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“What may be lacking in children’s lives is faith on the part of the parents. When egocentric expectations of the parents are not met, emotional disruptions ensue and the household becomes chaotic, especially when the Ego takes charge and begins to enforce its will upon the rest of the family members. We all do this to a certain degree, but highly intelligent egocentric parents, tend to be more prone to this type of behavior. Preoccupations, obsessions, and agitations begin within the souls of many parents when circumstances which may be beyond their control are encountered. This inevitably will happen to all parents and under the best of circumstances should lead rapidly to personal introspection and reassessment of core values. Unfortunately, within egocentric families, there is resistance to change and introspection.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian January 28, 2018

Within the last year and a half there has come to light some very exiting developments concerning autism which transcend the archaic debates regarding the vaccine issue. In order for us to move forward in understanding autism with any degree of clarity, we must as a society cease in flogging the long departed idea that the root cause of autism is solely and directly linked to vaccinations or the ethyl mercury compound, known as thimerosal, which was used in trace amounts as a vaccination preservative.

The routine use of thimerosal began in the early 1930’s after a batch of diphtheria vaccine was contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus leading to the death of a dozen children who received these tainted inoculations. (1) These deaths were tragic, but to keep this observation in perspective:

The United States recorded 206,000 cases of diphtheria in 1921, resulting in 15,520 deaths. Diphtheria death rates range from about 20% for those under age five and over age 40, to 5-10% for those aged 5-40 years. Death rates were likely higher before the 20th century. Diphtheria was the third leading cause of death in children in England and Wales in the 1930s.” (2)

Historically, diphtheria emerged as a disease with the onset of the industrial revolution and the development of urban environments. Outbreaks were common and in many instances, the illness decimated populations of children under the age of ten years. The year 1613 A.D. was known in Spain as “El Año de los Garrotillos” (the year of the strangulations) in references to severe diphtheria outbreaks. Within the current 21st century, there have been seven reported cases in the US with one death. (3)

Exposure to thimerosal was minimized in 1999 after the CDC recommended that it be withdrawn as a vaccine preservative. Although there are some multi-use influenza vaccines that still use ethyl mercury, exposure to this substance has been dramatically reduced over that last few decades. Despite this undeniable fact of minimal exposure, cases of autism related illness continue to escalate. Today, there may be as many as 1 out of 50 children born in the United States with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Some estimations suggest this number to be even higher. (4)

In the alternative media, Andrew Wakefield’s widely considered 2016 documentary “VAXXED” alleges that the root cause of autism is not so much thimerosal, but the combined measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Concerns about MMR as the cause of autism go back to 1998 when Dr. Wakefield co-authored a limited case study published in the British medical journal The Lancet, which suggested that children afflicted with autism had evidence of intestinal inflammation. In the original observations, twelve children with behavioral disorders (nine with autism) all showed signs of non-specific intestinal inflammation through endoscopic biopsies. The conclusion of the study proposed that gastrointestinal inflammation may have been caused by external factors such as the MMR vaccine. Twelve years later, The Lancet retracted the study, citing improprieties and fraud on the part of Dr. Wakefield. (5, 6)

As to whether bowel inflammation exists in autistic children is not really called into question as any intuitive physician caring for these children will observe; many babies will initially manifest ASD through severe colic. Where this observation begins to fall apart is when we assume that all inflammation is caused through an infectious source. In this instance, MMR was proposed as the agent, but other infections or inflammatory mediators were suspected. Hence, objections were made that the immune system was over-stimulated through vaccines with ASD as direct fallout. This way of thinking is very linear and overtly materialistic. Furthermore, it does not respect nor even come close to understanding this issue from a holistic perspective.

There are many medical conditions involving inflammation and pain which continue to baffle to medical establishment. These are conditions where inflammation is observed but no infectious or allergic cause is ever identified. Again, the assumption made is that all inflammation is caused by infection or an allergic reaction causing an over-stimulated immune system. From a holistic perspective this observation is only partially correct, and what we may be observing are the effects of something else that is the root cause of the inflammation in the first place. This may have something to do with the over-stimulation of the nervous system, or more accurately, the energetic field from which the nervous system is a manifestation of. Even through conventional medicine, evidence of neurologically derived inflammation, specifically in the gut, is a phenomenon that has been thoroughly investigated and described. (7, 8)

Within holistic medicine, the energetic field of the neurosensory system in known as he Ego body, which is also viewed as a catabolic system and force for destruction. Holistic medicine perceives that over-stimulation of thinking (or Ego) will literally destroy the physical body. The Ego’s energetic center is within the brain but it permeates the entire body and has a massive presence within the gut. In fact, it is estimated that there is as much (if not more) neurological tissue in the gut as there is within the brain. If we can imagine an over-taxed nervous system, or an aberrant nervous system that is trying to compensate for structural deficiencies leading to distortions in consciousness and function, we may begin to envision that energetic discharges mediated by the sympathetic nervous system are targeting sites within our body causing pain syndromes and inflammation. These are energetic sites which directly correlated to the concept of Chakras and very specific pain syndromes in the head, chest, gut, and pelvis. What is important to understand is how Ego consciousness plays an essential role in these afflictions. Keep in mind that Ego is the realm of consciousness where fear exists.

In regards to holistic medicine, it is a practice which embraces alchemical concepts that predate our human civilization as we have become conditioned to know it. We can call it ancient wisdom because it is the embodiment of archetypal concepts which are dynamic and withstand the test of time and truthful scientific scrutiny. Indeed, alchemy is science in its most holistic and spiritual form. Many of these ideas were resurrected by the visionary Rudolf Steiner. Much of what he discussed medically was simply ancient wisdom, enhanced through his clairvoyance and capacity to merge alchemical-spiritual concepts to the science of his time.

Rudolf Steiner’s teachings were broad and went on to inspire movements in virtually all human endeavors. One of the major derivatives of Steiner’s teaching is the Waldorf educational system which is well established and international. It is interesting that within our alternative educational systems such as Waldorf, there is a much greater resistance to immunizations. It is generally understood that within communities such as Waldorf, free will is allowed to be exercised, and children not only have the right to get sick, but may be fulfilling karma through the experience of illness. This way of thinking is quite a slippery slope and one that I would not touch with a ten foot pole. As a physician, we too are fulfilling karma, and if illness can be prevented in a safe and effective way, then by all means, we should attempt to do so. In the time when diphtheria was raging and new vaccines were being developed, Rudolf Steiner was asked as to whether we should inoculate our children. His answer was interesting, as he said that if the child was living in a stable home and loving environment, then by all means vaccinate. The genius to Steiner’s insight was that he correlated adverse reactions to consciousness and not to the vaccine itself.

Taking into consideration the apprehensions that have been generated against vaccines through Dr. Wakefield’s investigation, his sensational documentary, and scientific theories which only partially explain physical phenomenon; large observational studies in no less than five developed countries have failed to find any evidence suggesting that there is a direct correlation to the MMR vaccination and autism. (9) In my own personal experience, autism is usually identified in our patients well before MMR vaccination is ever administered.

Additional observations must be considered such as geography. As previously mentioned (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June, 2016 post), Cuba has one of the world’s highest vaccination rates, yet has one of the world’s lowest incidences of autism. In a country that has ten times as many physicians per capita than the United States; their competency for diagnosing autism is considered better than most. Yet, autism is diagnosed in about one in every 2500 children, which is fifty times less than in the US. (10) This number may be an underestimation, but it is still recognized that there are far fewer cases of autism in Cuba than in most parts of the world.

World wide trends demonstrate that the more technologically advanced and fast-paced a society, the greater the chances of autism. Globally, the autistic hot-spots are Japan, South Korea, Hong-Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, and Denmark. (11) Perhaps even stranger, are the inconsistent rates of autism which vary widely within our own country. According to surveillance studies, children living in Minnesota are a dozen times more likely to develop autism than those living in Iowa. (12) These observations indicate that there is an environmental component to this condition.

As mentioned in my previously cited essay, there appears to be many factors including the timing of birth, emotional and psychological conditions of the parents, and abnormally high concentrations of folic acid and vitamin B12, which seem to directly influence if not facilitate autism. In one way or another, these factors appear to inhibit predetermined neuronal migratory patterns, stifling the child’s human potentials. Studies have demonstrated that the prefrontal cortices in brains of autistic children are densely packed within neurons that have failed to migrate and restructure themselves after birth.

Furthermore, it has been determined that there exists a lack of communication between brain hemispheres locking children into their naturally dominant hemisphere. For boys, this tends to be within the left hemisphere which encompasses mathematically based linear logical thought at the expense of right brained empathetic and intuitive emotional intelligence. There is a 4:1 male to female autism preponderance which many experts believe is genetic. In my opinion, I would say that a solely genetic explanation is not the case and would also suggest that a sub-clinical condition may exist within an even numbers of girls.

The differences between male and female brain function and anatomy are significant. Specifically, connections between hemispheres are archetypally different. Therefore, communication between hemispheres differ on a gender basis. In addition, feminine brain activity is related to right brain function equated with emotional and empathetic behavior. We all have this capacity, but females naturally live within it. Therefore, if a female experiences communication issues with their non-dominant linear logical thinking hemisphere, socially this lack of communication may not be obviously observed. From a historical and cultural perspective, women are not generally expected to excel within a male dominated mindset. Yet, even with a perfectly functioning brain, men seem to fail miserably within the female dominated intuitive right brain landscape.

This concept calls specifically the milder Asperger syndrome into question because linear logic and mathematically based function is preserved in the male dominated left brain at the expense of intuitive social skills and emotional intelligence.

There are two well publicized cases which support this view point.

The first is given to us by the neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor who at the age of 37 years had a hemorrhagic stroke in the left (linear logical) hemisphere of her brain. This experience forced her to live within the more creative and emotionally intelligent right brain hemisphere. It took her eight years to not only recover but to transform.  Jill has written books about the experience, and has given many highly regarded interviews and public discussions. (13) What she has concluded is that so many of us are locked into our left dominant egotistical side of intelligence, at the expense of our creative and emotional capacities. Living within her non-dominant intuitive landscape brought her back to the inter-connectiveness of life. In many ways, this is a return to the creational intelligence that we all should have experienced throughout our childhood. For most of us, we have a choice as to the state of our resting consciousness. Optimally, that should be within equilibrium of both hemispheres.

The problem with autism is that there is not only a lack of choice, but absolutely no understanding for an alternative state of intuitive consciousness.

In an equally stunning resource, a highly functioning man with Asperger Syndrome named John Elder Robinson, underwent experimental treatment which activated the connectivity to his intuitive and emotionally based right brain consciousness. He wrote about his experiences published in a book entitled “Switched On.” (14, 15) In this work, he described how the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) literally switched on his dormant intuitive emotional capacities. The effect of emotional insight through TMS therapy has been document by a large percentage of people with autism who have been able to articulate their results. (16)

What may be even more astounding is John Robinson’s conclusion to the experience. Although the effects were transient, he gathered enough insight to understand how many people are actually suffering within their own emotionality. What he perceived initially as the advantage of emotional insight, he concluded was a liability for many, and considered not knowing emotional states was a benefit to surviving and thriving within a modern chaotic and competitive society.

The science and results of TMS are encouraging. TMS is a very low voltage Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) which is centered over the dominant prefrontal cortex for varying lengths of time. This is a prime example of how energy can be used to heal through the direct stimulation of the energetic field, which helps to normalize and facilitate potential function. PEMF is also used for depression with success. It can also be used to stimulate growth and restore normal function throughout many parts of the body.

Furthermore, we are now beginning to use magnetic energy successfully as an instrument for cancer therapy. Again, the ancient’s insight that our health is organized and structured through energetic fields is being validated by the success of these emerging therapies.

In addition, when we link these observations to the emerging reality of Epigenetics (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter VIII, pages 140-148) we can begin to see the link between energy, consciousness, and health. As we are now discovering, our once perceived to be “inactive-junk” DNA, are literally dormant receptors to these energetic fields of consciousness. We can literally heal through love and intention. We can also harm through fear, coercion, uncertainty, chaos, and artificial energies which are disruptive to normal and natural human function.

This not only suggests that microwave, WIFI, and Smart Grids may be playing a role in autism, but it also brings Ego back into the discussion. There have been for quite a while some very disturbing observations concerning parental I.Q. and its correlation to autism and neuro-developmental health with the children of these parents. In some cases, there may be as high as a 100% increase in autism in children born to highly intelligent people. (17) Theories suggest that this is happening for purely genetic reasons. Intelligent parents tend to have a higher level of education and generally conceive children at a later age. Therefore, it is suggested that their children are at higher risk for autism because of the greater risk of genetic vulnerabilities associated with advanced parental age. This is weak correlation if not conjecture at best. My intuition and observations suggest that we look elsewhere for an answer.

Again, we should be looking at Ego. What can truthfully be said about highly intelligent people is that they have developed egocentric thinking to a greater degree than the rest of the population. Intelligence is not the issue, it is egocentric thinking and parenting.

In our clinical, our advice is simple.

Nervous Parents Make Nervous Babies/Calm Parents Make Calm Babies

What may be lacking in children’s lives is faith on the part of the parents. When egocentric expectations of the parents are not met, emotional disruptions ensue and the household becomes chaotic, especially when the Ego takes charge and begins to enforce its will upon the rest of the family members. We all do this to a certain degree, but highly intelligent egocentric parents, tend to be more prone to this type of behavior. Preoccupations, obsessions, and agitations begin within the souls of many parents when circumstances which may be beyond their control are encountered. This inevitably will happen to all parents and under the best of circumstances should lead rapidly to personal introspection and reassessment of core values. Unfortunately, within egocentric families, there is resistance to change and introspection.

Furthermore, there is very little faith in a higher power or within the intelligence of the child who is channeling higher spiritual wisdom back to the parents and the family. Although our babies lack well developed Egos, they can still key off of the chaotic energies of their parents, to those who surround them, and the environment itself

Through my practice I have observed children initially labeled with autism who over time make dramatic recoveries not only through therapy but by parental introspection and a tremendous outpouring of maternal and paternal love. Clearly, this does not always work, and many children today seem to be neurologically damaged and locked into parameters that are beyond our intentional capacities of love, empathy, and faith in a higher purpose to heal them. Yet there seems to be real hope for future treatment through energetic therapeutic breakthroughs such as PEMF/TMS; as the evidence suggests that these energetic therapies initiate an energetic structural realignment within children whose consciousness through unfortunate events has been seriously altered.

Always remember that love begets love, fear begets fear, and chaos begets chaos. In the most highly evolved civilizations, it is not only the children, but the parents of those children who are most cherished. Every single child born into our society has the potential within the spirit of love and cooperation to greatly influence and enrich it.

Indeed, the greatest of all universal resources are our own children.



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“Baron-Cohen has conducted a series of questionnaires for collecting evidence to support his theory. He has found students studying mathematics are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than students studying law or social sciences. Also, science and math students tended to score higher in autistic traits than individuals studying humanities or social science. In addition to Baron-Cohen’s research, Karla Van Meter conducted a study at the University of California, Davis and found “clusters” of autism in areas of Southern California born to college-educated parents. Van Meter found that highly educated parents were twice as likely to have children with autism as those parents with lower levels of education.”


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