The Season of John: Revelations of the Apocalypse

“There is a war raging all around us trying to breach into the inner sanctuary of our soul.  It is those who succumb to this demonic invasion that become susceptible to the hellish scenarios that John describes. Immunity to this satanic illness exists within those who understand that true prophecy is spiritually inspired vision that will catalyze inner transformations within the mind-soul of those who fail to resonate with and reject the nightmare.  In so doing, this rejection inspires us to imagine, search, and create outcomes more consistent with our loving and heavenly nature, ascending the soul beyond the fear and manifestation of these potential agonizing events.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian October 23, 2022

The way of the new mysteries of the Aquarian Age involves humanity coming into communion with the heavenly realm in “I AM” consciousness.  From whatever cultural perspective our karma has been conditioned to view this transformation from, the essence of our soul’s ascension is established upon the merging of our Soul to our spiritual Higher Self.

The heart of the fall season is connected to the energies of the Scorpion.  The Christian mystics sensed that the seasons of the year were directly related to the four gospels of the New Testament.  The energies of the seasons manifest astrologically in accordance with the tetramorphic vision of the prophet Ezekiel, which is the angelic archetype of the human being comprised of a Man, Bull, Lion, and Eagle.

Fall is represented by the Eagle and associated with the teaching of the Apostle John. The energies of John are of great transformative power, and esoteric scholarship understood that the Gnosis contained within his works were written specifically for those who are compelled to become initiates of the Christ-Sophia Mysteries.

The symbol of John is embedded within the eighth sign of the zodiac known as Scorpio and is associated with the greatest potential for spiritual transformation.  Indeed, this level of transformation is so great that one has the potential of becoming an entirely new person. This level of transition is most accurately described as a transfiguration, which is where change is so encompassing that one becomes a wholly new entity.  The constellation within the area of space that we now identify as Scorpio, was at one time referred to as an Eagle.  This was a period in human awareness where consciousness was in communion with the Higher Wisdom of the Spirit.

We are all at a great crossroad within this process and we cannot get to where we are destined to be from the level of an adversarial Scorpion.  Eventually, change must come from the vantage point of an Eagle’s clear sight.  Ultimately, this is the perspective where one seeks union with the Spirit in Christed awareness.

Ultimately, through the element of Fire (Sun-Logos-Christ), we transfigure the Scorpion into an Eagle, and from the Eagle into the mystical Phoenix which symbolizes a resurrected soul in Christed awareness.

It is the power and truth of this mystery that the works of John encompass.


The name John is derived from the Hebrew Yohanan, meaning “Graced by God.”   In esoteric traditions, the name John means “He who has attained the Higher Self,” which is a state of ascended awareness that cannot be achieved outside of communion with the Higher Self.

The soul identified as John, the Apostle of Jesus, is a great mystery.  The scriptures identify John initially as the brother of James and the son of the fisherman Zebedee.  John is also known as “The Apostle whom the Lord loved.” and is recorded in the accounts of the Last Supper as the Disciple whose head rested upon the breast of Jesus.  Rudolf Steiner’s reading of the Akashic records suggests that there were multiple persons identified with this spirit and that the young man identified initially as John the Apostle, was not the soul who wrote the Gospel of John or the Apocalypse of John.

Within Christian mystery teachings, the person identified as the author of the Gospel of John is the soul of the resurrected Lazarus, who became John, that is One who has attained Communion with his Higher Self in Christed awareness.  Many of the details of Lazarus are beyond the scope of this discussion, but it would make sense that a man acquainted with scholarship would be the one to have penned a body of writing that represents the portal into the mysteries of Jesus and Christed awareness.

Keep in mind that the mystery of “I AM” is the essence of Lazarus-John’s teaching.

To make matters even more intriguing, there is a connection to John the Baptist, who Jesus emphatically claimed was the soul and the spirit of the prophet Elijah.

And he will go on before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” Luke 1:17

According to Anthroposophy, the slaying of John the Baptist released the soul-spirit of Elijah to enshroud the Apostles in the assistance of their missions. If we can allow ourselves the freedom to think creatively upon the matter, then we can begin to see that many individuated spiritual entities were contributing to the Passion that was playing out during the time of Jesus.

If one can accept the fact that a soul has the potential to harbor an entity from the dark astral plane, then the scriptures, which illustrate the driving out of unclean spirits through the Love, Power, and Light of the Logos, resonate to a greater level of truth.  For we are living again in these biblical times where it has become obvious that there are many souls among us (placed in positions of power and influence) who are not guided by loving, humanistic, or godly principles. In John’s language, the souls who succumb to this possession are influenced by unworldly anti-spiritual forces directly influenced by the Anti-Christ and his prophets.

Therefore, if we can not only consider, but truly sense, souls harboring dark, destructive, and deadly anti-spiritual forces, then the opposite is and has always been true.  The eternal fact is we are intentionally designed to harbor spiritual energy within our soul which has within itself an edifice or sacred space which we create through deeds of love accrued through lifetimes for this specific purpose (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter 8, Alchemical Unification of the Opposites). If this aspect of our life has been ignored, then what exists within our soul is a ruined shadowy realm of neglect, decay, and destruction, perfectly suited for a dark astral entity to reside within it and claim it for their own.

The function of our inner garden temple is a sacred space within our heart for the union of the essence of individuated soul to our Higher Self (Holy Spirit).  Furthermore, whatever enters that inner sacred space becomes the ruler of the soul.  By all accounts, whatever inhabits our soul’s inner sanctuary is, in one way or another, invited into it through free will decisions derived by egotistically driven impulses of self-determination.

In the case of Lazarus, upon his three days of death, his soul merged with the power and spirit of the Baptist (Elijah) to become the first Apostle transfigured in I AM Christed awareness. This was one of the reasons why Lazarus-John was loved so much by the Lord, as he became the prototypical human being initiated into the Ascension of Christ-Sophia. All choosing this path are welcomed back into their Holy Family and can now see how we are loved beyond egotistical comprehension.

Lazarus rises from death as the Apostle John like the resurrected Phoenix in I AM Christed awareness—as an intimate brother to the Master who resurrected him back into this earthly life to carry on the Great Work of ALL initiates who willfully seek to become active participants in this Great Mystery. Within the Mystery Schools of human ascension, the person who becomes the initiate merges their soul karmically to that of the Master initiator.  There is no one living within the egotistical linear confines of lower density earth consciousness that can initiate anyone in an ascending fashion.  Initiation into Christed awareness and the mysteries of Christ-Sophia must happen outside of linear time, and therefore outside of the egotistical confinements of dense linear existence, such as in dream states, deep meditation, or in a near-death experience.

Willful egocentric endeavors can only in the best of circumstances prepare the mind-soul for an experience that is determined by the spirit.  No one knows when that moment will happen, both on an individual and collective level.  Those who are seeking to know life’s mysteries in a loving, forgiving, truthful, and sincere way (and to become a practitioner of these mysteries) are on the path that John established.

Most importantly, we are all seeking not just validation but communion within a state of awareness that embraces love as fiercely and unconditionally as we do as pilgrims in I AM Christ consciousness. The lower density plane of egocentric existence limits our radiant expression of this love, which seeks to resonate within the souls of others who are freeing themselves from this bondage.

The statement “Jesus Loves Me” is not trite sentiment, but a powerful truth when one comes into the place of I AM Christed awareness, where no barriers to love exist and we are becoming One with the Master of this reality. By nature, an ascending soul cannot “not” love anyone who comes into godly consciousness because their resonance is irresistible in Christed awareness. We can instantly recognize a soul in Christ consciousness for it is infused with Light and Love and is also seeking recognition within this dense wilderness of egotistical isolation. This separation is now slowly but surely dissipating in the Light of Revelation bathing the world.

Despite the trials and tribulations that are upon us, the power of this higher state of human existence is irresistible.  In the very near future, value and worth will be seen as a quality contained within an individual that radiates the power of this reciprocal love and helps to drawn others towards it.  The impulse to embrace this new approach to living will not just be fashion, but our essential meaning of life.

Revelations: Apocalypse of John

The Apocalypse of John is found in the Christian bible and is also referred to as the Book of Revelations, or simply Revelations.  There is great controversy as to who authored the book.  Christian mysticism suggests that it was the soul of Lazarus-John-Elijah, or a soul initiated into this stream of consciousness.

The origin of the word Apocalypse comes from the Greek noun Apokálypsis and is derived from the verb apokalýptein which means to take off the cover, uncover, or reveal.  In the Gnostic literature, there are many revelatory books written by those known as apostles to Jesus that are referred to as Apocryphon or “Secret Books.”  These apocryphal writings are revelatory in nature and contrary to the official narrative that conventional religion teaches.

From the beginning of the Christian experience, there were forces at play that did everything within their power to derail our understanding of the truth that Jesus and his disciples taught, which is simply the Truth of our existential plight and our earthly relationship to the Spirit.

Today, the words apocryphal (adjective), apocrypha (noun, singular), and apocryphon (noun, plural) are official defined by Webster as: “of doubtful authenticity: spurious,” or are archaic writings that are of such a nature.

Thanks to the canonized “Book of Revelations” by John embedded at the end of the Christian bible, the word “apocalypse” is defined by Webster as the “total destruction that encompasses the end of the world.” By inference, this is an end that all of us are destined to experience.  What is interesting is that there is a non-canonized Gnostic book called the Apocryphal of John that does not mention the details of the dark visions that were conveyed to him while exiled on the island of Patmos, that is if they were written by the same person.

Over time, the meaning of “apocalypse” changes from the unveiling of Truth to a concept so horrific that it has become the definition of an ultimate nightmare.  When reading specific aspects of “Revelations” we see visions that are extremely disturbing, if not perpetually haunting to a soul looking for a way through the world’s chaos that appears to be manifesting in certain ways to the end-times that the apocalyptist has predicted.  If nothing else, Revelations serves the purpose of a draconian threshold guardian that will not allow the dilettante or peripherally curious to consider, integrate, and move past.  In the quest for spiritual truth, all wisdom is guarded in this fashion.

What is important to understand when reading these apocalyptic writings is that what the visionary is illustrating to us are intrinsic or internal maladies that we attempt to interpret in externalized ways.  These visions come from the dark astral plane which is a place where our soul travels during the dream state.  In the most accurate way, think of the visions as an energetic template that is attempting to influence outcomes upon the physical plane.

We are amid a war not only on the physical plane as much as it is within the internal realms of consciousness.  Revelations tell us that the final battle is being waged for the possession of the human soul and the only way that we can survive it is within an empowered state of communion with the higher spiritual planes, for in that realm is where our Higher Self (Holy Spirit) exists.  The advice given when reading this material is to sense it in the same spirit as the author received it. This means that it must be understood within the marriage of the analytical powers of the mind and the emotional and creative intelligence of the heart.  Esoteric scholarship suggests that these writings are intended for priestly souls to read. I would suggest that it is essential for the soul engaged in this contemplative endeavor to have moved far beyond the veil of fear that in many ways John’s Revelations have created.

This construct of fear was not a mistake, as esoteric wisdom is never availed to those who are not prepared through initiation to receive it.  As Revelations suggest, one must be invited to the marriage supper, wear a heavenly robe dipped in the blood of the lamb, and become one with Christ before we can become an individuated soul that voluntarily helps turn the tide of this demonic onslaught away from the apocalyptic nightmare that is destined to befall those who remain asleep.

Then the angel told me to write, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.” So I fell at his feet to worship him. But he told me, “Do not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who rely on the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Then I saw heaven standing open, and there before me was a white horse. And its rider is called Faithful and True [who shall make Faith and Knowledge True—RS]. With righteousness He judges and wages war. He has eyes like blazing fire, and many royal crowns on His head. He has a name written on Him that only He Himself knows. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and His name is The Word of God. The armies of heaven, dressed in fine linen, white and pure, follow Him on white horses. And from His mouth proceeds a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.”—Revelations 19:13-15

This task can only be accomplished by priestly souls who have by this point recognized their value and unique capabilities.  This is truly a priestly endeavor and is directly related to the concepts of transubstantiation, consecration, sacraments, and communion as articulated solely by our living relationship to the Holy Spirit.

When reading the details of John’s Revelations there appears to be a loose narrative that the dark powers of human enslavement are attempting to manifest.  Much of what is written has already occurred.  To be sure, we are amid the final transition but as to the details of how that plays out remains to be seen as all prophecy is based upon potentials that may or may not manifest according to the visionary’s perspective.

Insight into the Apocalypse of John (Revelations) can be found within many works of the Austrian mystic, Rudolf Steiner, who most accurately predicted world events as they currently exist. Steiner believed that Revelations were written by the same Lazarus-John soul that wrote the Gospel of John.  The reading of this material is not an endeavor that most people would welcome as the details of Revelations suggest the rise of a totalitarian world state ruled in a one-world government controlled by an otherworldly force that is identified as Satan or Anti-Christ.  As best as I can see it, it is the devil that exists in the details. A sort of magic is contained within Revelations which will either awaken the soul to reconfigure their consciousness and avert these catastrophic events, or through a sense of crushing fear, enslave one to an inevitable outcome that an uninitiated person feels powerless to influence.

Regardless of how one receives Revelations, free will can never be violated as all forms of magic require consent.

Despite most interpretations of Revelations, Rudolph Steiner believed that the binding of Satan occurred over the last thousand years while the powers of the Beast were counterbalanced by a spiritual presence still living within the human collective.  Over the last century, overt materialistic and anti-spiritual forces have risen to the point where the potential exists for Satan’s rule.  This realm of Satan (or Ahriman) is the ghastly place of nightmarish scenarios that John describes.  Steiner makes it very clear that these events exist as a potential outcome which is only fit for true priests to consider because their souls have been disciplined by initiation beyond the confinements of fear in union with Christ, in I AM consciousness. Those uninitiated to Christed awareness will promote these dark enslaving outcomes through their own fear, which by design empowers Satan’s agenda and enslaves them to his will.

The value of John’s writing is that he is giving us the game-plan of what the end of the world may look like if you surrender yourself to Satan’s will. In whatever way these prophecies are interpreted, it serves as a catalyst for a choice that you must make in becoming a more spiritual person or one who abandons all their spiritual connections within a faith based upon the deceptions of materialistic beliefs.

The unbinding of Satan occurs as an illness caused by the impoverishment of overt materialism and the demise of our spiritual life. I sense that the unleashing of this demonic presence has now occurred within the physical realm through the dark astral and was heralded by the 2019 global pandemic.  As long we stay connected to the Light of Truth of our Higher Mind, and to the unconditional Love of our Sacred Heart, we will not succumb to Satan’s will.

The energies of Pluto manifesting through its transitions in Capricorn and Aquarius are playing an essential role in this transformation which reveals all things that are hidden and will destroy all things that are longer in resonance to the Truth of these new revelations.  Those who cling to dying or spiritless concepts are destined to fall into the agony of John’s visions. Those who have the wisdom and courage to let go of what no longer is working for the greatest benefit of your personal well-being and the Gaian collective are destined to ascend into the New Jerusalem in Christ awareness.

There is a war raging all around us trying to breach into the inner sanctuary of our soul.  It is those who succumb to this demonic invasion that become susceptible to the hellish scenarios that John describes. Immunity to this satanic illness exists within those who understand that true prophecy is spiritually inspired vision that will catalyze inner transformations within the mind-soul of those who fail to resonate with and reject the nightmare.  In so doing, this rejection inspires us to imagine, search, and create outcomes more consistent with our loving and heavenly nature, ascending the soul beyond the fear and manifestation of these potential agonizing events.

In whatever fashion this drama plays out, Gaia becomes married to humanity and continues to exist in an ascended realm in Christed awareness.

Rudolf Steiner

Much of the insight that we have today about Lazarus-John-Elijah comes from the clairvoyant spiritual scientific research of Rudolf Steiner among others who were directly inspired by his insights.  One of Steiner’s last series of lectures before his death was based upon his interpretations of John’s Revelations.  This lecture series was given within the last months of his life when he knew that his death was imminent. These 18 discussions were given in Dornach Switzerland in the month of September 1924, which was the same month that Rudolf Steiner’s gave his last public address.  Dr. Steiner died on March 30, 1925, at the age of 63.

Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the events related to the Apocalypse were open ended, for he always viewed these events as spiritual realities that will manifest upon the physical plane as variable possibilities determined by our capacity to see the truth embedded within them.  Much of what Dr. Steiner wrote focuses upon our human ascension, and how we must process these spiritual realities so that we can empower our soul by harnessing these truths in productive ways.

The previously cited passage from Revelations (19:9-15) refers to innumerable riders upon White Horses.  This passage is not related to the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (found in Revelations Chapter Six), which are the White Horse of Conquest, the Red Horse of War, the Black Horse of Famine, and the Pale Green Horse of Death.  Rudolf Steiner believed that the emergence of the Four Horsemen had already happened during the struggles of this last Age (Pisces).  Within his discussions on the Apocalypse of John, Rudolf Steiner’s attentions were focused mainly upon the events and visions near the conclusion of John’s work (Revelations Chapter 19) which he sensed was in reference to the time that we are living in today.  Steiner believed that this would be a period of a great moral catastrophe.

We are living in the fifth post Atlantean period, a sixth one will follow and a seventh one will follow. The catastrophe which then separates us from the next large period which will come the fifth from the sixth period will not just be an external event in nature like the ice age or flood was. This separation of the fifth from the sixth period will become manifest in a more moral way. As I have often mentioned, a war of all against all or a moral catastrophe will separate the fifth from the large sixth earth period.”— Rudolf Steiner

This moral dilemma is forcing us to realize that the only way forward in an ascending fashion is in union with the Holy Spirit.  For many people living today, this was a pathway we had initially rejected at some point in our life catalyzed mainly through egotistical conditioning and the hypocrisy of organized religions.

The work of John is here for us today to help bypass the outmoded doctrines of organized religions, organizations of power, and egocentric programming that only exist to control and condition humanity.

The work of Rudolf Steiner, as an Apostle in Christ, helps us to understand the visions of Lazarus-John and find a way back to our spiritual I AM consciousness that the doctrines of church and centuries of egotistical conditioning have obfuscated.

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

In 1945 (over twenty years after Rudolf Steiner’s death) a young man looking for fertilizer in the caves around the Egyptian village of Nag Hammadi, found a library of ancient Coptic writings sealed in vessels. These writings were well preserved Gnostic biblical scriptures dated around third-fourth century AD.  There are approximately eight codices in all, encompassing 54 books which were eventually translated and release to the academic community starting in 1951 through the 1970s.

It was not until 2007 when the fully translated international edition of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures became available. This makes it clear that Rudolf Steiner was not aware of this work.  Yet, in Steiner’s last lectures on John’s Revelations, he mentions that the Gnosticism that the church has suppressed will inevitably unveil the lost spiritual truth the church has been trying to suppress throughout the last Age.

Let’s suppose that right after the Mystery of Golgotha was accomplished, human beings were there who experienced what happened and who could communicate their direct impressions of the Mystery of Golgotha to others. And in fact Christ gave his apostles an esoteric training and a number of important teachings after his resurrection. All of this was handed on and it continued in the first decades after the Mystery of Golgotha had been accomplished. At a certain point this had to come to an end. And we can see how it gradually died down in certain circles. It’s correct to say that there were tremendous esoteric teachings about Christianity in the writings which were denounced for being gnostic and in other writings of old church teachers who were apostolic students or pupils of apostolic students, which were then eradicated by the church, because the church wanted to get rid of the cosmic elements which were always connected with these teachings. The church destroyed very important things. They were destroyed; a reading of the akashic records will restore them to the last dot on the “i” when the time has come to restore them again.”—Rudolf Steiner

Even after the release of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, they are meaningless unless one develops the capacity to sense these works from a deep spiritual level that only Gnosis can provide. This is the meaning of opening our third eye. Students must connect to the thoughts and feelings expressed by the witnessed authors of these events.  In a very palpable way, we must connect to the individuated soul substance of the extraordinary people who have left their akashic residue upon the face of humanity’s timeline.  In biblical language, these are the prophets, martyrs, and saints of our human history.  Furthermore, these extraordinary souls may even be connected to ourselves as there are many among us today that have written, or through spiritual initiation, are bound karmically to the authors of these spiritual events.

Within its tradition, Gnosis is never complete, and the Great Work is never finished.  We are now living in biblical trials and tribulations. Therefore, we need to keep in mind that we are the ones to perpetuate this Great Work as living witnesses to the Apocalypse of these times.

The Apocryphon of John and the Immovable Race

One of the major works of the Nag Hammadi scriptures is the Apocryphal of John or Secret Book of John. As opposed to the Gospel of John and Revelations, the author of this writing claims to be John, bother to James, Apostle of Jesus, and the son of Zebedee.  Regardless of lineage, there are connections to Revelations.  My suspicion tells me that the Gnostic work was indeed written by the Apostle John, the fisherman’s son, and is linked spiritually to the work of Lazarus-John by the Gnosis that lives through it.

Biblical accounts tell us that John the Apostle was loved by Jesus because of the purity of his heart.  Undoubtedly, John’s purity of soul in Christ consciousness was already there before he had ever meet Jesus.  It is ego that blocks us from spiritual truth, and I suspect that John lived more from the wisdom of his heart than from the egocentric mind.

At the introduction of his Secret Book, John is wrestling with basic questions after the death of Jesus and is being told by the Pharisees that his teacher had abandoned him.  Yet by the end of this exegesis, John is transfigured by a more truthful understanding through the knowledge and melding of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

In this Gnostic text, the spirit of Jesus conveys to John the essence of who we are as Children of God.  By intention, an element of both masculine and feminine godly spirit was placed deep within our soul.  What then ensued was an invasion of usurping archons (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian November 19, 202, Fall of the Archons) acting as our creator “gods” trying their best to deceive us from knowing this truth.

The essence of the Divine Feminine was given to us by the Goddess Sophia, and is known as Zoe, meaning Life or Life-Force.  It is also related to the Epinoia, meaning higher mind, and equated with human Soul and the Tree of Life.  Think of this presence as your Heart’s love-based wisdom which is always connected to this source.

The essence of the Divine Masculine is gifted to us by Christ, which is the Logos, Spirit, or Light of Truth.  It is referred to as Pronoia, which means forethought. Our ability to see future events and calculate outcomes from this god-gifted power is the essence of our Higher Mind. This power is Promethean in nature and is directly connect to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

A person whose consciousness has attained balance in union with the Epinoia (Tree of Life) and Pronoia (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) is an initiate of Christ-Sophia.  John’s Gnostic text refers to these souls as the Immovable race.  These are also the souls in Lazarus-John’s Revelations 19 dressed in white linen and mounted upon innumerable white horses.  The earthly presence of the Immovable race, who are the many souls of the One who makes Faith and Knowledge True, severely affects the enslaving forces of humanity.  This is the reason why genocides have been waged systematically against those who carry within them the mystery of Christ-Sophia.  This is also the reason why Prometheus was punished forever. Anyone who bears the Light of Truth into this world can attest to this fact.

“Again I returned for the second time, and I went about. I came forth from those who belong to the light, which is I, the remembrance of the Pronoia. I entered into the midst of darkness and the inside of Hades, since I was seeking (to accomplish) my task. And the foundations of chaos shook, that they might fall down upon those who are in chaos and might destroy them. And again I ran up to my root of light, lest they be destroyed before the time.” –The Secret Book of John

This passage also suggests that there were incursions made over this last Age by people of the Immovable race into this world’s dark realm but were withdrawn because it was still the time for the usurper’s rule.

Yet John’s Secret Book, along with Lazarus-John’s Revelations, tell us that the Age of oppression is coming to an end for those who can embrace the grace of their Christed-Promethean wisdom. For at this moment on earth, there are millions of souls of the Immovable race placed into this hellacious prison that the usurpers are still desperately attempting to create.

“Still for a third time I went – I am the light which exists in the light, I am the remembrance of the Pronoia – that I might enter into the midst of darkness and the inside of Hades. And I filled my face with the light of the completion of their aeon. And I entered into the midst of their prison, which is the prison of the body. And I said, ‘He who hears, let him get up from the deep sleep.’ And he wept and shed tears. Bitter tears he wiped from himself and he said, ‘Who is it that calls my name, and from where has this hope come to me, while I am in the chains of the prison?’ And I said, ‘I am the Pronoia of the pure light; I am the thinking of the virginal Spirit, who raised you up to the honored place. Arise and remember that it is you who hearkened, and follow your root, which is I, the merciful one, and guard yourself against the angels of poverty and the demons of chaos and all those who ensnare you, and beware of the deep sleep and the enclosure of the inside of Hades”—The Secret Book of John

From this passage it is clear we are the bearers of the Light of Truth placed into a realm of chaotic darkness that Satan and his legions have created.  In the past, darkness seemed to triumph in the Piscean Age, which can be viewed as an Age of imprisonment. We are now moving into a new state of awareness in the Aquarian Age, which is literally a “Pronoian” Age of Forethought (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 25, 2022, Goddess Athena: Mother of the Heroic Soul). This New Age was heralded by the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21, 2020 and initiated at the 2021 Spring equinox.

This New Age is the “now” time of the martyrs, saints, and prophets enlivened through Christ-Sophia, who are “we” in previous, present, and future lives seeking to find and manifest Divine Justice within the Love and Light of God’s Truth here on Earth.

Final Thoughts

Revelations tell us that we must come to know our true name in Christed awareness.  We all have a unique name for the essence of our soul which lives on for lifetimes.  This eternal name is written in both sound and light and can only be known by a person who comes to reveal the essence of their true inner nature.  This concept is the foundation of Gnosis, which means the knowledge of one’s inner-self, or the knowledge of one’s heart.

No one outside of ourselves can come to discover our true name before us with one exception, which is when an entity merges with the essence of our soul.

He has a name written on Him that only He Himself knows.

Only Christ-Sophia can enter our soul through the portal of the Higher Self.  This is the essence of the Sacred Marriage.  Anything else that enters the soul is a possession through a breach of our natural spiritual defenses.

We will have Him in us and we will continually have the awareness of Christ in us. He is the only one who understands the things, which are connected with His being; but He understands them in us, and the Christ-insight of the Christ being in us gives the light which is rayed out in us, because He becomes this light in us, in our own being. It will be an insight which dwells in men.”—Rudolf Steiner

There are many living today whose defenses have been breached.  All the diabolic things unleashed against humanity over the last many decades have facilitated not only a great decline in our spirituality, but subsequently a tremendous loss in foresight, otherwise known as common sense.  The entire definition of intelligence has been rewritten by the Satanic powers in place through methods of conditioning that are teaching generations to worship an artificial intelligence which at the same time is dulling their senses, dumbing down their consciousness, and enslaving them to protocols of conditioned thinking and control.

The only way that we can defeat this system is through our spiritual intelligence which all human beings have the God-given right to acquire.  Insight into the machinations of the Beast can only be gathered through Gnosis and our Promethean spiritual insight.

The seals of Revelations have already been broken and most of the trumpets are now resounding.  The time of the Beast is here living within the many souls through their enslavement to its power.  Its diversions have been unleashed through the fog of chaos, war, suffering, disease, pestilence, and fear that has been going on for centuries, while those in allegiance to it are growing more ignorant by the day.

As one aligns their soul to the anti-spirit, they have isolated themselves from the part of the human collective still living in the Love and Light of Christed awareness.  Therefore, those who have chosen to pursue this virtual experience cannot sense how fallen their actions and intelligence have become. By design, many are choosing to live in a virtually driven world of illusion whose time is destined to an end.  As predicted, many will opt to sink into their own ignorance as Babylon implodes.

Our spiritual awakening happens when we can see into the deceptions of these anti-spiritual forces.  This is when the lowly insights of the adversarial Scorpion are transfigured into the Promethean foresight of the Eagle.

Have mercy on those souls who decide to take the dark path, but trust not in anything they do or say.

Regardless, have compassion for all.  It is the fallen ones who are catalyzing this ascension process and it seems that many more souls must awake from this dream before the nightmare comes to an end.

In Good Faith,


Additional sources

Rudolf Steiner, Apocalypse: Lectures to Priests, September 6, 1924, Dornach, GA 346,

The Apocalypse Project, “Who is the John who wrote the Apocalypse?” January 13, 2022.

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