The 2021 Spring Equinox: Emergence of the Alpha & Omega

“This spring is signifying the moment when the Sun will be crossing into Aries, marking a point of further ascension into a New Age of Christ consciousness.  The additional celestial energies are invoking the words of the Christos expressed in Revelation counseling us to be vigilant of the events that are now manifesting.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 6, 2021

Spring signifies the promise of rebirth.  Regardless of where our consciousness has evolved, virtually all who have a pulse are sensing a time of great change.  As 2020 proved to be a year of soul sight and revelation, 2021 is heralding a time of transformation as we are forced to face precipitating variables that will trigger a cascade of events distinguishing the year.

The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th at 4:37 am Central Standard time.  This moment is one of two points of balance throughout the spiraling cycle of time that constitutes a year.  The Equinox is marked when darkness approximates the light of day.  This is the halfway point between the solstices determined in the ancient world through the observation of time and the shadow cast in relationship to those occurring at the endpoints of the Sun’s winter and summer sojourns. Through sequential observations from a fixed position, the ancients were able to determine when the moment of balance was occurring as the Sun crossed the Earth’s equator.  The movement of the heavens were so important to our ancestors that they immortalized these events within the architecture of their civilizations.


This year’s spring promises the conception of a New Age within an ascending world in her cycle of renewal.  This transformational cycle is inherent to Gaia, as she lays fixed within the celestial ring of influence that infuses her biosphere with the spiritual energies that are manifesting from the heavenly hosts.  She is the conceiving womb of this seminal energy which is gifted to her children from celestial bodies that are both far and near.

In Tropical astrology, the Spring equinox is known as the “Zero Point of Aries” which is the position where the celestial cycles begin anew.  Although this system ignores the procession of the equinox, it was anchored by ancient Greek astronomers/astrologers to the unprecedented event related to the birth of the Christos and the way that we marked time in anno Domini, the “Year of Our Lord.”  This tradition was intentional.  As initiates of the ancient mysteries, those who set this precedent knew at a deep level of consciousness the Great Work that had commenced.

Although the Christian churches have gone to great lengths to keep themselves isolated from the “pagan” world, the mysteries of the ancient Greeks have always been connected to the ascension of the Earth, and therefore the manifestation of the Christos, known in their traditions as the “Anointed One.” It was the great initiate Plato who carried forth this idea into the modern world.  What connects the pagan mysteries to the Christian mysteries is the astrology, as it was always viewed within the ancient world as a living entity of the Universal or Divine Mind manifesting in twelve parts. This Universal Mind is recognized as the Logos, and it was the Christian mystics (Gnostics) who inherently understood this relationship.

The incarnated Christos completed the Pantheon, and in the ancient traditions of the mysteries, was immortalized in the heavens.  It cannot be over-emphasized that if the mystery of the Christos in relationship to the seasons of Gaia were not fixed to linear time and marked in the heavens, (in reference to the celestial signs that signified the Savior’s birth) the events which constitute the second manifestation of the Christos would be missed.  This means that our current affairs are directly related to an Age of linear time focusing upon a solitary beings that marks its beginning and end.

What lays before us will once again restructure our perception of time as we may experience it bending back upon itself into an ascended world where Christ was never crucified.

This spring is signifying the moment when the Sun will be crossing into Aries, marking a point of further ascension into a New Age of Christ consciousness.  The additional celestial energies are invoking the words of the Christos expressed in Revelation counseling us to be vigilant of the events that are now manifesting.

Behold, I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me, to give to each one according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates. But outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood”—Revelations 22:12-15.

This passage was written for the time we are now transcending.  The essence of who we are is spiritual and by acknowledging this fact we are transformed into our greater intentions as God’s children.

In our transforming state of awareness we become the composite of living mythological entities through the astrology of the Logos.

The Astrology of the 2021 Spring Equinox

Screen Shot 02-23-21 at 08.22 AM

The distinguishing features for the 2021 equinox include a large cluster of celestial bodies which is known as a Stellium.  When three or more celestial bodies gather in proximity, it sets the tone for the energies and acts as a foundational principle for the other points of light which constellate around it.  The central feature of this Stellium is the Sun in conjunction with Venus at the Tropical cusp of Pisces and into Aries.  This is an extremely powerful alignment as it represents the union of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine which is the crux of the ascension of human consciousness. The Spring equinox of 2021 is conceiving this energy which will set the stage for this transitional season.

In this Stellium, Venus is exalted in Pisces which transfigures her into a higher spiritual state.  Furthermore, Venus is conjunct Neptune which diffuses the lower states of consciousness while transcending into ascended awareness.  These alignments represent the highest manifestation of the feminine principle of the Godheart.

By themselves, the energies surrounding Venus are extraordinary, suggesting the powers of the goddess Sophia.  Mythology tells us that no entity loved God more than Sophia, and in her attempt to express this love created a spiritual being know by the Gnostics as “Yaldabaoth,” that became the Demiurge of the world.  This story teaches us that regardless of our stature or intention, even the manifestation of the goddess becomes corrupt if it is not created within a balanced state of masculine energy.  Meaning, that much could be gained from an exalted Venus, but over time it becomes corrupt and impermanent.  I sense this happens frequently, as ideas, dynasties, and civilizations rise and fall through the ravages of time.

This Spring’s alignment is different because it suggests a level of indelible permanence based upon the conjunction with the spiritual energies of masculine authority through the power of the Sun.   What manifests through the marriage is not only spiritually inspired but becomes the expression of love as Gaia continues her ascension into higher density existence.

Sun is in Tropical Aries, which represents the beginning of a new cycle of time or Age. This can also represent executive function regarding leadership, as the Sun is exalted in Aries.  This spring promises to be a season where true guidance will emerge, balanced by the compassion and justice of the exalted Divine Feminine.

Furthermore, Sun is conjunct Chiron, which is conjunct Ceres, completing the Stellium. Sun in union with Chiron suggests that the light will shine on our deepest wounds and transgressions, especially the ones that we have been suppressing for eons.  This truth may be revealed through an enigmatic executive who acts as a foundational principle in the revelations that are destined to emerge.  The conjunction of Ceres with Chiron in Tropical Aries suggests an alignment that enhances self-sufficiency and healing.  Ceres is the goddess representing Mother Nature and the harvest.  As these energies are spring energies, what we do in this time will culminate later in the fall around the harvest and throughout the end of the year.

The second major feature of the 2021 Spring equinox is the Yod, connecting the Aries end of the Stellium (Ceres-Chiron) to Saturn and focusing upon Vesta who rules is Virgo.  A Yod forms when two celestial bodies are sextile to each other (60 degrees) and symmetrically quincunx (150 degrees) from a third point which acts as a fulcrum for the foundational celestial energies.    The Yod is known as the “Finger of God,” which concentrates power and attention towards the pinnacle.

In this instance, the fulcrum is Vesta in Virgo.  Vesta is daughter of Saturn and Opis.  Opis is a titaness of riches, abundance, prosperity, and a patroness of the gods and mankind, as she saved her son Zeus from being consumed by Kronos (Saturn) by tricking him to swallow a swaddled rock instead of his son.  Opis then raised Zeus who led the revolt against the Titans, allowing human consciousness to evolve.

Opis is the origin of the word Opus, as in Magnum opus which is an alchemical term meaning “Great Work.”  This is a reference to Alchemy’s task of unifying the soul to spirit.  The true practitioners of Alchemy know in their hearts that they are contributing to the Great Work at hand.  This is nothing less than the ascension of the world and her children in Christ consciousness.  Vesta represents this Great Work or Opus, while her placement in Virgo suggests that this will happen in the highest principles with the greatest attention to details.  In other words, the Great Opus of humanity is where and when we begin to sing in harmony as the world and her children manifest into a unified artistic expression.

Additional Considerations

Aspects to the Moon and Lunar nodes remain prominent as they have been over the last year of change.  At the Spring equinox, a minor Stellium emerges involving Mars, Lunar North Node (Rahu) and the Moon, all in Tropical Gemini. This alignment suggests major challenges as the human soul continues in the struggle to free itself and the world from its imprisonment.  Mars in Gemini signifies the potential for rapid change giving us the opportunity to focus on what is the most important elements of our life through effective communication and courage to champion our convictions.  This season will challenge us to stay on the path of truth and fight for our beliefs.

The Lunar North Node will be in conjunction with the Moon, which represents our fate converging with the darkest aspects of the human soul.  These energies will be in opposition to Juno (Hera) in Tropical Sagittarius which adds tension to these converging energies while at the same time, catalyzes the alchemical process of transformation.  Juno in Sagittarius inspires the soul to deeper spiritual and philosophical thought.  It is interesting that Juno presides over marriages, and in this case, the ultimate unification of soul betrothed to spirit.  Through the energies of Juno, vengeance may be an impulse that presents itself during this time, which may be a familiar action that determines a lower path bound to karma.

Indeed, Juno is conjunct the Lunar South Node Ketu which represents the karmic baggage that we carry deep within the soul.  Juno is also in conjunction with the Galactic Central Sun, which affords a greater opportunity to balance karma and ascend beyond it.  The key to ascension is to face the fear that has always held us back.  This fear is related to our karmic past and must be confronted before we can move forward.  Never confronting our fear, the myriad of our shortcomings, and karmic transgressions is no longer becoming an option for human existence.   Juno conjunct Galactic Sun conveys the right relationship to divine spirit, and in opposition to the Lunar North Node, mandates the fulfillment of our “soul contract.”  This places us on the initiate’s throne and in balance to “All that we have been” and “All that we are destined to be.” (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian January 2020 post)

We are being challenged to cross a threshold which has always been guarded by an adversarial being that exists as an anti-spiritual force within the material world and in the astral world—which is the realm where the dark elements of the human soul exist and potentially rule.   Rulership in the astral realm is accomplished through fear which is a manifestation of ego and is always draconian in nature.  The astral realm is the shadow realm that controls the physical planes through a system of draconian measures and enslavement.  This reality is what is being exposed.

To assists in this season’s Great Work of exposure and transformation, Jupiter trines Moon empowering the soul with optimism and hopefulness.  Saturn squares Mars which focuses action upon the tasks at hand.

Mercury conjunct Athena in Tropical Pisces will be squaring Mars in Tropical Gemini, which will continue to propagate the war of words and ideas.  Mercury and muse Athena in Pisces suggest greater emphasis on mystical and empathetic clarity.  Our capacities to see that which has been hidden from us within the trans-dimensional realms will begin emerging.  My suspicion suggests that greater understanding of dark magical and occult practices that have held humanity back become revealed on a grander scale.

Athena has always been the champion of the hero’s cause and those who engage in endeavors through her consul are undefeated.  These Mercurial-Athenian energies will be square to Mars in Gemini’s twins of Castor and Pollux. This suggests a point of bifurcation depending upon the soul’s capacity to see into deeper realities surrounding this struggle.  Mars is also squaring Vesta which is confrontational to the meticulous energies that the spiritual realm is playing out.  In this aspect, Mars is acting in the role of the dark adversary which is gutted of spiritual energies and has little chance of victory.  In this role, Mars is the catalyst to precipitate not only the actions of Vesta but also Mercury-Athena—working in oppositional tension in service to the Great Task of human liberation.

The dragons will become more exposed as Lilith in Tropical Taurus (and Sidereal Aries) is squared by Jupiter in Tropical Aquarius.  Lilith in this aspect can represent possessive greed without limitation and naked aggression veiled through deceptive and or occult practices specifically of the dark arts.  Proximity to Uranus in a loose conjunction suggests that this magic could be propagated through technology.  Those aligned to this energy are channeling the power of the dark lords and act as self-appointed conquerors, creating what they feel is “ideal” within the confinement of their egotistically distorted perception of “reality.”  The “will” of the unjust is enforced through financial leverage as this alignment suggests the entity of Mammon.

Saturn in Aquarius continues to square the energies of Uranus, keeping the explosion of technological manifestations confined to the construct of its intentions that stem forth from the 2020 Winter Solstice’s Grand Conjunction with Jupiter and the birth of Christ consciousness within the many.

Jupiter in Tropical Aquarius is squaring Mammon through Lilith which forces us to work through our personal desires.  We will be faced in this spring season to re-evaluate what wealth truly is.  We will be challenged to make decisions based upon a heart-centered value versus what we have been conditioned to believe has worth upon the egotistical plane of Mammon.  This suggests the temptation in the desert and the point where we rise in consciousness putting that of our conditioned desires, wants, and needs into balance with what is good and right for the greater collective within the ascension of Gaia.

The 2021 spring season will create a situation that forces us to deal with the status quo of darkness that has been impeding our progression while hiding right in front of our face.  This will be the time when destiny is forcing us to confront these retarding energies and recognize them for what they truly are—a great universal evil that has perpetually served to enslave the people of this earth.


There are no false paths or virtual platforms within the ascension scenario for those who can see past the deception. We are not headed into a realm of enslavement as planned by the globalists if we can embrace the majesty that exists within ourselves.  As human beings living to our full potentials, we are of noble birth that eclipses any notion of the globalists’ sense of self-aggrandizement or self-entitlement.  The so called “elite” are incongruent within the realm of Gaia in ascension and will soon find themselves on the outside looking in from a spiritually impoverished plane of existence where there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The major feature of the 2021 Equinox involves the union of the Divine Masculine (Sun) with the Divine Feminine (Venus) at the cusp of Pisces manifesting into Aries.  The significance of this celestial position indicates a zero point in time where a new world consciousness is being conceived.  This event corresponds to the statement in Revelations, “I AM the Alpha and Omega” as this indicates the end of the old consciousness and the beginning of the new.

Jesus’ statement is also a reference to time as nonlinear in an ascended realm.  Meaning that there is no beginning or ended as they are married to each other.  Christ is the portal into this higher state of knowing which is heart-centered and transcends the linear time continuum.  This is known as I AM or Christ consciousness.

The astrology indicates that there is a spiritual plan for Gaia’s ascension and for those beings who choose freely to contribute to the Great Work at hand.  As the 2020 Winter Solstice marked the birth of Christed consciousness in the many, the manifestation of this gift will be on an ascended plane of awareness where unconditional giving becomes the foundation for the emergence of divine justice and individual liberty.

Our strength resides in personal unification and world unity in I AM Christ consciousness.

More and more people are becoming aware of how ascended global transformation is emerging.  The undeniable fact is that deep within our heart and ethereal soul, all human beings are cognizant of what is happening because we are intimately connected to Gaia and the celestial realm that surrounds her.  It is only the ego that blocks our capacity to know these facts from our waking state because it is programmed to tell us to look outside of self for the answers, and therefore someone else with a higher rank or status.  When we look within, we can begin to sense what the heart already knows.

This spring is once again the rebirth of this intrinsic alchemical process that is beginning a New Cycle and Age here upon Earth.  This season has always been a celebration of the rebirth and the transfiguration of the human soul.

The time cycle is being completed as the Alpha and Omega emerge on the 2021 Spring Equinox in Christ awareness.  The Logos and Sophia are empowering all who choose to align themselves with this energy, reclaim their noble birthright, and establish individual sovereignty from the specter of enslaving tyranny whose time is now coming to an end.

May it be so.


3 thoughts on “The 2021 Spring Equinox: Emergence of the Alpha & Omega”

  1. Great article with historical reference, yet current and aligned with astrological wisdom and Consciousness! Much to digest here and ponder …


    1. Hello Revel

      Thank you for this post and for drawing my attention to Life Force Restoration. Validation is always cherished. This sited interview with Kim Goguem is extremely enlightening and it is always appreciated when someone can show how the Light of Truth is further manifesting. Life Force Restoration strikes me as sincere and enlightened source for inspired information.

      Our Libido is our Life Force, and this is what we are struggling with as we integrate her back into our conscious life. Libido is an imprisoned goddess that is held captive by the Dragon controlled by parasitic overlords. This process to freedom is nothing less than alchemy which has been catalyzed through lifetimes of existence in darker perspectives. Interesting how Kim describes the Ley lines that are bound by pyramids pulling soul energy off-world in what I would suspect is the Moon-Saturn Matrix.

      I am not sure that the Ley lines are negative, as much as virtually everything that served humanity in the past has been, over time, inverted to serve the usurping archons who have imprisoned humanity for Ages. Understand, that it is not within a soul’s power to say that any experience was all good or bad, as we all learn through adversity. What is most important to understand is that the time for this paradigm (aka school of “Hard Knocks”) is now ending, as we are liberated when we chose our individual sovereignty empowered through Christ-Sophia in union with our Higher Self. It is our individual ability to manifest Love that empowers us.

      Although many feel that they need to exist exclusively within overt positivity, even in Fifth Density consciousness there is still negativity. According to the Law of One, duality between Light and Dark does not collapse until Sixth Density. One can ascend in a negative fashion from Third Density, but it is exceedingly difficult for most human beings. Humanity has collectively decided to Ascend with Gaia in a positive alignment.

      Perhaps the most important point that Kim brings forth is that our sovereign human power exists within a state of balance. It is in this state of balance where we manifest properly. As Kim illustrates, we are the interface between the Light and the Dark. The Law of the Universe is Karmic Balance. In this state of equipoise is where the Impulse of Christ exists and where we can alchemize the darkness back into the Light.

      How we pray is how we manifest. Jesus taught us the correct attitude in this endeavor. The mystery schools of the Great White Brotherhood understood the power of this Truth invoked within the Lord’s Pray. This is the incantation of the Great Work, which is the Will of the Spirit (and not the will of the ego) manifesting into the Kingdom of the Earth. For it is understood that the Will of a Just person, is the Will of God. This is what is required for a soul to ascend. The initiate of this great truth experiences the Will of God as unconditional Love for all things as we become individual channels of this great power.

      Not all the darkness will ascend with us, and what is left will be a remnant that many inverted souls will cling to as they have been convinced that this is their only way forward. The inverted are stuck in a timeline ruled by past paradigms that they chose to participate within until they finally exit this plane of existence. Undoubted, many will be convinced that they can live forever within a virtual matrix constructed by agents of inversion where they must integrate (marry) their body and soul to machine. This is an inevitable conclusion for some and the essence of the (false) Eighth Sphere that clairvoyants such as Rudolf Steiner long ago predicted.

      Ascension has truly commenced. We will feel it when the flow of consciousness within our self and biosphere is restored to it natural alignment, which is Heart to Mind. Feminine to Masculine. This also facilitates effortless union within these polarities as Love is allowed to flow in its natural and unconditional state. Like two magnets coming together unopposed. This flow is the Life Force and its effect on humanity is not only intoxicating, but the greatest healing balm one could ever attain. Once experienced, it is universally recognized as the ultimate truth.

      We have everything to gain, as this is the real future that all sincere human beings are destined to discover.

      Whatever I can do to champion this cause, I will do, because as those who are reading these words understand, there is nothing more important or gratifying in this life than bringing the Truth of the Logos back home to our Divine Mother.

      In this task we are all bound by Love as kindred spirits.

      God Bless.


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