The Common Denominator

“At some point, we must face our fears and understand that no matter what we do, we will inevitably die. It is said that the final stage before spiritual enlightenment is a healthy form of existentialism. This is the point where we have exhausted all externalized philosophies and observations in explaining the reasons for our existence. In the psychologically mature person, fear is confronted, and a new outlook emerges as we begin to consider intrinsic potentials that were previously overlooked and misunderstood.”


Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 9, 2018

As we move through this process of Ascension confusion still reigns. While contemplating information from a multitude of sources, it should finally dawn upon us how all of this is going to end. Whether or not we experience a massive coronal ejection of the sun, full disclosure of the Secret Space Program, the outing of the global elite, catastrophic “natural” disasters, global conflagration, the arrival of extraterrestrials, the second coming of the anti-Christ, the destruction of AI, perpetual slavery, and or the rise of a transhuman species—the ending is still the same. Regardless, the undeniable fact still remains; that all of us have given our consent to witness this “end” from golden box seats right behind home plate, mid-court, and the fifty-yard line.

Although we have given our consent, esoteric research through clairvoyance and analysis through regression hypnosis, conveys to us how traumatic it is for a soul to reincarnate into the world at this time. Rudolf Steiner suggested that in many instances, lives would be so traumatic, that the fear of contemplating what lay ahead in the pending physical life was enough to cause distortions within the soul—which may very well be the basis for neuro-psychiatric illness. (1, 2)

It is interesting that research conducted in the 1960’s by Dr. Helen Wambach through regression hypnosis confirms Steiner’s observations. (3, 4) Furthermore, Dr. Wambach’s research suggests that the majority of us come back into earthly life reluctantly. We are easily coaxed if not coerced again into physical life because of our strong sense of compassion and commitment. Many people believe that this is our inherent vulnerability. Some go so far as to say that we have been genetically altered as a slave race of beings with short lives that invariably come back despite the harshness of third density earthly life.

In the Gnostic scriptures, our compassion is viewed as our gift. It is what makes us human and connects us to our celestial parents. Within every human being, there exists the luminous Epinoia also known as Enlightened Insight. This is an intentionally placed spiritual presence from the true Creator that makes us more powerful than the Archon gods who through deception usurped the role of God. Regardless, we must all come to understand that there is truly a mission here on earth which provides a unique opportunity for the soul to experience tremendous spiritual growth and insight. (5)

At some point, we must face our fears and understand that no matter what we do, we will inevitably die. It is said that the final stage before spiritual enlightenment is a healthy form of existentialism. This is the point where we have exhausted all externalized philosophies and observations in explaining the reasons for our existence. In the psychologically mature person, fear is confronted, and a new outlook emerges as we begin to consider intrinsic potentials that were previously overlooked and misunderstood. Perhaps the greatest example of this insight is through the work of Nikos Kazantzakis. In his novel, Zorba the Greek, our most essential questions about life are addressed through the sage Alexis Zorba as he imparts his life’s wisdom to his young intellectual pupil, who is identified only as the narrator of the story.

Regarding perceptions of good and evil as they manifest through others, Zorba tells us:

Is he good? Or is he bad? That’s the only thing I ask nowadays. And as I grow older—I’d swear this on the last crust I eat—I feel I shan’t even go on asking that! Whether a man’s good or bad, I’m sorry for him, for all of ’em. The sight of a man just rends my insides, even if I act as though I don’t care a damn! There he is, poor devil, I think, he also eats and drinks and makes love and is frightened, whoever he is: he has his God and his devil just the same, and he’ll peg out and lie as stiff as a board beneath the ground and be food for worms, just the same. Poor devil! We’re all brothers—meat for worms!

Is that all we are, “Food for worms?” From the physical perspective, this is our undeniable endpoint. In psychology, we are taught that the source of all neurotic behavior stems from our pathological fear of death. Freud conveyed to us that the seat of all anxiety and neurosis is within ego consciousness. Our spiritual mythologies tell us that the onset of our Ego development coincided with the onset of our death cycles. Mistakes and transgressions are compounded through sequential lifetimes. This is known as an element of karma which can weigh down the soul if our transgressions are never confronted. Within esoteric science, it is understood that we carry this form of karma within the element of Ego known as the Shadow or Anti-spirit. Within our personal Shadow resides the summation of our life’s limitations specifically related to our soul’s karmic transgressions. This limitation must be confronted before any spiritual progression may take place. If we cannot bring ourselves to this task, we will remain perpetually imprisoned within this egotistical derived fear matrix.

These karmic considerations force me with a vengeance to recall a vision that I had many years ago. Within the dream, I entered a room where there was a gathering of family and friends. In this space was a general feeling of apprehension and fear. In fact, the room itself was the embodiment of fear. People were sitting and wringing their hand, some were pacing the floor, and a few were nervously looking out the window. It was then conveyed to me that they were all waiting for the “end” to come. It was revealed that there was a hostile takeover of the world by negative extraterrestrial forces that were expected to apprehend us at any moment and destroy us. This made me laugh thinking about people looking out of the window to see if something was coming to get them because if there were hostile extraterrestrials, they could move right through the walls and take them at any moment. Initially, it appeared that I was same boat as all of them.

This confused and apprehensive commotion caused me to reflect for a moment, thinking to myself about what lesson I could learn from this vision. Is it that life is intentionally designed to end in this existential tragedy? Well, that is a given. But what else can be seen? That I must accept this fate with dignity and courage? Certainly, that is true. But then I became aware of how many times I have had to learn this lesson and I calculated that it has been at least dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of times. So, I resigned myself to once again accept this fate— but this action did not sit well with me. Then I thought to myself, is this lesson really all that life is about—learning to accept death with dignity and grace? It then dawned upon me how tired I had become of this experience. In fact, this lesson is bullshit because life is not about dying as much as it is about living as well and as fearlessly as we can. Within the dream, I can recall it ending at the point when I refused to even consider this anticipated ending. This fear was no longer a part of me as I had now consciously separated myself from it.

Recently, I began to correlate this dream with another life experience. It was right before my daughter was born. We were enrolled in the Bradley Method birthing class, which met three hours every Wednesday night over 18 weeks. At the time, I was already a resident physician and my wife a registered nurse. We went for two sessions and all that I was getting out of it was a lot of needless anxiety. Finally, on the third Wednesday, we arrived at class, but the instructor was running late. The door to the classroom was locked, so packed within the hallway was a bunch of uptight, twenty to forty-year-old couples, stressing out about the anticipated birth of their child. In retrospect, it seemed very much like my dream. After waiting around for a few moments, I turned around to my wife and said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to get some sushi—want to come?” She needed very little encouragement. Nineteen weeks later, our daughter was born and through the experience of parenthood our lives were irreversibly transformed into a greater state of awareness.

The previously cited dream and the Bradley birthing event are connected by a pervasive fear of the unknown. It does us absolutely no good if we allow our egotistically derived fears to interpret the Ascension process, because as Ego, it can only view it as a death. We should not be looking at Ascension as an endpoint, as much as we should be considering it as a birth. It is the birth of human wisdom (Christós-Sophia), and all who welcome this transformation are directly participating in it. This birth is destined to happen, and inevitably, the baby is coming out in one way or another.

In all human experience, there is no endpoint. Life has always been about process as it is a perpetual journey which wanes through an evolving state of isolated consciousness, waxing again towards a greater state of becoming spiritually whole.

Ultimately, it is fear that holds us back.

With the coming of the spring equinox, we are celebrating the regeneration of life and the emergence of this great universal spiritual presence. Never forget that the ultimate sacrifice has already been made and that this paralyzing fear of death has long been overcome by the power and truth of our human spirit. Let us rejoice compassionately and dance fearlessly within these redemptive “Opa” energies as we intentionally welcome this heroic and restorative spirit into our heart and the soul of the world.



1. Rudolf Steiner, GA 93a, “When the individuality now connects with the future etheric body, a moment of vision occurs, like a review over the past life after death. But it presents itself in a different way: as a vision of the future, a foresight.”

2. Rudolf Steiner, GA 95, “Just as the memories of one’s past life rise as a tableau before the soul just after death, a kind of preview of future life precedes the new reincarnation. We do not see every detail, but a rough outline of all the circumstances of the life to come. This moment is immensely important. It can even happen that those who endured a great deal in an earlier life, and experienced great hardship, suffer a shock when they perceive their new situation and destiny, and therefore keep their soul from fully incarnating so that only a part of the soul enters the body.”

3. History Disclosure, Dr. Wambach: Clinical Evidence on Reincarnation,


5. Rudolf Steiner, GA 192, “This is the most radical thought that must arouse humanity today: namely, we must not only see life as preparation for life after death, but we must also see it as the continuation of a spiritual life before birth. A lazy, idle person will then change and become [un]aware that he or she has a task to fulfill, a mission on earth. Human beings will sink deeply into materialism if they are not entirely penetrated by this thought.”

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