Corey Goode and Full Disclosure

“Without a doubt, belief is a very dangerous concept these days and I would have to state that we should, as ascending people, strive to live beyond its boundaries into a higher state of consciousness and spiritual truth as we directly experience it. We cannot take what anyone says as truth unless we can validate it through our own experiences. That said; many of us have had our own experiences which validate scripture, mythologies, and personal testimony. I cannot prove that someone is channeling a message from a higher being, but my heart resonates and my mind awakens when the message is truthful to my experience and the wisdom of my own spirit.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 4, 2018

In this phase of our existential journey, time is moving forward in a revelatory fashion exposing potentials that are difficult for many of us to believe. Yet, it is beyond the moment to recognize that the world is transforming itself into a reality that we will no longer be able to live within unless our consciousness can stay abreast of these changes. Many now find themselves surrounded by an ocean of disbelieving skeptics who are clinging to outmoded and archaic thoughts which inhibit ascension by propagating a death culture based upon competition, greed, chaos, and hierarchy. This is the world of egocentric thinking which is based solely upon superficial linear logic steeped within a material science designed to support and perpetuate narrow considerations and bleak outlooks.

On the one-hand, one could argue that it is our duty to transform our consciousness into a higher level of awareness which will bring us closer to our spiritual origins and objective truth.

On the other-hand, there are many people who do not see it this way, and will go to great length to keep things just the way they are. The decision to follow either path is based upon our intrinsic affinity for positive transformation or stagnation which supports the negative agenda.

Regardless of our decision, the Earth is positively ascending and these fragile misogynistic souls are breaking down all around us. Their self destruction is being displayed throughout the media in spectacular form. Indeed, conventional media’s function is to provide us with this coverage which creates the impression that we are all in the same boat. Eventually, enough people will ignore this superficial and meaningless chatter and come to realize that ultimate truth is not based upon this virtual reality that the forces of mind control have created in their attempt to augment what they perceive as intrinsic human limitations. In reality, chaos is a normal human reaction to the dystopian and inhumane world that they have created—and the dark lords and their legions of this lower realm know it and are using this against us.

Anything that comes between our own personal consciousness and living experience is false. It will act as a filter and ultimately distort the truth. Any person who forgoes their capacities to “know” based upon their own direct experience while allowing an alleged expert to tell them what to believe or to tell them the meaning of their own experience, has willfully given their consent to be a slave. It is critical to realize that in our ascending Earth, there will be no slaves or space for those who do not take full responsibility for their own thoughts, actions, and deeds. We must become more loving, forgiving, and self aware if we are to stay abreast and reside within these challenges which constitute global ascension.

There are many ways to become aware and stay current with this major shift in global consciousness. All viable methods will focus our attentions beyond egotistical thinking. In one way or another, all of us have the capacity to do this. In most instances, the consideration of our mythologies and dreams is the best place to start. Indeed, both of them are intertwined. Within these sources is embedded ancient and timeless wisdom.

Without a doubt, the most fascinating source of modern mythology comes from our legends of higher evolved beings that have been entangled within our lives since the beginning of recorded time. This mythos is literally the origin of all our religions. Some of these beings reside on other worlds, some from other dimensions, and some exist within the Earth itself. There are even sources which suggest that they are living among us today. Furthermore, there are people who feel that their soul’s origin is extraterrestrial in nature.

Elements of these mythologies may very well be true. Yet our egotistical mind, which is literally a coat of armor that we have developed for our soul’s protection, is constantly searching for tangible proof while our Heart must journey into spiritual places where our Ego has no authority and can only function as an observer. Therefore, we must learn the art of inaction and stillness of the mind before these spiritual experiences open up to us. Both elements of Ego and Heart must do this in harmony, fully understanding their function and relationship to each other. This is the dance that we must learn if we are interested in knowing what is really going on in the world.

Of all the modern mythologies, one seems to stand above all of the rest. These are the stories which are being conveyed by an enigmatic person named Corey Goode. (1) The narrative that he has conveyed is literally beyond the capacities for many of us to understand. This is a man who claims to have served in the United States military’s secret space program (which was initially known as Solar Warden) not once, but on three separate occasions, in what he refers to as the Twenty and Back program. The Twenty and Back program involves the manipulation of time, meaning he served for twenty years and was aged regressed back to the moment when he left for service. As fantastical as it sounds, he is not the only person making this claim. (2, 3)

Furthermore, there seems to have be very credible people (Steven Greer, Wernher von Braun, Carole Rosin, Jim Mars, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Andrew Basiago, Stephen Bassett, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, Paul Hellyer, Dmitry Medvedev, Ronald Regan, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dwight David Eisenhower, etc, etc) who have all claimed publicly that there are programs within governments which sponsor covert military operations for world domination, deep space research and its colonization, the presence of extraterrestrials, time travel, and free energy systems. In fact, there is an entire media network devoted to disclosing in depth these issues for anyone who can overcome their fears and face these potentials. (4) These revelations have been hiding in plain sight through advanced technologies that have been obfuscated and or suppressed for over sixty years. For anyone keeping current with the full spectrum of scientific breakthroughs, it seems unlikely that advances in space travel ended with rocket technology, although the media continues to push this archaic narrative full force with impunity.

For people engaged within these considerations, I find it interesting that the critics of Mr. Goode are not questioning whether or not a covert space program exists, but instead attack his personal integrity and testimony regarding his interactions with evolved beings from extraterrestrial, intraterrestrial, and inter-dimensional domains. Short of holding our hands and parading his evolved friends in front of each and every one of us (seven billion times) his claims cannot be universally validated upon this planet. This undeniable fact suggests the biblical passage involving the Apostle Thomas the skeptic, who claimed that he would only acknowledge a resurrected Jesus if he could push his finger into the man’s wounds.

Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.”

Without a doubt, belief is a very dangerous concept these days and I would have to state that we should, as ascending people, strive to live beyond its boundaries into a higher state of consciousness and spiritual truth as we directly experience it. We cannot take what anyone says as truth unless we can validate it through our own experiences. That said; many of us have had our own experiences which validate scripture, mythologies, and personal testimony. I cannot prove that someone is channeling a message from a higher being, but my heart resonates and my mind awakens when the message is truthful to my experience and the wisdom of my own spirit.

Corey Goode is not savior, and he has gone to great lengths to covey this fact. Indeed, he has professed that what we are waiting for exists within each and every individual. There are many who believe that he is a victim of mind control. But with technologies that have been developed, that claim can now be said for virtually all of us. In many ways, we are all tainted with mind control bias, yet an evolved person will be able to separate wheat from chaff/truth from non-truth.

In interpreting all of this, it is critical to understand the importance of synchronicities, which are virtually impossible to fake. When encountering synchronicities, we must come to understand that they are ripples or echoes within the time space continuum pointing out how our consciousness is entangled within the physical realm and at the same time exists outside of time and space. It is outside of the linear time continuum where our higher consciousness resides and where truth emanates forth from.

At the conclusion of the 2012 year, I began writing Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, which was, when it was all said and done, over a three year endeavor. In many ways it is still incomplete, and may never be finished within my lifetime. During this time, I isolated myself from all other narratives and personal witness, as to not influence the testimony that I was expressing. At the completion of its current state, I discovered that I was not the only person writing or attempting to convey such thoughts, but in fact a small army of individuals were compelled to the same actions around the same moment in time. As consciousness moves forward, this number is rapidly expanding.

At the conclusion of my writing, I turned my attentions towards the extraterrestrial mythos. This was not solely a willful act. My heart compelled me to do this. It was almost as if I had been fasting in the desert for an extended period of time and now allowed sustenance to again enter into my body. What I was hearing was validation to ancient wisdom and my own experience. Rapidly, I was drawn to Corey Goode’s testimony which was publicly emerging around the same time. Keeping an open mind, I listened. Furthermore, my wife and I were compelled to see him in person when he gave his first public address in August 2016 at a campsite near the base of Mount Shasta (See September 2016 post entitled 0.0042% in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian). For many reasons this event was not just extraordinary but synchronistic.

The synchronicities occurred before we even entered the camp. Arriving early, a line of cars were already forming to enter into the grounds. Exiting the car and stretching our legs, we watched a small hatchback pull up right behind us and a bright and shining woman emerged from it. She was small in stature and very beautiful. She was not only physically attractive, but her face was beaming like the sun that was pouring down upon all of us. It was almost as if we recognized her. She then offered us water that came from Shasta’s headwaters. Through the necessities of primitive camping we became fast friends and thereafter looked out for each other. Quickly, a constellation of other guests formed around this energy. Later, I found myself walking along a road with my wife and these other travelers, in a deep conversation with this captivating and radiant woman.

What she conveyed to me was extraordinary. She claimed to have been involved from early childhood in MILAB and some type of covert military secret space program. She claimed to have powers of intuition which I had already gathered and needed no further explanation on my account to prove. It was quite apparent to me that the body of her esoteric knowledge was impressive. Our conversation was intuitive and I was forming the impression upon this short walk that my new friend seemed to have in many ways, “super-powers.” I was actually chuckling to myself about how this younger and seemingly unassuming beauty possessed such formidable skills. Although she did not divulge any real details of her alleged service, I was sensing that whatever she did must have been impressive.

During this walk, she conveyed to me that she had known Corey Goode through personal experiences in MILAB. She stated that Mr. Goode had acted as a steward to the program in an oversight capacity, that he was good at his job, and that he wasn’t always nice. I had the sense that she was suggesting that he was involved with coercive endeavors to keep the participants (children?) in line. The details of his actions were never conveyed to me, outside of the fact that he is much nicer than he used to be—or he has created a facade to support such an illusion.

My reaction to my new friend’s testimony was guarded. At that time, Corey Goode had never stated publicly that he served in this capacity. Furthermore, I sensed that my friend was suffering and carried within her deep scars inflicted from exposure to violence. I could see it in the way that she guarded herself, in the way that she was living an isolated life, and from the trauma that was inflicted upon her body, as she suffered from chronic back issues from an early age related to scoliosis and a history of surgery. She further stated that it was not uncommon for people in MILAB and Twenty and Back programs to have physical afflictions. From my own observations as a healer, it is undeniable that physical aliments can result directly from mind control and violent disruptions in consciousness.

At the end of the conference, her confidence seemed to be in disarray as I suspected that many unpleasant memories where being discovered and revisited. As we said our goodbyes, she conveyed to my wife a deep karmic secret that only we have ever shared with each other. It was our secret bond that no one could have ever known but us. Although her general impression of our karmic history was accurate, her insight as to the details was slightly obscured. But she was close, and her insight may have been truly accurate if she was provided a few more facts. Overall, I would say that her intuition was uncommon if not uncanny. This all seemed to confirm her claim of being an intuitive empath within the MILAB program, and beyond.

We ALL have deep wounds and are in need of healing.  No one living on Earth today is exempt from this fact.  If you ever happen to read this, I am sending a deep embrace and blessing to you my friend.

During this excursion, I also had the chance to directly observed Corey Goode. Overall, it was an intimate gathering and for the most part, he was very visible and embedded within the guests who were participating. It was no secret that virtually all of us were there to see him. At the time, I wished I had something important to share with him, but I really didn’t. Like almost everyone else, we were there to observe and bear witness. Sitting close to him on many occasions, reading his body language, and peripherally listening to conversations exchanged between other guests and participants I had a chance to formulate an opinion upon who this man may be. Let me just say that I had recently done the same thing a few months earlier at a conference hosted by a very prominent personality within the UFO community, and overall I was under-impressed and even shocked by the energy and the behavior that I directly witnessed.

Although I did not sense similar behavioral patterns within Corey Goode, I was intuiting that something about him was amiss. This had nothing to do with his sincerity or his conviction in the truth that he was telling us. He just seemed constrained, if not impaired. It was like his consciousness was not all there. Perhaps I sensed sadness? After the conference I watched a VLOG where he was within the presence of his wife and seemed like a completely different person. This is something that I can relate to because I am a different person at conferences or when I travel without my wife-consort as it feels like I am only half a person, and generally I feel a despondence. But apparently there was more to it than anyone realized.

Testimony later conveyed by Corey Goode appeared to explain what was wrong. In an interviewed with David Wilcock aired on Gaia network’s Cosmic Disclosure from November 2016 he describes an encounter with an evolved being from one of the Earth’s breakaway civilizations. This woman was a member of the “Banished” who had intentionally placed entity attachments within him during his vacation in July 2016 in Long Beach California which was one month before the Shasta conference.
Approximately two months later, these attachments were removed by an inner Earth being named Ka’Aree. What is even stranger to this testimony is that during this conference, my wife and I befriended two healers who worked professionally with people who were victims of mind control, violence, and entity attachments. At that time both healers shared the same opinion that something wasn’t quite right with Corey, and even suggested to us that he may be in need of their service.

Furthermore, it was later revealed that Corey Goode served a total of three tours of Twenty and Back. This information was not known at the time of the 8/2016 Mount Shasta gathering. In a lecture given in Philadelphia on October 28, 2017, Mr. Goode discussed in greater detail this experience and specifically stated that his third Twenty and Back only lasted eight years. (6) His final tour was truncated due to the fact that he was suffering from extreme mental fatigue. In a sense he was burnt out not only from the physical effects from his experience, but I would also image the psychological strain that accompanied it. In his own words he began a new function after his breakdown within the program:

They then took me and I began to be a mentor for new people going into the program—the kids.”

This statement appears to validate my friend’s claim and Corey Goode’s testimony. As far fetched as it seems, the accounts are synchronous.

Without a doubt there is more to Corey Goode than meets the eye. From a logical and egotistical perspective, one can easily argue that he is one of the world’s greatest liars or a victim of mind control. MILAB participant, Secret Space Program and extraterrestrials all point to tall tales that are beyond belief. Yet, we are also victims of mind control and whether we have come to realize it or not, throughout a lifetime of conventional education and programming, we have been conditioned to dismiss his testimony. Most of us do not even have the goodwill to be earnest listeners as we have been programmed to reflexively dismiss what is not familiar to our Ego’s linear logic which is the seat of consciousness that controls those of us who choose to live their life solely within a physical paradigm. The first advice to anyone interested in knowing esoteric wisdom is to keep an open mind and be a good listener because we cannot judge what we do not know. Over time, if one sincerely follows the path of spiritual truth, this lack of knowing will change. For the majority of us, it will take time to development personal epiphanies that may indeed validate Mr. Goode’s claims.

But I also find it interesting that through Corey Goode’s testimony, truth is being exposed that was once only deeply buried within the psyche of our society. For instance, I do not think that any informed person today could deny that mind control exists. The evidence exposing it is overwhelming.  The pathway of mind control directly leads into secret societies and hierarchal structures of control, which further leads to occult practices, religion, suppressed ancient knowledge and the influence if not presence of higher evolved beings. Even if it turns out that Mr. Goode is solely a victim of mind control, we can never dismiss the fact there exists a massive infrastructure hidden from the general public. This undeniable fact of secrecy supports Mr. Goode’s efforts to disclose it and tends to validate his claims. With all the information that has been revealed by very credible if not heroic people, any person attempting to deny that a secretive and oppressive hierarchy exists comes off like a victim of mind control themselves or a modern day misogynist.

Regardless of whom Corey Goode really is, what “Master” he serves, or agenda he is promoting is really inconsequential within an ascending world that we must willfully choose to live within. Within this glorious world that is now unfolding there are many potentials as to how it will manifest, but it is essential for us to understand that there is only one Master within it. This Master is nothing less than our Higher Self which is imbued with Christós-Sophia energies in sympathy to our diverse natures and divine will.

Furthermore, we must come to understand that the Higher Self is truly that. HIGHER SELF IS SELF. It is literally our higher element that we have willfully separated from when we agreed to incarnate into this worldly life. Our reunion, even if it is brief, will demonstrate to us the meaning of Grace through the experience of Infinite Love—and through this experience will come Redemption from our Ego’s false beliefs and limited awareness. This is coming for all of those who are opening their hearts to this experience. Indeed, we are in the midst of this process, yet many are still unaware that it is happening.

Is it not curious how so many even within the disclosure community are waiting for what is being described as Full Disclosure? As though someone with a higher academic rank, political influence, media popularity, or greater esoteric powers has to officially tell us what our Heart and Higher Self already know. Full Disclosure, specifically through the testimony of brave hearts such as Corey Goode, has already occurred. Yet, the sheer magnitude of it is still difficult for many to accept. It will take years for this information to sink in, and it will never happen unless we are redeemed from our Ego’s controlling and constraining influences. Like the worn skin of a serpent, the Ego’s rule has served its time, as we become prepared to escape from its control and transform ourselves into the next stage of existence.

For the recorded, although guarded, I am compelled to state that my own experience resonates with much of the testimony that Corey Goode has given to us to far. His story is very human and in that sense very real and tangible. Like all great stories, in the end, it is always about our soul’s redemption through truth and the power of divine will—which is to say the will of the Higher Self—which is to say that which resonates most strongly within our hearts living within the parameters of compassion, cooperation, sympathy and understanding.

The importance of persons such as Corey Goode cannot be overstated. As human beings we learn through stages in roughly seven year cycles. The first and most influential way is within the parameters of imitation. Role modeling is the most visceral and powerful way that we learn. This method of learning never leaves us as we are hardwired to acquire knowledge in this fashion. Furthermore, we can only gain higher knowledge within the parameters of love. Any great teacher will tell you that we continue to learn through our own endeavors as we teach others. This is based upon love, veneration, and respect not only for the subject matter, but to the time tested Socratic process and to the privilege of service for its own sake. All of this energy ties into truth which in itself is the manifestation of the Logos, Universal Consciousness, and Love. A person who has experienced this level of love can easily discern truth from fiction.

Remember always to venerate the truth and recognize that any person who has the capacities to express it is very close to the Logos energies which bind together all of us who are seeking out these principles.

From day to day, if not moment to moment, we are no longer the people that we once were.

Never forget that we are all contributing to Disclosure and Ascension by sincerely listening, bearing witness, and contributing whatever piece of truth has been invested within our soul that our heart feels compelled to share.







5. Cosmic Disclosure, The Banished from Inner Earth, (S6:Ep11), November 2016,

6. Corey Goode, Empowered Light Holistic Expo Lecture: Humans from the Future, Timeline Wars, Aliens, Consciousness & Ascension, October 28, 2017


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