Our Moment of Truth : Fall 2021

“There is nothing more fearful to world religions and their systems of control than an individual who has discovered the Divinity within, integrated libido, and taken back their sovereignty.  This is the reason why disciples of this truth have been habitually ignored by world institutions and their corporate controlled media.  What they fear more than anything is the impulse of Christ-Sophia which unifies the soul directly to spirit in I AM consciousness.  A populace unified in this state of sympathetic awareness is uncontrollable, incorruptible, undefeatable, and untouchable to any energy outside of unified self.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian September 18, 2021

The Fall Equinox will occur in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22, 2021, at approximately 2:20 pm CST.  The astrological signatures of this event will initiate the energies that will affect us dramatically during the fall season.  To say that we are living in extraordinary times remains an understatement to the gravity of change that is impacting all of us.  For virtually every soul is feeling this transition regardless of whether it is openly acknowledged.

This year’s Summer Solstice was heralded by a fixed Grand Cross whose foundational energies are signified by the 8-8 power of the Lion’s Gate portal. This power is tranfigurative in nature and as a Fire sign, the Lion symbolizes the first subtle “body” of the four-fold human being.  It is primal and therefore foundational as the energy emanates from the core of our being known as the Solar plexus.

It is important to recognize the reference to Solar, as this is a Sun-Fire energy that flows through the core of our manifestation.  This energy is sympathetic vibrationally and the essence of the same power that flows from the Galactic center located at the focal point of the Sagittarian bow.  This energy is scalar in nature instantaneously flowing into all solar systems and biospheres.  This energy is Love which empowers, attracts, and attunes all organisms in sympathy to its resonance.  This is because all living organisms (to a varying degree) carry within them a fragment of this universal Love energy.  This sympathetic power can be equated to magnetism.  This means that when properly aligned, organisms that manifest this power within its natural attitude will effortlessly align in sympathy to it.  Yet if the polarities are misaligned, then the organism will be repulsed from the Universal Source.

All living beings, regardless of their polarity, carry within them this Love energy for it is the Universal Life Force that sustains all organisms.  Lifeforms that maintain a positive polarity are in sympathy while those in negative polarity are in a state of antipathy.

All beings have Love, but the polarity is determined by how it is perceived.  Those with dark negative dispositions feed off Love like a parasite, while those with bright positive inclinations manifest It like a Sun.  Polarity is not determined by the Solar plexus.  Polarity is determined by the Heart.

The Heart is the second subtle body of the four-fold human being and as the seasons progress, we will fall into an experience giving us the opportunity to realign our Heart and therefore essential constitution to the higher polarity in sympathy to Unconditional and Infinite Love.  The Heart is our organ of feeling and most under-utilized organ of intelligence.

The fall is the time for balance heralded by the sign of the Scales.  The greatest challenge for humanity is to hold these energies in equipoise, for in this lower realm of existence, too much negativity leads to distortions and grave errors in judgement while too much positivity leads to the same.  We have both light and dark forces within us, and this will occur for quite some time.

The Law of One teaches that a soul could ascend in a negative fashion up to a Fifth-Density reality.  For true human beings, this is extremely difficult to do because we all have heart-centered intelligence and therefore an awareness of Sympathy to Source.  Only a being that, through egotistical distortion and error, has annihilated their connection to Heart, or beings manifesting into this realm without any knowledge of heart centered intelligence—can manage to ascend in a negative fashion.  This is clearly one of the reasons why many are exiting this plane of existence in such a non-redemptive fashion.  Beyond 5D consciousness, polarity collapses, and therefore the perpetual struggles between Light and Dark Forces.

The Fall energies of 2021 will carry us to a transitional point where we find Mars in Libra and Venus Scorpio.  The second subtle body of the four-fold human being is represented by an Eagle hidden within the sign of the Scorpion, which is in the element of Water.  It is this body that will be crucified, and therefore transfigured into a greater manifestation of what the Scorpion naturally represents.

At the Fall Equinox a “Yod” or “Finger of God” points to Venus in Scorpio.  This means attention is drawn primarily to this sign as the essence of this season’s transformation.  The Scorpion is the Eighth sign of the Zodiac which has always been a major point of transition in the evolution of human consciousness.  In that part of the heavens is where conflict and domination exist.  The Scorpion was place there by the gods to protect humanity from the wrath of the hunter-warrior, Orion.  This suggests perpetual eye-for-an-eye conflict in linear time, most likely since the Fall of humanity from the consciousness of God.

Yet the Scorpion is transformative, and in times of God-Christed-Consciousness, that part of the heavens was represented by an Eagle. When aligned on the horizontal, the sign of the Eight represents infinite intelligence, love, and timelessness.  On the vertical, the Eight symbol represents the tail-swallowing serpent known as the Ouroboros representing perpetual struggle.  We expand our consciousness through adversity which is tied karmically to the draconian cycles of the Moon (See Beyond the Souls Meridian January 2020 essay The Challenges of 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation).

Eight is also related to the Moon geometrically as an octagon.  The Moon is an unnatural satellite and acts as a karmic generator that can imprison souls within its matrix.  Numerically, the octagon manifests in 1080 degrees, while its energetic signature is 1080hz.  Interestingly, the Moon’s radius is close to these numbers (1079.6 miles).

The Moon acts in conjunction with Saturn which is a planetary body that has been transfigured into an entity of restriction, limitation, and enslavement.  Saturn was known to the mystics as the Black Sun.  It is no secret that nefarious organizations exist that call themselves the Octagon Group (Swiss financial-pharmaceutical power base), Order of the Black Sun (Aryan military-technology base), and the Brotherhood of the Snake (Jesuit religious-magic base). These organizations exist to terrorize, enslave humanity, and feed off human fear. Their power is based upon controlled chaos, separation, and the propagation of a death culture.

Their instrument of bondage resides within the principles of black magic that draws power off those they are enslaving.  Everything that happens to humanity is based upon a distortion of free will where deception is propagated by mind control.  The slaves empower the enslavers.  The oppressors only have power when a soul gives away their God given sovereignty to those who are usurping the role of God.  In truth, any entity that is perceived as a separated “God” from self, is an Illusionary Distortion that conditioned ego habitually recognizes as God.

The survival of our species depends upon whether we can navigate through this current cyclone of deception while being true to our self within the power of our ordained sovereignty.  All external gods are false.  Any organization that worships an external “God” is false and simply an instrument of control.

It was the medieval scholar Meister Eckhardt who taught correctly when he stated that it is a mistake to say that I am here, and God is over there because, God and I are One.  This is basic discipleship within an expanded awareness of I AM consciousness.  For this teaching, Eckhardt was tried as a heretic.

Fortunately for Eckhardt, he died before he was convicted, but it can easily be surmised that the stress of his defense helped to expedite his death.  Eckhardt was never excommunicated, but he was censored and to this day he has never been officially exonerated by Catholic auspices.  This should come to no surprise from an institution whose core belief professes obedience and worship of an external “God,” that your spirit belongs only to that external “God,” and that your life force-libido energies can only be used for procreation.  When they refer to “God,” they are referring to the Roman Catholic Church which is based upon Luciferic and Satanic principles of worship.

There is nothing more fearful to world religions and their systems of control than an individual who has discovered the Divinity within, integrated libido, and taken back their sovereignty.  This is the reason why disciples of this truth have been habitually ignored by world institutions and their corporate controlled media.  What they fear more than anything is the impulse of Christ-Sophia which unifies the soul directly to spirit in I AM consciousness.  A populace unified in this state of sympathetic awareness is uncontrollable, incorruptible, undefeatable, and untouchable to any energy outside of unified self.

The Autumnal Equinox 2021

Screen Shot 09-18-21 at 11.29 AM

The September 22, Fall Equinox, is signified by a Kite formation of Mars in Libra Grand Trine Saturn in Aquarius Lilith-North Node Gemini.  This Mars Grand Trine is opposite Chiron in Aries.  The Kite signifies Neptunian energy that has the power to transfigure.  These alignments  are further enhanced with Sun moving into Libra conjunction to Mars.

A Yod (Finger of God) points to Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus and square to Saturn which signifies an explosive transfiguration of the season.  This is a reference to the Heart when the Scorpion reconfigures itself into the Eagle. The Saturn T square suggests a controlled demolition of the Scorpion in the Hearts of those who heed the call.

This happens when the flow of love is reversed from living life in service to self to a life that balances more in service to others.  Sympathetic Life Force (Love) is the instrument to vanquish the Dragon of Enslavement, and this is signified by the energies converging upon Mars in Libra.

These are very heroic and therefore Michaelic energies that are there for us to harness and ingrain within our soul.  Acting as both an empowering instrument of Divine Justice and portal into spiritual clarity. I sense it as a wave that we must catch and ride until its end while letting the intuition of body and soul guide us to a destination that we carry deep within our heart.  As this wave moves forward it reveals the garden temple that those who are of the light are destined to manifest here on Earth.  An intuitive person can already sense this awakening in others.  Our compass is Spiritual Truth which we must adhere to at all costs.  In this endeavor there is no compromise, and therefore no other way through this tempest.

This wave is within Aquarian waters that are now being poured forth into our parched and devastated world as we struggle to help ascend it and ourselves into a New Earth realm.  We must all come to realize that those who are reading this message are first-wave souls, and although this path is arduous, riding sequential waves will be even more difficult.

The sword that we must wield is the Christ Impulse itself, which is a weapon more powerful than any physical instrument can invoke. This is the weapon of a Christed Knight that only an initiate of Truth can wield.  Just the thought of this power in the hands of the Righteous sends the agents of darkness into a state of panic as they fear nothing more than Christ-Sophia.  This is the reason why Rudolf Steiner was public enemy number-one to the Black Sun and why the Christ Impulse is never mentioned in their corporate controlled media or sciences.

It is no coincidence that the spiritual sword that we must thrust, and parry, bears a striking resemblance symbolically to the physical one that we carried in past causes against human tyranny.

The spirit of the fall season is the celebration of the Libran Scales known as Michaelmas.  This is a not only a celebration of Heroism and Divine Justice, but a call to become greater than we ever thought possible.   Empowered with the energies of this year’s season, we can become champions of Holy Wisdom as Host of the Archangel that manifests within our self.

It has been prophesied that this transfiguration will happen to many in this season as we are destined to discover that this power within is our true Solar identity.

Many Great Warriors of Light have long ago come down from Heaven to Earth for this exact moment in linear time.

Stand Tall In Faith And Honor Your Convictions, For This Evil Affliction Too Shall Pass At The Hands OF The Righteous Through The Loving Impulse Of Christ.

In Good Faith,


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