The Emergence of Free Will: Fall Equinox 2022

“It is only in the ascended state of Christed consciousness where we are truly free. From our mind’s perspective, we can only sense freedom from an expanded function of soul where our heart’s emotional intelligence guides and inspires rational egocentric thinking.  This means that our mind must expand to our heart and even deeper to the intuitions of the solar plexus.  In esoteric teaching, reaching this state of awareness is called Redemption.  This becomes the point in our evolutionary ascension where we are redeemed from fear, the bondage of materialism, and egocentric enslavement.  Contrary to popular belief or “New Age” teaching, “ego” is not nullified, for it can never be destroyed within an individuated aspect of God.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian September 22, 2022

The chaotic energy of our time continues to escalate at a rapid pace.  As we view the world around us it is beyond apparent that a dark suicidal agenda is being implemented against humanity.  This is not a “conspiracy theory” but a CONSPIRACY against all who live within their soul’s capacity to discern freely the contrasts of Truth and Deception. Our capacity to discern is Promethean, which is hard won through Ages of struggle and suffering against draconian entities within lifetimes of searching and fighting for liberation against enslaving egocentric bondage.  This freedom is gained solely through an accurate awareness of who we truly are.  Due to its alchemical nature, this process is honed by adversity.

Regardless of what the media’s propaganda is telling us, ALL human souls know the Truth of what is happening to them with a high degree of accuracy.  The reason for this universal awareness is that the fear and suffering that is now being inflicted upon humanity through agendas of austerity, engineered scarcity, disease, fear, panic, and violence affects the human soul at a subconscious level constituting an awareness at the heart and gut.  It is within consciousness beyond our conditioned ego where we know we are being violated.

These engineered calamities are teaching us what life is like when you give away your spiritual authority to parasites who believe that it is their universal right to own your soul, and the world on which you stand.  The usurper’s success is perpetuated through mind control that acts as subliminal instruction engineered to illicit tacit complicity.  This is done mainly through the power of imitation framed by negative or perverted role modeling through morally challenged humans who are lavishly reward for their toxic behavior.  It is only our lower ego which blocks the truth of this deception in its limited scope of conditioned choices and reflexive nature to survive these perceived hardships at all costs.

This inherent nature to survive is driven solely by fear.  For many people, “survival” means total capitulation to despots, as the egotistically blinded, morally injured, and spiritually weakened have been programmed to lick the boots of the slave masters of their own abuse.  Again, there is not one person living through this distortion that does not know from a deep subconscious level that they are being violated.  Throughout lifetimes, a pattern has been established which follows universal laws, albeit versions that have become perverted over time.

In esoteric scholarship there are two laws that govern sentient behavior

The Law of Obedience

The first universal law is the “Law of Obedience” which means that lower evolved beings are naturally obedient to entities of higher consciousness.  This “law” is the basis for magic or occult ritualistic practice.  A practitioner of the “arts” can harness the forces of Nature to the authority of their “will.”  In more simplistic times, when consciousness was not imprisoned in egotistical illusions, we lived within an awareness to natural forces which were known as “elementals.”

Elementals are living entities (or individuated consciousness) within the four elements of the physical world. The great alchemist Paracelsus classified these beings as Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders.

Gnomes are also known as the little people of the forest, often referred to as leprechauns and are associated with the element of earth.

Undines are associated with the element of water and related to the sirens and mermaids of mythologies.

Sylphs are associated with pixies and fairies and are the life force within the element of Air.

Salamanders are associated with the element of Fire and are directly related to dragon energy.  In this instance, the natural Earth dragon is associated with a powerful animalistic life force which constitutes strength and sovereignty governed by the authority of the Divine Feminine, for it is said that the goddess Sophia is the “Mother of All Dragons.”

All four principles have been inverted by dark astral powers and are in one way or another connected to lower or fallen entities that have usurped their authority over humanity.  We cannot see what has happened due to the ego’s inability to sense past its own conditioned “reality.”

Therefore, in many instances our understanding of “higher” evolved beings is a distortion since what we are conjuring comes from the lower astral plane that is beneath human consciousness.  Occult practice centers upon ritualistic communion with an individual “god,” fallen entity, or nature spirit. In all instances, these beings are less than who we are.  Any being that is in ascended awareness beyond our consciousness would not consider entangling themselves into our karmic field through Faustian bargains that further enslave and confuse. In all instances, the empowering advantages gained through egocentric ceremonial practice is always at the expense of personal freedom.

Even the gods of the pantheon are lesser than humans because they have gifted us with their individual presence which empowers the soul through their aspected relationships with other celestial energies.  Understand that the entire pantheon is embedded within you.  It is up to the individual to begin to see and understand how we are an individuated aspect of the “gods” or “God” as those beings are specifically aligned to manifest uniquely within our soul.

It is understood that once those deific energies of the zodiac become balanced, we will attune to a higher nature that we are ordained to become.  This was the reason why Jesus had the ability to calm the waters and dissipate storms, because He had commanding authority over the natural elemental forces that recognized His authority in obedience to it.  This is also the reason why lower astral entities (in the form of parasitic entity attachments) were driven out from afflicted souls in the light of His presence.

The dark fallen entities who have come long ago to enslave, abuse, and possess us are less powerful outside of the egotistical construct, and far less than one ascending human being. They control only through individual consent (manipulated by egotistical impressions engineered through their propaganda and mind control) which can be traced back to Atlantis and the origins of the dark arts.  Enslavement is an ageless universal construct that is intrinsic to lower egocentric consciousness based upon conflict, conquest, punishment, and reward.

Regardless of these facts, there are many affixed to master-slave relationships that are not ready or even interested in ascending beyond the enslaving punishment-reward construct.  For it is a game that their souls still value within this lower density experience.  For the most part, these are sadomasochistic relationships involving souls who derive pleasure in taking possession and controlling the life force of others who just want to be told what to do. This master-slave relationship is always psycho-sexual, habitual (if not addictive), and remains as an experience that souls can choose within the darker egotistical construct of conflict.

The decision of perpetual obedience to the draconian enslavement is a choice within a realm that will no longer exist in an ascending Gaia.  This is the reason why an inorganic matrix is feverishly being constructed, to pull souls away from natural ascension and into an artificial world that fallen lower astral entities can attempt to survive within.  Through their waning powers of vampirism, they will make their last stand in the remnant of their collapsing empire that was built upon their usurping relationships to their human slaves.

This virtual reality matrix was envisioned well over one hundred years ago and was identified by the Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner as the “Eighth Sphere.”  Steiner understood that this realm was being constructed by the minions who enslaved themselves to the fallen entities of Ahriman (Satan) and Lucifer.  This spiritually dead construct is designed to capture as much as possible into a reality bubble that pulls itself away from an ascending Gaia and her children (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian essays July 29, 2017 & August 17, 2017 essays on the Eighth Sphere).

For the sake of clarity, the artificial matrix of enslaving techno-transhumanism should be referred to as the False Eighth Sphere.  For there is a True Eighth Sphere that is referred to in esoteric teachings which is a natural progression of our spiritual ascension.  The True Eighth Sphere is a realm of existence where all seven planetary bodies or rays within the human soul come into harmony in a balanced state of resonance. This is our true individuated God-Self and optimal timeline.  This is the realm where Christ is not crucified (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 15, 2017 essay, the Avatar of Christ Timeline) and we are living within the inner union of Christos-Sophia.

From an astrological perspective, the Eighth Sphere can be viewed as Scorpio which is the sign of the great spiritual transfiguration within the heart from Scorpion to Eagle.

The Law of Freedom, Free Will, and Personal Responsibility

Those who face their fear and move past the state of obedience will fall into the realm of the slave master.  This is an expanded form of “freedom” within the egotistical realm of “do what thou wilt” which many have interpreted as spiritual enlightenment.  This state of limited transcendence falls short of free will, as one begins self-empowerment in a competitive landscape that ego determines, invariably at the expense of others.  This density of consciousness is when we begin to integrate awareness with the lower astral (fourth density) realm which is still controlled by deceptive draconian energies that create the illusion of “free will.”

The key in knowing the difference of illusionary free will and true free will is developing an accurate understanding of our soul-spirit relationship which is paradoxical to the egocentric mind regarding the concept of Freedom (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian Chapter 9, the Nature of Free Will). Even within the secular scientific world free will is viewed as an illusion.  This theory is framed within the context that we are enslaved to our biology.  To a certain degree we are, but the secular humanists ignore consciousness as the essential variable regarding cognition because their doctrines focus upon a neurosensory materialism where consciousness emerges from biology instead of considering that biology can emerging from consciousness.  What is important to understand is that the secular humanistic observation is true.  There is no such thing as free will within the materialistic construct because egocentric thought is constantly conditioned from the first moments of our life until our last waking breath.

The easiest way to understand this conundrum is to begin to sense that we are experiencing the emergence of a new aspect of soul.  The ancients called it Higher Manas. The Gnostics called it a living life force within people of the Race of Seth, Pneumatics, or those of the Spirit. Sigmund Freud breached into this truth with his concept of Super-Ego.  Rudolf Steiner called it Consciousness Soul.  Carl Jung saw it as an individuated aspect of our true God-Self obtained through a process of active imagination acquired through life experiences forged by intentional creative endeavors.

Screen Shot 09-21-22 at 04.17 PMPerhaps we can begin to see that to ascend our awareness in true God sovereignty, it is not just a matter of overcoming your fear so that your ego can play in an expanded realm of draconian limits and dark astral control. Within the realms of ritualistic occult practices, or in the New Age of egocentric spiritualism, one is in league with the upper strata of ascended pyramidal hierarchies.  Even when you reach the capstone, you will only find Toth’s baboon, which is your anti-spiritual reflection of lower ego which manifests as a dog-headed monkey controlled by other worldly forces.  If you remain entangled to the mundane and are attempting to manipulate and control through power, egotistical desires, or conditioned thoughts, you are never free.

The emergence of Consciousness Soul is directly related to an expanded awareness from a spiritual perspective.  Lower aspects of soul are tied to mundane, secular, and dark occult existence while our higher aspects of emerging Consciousness Soul are directly related to energies of our spiritual High Self.  The shifting Solar energies bombarding the Earth, along with the truth that is being exposed behind the occult facade, is reconfiguring consciousness energetically and therefore biologically.

The second law of sentient existence is the “Law of Freedom, Free Will, and Personal Responsibility.”  Within this realm we have transcended beyond illusionary free will and into a more evolved state of consciousness.  This is the realm that has breached into fifth density consciousness and the one that Jesus stated was His kingdom.  There are many people who have entered this realm who are punished for trying to live within it in the lower fiefdom of Obedience.  The emergence of Consciousness Soul is the underlying reason for all the chaos that the world is currently experiencing.  Those who are living in true free will have surrendered their ego’s desires to the wisdom of their heart, which is where we can sense our greater Spiritual Self, and where we begin to sense our Oneness with everything else.

It is only in the ascended state of Christed consciousness where we are truly free. From our mind’s perspective, we can only sense freedom from an expanded function of soul where our heart’s emotional intelligence guides and inspires rational egocentric thinking.  This means that our mind must expand to our heart and even deeper to the intuitions of the solar plexus.  In esoteric teaching, reaching this state of awareness is called Redemption.  This becomes the point in our evolutionary ascension where we are redeemed from fear, the bondage of materialism, and egocentric enslavement.  Contrary to popular belief or “New Age” teaching, “ego” is not nullified, for it can never be destroyed within an individuated aspect of God.

For the sake of clarity, the depth psychologists referred to the false ego in lower case.  False ego represents our anti-spirit or shadow that is directly influenced by karma and distortions of action and perception.  This egotistical persona builds over lifetimes and fully integrates within the human soul around the third seven-year cycle of life (age of 21 years).  This ego is also a function of soul and was referred to by the ancients as Lower Manas.  The Gnostics called people who live within it the Race of Cain, Psychics, or People of the Intellect. Rudolf Steiner called it the Intellectual Soul.  In modern terms, false ego can be referred to as the Mind, which for many is based upon their neurosensory system and is the focal point of their consciousness.

Under natural circumstances, Intellectual Soul has expanded to its boundaries.  Therefore, certain groups can only see the artificial augmentation of mundane intelligence into a transhumanistic existence as our only logical evolutionary option.  For those who are married to the third density experience, imprisonment within a technological matrix is a foregone conclusion.

For those who are truly interested in ascending with Gaia’s natural cycle, one must lose their fear of the unknown and step out of Intellectual Soul’s boundaries into the limitless realm of Consciousness Soul. In the best of circumstances, our rational egotistical mind becomes an instrument that serves us on this journey— instead of living within its confinements and serving not only our Intellectual Soul, but the dark ones who are programing it.

The true Ego is the essence of who we are and is always a unique facet of God consciousness.  The only way the Ego can be obliterated is through non-existence. We are destined to live freely in Christed consciousness.  Higher fourth density/fifth density existence manifests when we are integrating all four aspects of consciousness (sensation-thinking-emotion-intuition) and are guided by Oneness, Wholeness, Truth, and Love.

The Aquarian Age is now commencing.  Aquarius, the Water Bearer, pours forth spiritual water which is known as Ether (Aether).  In esoteric teachings, Ether is known as the Fifth element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire being the first four) and is related directly to the Light of Truth and the throat chakra which we possess beyond animals. In alchemical terms, Ether is the element of Freedom.  Ether has qualities of Water and Air.  Ether permeates all living substance, is a universal life force, and always flows back to Source. Etheric life force is the sustenance of fifth density existence and is what nurtures and expands Consciousness Soul.

The Astrology of the Fall Equinox 2022

Like the energies of the Summer Solstice 2022, the fall suggests that we have very little options in staying put and accepting the status quo of darkness, deception, and fear.  This will be a season that will further awaken the soul and move us in a forward direction past the inertia of intellectual bondage; or it will be a season that drives one further into enslavement.

There are three major alignments that draw attention.

Screen Shot 09-22-22 at 08.28 PMThe first is the opposition of Venus 22 degrees Virgo and Neptune in Pisces 23 degrees Pisces, which forms a Virgo-Pisces axis.  This is the point where we are moving forward from.  In esoteric terms, the end of Virgo (end of the sixth sign) is when we move from the intellectualization of materialism (Intellectual Soul) into an expanded awareness of consciousness (Libra seventh sign).  This constitutes a greater sense of spiritual awareness and inter-connectiveness within emerging Consciousness Soul.  The planet that is in motion is Venus, which represents the human heart which is poised to transition into a greater experience of Love without restrictions.

Opposing this transition, is Neptune in Pisces which will catalyze this process by the dissolution of materialistic barriers which has confined the heart in protocols of habitual conditioning. There will be hardships ahead, especially for those who cling tight to conformity and obedience to the authority of their slave masters.

Screen Shot 09-22-22 at 08.28 PM 001The second alignment is a Yod, or Finger of God, that points to Moon at 26 degrees Leo.  This Finger of God commands the primary attention of the chart.  Moon represents the human soul, and in Leo, it is not only poised to roar into action, but will empower the soul to find and manifest personal dignity and sovereignty. This will be enabled greatly through the base of the Yod which includes Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.  These alignments will empower the soul to see beyond the deceptions that act to enslave it.

Neptune rules in Pisces and brings the energies of the planet into a greater spiritual octave.  This will allow the soul to see deep within its own depths and will bring an awareness to the mind that is now integrating with the wholeness of God-Self.

Pluto in Capricorn reconfigures egotistical consciousness by destroying illusion and dying concepts.  Virtually everything that no longer works for the expansion of Consciousness Soul will be exposed down to the subatomic level and eventually destroyed.  This process creates fertile ground for the soul’s expansion and the reconfiguration of ego/Ego aligned to its proper attitude.

The third alignment is Mars in Gemini which forms a T-square to the Venus Neptune opposition.  This Mars aspect will act as a confrontational trigger to the energies of the opposition.  In this case, Mars in Gemini is representative of the two warriors Pollux and Castor, one glorified in victory, and the other disgraced in death.  Venus (the human heart) will be triggered into action and depending on what octave the soul can rise to, will succeed or be vanquished and enslaved.

The same goes for the Neptunian energies which have a natural tendency to diffuse energy on the mundane plane or transfigure it into a higher spiritual octave. Meaning, we can move headlong into a fiery crash of our soul’s destruction or ascended into Michaelic energies that will empower the human heart to victory.

We will be challenged as Mars square Neptune will bring self-doubt through deception, suspicion, and scandal.  So, it appears that the forces of enslavement will be doing everything within their power to reign in our struggle for redemption through truth, liberation, divine justice, and freedom in Christed awareness.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that the astrology manifests as archetypes. Patterns that signify the energies of the season tend to emerge consistently and far beyond probability.

This season’s fall 2022 is no exception.  For a soul in ascending consciousness, the fall is the time of Michaelmas, celebrated in the period of Libra from late September to early October.

The oppositional energies of the Mars T-square the Venus-Neptune opposition, suggests the timeless energies of archetypal chivalry, which invokes the human heart and soul in opposition to enslaving powers.  The only option for victory is through spiritual empowerment in the Light of God’s Truth.  Only we can save our soul (the Divine Feminine within us) and Mother Earth through the heroic powers of our own volition.

Liberation can only be accomplished through the leonine forces within the individuated soul which must be empowered by the resurrection of the Divine Masculine that lives through all of us who seek true Freedom, redemption from false free will, and the end of ego’s intellectual bondage.

In Good Faith,


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