come to sense the truth and face the enslaving forces that have perpetually held back the emergence of unconditional love within the Earth’s realm.

This can only happen when we develop the courage to reclaim our sovereignty and dedicate our life to the highest sense of truth and justice.  We are charged with this task of serving and protecting innocence through the restoration of balance and fairness in the world.  It is only in this ascended realm where our heroic Divine Masculine principle establishes a world where the nurturing Divine Feminine principle may flourish. 

Although we all gave consent to be here, we were all born into this world as slaves.  Jesus conveyed this information to the masses and to the Apostles, which was the most difficult truth for them to accept.  For the revelation of this painful but truthful information, they wanted to kill him.           

Jesus told the people who had faith in him, “If you keep on obeying what I have said, you truly are my disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

They answered, “We are Abraham’s children! We have never been anyone’s slaves. How can you say we will be set free?”

Jesus replied:

I tell you for certain that anyone who sins is a slave of sin! And slaves don’t stay in the family forever, though the Son will always remain in the family. If the Son gives you freedom, you are free! I know that you are from Abraham’s family. Yet you want to kill me, because my message isn’t really in your hearts. I am telling you what my Father has shown me, just as you are doing what your father has taught you…’ John 8:31-38.

Only the truth will set us free. This passage from John goes very deep into the heart of the wound which is once again being exposed.  The Logos now resides within the etheric, which means that we all bear this truth deep within the innate intelligence of our soul.  Those who are rising from their soul’s imprisonment are beginning to understand that they have been subjected to this abuse now and for many previous lifetimes.  What Jesus was conveying two thousand years ago at the beginning of the Age, the Logos is now signifying at its end. 

The astrology of this season is extraordinary and just as in every spiritual message conveyed to us, everything within it, even to the smallest detail, has great significance. 

At the Vernal equinox of 2021, the Sun and Chiron are in conjunction in Tropical Aries.  As described in the preceding video discussion, the placement of Chiron in Aries signifies our deepest and most painful wound.  It is the wound that we have been suppressing for Ages. A wound that resides deep within karma.  One that we have learned to live uncomfortably within. One that holds us back from manifesting into our greatest potentials that has stained human existence since the fall of Atlantis.  This inconvenient and upsetting truth is what Jesus told us, that we are slaves to a system that was fathered through an egotistically controlled draconian hierarchy.   Those who accept it and learn to live within it are living in error (sin) and answer to the architect (father) of this lower density construct.  This architect is nothing less than the god of ego which is anti-spiritual or otherwise known as the Anti-Christ.

For many Ages (approximately 2160-year cycles) we have lived within this matrix of control.  We are now living within the moment where we are given every opportunity to ascended beyond it.

The Sun’s placement within less than a degree in Aries is extraordinary.  For the last two thousand years the spring equinox has perpetually marked the beginning of the Tropical astrological calendar, known as the Zero Point of Aries.  On March 20, 2021, the Logos (Sun) has come home to that reset point near the end of a 2160-year cycle which marked the time span of the Piscean Age. The discovery of the procession of the equinox, made by Greek astronomer Hipparchus (190-120 BC) married western astrology to the turning of the seasons in a Tropical system. Tropical, from tropikos, meaning as the turning, heralded the age of the densest phase of draconian linear time.  Paradoxically, this system also marked the continuum of the Christ presence on this earth in anno Domini (A.D.) meaning “Year of The Lord.”  

Through hardship and oppression, we learned through this last Age of lower density existence that slavery is not congruent to our higher potentials.  As Jesus told us, He answers to a greater Father, who presides over the family of mankind in I AM Christed consciousness.  Those who are ascending into the Kingdom will be welcomed as the prodigal children of their divine spiritual parents. Only when we face the summation of our transgressions and limitations (karma) can we initiate the process of ascension beyond the control of the egotistical father or Anti-Christ. 

The true Father (Logos) has aligned itself in a position that is heralding a New Age of consciousness by shining the light of truth into the deepest and darkest aspect of soul which carries the primal injury of our perpetual transgressions through the false father’s deception and enslavement.   

We are now living in the time of Revelation as this season promises that there will be nowhere to hide from this principal truth.  We will be forced to face the summation of the degrading effects upon our soul from lives lived within abuse and deception.  Those who come to understand and face this painful and inconvenient fact are invoking the healing principles of the Logos. 

Just as Jesus told us, it is only the truth that will free us.  The way of the Logos is hermetical, meaning that it heals through the principles of truth.  When it happens, it is like a lightening strike.  The placement of the Sun at the literal Zero point of Aries, promises that this transformation with be swift, overpowering, and decisive. 

We are all being invited and challenged to overcome the death throes of enslaving Hierarchy that still attempts to pull us down into its sinister machinations. 

As incredulous as it seems, there are many who will continue to worship ego within the propaganda and false practices that the anti-spiritual forces perpetuate.  Those who are still buying into the fear and chaos are led to believe that by remaining diligent slaves and following Hierarchy’s poisonous agenda, they can escape this ultimate karmic confrontation. Yet, the astrology determines that it is only a matter of time before their false sense of security collapses upon itself and the true nature of their handlers becomes exposed beyond their veil of deception. 

Only those who can face this ultimate truth will be aligned to ascend beyond it.

Always remember that the power of the Logos resides with all of us.   

Those living in fear within the old paradigm of lower density consciousness are coerced into slavery, bound in obedience to the false father of Conflict, Separation, Scarcity, and Fear. 

Only those who can face their deepest fears can heal the greatest wounds and overcome enslavement of the draconian Anti-Christ.

When we sense the power of divine truth rising within the temple of our heart, we ascend into the service of the True Father in Cooperation, Truth, Abundance, and Love.

The path that you decide upon is solely yours to take.


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