Twin Flames and the Bifurcation of Consciousness

“It is safe to say that what is happening to many of us regarding the dynamics of our sexual relationships is nothing new. Again the maxim of “As above so below” applies. The most prominent twin flame relationship should be attributed to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Although this relationship is heavily downplayed through conventional Christian theology, it becomes a central issue within heretical mystical Christian sources. It is such a primary relationship because it reflects a fundamental archetype of our humanity transcending into a higher state of consciousness through union with another soul. Through sacred relationships, we can created a higher level of consciousness and achieve goals that were impossible by ourselves to attain. The energy between two individuals is exponential and is the basis for magical practice. It is understood that the greatest amount of energy can be generated between masculine and feminine polarities; and specifically in relationships where the wisdom of the feminine polarity is cherished and allowed in taking the lead.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 10, 2018

Within the community of Ascension and Healing is a cherished concept which many people have come to know as Twin Flames. The origins of this tradition go all the way back to the dawn of humanity. Our religions tell us that we are the offspring of a prototypical couple that many identify as Adam and Even. Within the Qaballah, our human foundation begins from a focal source that bifurcates into a masculine and feminine polarity. We are also told that we are created within the same template of this bifurcating image.

Therefore, all of us have both a masculine and feminine polarity. This undeniable fact has been demonstrated to us through the wisdom of Alchemy and the reality of our modern scientific experience through the practice of psychology and even neuroscience. Furthermore, our religions and mythologies are permeated with this concept of a dual nature and are difficult if not impossible to understand without an experience which will demonstrate the truth of this reality. In the process of Ascension (and healing), it is our prime objective to have an archetypal experience and to know that we are indeed more than what we physically appear to be.

To have spiritual insight through our own volition is extraordinarily difficult, if downright impossible. The reason for this is that we have been consciously and physically cleaved from our own higher self (spirit). The obfuscation of our higher self is part of our Ego development. All modern people living within the egotistical lower density suffer from the loss of our spiritual identity. In a very real sense, we must resurrect our capacity to know and experience that which is essentially our own spirit.

The truth that will be revealed to us through this resurrection, will demonstrate that the manifestation of spirit (higher self) is love. Love is not an emotion but a universal constant that belongs to the cosmic Source that we are all part of. We are loved beyond comprehension because we are essentially a part of the Source—which loves us because we belong to this Source and it belongs to us. This is the closest we can get to God within this lower third density life.

We can only learn the mysteries of love through direct experiences which are permeated by love. In many instances, the banality of our life does not allow for this to happen and something else extraordinary must come into play. In the philosophy of the New Age movement, the concept of a Twin Flame is known and considered as an event that will break our routines and help us to reconfigure our consciousness through the experience of love. The idea being that at some point before incarnation, we have cleaved our soul into two distinct entities to help perfect our consciousness and overcome limitation. According to legend, only one element of the separated soul incarnates within the same time reference, while another element stays within the spiritual realm to guide our soul which now exists isolated with the physical world. Although this may sound strange and improbable, it is the archetypal process that all human beings experience through birth into the lower egotistical density. The concepts of a higher self, guardian angel, or spirit are derived from personal experiences with our sacred element which has stayed within the higher realms to guide us along our earthbound journey.

There are also mythologies which tell us that in certain circumstances, both of our elements are incarnated into the world within the same time references. This is rarely (if ever) known to happen, and only under extraordinary circumstances. Yet, many of us today can sense clearly how extraordinary times have become, and there are now people who are making the claim that they have found their twin flame. Perhaps this is true. The purpose of this essay is not to judge the experience of others. My only intention is to convey the insights that I have gather through my own experience.

The analytical study of consciousness through the science of psychology has demonstrated that our mind is a duality of conscious and unconscious activity. What appears in this unconscious mind is an ocean of activity and is very difficult to wholly define. Within this unconsciousness are potentials which constitute, among many things, the higher self. This duality of mind is our human pattern. We all have it. Our completeness does not come from any other individual. What we seek resides within us.

Yet, for many of us we will never find our higher self unless someone else comes along who is also seeking to know their higher nature. Anyone who understands the dynamics of twin flame relationships knows that these meetings are never coincidental. In many esoteric circles, it is understood that this process is magical and arranged through the guidance of the spiritual realm. It is also understood that in most instances, these relationships are impermanent, lasting only as long as the spiritual realm determines it to be so.

But do we, or can we, really meet the equivalent of our other half? Yes and no. The reality of our own constitution suggests that meeting the part of our self that has been cleaved from us through the process of incarnation into the physical world is impossible because it would essentially amount to a person being less than what their human template is intentionally designed to be. Such a person would being lacking an over soul/higher self/spirit. Indeed, if this was the case, we would be lacking the primary insights and intuitions that would make us human. Furthermore, we would be lacking the intrinsic force that would be driving the quest to know the nature of the higher self in the first place. Perhaps it is possible for a person to be born cleaved without a connection to higher self, but I doubt that such a person would be able to contribute to the ascension process and gain true individual insight in a positive way.

On the other hand, if we were to successfully become one with our twin flame-higher self on the physical plane, we would no longer be human, but would attain the status of what mythologies have called gods and or angels. Indeed, within the mythology of Jesus Christ there is an esoteric tradition which states that Jesus was two beings, or two souls, which became one. (1) This concept of two souls becoming one is ingrained within mystical Christian teachings and can be observed within the Medieval and Renaissance art which became a subtle expression of this idea. (2, 3) Furthermore, the lineage of Jesus between the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew is different, which means a gross mistake on the part of one or both of the authors, or there really were two souls that came from different families from the House of David.

Again, if a true marriage with our higher self were to happen to more of us, the lower egotistical density that we call Earth would no longer be a suitable place for our existence. Indeed, we would be in a timeless state of consciousness and would have transcended into a greater state of existence to maintain such a union. This is the simple reason why we do not routinely encounter such ascended beings living within the lower physically dense plane of existence. As Jesus stated, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” (4) Yet, this transformation is the force driving the process of ascension into a higher state of global existence where the True King will rule.

It is important to keep these issues in perspective because in many instances within the twin flame relationships, there is a natural tendency towards proprietary impulses and exclusivity, which destroys free will (spiritual will) and negates the intention and purpose of the twin flame relationship in the first place. The esoteric scholar and ceremonial Magus, Dion Fortune, called these relationships Cosmic Ties which are arranged by the spiritual realm for very specific reasons. (5) Dion Fortune made it very clear that these special Cosmic relationships are not meant to supersede or negate our life’s responsibilities determined by karma. Virtually all of us who experience a twin flame or Cosmic Tie will be in what Dion called Karmic Ties which must be honored and kept as sacred. (6) She further writes that the temptation of dragging a Cosmic relationship into lower Karmic realms is a mistake. At this point within our transformative existence, both types of relationships may occur at the same time, but rarely does it occur with the same person.

It is interesting that many people who are writing about twin flame relationships frequently convey how difficult it is to sustain them. They are rarely happily-ever-after stories unless both Cosmic and Karmic variable are perfectly aligned. For many, twin flame encounters transform karmic relationships (which they are designed to do). In other instances karmic relationships end or are destroyed. Only our heart can determine the path that we are to take. But if there is any illusion of permanence to the Cosmic/Twin Flame union, there is always the distinct possibility that this type of encounter will happen to us more than once within our lifetime.

It is safe to say that what is happening to many of us regarding the dynamics of our sexual relationships is nothing new. Again the maxim of “As above so below” applies. The most prominent twin flame relationship should be attributed to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Although this relationship is heavily downplayed through conventional Christian theology, it becomes a central issue within heretical mystical Christian sources. It is such a primary relationship because it reflects a fundamental archetype of our humanity transcending into a higher state of consciousness through union with another soul. Through sacred relationships, we can created a higher level of consciousness and achieve goals that were impossible by ourselves to attain. The energy between two individuals is exponential and is the basis for magical practice. It is understood that the greatest amount of energy can be generated between masculine and feminine polarities; and specifically in relationships where the wisdom of the feminine polarity is cherished and allowed in taking the lead.

In a previous essay (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter X, Wisdom is Love) it is discussed in some detail how our sexuality through sacred unions is a fundamental principle to our ascension process. This practice is directly linked to Alchemy and the Beatitudes articulated in the Sermon on the Mount. These are all sacred things. What we must come to understand is that these rare sacred relationships are within the same parameters of Jesus-Magdalene; a relationship that is very difficult if not impossible to define until we have a direct experience of such a relationship which begins to take on the same archetypes. In a very real sense, we can begin to see this archetype through the person that we have been ordained to create a twin flame relationship with. This highest archetypal principle is specifically related to Christós-Sophia. The Jesus-Magdalene Tie brought into Earth’s biosphere, and our collective consciousness, the Christós-Sophia energies. In an evolving world, we will begin to see these archetypal energies within many others. As it is stated, “Their face will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” (7) We will truly be known by the love that we have for one another. This love has universal potential and knows no boundaries.

From a lower egotistical perspective, the relationship of Jesus-Mary Magdalene was without permanence, and appears to end in a tragedy. For many of these great relationships, comes great hardship and suffering because they cannot be sustained within an egotistical Service to Self oriented world. This is especially true when we allow the will of our spirit/higher self (and not solely Ego) to guide us. These relationships are meant to catalyze great changes within our self and the world, but are generally not sustainable at this point of our evolution. Indeed, I would go so far as to state that there is generally a great deal of suffering which occurs within higher twin flame relationships, simply because of their impermanence, karma, and transitioning nature.

It may be of interest to consider who these two great souls of Jesus and Mary Magdalene were to each other. Although one who is familiar with the New Age concept of Twin Flames may consider them to be individual aspects of the same person, esoteric science suggests that they were individual souls. As previously cited, Jesus may have been elements of Zarathustra. Some even have suggested Lord Krishna, or both. It has been suggested indirectly through scriptures and esoteric research that Magdalene’s origins are connected to King Solomon. (8) This clearly deviates from the popular account of the twin flame mythos as two halves of one soul finding each other in the physical life and becoming unified through sacred union. Yet, my personal experience and intuition suggest they shared the same over soul or higher self. At least that is what seems to be happening to us at our earthbound level. Under the best of circumstances, we can begin to experience our spiritual element as it is reflected through the love, esteem, and admiration of another individual soul who is resonating within the same “stream” or “ray” of consciousness.

The concept of resonating with someone else within the same stream of consciousness or ray is intrinsically connected to the twin flame mythologies. In some resources, it is stated that there is a ray or stream of consciousness for every Chakra. Therefore, there is somewhere between seven to twelve, depending upon what resource you happen to be referencing. In the early work of the Theosophists, it was generally considered to be seven. Each ray has a masculine and feminine Ascended Master whose specific teachings an individual “initiate” will gravitate towards. Although it seems somewhat far fetched, I must concede that my life experiences validate this potential. In other words, I cannot dismiss this concept and importance it may be playing within the process of ascension. Furthermore, it may very well be connected to our karma and the reincarnation process. For instance, how many Mary Magdalenes do we know? Well, there are many who are embracing her sophic potentials. What I suspect is happening is that the original soul of Mary has bifurcated many times, and is now a composite of many evolving entities who are sharing the same spirit/over-soul. This is why when we meet someone within the same stream of consciousness, we are overwhelmed by love.

If we can consider that this bifurcation has been happening over thousands if not millions of years, this may be how all of us are evolving or emanating forth from our cosmic parents of Adam-Eve/Christ-Sophia. We all belong to expanding soul groups and families. At the highest level of consciousness, all humanity is truly One.

In the end, it becomes essential to consider the gravity of twin flame relationships. Remember, that we can easily be overwhelmed by cosmic synastry regarding specific aspects of Mars and Venus. This does not by itself constitute a twin flame/soul relationship, as it can happen to anyone whose astrological energies are overlapping or forming specific geometrical relationships to each other. It is possible that twin flames may have these aspects, but do not by themselves constitute anything more than an inordinate amount of sexual attraction. Most importantly, twin flame/twin soul unions are a vehicle for positive change and ascension, and should never leave behind them a wake of karmic destruction; that is if the goal of these relationships is to become closer to the spiritual realm by helping to bring it forth into the Earth’s reality. (9)

Although some of the twin flame mythologies are based upon only a chosen few initiates, exclusivity is never the goal of these unions. Furthermore, regardless of how many chosen few descended upon this earth eons ago to help contribute to its transformation, through the bifurcation of consciousness, there is now an exponential amount of souls that have eclipsed that number.

Our human template allows for all of us who welcome ascension, to eventually participate in the mystery of twin relationships that will in the end help us to discover who we really are, our individual importance to the universe, our intrinsic connectiveness, and how much we are cherished by the spiritual realm.

The truth is that whether we “believe” in a higher self or not, subconsciously we have never forgotten our spiritual origins. For those who welcome it, mysterious twin relationships can bring this reality back into our consciousness. Our spiritual memory will return when we learn to love again without the conditions of egotistical entanglements. This becomes the moment when we begin to see the Christós-Sophia energies shining through those around us who have also invited it back into their hearts.



1. Rudolf Steiner, The Fifth Gospel, Lecture 12, Cologne, December 17, 1913, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1995; “In my lectures on the Gospel of Luke and the so-called Gospel of Matthew, I refer to some essential aspects to be considered in this field, that is, the fact that two Jesus children were born at about the same time at the beginning of our era. I spoke of the different characteristics and abilities of the two boys. One—and the description of him shines out from the so-called Gospel of Matthew—came from the Solomon line of the house of David. In him lived the soul, or I, of the individual known to us as Zarathustra…

The other Jesus child, who came from the Nathan line of the House of David, was very different. His character shines out from the Gospel of Luke. He had no gift of scholarship at all. Up to his twelfth year he showed no interest in anything to be gained from human civilization by way of scholarship. On the other-hand, he showed the highest degree of what we may call, “gifts of the heart”, sharing in all the joys and sufferings of others. His genius lay in being less concentrated on himself, less able to acquire the skills and knowledge to be gained on Earth, but in that from his earliest childhood he felt the pain and pleasures of others to be his own, being able to enter into their inner feelings. He had this ability to the highest degree.”

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6. Dion Fortune, The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage, Samuael Weiser, York Beach, ME, 2000, page 68: “The essential difference between the Karmic and Cosmic Tie lies in the fact that the Karmic Tie begins upon the lowest plane and works upwards as body after body comes into function; whereas the Cosmic Tie begins upon the highest plane and works downwards. The Karmic Tie is part of the normal discipline of evolution; the Cosmic Tie is supernormal in that it belongs to a different code of laws altogether to that which governs the general order of mankind; it is one of the Greater Mysteries, and, as such, is reserved for initiates, and is only referred to here because so many are essaying these mysteries without initiation – are experimenting with great natural forces in entire ignorance of their nature and potency, and therein lies danger.”

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9. Dion Fortune, The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage, Samuael Weiser, York Beach, ME, 2000, page 57; “It may be stated that although esoteric science recognizes the existence of “twin souls” it does not hold that every case of sudden and violent passion between individuals is such an indissoluble union; it may be just what its name implies, passion and nothing more, dying down as quickly as it has sprung up and capable of renewal at the stimulus of a fresh object. Neither would esoteric science teach that the meeting of “twin souls” even if the supposed tie actually existed between them, was justification for any failure to discharge existing obligations; though our divorce laws may have little relation to either the facts of human life or cosmic law, to break them incurs the penalties of society, and to inflict hardship upon an innocent person is no part of the path of enlightenment. Rather the esotericist would hold, that as a single life is but a stage upon the soul’s journey through evolution, we do best to sacrifice one short day of our existence in the honorable fulfillment of a bargain, so that future lives may be free from past debts and the great love harmoniously attained.”

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  1. I love this article!!!! Great Job! I’ve been trying to figure a few things out and this validates many of the thoughts I’ve been thinking! Thank you!!!


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