Apocalypse Now: A Forensic Analysis

“Is there any truth to his sincerity or are we being played? I suspect that the answer to this question will not come from conventional, unconventional, or covert sources  One must examine references that are innate to the geopolitical circumstances that cannot be manipulated.   This leaves us with few options.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 1, 2021

Yesterday, we were walking in a dream blinded by a wall of mundane concerns that limited the depth of understanding and the scope of our soul’s existence.  Since the great deluge, we have been walking across this meadow of delusion, but this dream ended abruptly when we stepped into a rabbit hole that appears to have no end.  Some fell sooner than others, but at this point one can say with assurance that we have all fallen into darkness.  In this endless cavern, we have encountered all types of insidious beings and our illusion of “normalcy” has been shattered.

The reason for Beyond the Soul’s Meridian was for this moment and beyond to help answer the question as to why this is happening. The chaos of this fall has now drawn back the curtain of secrecy and it is time for us to meet the fear that all (who are awake) sense exists behind it.  We must face courageously these insidious forces and confront the players involved in this drama who are hell bent on controlling our lives and the souls who come after us.  If we fail in overcoming this challenge and face the specter that is upon us, we will die a spiritual death as slaves to their dystopian nightmare.  We have no other option.

Our right to self-determination has always been manipulated but now it is in its death throes.  Never has the goodwill of humanity and faith in a constitutional democracy been so betrayed.  If nothing else, this is our wake-up call as we face a failed political system of illusionary justice that degrades its constituents into slaves while placating them with a charade of individual choice.  In fairness, all known political systems have failed, and now they need to die.

As initiates of the Masonic mysteries, the Founding Fathers of this nation knew that all liberal republics had a fatal flaw, which all despots know and exploit.  Even in highly evolved societies, by design, democratic republics only work through the vigilance of its citizens who are the essential driving force for constructive transformation.  At times, this change needs to be revolutionary. 

Through the fall of Atlantis came the fall of Oneness.  This fall is analogous to the expulsion of mankind from the Garden of Eden.  The serpent represents egocentric draconian hierarchy which was designated to rule after the cataclysm that sunk the continent.  This reptilian energy has to do with the individuated development of the human soul.  We had to separate from the Kingdom to understand it from a distant perspective and to appreciate how precious and essential it is for our existence.  These events marked our descent into lower density consciousness ruled by egocentric thinking and the draconian hierarchy that the dragon spawned. 

The serpent is within and outside of us.  We are now at the stage of spiritual development where we must choose whether we continue to travel the same old path ruled by egotistical hierarchy; or ascended into a new paradigm that transcends this enslavement.  The intentions broadcast openly from these usurping creatures (validated by scripture) state clearly their insidious intentions in their “Great Reset” and “New Normal” agendas.

Democracy only works in spiritually inclined societies where people know that from a deep soul level, we are all connected.  In evolved cultures, citizens have inalienable rights that are “God-given.”  Inalienable means unbreakable, unbendable, innate, cherished, and held to the highest principle above all else.

Within our inalienable rights exists the concept of freedom, free will, and personal responsibility—which must be held to the highest standard. This standard means that the free will of one person must not infringe upon the free will of another.  This applies to abstract entities, such as corporations which were NEVER envisioned to have rights, only conditioned privileges granted by human beings.

Evolved societies understand the essential spiritual concepts of karmic balance and rebirth.  In societies based upon Oneness, security, prosperity, joy, health, and enlightenment are understood to flourish when humanity works within the principles of cooperation.  This principle of sharing eventually leads to a culture of abundance, a sense of security, purpose, and unconditional love.  In my generation, we were taught this in Kindergarten.     

Secularism is used to erode these binding humanistic principles as observed in societies that are influenced by unrestrained socialistic, capitalistic, anarchistic, nihilistic, or religious impulses.  Left to their own devices, these ideas become unbridled, polarizing, and function to strip individual liberties from its citizens.   Inarguable, this has now happened in our country through a multi-pronged attack using the most polarized energies from all extremes.  In virtually all instances, draconian hierarchy (through the anti-spiritual forces of human ego) has infiltrated and usurped institutions of human influence, as true human spirituality is either marginalized, distorted, suppressed, monetized, or perverted through mammonic influence.       

Life has conditioned us through Ages of abuse to expect an exceedingly familiar outcome from this (once again) hostile takeover of individual sovereignty.  Our conditioned human reaction is either fight or flight.  In the past, violent impulses of control were localized to geographical regions, ethnic groups, religious sects, and nation states.  By the Twentieth Century, the agenda of draconian rule became a series of worldwide struggles.  Today, it has finally evolved into its intentional culmination of a global event.  There is nowhere to run, so inevitably many are suspecting some form of conflagration. 

Violence appears to be part of the globalist agenda and hostile confrontation is clearly being instigated. Many were sensing that the time around the American presidential inauguration would be the focal point for armed action.  The Patriot-Truth-Disclosure-Ascension-Spiritual communities were long expecting that something extraordinary along the lines of forceful action would manifest.  But to virtually everyone’s surprise, it did not. 

This capitulation was not promised or expected, and millions of souls felt a despondent sense of betrayal.  Many feel that they are the victims of controlled opposition; appeasement of the masses in the form of “George Soros,” “Q,” and “Anons.”  Within totalitarian states, controlled opposition is a well-known and essential tactic. George Orwell illustrated the importance of this diversion as the “Emmanuel Goldstein” character in his dystopian novel, “1984.”  In the novel, Goldstein “fronts” the opposition to the totalitarian state of “Big Brother” through a mysterious organization known as the “Brotherhood.”  The details of the Brotherhood are cryptic and shrouded with deception.  As to whether the Brotherhood existed, the answer was given to the protagonist “Winston” as:

That, Winston, you will never know. If we choose to set you free when we have finished with you, and if you live to be ninety years old, still you will never learn whether the answer to that question is Yes or No. As long as you live it will be an unsolved riddle in your mind.”

By design, opposition to any totalitarian state is an enigma riddled with deception as they all operate on extreme Machiavellian principles which they hold authorship to.

The question then falls to our previous commander-in-chief.  Who is he?  Is he in opposition to the hostile take-over or is he in on it?  It is also possible that he is a patsy not understanding the full gravity of the forces behind the swamp that he professed to drain.  Or he could be playing them into thinking that he is a patsy.  The information and disinformation surrounding these questions are staggering.  There are many within the truth community who hail him as the greatest leader of our time.  And then there are some who remain suspicious.  It is interesting to note that virtually all the clairvoyants and channelers in the Truth community consider him as a great and courageous leader. Yet, he is full of contradictions, idiosyncrasies, and paradoxes.    

Is there any truth to his sincerity or are we being played? I suspect that the answer to this question will not come from conventional, unconventional, or covert sources.  One must examine references that are innate to the geopolitical circumstances that cannot be manipulated.   This leaves us with few options.  

Under the circumstances, personal vision is important.  Within the communities that I am connected to, virtually all information through personal vision channeled by a myriad of souls through various portals suggest that the outcome to this crisis will not be congruent with the intentions of those who have transgressed against spirit and usurped control.  As to the details of how this dark agenda will be thwarted remains unanswered.  Only time will reveal this secret which I suspect has been hiding in plain sight.  My own vision suggests that millions will be involved in this transformation where we become our own saviors. 

Additionally, we can look at astrological alignments that signified these events.  Astrology can be used as forensic analysis to help clarify and lend insight to incident.  Many astrologers were stating that the time of the inauguration (January 20, 2021) would be one of great upheaval, violence, and chaos.  Explosive change through martial action involving advanced technology was predicted to happen at many levels.  Yet it did not appear to manifest. 

As the days spun down to the inauguration, many were preoccupied with an onslaught of information and diversion.  Even for those who read astrology, the complexity of the zodiacal alignments at that moment required substantial time for an accurate analysis. In my case, a tsunami of “intel” was pouring in through alternative media, independent researchers, channelers, whistleblowers, and astrologers while at the same time being blocked from public platforms.  Even the mainstream media suggested the possibility of shenanigans as it painted a portrait of our ex-commander-in-chief somewhere between a loose cannon to Public Enemy #1.    

Like many others, I looked at the overlaps in the patterns of information and assumed that at least some of it had merit.  This was not the case, and as we look astrologically at the details of January 20, 2021, any hostile, violent, or military action would have been a mistake.  Furthermore, the energies of that day seemed to have dissipated any pre-established paradigm of violent revolutionary overthrow.  Although an attempt at violence was instigated, if that path had been followed, we would have been on a different timeline where darkness would have gained the upper hand. 

My intuition suggests that January 20, 2021 was a major threshold in the ascension of humanity which we have crossed by not being baited into hostile measures. 


The Astrology of January 20, 2021

Screen Shot 01-28-21 at 11.53 AM

There are multiple ways to look at charts.  We can compare the local celestial bodies to two distant backdrops.  One is called Sidereal which accounts for the procession of the Equinox. Sidereal is innate to Vedic (Eastern esoteric) astrology and will certainly lend greater insight into studying reincarnation and higher evolved spiritual energies.

Tropical astrology, from the Greek word “tropikos” meaning as the turning, does not account for the procession of the Equinox and is married to the temporal and seasonal patterns of the Earth.  (for a more detailed explanation see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian October 2020 discussion on Michaelmas).  For mundane soul activities married to earthbound events, I would suggest that it would be essential to observe them within Tropical aspects.  When considering geopolitical landscapes and how that relates to our soul’s energies and terrestrial life fixed within linear time, I would suggest that our existential existence is about as mundane as it can get. 

For any comprehensive evaluation, I always compare Tropical to Sidereal and contemplate the information from both perspectives.  For simplicity, I am using a Tropical chart but understand that whatever backdrop is used as distant reference, it does not affect the dynamic aspect of the celestial bodies that are imparting energies into the Earth’s biosphere while affecting us on a physical and astral (soul) level.

Think of your body and soul as an individuated signature of those energies which mark your unique traits the moment your consciousness and its body-vessel was birthed into this earthly life. 

We are living Mythology through Astrology.  The energies of the gods exist within us.  These powers have been gifted to us, and when they are working in harmony, we are designed to be far greater than any one of them.  When we have balanced these energies, we ascend into a greater state of consciousness and become the child of Creator-Source which is beyond the lower gods of our myths.  

On the date of the American Inauguration (January 20, 2021) the astrology suggested a great imbalance of energy as virtually all the bodies were only involving half of the chart.  The major characteristic of the celestial aspects was hard squares (90 degrees) which are confrontational in nature.  There are also a few trines (120 degrees) and one opposition of significance (180 degrees).  Besides the principle celestial bodies, elements of the Divine Feminine (in the form of asteroids) played a major role in the events that unfolded.


The Antagonist

The central aspect to that date involved two clusters of heavenly bodies that are confrontational to each other.  The first involved a conjunction of Mars-Uranus-Lilith-Moon at the Taurus-Aries cusp. In this aspect, Mars represents martial energy which is greatly enhanced and inflated by the presence of Uranus.  Uranus represents advanced technology along with a rapid and expansive burst of energy.  Uranus brings issues to a head and can literally blow things up.  Lilith in this aspect is the presence of the Dark Mother and can be viewed as sinister.  Lilith (also known as Circe and Hestia) is the magical enchantress of the dark arts.  She is a seductress, irresistibly beautiful from the waist up, but literally a chaotic inferno from below.  Like a siren or black widow, she is entrapment into an insidious web that she rules. 

Under the circumstance, these three energies represent intrigue, potential violence, darkness, hubris, arrogance, forceful action, and deception.  These energies merge perfectly with globalist ideals and interestingly are all in conjunction with the Moon.  Luna represents the darker elements of the imprisoned human soul which can be id driven impulses to lower egotistical distortions.  The ruler of Luna is a dark element of human soul known as Persephone, literally the human consort to Hades, ruler of the dark astral underworld.  

These energies can be viewed as antagonistic.  The Moon is in Aries which suggests an impulse to war.  The rest of the conjunction is in Taurus suggesting earth-bound energy arising from the financially based global power centers.  The presence of Lilith suggests entrapment.  From this perspective we need to ask, what was being entrapped?


The Protagonist

The opposing counterbalance to these antagonistic energies involved the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Sun-Pluto-Central Sun at the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp.  This energy is carrying over from the winter Solstice which birthed the presence of Christ consciousness within the many.  The distinguishing feature of this energy is that it is backed by the power of the Sun, meaning that it is propagated through light.  Perhaps in the old paradigm this would have led to confrontation, but that is not the way of the Logos. 

When light confronts a void, darkness no longer exists.  What is interesting is that Pluto conjuncts this protagonist energy through the Sun.  In this aspect, Pluto not only uncovers, but annihilates all obstruction and deception that is incongruent with the Logos and Christ consciousness.  Furthermore, Pluto is in conjunction with the Central or Galactic Sun, which is the central Source of the Logos.  In this light, the power of Pluto assists the righteous in dealing with Machiavellian tactics.   

These energies indicate that a divine plan is manifesting.  The pitfall would be to allow inflamed passion to overrule the power of light that is working through all of us.

Saturn-Jupiter-Sun conjunction also represent the Rule of Law, and in this instance, we must say Divine Law.   Saturn square Mars and Uranus confines the potential of their unrestrained power.  Jupiter conjunct Sun gives us the power to move mountains yet understands that this is no short task, beckoning the enlightened soul to be patient.  Sun square Mars indicates that these energies are being channeled through executive action commanding these martial forces to perhaps stand-down. 


Neptune, Ceres, Vesta, and the Moon’s Nodes

The other major aspect to that day was Neptune and Ceres squaring the Lunar nodes.  The importance of the Lunar nodes cannot be underestimated within the realm of human destiny (for a more detailed discussion see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian January 2020 The Challenges for 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation) as they represent karmic direction through the draconian cycles of linear time that our soul has been bound to since the Fall of Mankind.  In a very truthful sense, our past has determined our future. But on the date of the inauguration, it almost appears that a portal was opened, showing a new direction. 

Neptune can act in obscuring or diffusing power.  It also adds depth to an aspect, albeit one that will take time to recognize and understand.  Ceres is the motherly goddess of the harvest and abundance.  She is also the mother of Persephone and therefore the mother of that aspect of human soul.  Neptune, in this aspect, is at home in Pisces which greatly enhances its power and invites us to employ emotional and intuitive intelligence to sense deeper into situations.  One could say that what we seek to reap has been transformed.

Vesta is a goddess that represents domestic servitude but also the executive branch of government.  The opposition to Neptune and Ceres adds a tense dynamic to this alignment that warrants an enhanced sense of this awareness.  It suggests that there is a goal that can only be met through a path that requires diligence and concerted effort.  The fact that Vesta is in Virgo, greatly enhances attention to detail and perfection. 

Neptune has the power to dissolved or diffuse archetypal energies.  Neptune facilitates transmutation of energy into a higher octave or can completely obscure an aspect if it can only be sensed in a lower state of consciousness. 

The Lunar North node in esoteric science is known as Boaz, the pillar of the initiate which represents “All that can be.”  North node represents the ordained path of a soul in ascension.  North node is trine Mercury conjunct Athena in Aquarius.  Mercury is greatly enhanced in Aquarius and empowers the soul’s ability to rethink direction.  This aspect lends an element of intellectual insight that is already being enhanced by the deep emotional intelligence of Neptune-Ceres-Vesta.  All this energy is converging upon the destiny of the human soul. 

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect is the presence of Athena whose counsel is coveted by virtually all the great heroes of timeless mythology.  Athena represents diligence, forethought, virtue, wisdom, and righteousness.   Her counsel is a mark of distinction as champion to our collective human cause.   

Destiny, through the focal point of the Lunar North node is in Gemini which is represented by the Twins of Pollux and Castor.   Pollux is considered a hero while Castor a disgrace.  This can represent the bifurcation of consciousness as we stand at the precipice as a nation of individuals struggling to move forward in new and enhanced ways of living; or one that promises to be draconian and enslaving.  

It is amazing to consider that all these alignments converged at the same moment of the American Inauguration. 



From an objective perspective, the astrology suggests that betrayal was not an element within the events of that infamous day.  It also suggests that wise counsel and insight to an extremely volatile and treacherous situation was given to an executive entity or entities that are enhanced through Logos energies, and the destiny of our nation was ascended onto a higher path.  As to who or whom these enlightened energies represent remains a mystery. They may only be us as ascended souls working together in Christed consciousness.  The astrology suggests that righteousness and the Rule of Divine Law will prevail.  Furthermore, divine counsel was instilled within the executive actions of the day.  This righteousness does not appear to be in any way part of the globalist agenda.  

It is difficult to accurately predict the future as it exists as an infinite potential narrowed to probable scenarios or timelines which are determined by the shifting consciousness of the collective.  Although variables can change, the general trend is ultimately determined by our interaction with spiritual forces that our ego is powerless to determine. 

There are some who suspect that the dark side has developed the capacity to manipulate timelines.  In essence, the effort to manipulate through egocentric endeavors has always been related to magical principles, whether or not they are technologically enhanced.  Time is elastic and will eventually move in the direction that is guided by the spiritual realm.  When ego tries to influence these forces, we get hardship, division, and chaos.  But when ego surrenders to the emotional intelligence of the heart (which has the greatest capacity to determine spiritual direction) we flourish within the democratic principles that the Founding Fathers envisioned. 

At this point, I still cannot say with confidence as to what degree our ex-commander-in-chief played in the essential role of controlled opposition.  But what I can say with assurance, is that positive change is inevitable if we adhere to wise counsel and allow our heart to lead us in the light of the Logos. 

For it is promised that within the spirit of cooperation on this ascended pathway, Divine Justice will prevail. 




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