The Emperor: Moving Towards Ascension through the Guidance of our Inner Masculine Authority.

“We are living within a construct that allows a maximal level of free will to be expressed. Our expression of freedom along with its relationship in experiencing love seems to be the reason why we incarnate into this plane of existence. This existence and freedom could never be experienced unless from an external perspective, divine authority and power were withdrawn. Yet, the paradox to all of it is that deep within us, and in all conscious entities below and above, there is still an essence of this divine authority.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian November 16, 2016

It has been said by venerated souls who have come before (and after) us, that the key to our spiritual development, health, and wholeness is ingrained within the tapestry of our ancient and contemporary mythologies.  There is much said today which on the surface is very difficult to believe.  Our conventional media outlets are hopeless in providing us any guidance as they are now essentially functioning as a vehicle for mind control and propaganda needed to manufacture and stage consent for the agendas that are being perpetrated against the vast majority of us.  It appears that what little truth being disseminated is coming from sources that are well below the radar of the average person’s awareness or it is embedded within the medium of mass entertainment, some of which constitutes the source of our culture’s more visible modern mythologies.  In an episode of Deep Space aired on the Gaia TV network entitled The New NASA Connection one can hear the author and esoteric scholar David Wilcock discussing the nuances of our nation’s alleged Secret Space Programs which apparently have become so advanced through the on and off world production of technologies facilitated through private industries that hundreds of worlds beyond our solar system are now trading directly with these corporations on a galactic scale. (1) 

The rise of this hidden empire derives its origins from the esoteric movement which began at the turn of the last century and really came into fruition in the years between the First and Second World War.  This led to the resurrection of an ancient conflict that precipitated the conflagration of WWII.  From an external perspective, it seemed as though these evil ideals propagated through the dark esoteric brotherhoods which fronted National Socialism were defeat. Yet these ideas were never destroyed and continue to live on like a phoenix through the very nations that seemed to have vanquished them.

These forces eventually permeated our own society and over time transformed what was once a liberal democracy into something that if one were to really think about it, would bring most citizens of this country over the age of forty to a state of tears.  This may explain why today it has become virtually impossible to separate big business from big government as they have both become synonymous to each other to such a degree that it would make the faces of Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler beam if not gloat with satisfaction.  This also explains why for no apparent reason our nation is embroiled in meaningless hostilities explained to us within an obfuscated narrative of deception; why we have elected narcissistic criminals (take your pick) to represent us as our nation’s leaders; and why we are apparently on the edge of WW III and global annihilation for reasons that seem flimsier than any scenario that even the Marx Brothers could have concocted.  It is clear that we are not being told the real reasons behind these current events as they appear to be larger in scope than the media is suggesting.

Clearly, I have been spending too much time listening to the myriad of messages concerning the economic and political power struggles that our world is now facing.  Contemplating these issues are extraordinarily difficult without an understanding of the esoteric forces that are manipulating the machinations of our society into its current cesspool of fear and chaos.  Again, the truth behind these deceptions may be at such a magnitude past what we have been conditioned to accept that virtually all of us would not even consider the real reasons for this manipulation as potentials and would forcibly defend the secret endeavors of their own handlers who are maliciously pulling the strings to their own detriment.  Yet there still exists a trickle of sources that are conveying the truth because as it turns out nothing can be done within esoteric circles unless we are told what is happening and consent is given.  Although the truth may be veiled, those who have developed the capacities to see through this very thin screen of deception can visualize what is happening.

What I find fascinating is that many sources are telling us that these issues are so important that they are not only affecting us on a global level, but appear to be of great interest to persons and entities that apparently do not call our Earth home.  I suppose for lack of a better term we can call them extraterrestrials, although they can exist within densities (or higher dimensions) which we can not yet see.  Therefore many are also transdimensional in nature.

Since the time of Madame Blavatsky and the emergence of visible esoteric schools our world was being prepared for the events that are now unfolding.  As we are currently discovering, insight and advanced technologies were disseminated to highly evolved members of these occult schools.  For instance, information that was disseminated to the Vril Society via channelers such as Maria Orsic led to the design of antigravity propulsion vehicles.  Information channeled to Aleister Crowley eventually birthed the Laws of Thelema articulated through the Ordi Templi Orientis which if nothing else, led to a better understanding of psychological manipulation and mind control.  Esoteric information and observation gather by Thule Society scientists such as Victor Schauberger, Hans Kammler, and Winfred Otto Schumann (mainly through the Ahnenerbe Institute) led to an understanding of what they considered as Aryan physics of vorticular spin polarization, quantum mechanics, and its mathematical prediction of a vacuum energy flux (zero point energy).

It is interesting that the endeavors specifically instigated by Aleister Cowley and his Thelemanic laws along with Ariosophic (Aryan wisdom) principles unleashed by the Thule Society and its Black Sun cult epitomized movements within human consciousness that constituted essential exercises in the practice and expression of our free will.  In the case of Crowley, there is an emphasis on personal will and self empowerment. (2)  In the Germanic experience both personal and collective will were exercised.  This more collective exercise was influenced by the neo-paganism which flourished in the late Nineteenth Century promoted by persons such as the influential Guido von List, the channeled information from sources coming from the Aldebaran star system to women of the Vril Gesellscraft, and information discovered through members of the Ahnenerbe Institute which confirmed the actual existence of inner-terrestrial cultures that were directly related to the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.  All three of these Germanic sources identified and subjected the personal will to a superior collective that existed along racial-cultural lines.  In other words, if one did not possess the pedigree needed to assimilate this information, then there was no way that one could partake in their initiated world of activities as a free person within their society.

Although uncomfortable to speak about, it is undeniable that the ideas of racial purity not only permeated many of our pagan traditions, esoteric societies, and globalist agendas but in many instances are found in the narratives of inner and extra-terrestrials who clearly do not view all people as equal.  In a sense this is absolutely true if we are to view life in a linear fashion in relationship to time.  To confirm this, all we have to do is look around us and compare how diverse we are not only in physical appearance but spiritual consciousness and intellectual capacities. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to think about this issue in a very limited perspective as emphasis is placed upon external considerations that our egotistically conditioned minds can understand.  Even in my traditional medical education, we were taught that there are distinct races that exist within the world which are named Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Australoid.

It is popularly believed that race is determined solely by genetics.  This idea is based upon theories that materialistic science and our conventional media promote essentially through the ideas of Charles Darwin and the cult of the IHEU (International Humanist and Ethics Union). (3)  Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection was propagated and enhanced by elements of the ruling aristocracy by blending it into social, scientific and philosophical ideas promoting fractionalization, classification, and isolation.   Ultimately, Darwin’s ideas were modernized concepts aligned in supporting ancient hierarchical forces within our society that are designed to maintain a pyramidal caste system which we have clearly inherited as a legacy from the Atlantean experience.  Furthermore, it does not help that many of the legends of our inner earth’s inhabitants, and even to some extent the extra-terrestrials, place extraordinary emphasis on blood-lines, racial purity, and DNA.  It is even rumored that some of these more evolved egotistically oriented beings were actually assisting the Germans in their scientific and militaristic pursuit for world dominance.  I would image that from a galactic-planetary perspective concerns over interbreeding and race may have some significance.

Yet what our legends and mythologies are also conveying to us is that in reality we live in a unique place in regards to biodiversity which includes our earth bound human life forms.  The mystery of Gaia is within her profound creational abundance.  In regards to our human origins, our myths tell us that we were created by higher evolved god-like beings that are referred to as the Anunnaki, which is a Sumerian name meaning Those who from heaven came down to Earth.  The Anunnaki are also referred to as Fallen Angels, Builder Race, or Progenitors.  In other sources we are told that our world has been colonized by waves of cosmic settlers who may have manipulated our genetics to create a slave class.  There are other legends that suggest a large percentage of people living today on the Earth come from the planet Mars through the transmigration of souls after war destroyed the planet.  And further, there are sources which are suggesting that many of us originated from distant planets and have come to Earth as Wanders and Starseeds who are here to experience and help assist in our current global transformation.

Regardless of how or where we came from, the level of diversity upon this planet is immense.  This is intentional as there are sources suggesting all of this diversity is part of a bigger picture known as the Grand Experiment which constitutes a significant number of extraterrestrial races that have been directly and indirectly interfering with the human destiny of this planet for possibly hundreds of thousands of years. (4)  Apparently this has been done through direct genetic manipulations, temporal alterations, esoteric mentoring, and actually becoming earth bound humans by incarnating into our biosphere and karmically binding themselves to our destiny.

If we can consider that indeed this Grand Experiment is occurring, then it should be clear that our heredity is much larger in scope than just our genetics.  Buying into the materialistic understanding of genetics allows more evolved races to usurp our inalienable abilities to determine our own consciousness, reality, and destiny.  Yet we seem to habitually lock ourselves into a concept of physical hereditary determined through our biochemistry when in reality our overall development is to a high degree determined by consciousness which originates along spiritual planes.

“The Father’s and Mother’s highly polarized gametes or germ cells, which live only for 24 to 36 hours, unite in the process of conception, and thereby initiate the formation of a protective “etheric membrane”.  Hence the gametes are protected from the material destructiveness of the earth forces to which they were formally subject.  Through their union—at a state of maximum degeneration, that is, through a highly intensified process of disintegration—they become susceptible to the influence of cosmic powers, of a peripheral-cosmic impact, namely the implanting of the “spiritual germ”: “Physical matter is completely destroyed so that the spiritual germ can sink into it and it can become the reflection of the spiritual germ, which was woven out of the cosmos.” Fertilization provides only the impulse that causes a certain effect from the cosmos to occur in the body.”  Thus, in the field of tension between the breaking down processes and the up-building processes, between destruction and life, a tremendous cosmic effect occurs in the smallest physical space.  And after centuries of preparation, the physical configuration of a macrosomic form now begins in earthly realm.” (4)

Freeing ourselves from the material way of thinking allows for a rapid evolutionary expansion in awareness.  Ultimately we come from a unified source and regardless of our pre-earthly origins, it is karma that determines what planet we belong to and therefore what organic vehicle we will inhabit during our conscious experience within a specific plane of existence.  As the mystic Rudolf Steiner rightfully stated, our heritage, culture, and genetics are simply the means of our expression.

For the generic features of the human race, when rightly understood, do not restrict man’s freedom, and should not artificially be made to do so.  A man develops qualities and activities of his own, and the basis for these we can seek only as a medium in which to express his own individual being.  He uses as a foundation the characteristics that nature has given him, and to these he gives a form appropriate to his own being.  If we seek in the generic laws the reasons for an expression of this being, we seek in vain.” (6)

It is interesting to note that once genetic studies became readily available we have discovered that race is not such a simple and linear concept as we were once led to believe. (7)  Virtually all modern human beings are rarely found to be exclusively within pure genetic lineages.  The fact is that virtually all of us are multi-cultural if not multi-racial.  Ultimately, the vast majority of people living on the surface of the earth today belong to the genus (family) Homo (which means human being) within the species (or subfamily) of Sapiens (which means wise).  If we can draw our attentions away from the earth’s surface, contemplating the genus of Homo undoubtedly suggests that there can be other species of human beings.  It is also believed that there are additional species of humans living among us today that can easily blend into the general population based upon their appearance. (8, 9)  Considering these variables, the distinction between race and species ultimately becomes blurred when discussing humanity.  To make it even less clear, scriptural references suggest that higher evolved humans (who would clearly be of a different species) bred directly with our ancient ancestors.  Their offspring were known as the Nephilim.

The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.” (10)

Species in biology is generally defined as living organisms that can mate with each other and produce viable offspring.  Clearly the Nephilim were hybrids that were either driven to extinction or absorbed within our collective species making our genetic characteristics even more muddled.  Therefore it is archaic to classify modern people as anything else but human beings as race is subjectively determined along cultural, regional, physical and biological markers which are becoming less of a distinguishing factor as we are rapidly moving towards a global society.  As it is currently understood, our concept of race is based upon flawed observations which ultimately serve no purpose other than perpetuating hierarchy and alienating ourselves from each other.

If we are to consider race at all, it may be more useful to understand it in relationship to consciousness.  The ancients classified people in regards to their soul’s perceptive capabilities and delineated them along spiritual lines.  From our Western creational mythologies it was believed that lineages came forth from the three sons of our prototypical parents Adam and Eve.  They called these races the children of Able, Cain, and Seth and equated the members of each of these three races as having a consciousness that was aligned within limited or expanded capacities of awareness.  The children of Able are earthbound and live within the sphere of instinct and emotionality.  The children of Cain ascended their consciousness into linear logical and rational behavior.  The children of Seth are those that can see beyond their ego and are in the process of developing capacities to not only understand but to integrate the spiritual realm within their earthly life.  From a psychological perspective, this observation is correlated if not validated by Sigmund Freud’s understanding of our soul’s function through the Id, Ego, and Superego. (11)  The subsequent work of Carl Jung, if properly understood, challenges us to transform our awareness into a higher state of being.  Race is therefore not determined exclusively by our parental lineage as much as it is a function of our soul’s capacity for consciousness.

One may argue that this is indeed determined by pre-configured DNA and that nothing else can be done to rearrange that.  Yet our scientific observations do not support this view point as invaluable research such as that by Dr. Bruce Lipton allow us to understand that the large percentage of our genome previously labeled as non-functioning junk DNA is actually dormant DNA that can be activated through non-physical modalities. (12)  It appears that the major mediator in the process is our expansion of consciousness.   There are some scientists who believe we are on the verge of a major shift in consciousness that will ascend us into a new species solely through a method that is willfully activated through contemplative endeavors of our sacred art and scriptural mythologies.  Understanding that this transformation can take many lifetimes to prepare for, we will all experience membership within these separate races throughout our earthly existences as incarnated Homo sapiens.

Looking at humanity within the dimensions of our egotistical linear life versus the prospective of higher dimensional consciousness outside of conventional hierarchy we realize that as members of the universal human family, we are all designed with similar potentials that will inevitably manifest through the linear time continuum.  At some point along this journey it is up to the individual to willfully initiate the process that will lead to a greater state of comprehension.  Through the revelations by members of esoteric societies, it is obvious that many are transforming themselves into a greater state of knowing which is empowering to the personal self and contributing to a limited collective destiny.  This collective destiny is intentionally crafted along racial lines by individual will forces which ultimately serve the esoteric society of the initiates.  This is clearly a limited exercise in free will because ultimately, someone or something is not only ruling the society but empowering the initiates.  Although in this state of knowing there may be an illusion of freedom, we are inevitably contributing to the same hierarchical forces that have perpetually stratified us along the subjective and artificial constructs of race.

The time has now come for us to begin to exercise a greater level of free will which must be considered from a galactic if not universal perspective as an essential human imperative.  This will never be accomplished unless we can free ourselves from the hierarchical powers enforced through our limited understanding of race and caste.  We must be redeemed from imposed constraint and limitation and this can only happen if and when we voluntarily subject our Ego and all of the powers that we have personally amassed in service to our species as a whole.  This is essentially the same process that the occult groups exercise except at a higher level of Unity (Christ) Consciousness.  In a sense we are still serving a master, but that master is the essence of our higher self or spirit, which manifests itself through the mystery of the archetypes and is part of the Creational Intelligence beyond the power of any lesser usurping entities.

As I have experienced it, this archetype was made known to me as the True King. (13)  In the Arcane of the Tarot, this archetype is known as the Emperor.  In esoteric teachings it is considered the Greater Guardian of the Threshold.  Some may also see it as an Archangel or the Christós.  From Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism, written by Anonymous, our Dear Friend discusses the mystical nuances of this King. (14)  The King is a sovereign where divine authority has been placed as our friend states;

“…the human bearer of true authority does not replace divine authority but, on the contrary, cedes his place to it.  He has renounced something to this end.”

What has he renounced?  Well, first and foremost compulsion and violence as he has no weapons.  This resonates very truthfully with the Sovereign being that I experienced who ruled with patience, compassion and wisdom.

Although it is said that this Sovereign is invested with divine authority, he has no power to actively enforce it as he has renounced all action and is within a gesture of restraint. In a sense our freedom has been granted to us by the restraint of this King.  It is said that a void has been created by the withdrawal of the Spiritual realm (Pleroma) in order for the beings living within this void to exercise free will.  How true this is as we have distanced ourselves from this divine authority which is literally our spiritual higher self.  This withdrawal allows our earth bound egos to function in service to self and a myriad of lower god-like usurpers attempting to control our destiny.

Ultimately the King has renounced not only his own personal power, but even his identity.  With one foot planted on the ground and leaning against the throne he is in a commanding gesture of self control.  The shield is there to guard against usurpers who may claim the rights to the throne.  In a sense the throne is inaccessible to everyone.  Even an initiated soul who confronts this archetype, realizes that divine authority is beyond our comprehension, therefore there is no one fit within our plane or even higher planes of existence to freely sit upon it and wield its power.  An initiated soul respects this limitation and as our dear anonymous friend has stated;

The Emperor signifies the authority of initiation or of the initiate.”

This Arcanum therefore conveys to us an initiation which can be viewed as a sacramental ordination identical to the Sovereign archetype as authority is now invested within the seeker of truth who has willfully developed the capacity to listen, comprehend, and value the guidance bestowed upon him/her from a higher authority.  Yet, it is critical to understand that this authority can be nothing less than our higher spiritual self, which is in itself a manifestation of divine Christós-Sophia energies.  Dangers abound if this authority is falsely identified.

It is essential for us to understand that our ascension into a higher state of consciousness will never be achieved unless we can come to fully know the necessity of this archetype.  From the information that is now streaming into our consciousness from all directions and sources there appears to be a number of extraterrestrials and higher evolved beings that seem to be taking an interest in our transformation.  Overall, I would say that if their messages and actions are not resonating within the archetype of the true Sovereign and its mysterious relationship to our higher self, but instead focus on empowering the personal will and egotistical authority—without any spiritual oversight— then they will not likely serve our best interests.

We are living within a construct that allows a maximal level of free will to be expressed.  Our expression of freedom along with its relationship in experiencing love seems to be the reason why we incarnate into this plane of existence.  This existence and freedom could never be experienced unless from an external perspective, divine authority and power were withdrawn.  Yet, the paradox to all of it is that deep within us, and in all conscious entities below and above, there is still an essence of this divine authority.

Ultimately, it is our decision to live our life within a lower state of chaos in ignorance of this fact, or to willfully live within the power of this divine blood in a higher state of consciousness through a living relationship to this spiritual presence.  Therefore, we all have the freedom to construct the world that will suit us best.  There are many possibilities to this future world. Yet in due course, it must not be a world where the true Sovereign is reduced to a powerless state and crucified.  Ascension will only occur when the archetype of this divine authority is freely recognized and cherished.


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