Prophecy and Discernment

“Our human mythology is permeated by the legends of oracles, sorcerers and fortune tellers. When one comes to encounter an oracle, the ancient Greeks would advise the seeker to ask only one question and to pursue a direct answer as they knew that more questions would lead to distortions.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian October 31, 2016

Earlier this year while attending a conference in Mount Shasta California, I found myself walking along an isolated road with a group of strangers which led to an alpine lake.  Yet by the end of this brief expedition we found ourselves becoming intimately close to each other.  There was a sense that we were estranged from one another and at the same time closely connected for the sheer reason that we were all compelled to walk upon this road together at that specific moment in time.  Within a very short interval we found ourselves explaining to each other the reasons why we were obligated to be there.  For most us it was the first time within our lives that we were able to do this with complete strangers with absolutely no apprehensions.  The expression of our deepest truth would have been virtually impossible with anyone else familiar with our lives that did not fully understand why this passage was humbly taking place. 

Part of the reason (in fact the major reason) why we were committed to be there had to do with discovering how our truth—that is the truth that had been implanted within each and every one of us—how our soul’s truth could fit into and become utilized by the ground swelling of people now awakening from their own shadows of ignorance into a new society that all of us who walked upon that road intuitively know is about to emerge.

Although the people who were attending this gathering were diverse along many lines, what ultimately bound us together was the sincere desire to understand what is happening in this global process of ascension and to share within each other what we have individually discovered about this transformation with other human souls who are interested in listening.  This has little to do with virtual knowledge as much as it has to do with personal experiences outside the realm of the conventional matrix that most people have come to accept as truth.

On our walk back from the lake I had the chance to talk to an extraordinary man from Vancouver.  His story was very familiar as I had heard elements of it conveyed to me by a dear friend many years beforehand.  By all accounts my friend had a very conventional and secular life that the majority of us are exceedingly familiar with.  Yet he felt that there was something missing within his life.  Although he could not actually identify it, he knew that this something was larger than the life he was living and he believed that it could be spiritual in nature.  Through the advice of a friend, he was guided to a resource were he found a simple method of meditation that worked well for him.  Within a very short period of time his sense of awareness began to expand.  For him, this expansion rapidly led to a point where he made contact with conscious entities that identified themselves as beings from a higher density of existence.  He said that overall, the contacts with these beings were very brief but also instructional into the nature of his whole and true self.  In the end of this contact, he was told that there was too much attention being drawn to his celestial correspondence and that they would have to end it.  The reason for the termination of this contact was justified as they explained to him that there would soon be maleficent entities usurping the dialog to feed him disinformation.

Overall, he stated that there were about a half a dozen of these contacts which occurred through his meditations.  Whoever these being were, they made it very clear that it was up to him to decide what to do with the information that was conveyed to him and how that would affect his life in regards to the purpose and path that he would ultimately take.  I found it extraordinary just to be listening to the insights of his experience within that specific moment of time.

Virtually everyone I met over that weekend had some form of revelation that needed to be shared.  For some it came through dreams, others out of body experience, many through mediation, and even a few through direct contact.  I met no one in this group that based their experiences upon chemicals.  As a conventionally trained and intuitively inclined clinician my only conclusion was that I was hearing sincere testimony.  Yet it is a fact that personal accounts could be riddled with distortions.  In the channeled spiritual writings previously cited in BTSM from Carla Rueckert, known as the Law of One, there are direct references to the dangers of this type of information because of intentional distortions that can be implanted within the dialogs by crusader entities. (1)  Again, it appears that the polarity of our conscious intention is determining what entities are drawn to us.  If one is overtly positive, negative forces are attracted and visa versa.  Distortions can abound through these experiences and individual discernment becomes critical to the process.

Through the progression of esoteric training there comes a point where this lesson of discernment is exemplified.  In my experience, it occurred in a dream state.  In the dream, I was blindly following the orders of a Father figure, who was urgently feeding me incendiary material into what I can only describe as a vortex which fed into the energies of the entire universe. This material was like dried leaves and bundled plant material.  I had the sense that I was fueling the fire that drove the energies of the universe.  I was then handed an object that did not resemble anything that looked remotely like the material I was furiously throwing into the vortex.  It actually looked like a bomb, but because my Father was directing me to do this, I never questioned my actions and blindly threw it into the vortex.  I then realized that I set off a chain reaction that would annihilate the universe.  Completely astonished by what just happened, I turned to look at my Father only to see that he was merely a shadow entity wearing the mask of a trickster god.  When I looked at the eye holes I saw neither eyes nor face, only a dark infinite void of chaos and madness.  I awoke in a panic realizing that I had just been taught to never blindly follow any entity regardless of stature, reputation, or perceived capabilities.  Discernment resides squarely within our own powers of perception—period.  As all of us have been schooled upon the matter;

Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.”

Considering how many of these dreams, meditations, and extra-dimensional experiences transcend linear time and are entangled within past, present, and future continuum, our best action is to approach these anomalies in a fully lucid state of neutrality.   Our human mythology is permeated by the legends of oracles, sorcerers, and fortune tellers.  When one comes to encounter an oracle, the ancient Greeks would advise the seeker to ask only one question and to pursue a direct answer as they knew that more questions would lead to distortions.   In the legends of the esoteric hero, the Grail Knight Parsifal, we learn that he was trained in the ways of temperance and moderation, and was specifically instructed not to ask too many questions.  In the beginning of his spiritual quest for the Holy Grail, he has an encounter with the wounded Fisher King Anfortas, who was himself not only surrounded by a cacophony of strange activities that compelled inquiry, but the nature of his injury was the key to understanding the underlying mystery of the Grail itself.  Later, Parsifal is chastised for not being more inquisitive because he failed to ask about the strange events that he witness in relation to this king.  Yet, I suspect that even if he was told at that early point in his journey, he would not fully comprehend the meaning behind the mystery.  It took Parsifal quite some time to evolve his awareness through his own trials and tribulations to fully understand the meaning of the Grail’s secrets.

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we are given a vivid portrayal on how our perpetual quest for inside information leads to cycles of prophecy driven events that are not only fueled by selfish motives but are actually self fulfilling in nature.  It is almost as if the world that we find ourselves now trying to survive within (if not reign over) is actually driven by this prophetic madness.

The brilliance to the story is how it begins and ends at the same point, in reference to self fulfilling prophecies which are entangled within the egotistical agendas of the characters themselves. In this world of isolation and competition that Shakespeare so beautifully illustrates, our Ego’s attempt to manipulate our fate is reduced to poverty and chaos. As we see in the play, the world that Macbeth creates ultimately crumbles, he states;

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.  And then he is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

This is a pretty bleak statement, but some would say a very accurate summary of a person’s life in regards to the events that surround it.  Yet we all have a choice.  There are many prophetic visions that are occurring today that tell us of our imminent destruction which has many of us running around chasing our tail.  This point is easily validated by observing the number of deep underground military installations that our world’s government are openly acknowledging, the increasing number of wealthy persons digging deep and preparing to hide when the so called fall or event occurs, and the countless others preparing to fight it out on the surface.  It is certain that these apocalyptic scenarios, fuel by prophecy, could be thought of as potentials and quite probable ones if we buy into a conflict driven agenda.

But what is also astounding is that there are other future visions that do no predict these outcomes.  In these alternative scenarios there is a world where humanity not only survives but ascends into a greater state of existence.  In this far more enlightened future, prophecy is not driving evolution as much as our collective consciousness is taking the lead.  In this world it is understood that neutrality and balance are maintained in a more selfless manner of existence.  In this ascended world we all become knights in a grail community.  Without a doubt we will have the ability to see into the future, as linear time is truly an abstraction of the physically oriented egotistical mind.  But we will have the wisdom to know that it is our state of mind—our thoughts—which are determining the most viable pathway.  In a very real sense we can create a specific outcome by preemptively contemplating it, creating a space within our soul for it to exist, and living our lives within that space.  Through our own epiphanies, all of those attending the Shasta conference had already come to this unanimous conclusion.

Still what we have today is a world that is controlled through prophecy of the oracles, which is ultimately driven by apprehension, fear, and greed.  Through the explosion of information that we now have at our fingertips, anyone can observe how the dark occult brotherhoods are attempting to control our destiny at every level that is humanly possible.  This is now an open secret to anyone who has the courage to look at the situation objectively.  The world they are promoting is one where fate continues to pull the strings to an agenda that is well suited for perpetual conflict and the egoistical hierarchy which supports it.  Anyone who chooses to live within this world will never be able to see any other future vision except one where an apocalyptic event of chaos and destruction on a massive scale is insidiously lurking right around the bend.  Just as in Macbeth, their consciousness may inevitably precipitate this fearful reality to manifest itself.

There are some who believe that the world may be cleaving itself along two potential timelines. In one timeline there is a pathway to an ascended level of existence where free will, compassion, and unity consciousness flourish.  One may also think of this as the positive pathway of transformation.  There also appears to a negative pathway that leads to destruction, chaos, fear, and the propagation of an egotistically based agenda oriented existence.   Believe it or not, both pathways are archetypal in the sense that all worlds in times of great transformation will face these same scenarios. Ultimately it remains up to the individual to decide what world will best suit their needs.

What world are you most comfortably living within?  Not only are we truly players upon the stage, but we are also writing the play.  Will it be one created by a Macbethian idiot signifying nothing and unfit to even remember, or will it be a truly indelible legend, full of courage, humor, wisdom and redemption?

It really is up to every individual to decide what scenario their consciousness will draw down upon them and ultimately the world that will be encountered at this journey’s destination.

Hopefully, it will not be a lonely place and you will be there in mine.



(1) Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter 13, Disclosure, pages 257-258

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