Remote Viewing the Akasha & the Greater Guardian of the Threshold

For many individuals on the path of ascension through Unity Consciousness, the Greater Guardian should begin to emerge as a concept. (2) This is the point where we must decide what master we will ultimately serve and where our new found freedom (from fear) and bestowed talents will best be utilized. For many, we will choose to employ our energies for individual empowerment and personal gain. Even for those who profess to be spiritually enlightened, because of the effects of ego conditioning, service to self will be a natural tendency. What will be asked of us is to let go of this power in service to others. Within this ascended realm, there is only one King, who is indeed the manifestation of the Greater Guardian. Within this higher realm there is no personal gain or individual ascension because the person has willfully tied their fate to the destiny of the collective in service to the True King. Within this realm wisdom emerges through stillness and inaction. Within this realm, the Ego is subservient and our actions are guided by our hearts and the principles of love.

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May 27, 2018

Recently, my attentions have been focused upon several persons who are making the claim that they can remote view. Those who are good at it can not only witness events at various locations and times but develop the ability to read the Akashic records. This is really nothing new as people with clairvoyant capacities have been around since the beginning of human experience. Many of these people claim to have been trained by the military or intelligence networks, specifically to gather information that elements of the government deem important to their various covert operations. This should come to no surprise simply because if something is potentially possible, our human nature will drive us to attempt to manifest it. In many ways this is the nature of our Ego which is steeped in the scientific principles that virtually all of us have come to obey—despite the outcome.

As energetic beings living within Earth’s biosphere we have to a certain degree the capacity to sense the Akasha which is literally the Aether or Etheric body that is part of all of us. The Akasha is an energetic component that among many things processes memory and maintains our health. It is also called the Ka, Life or Vital body which is literally an energetic template that maintains the essential functions of the physical body. It is also the source of our intuitions and the intelligence that we are born with. Many people believe that this intelligence is the biological chemical matrix of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). This sentiment is quite often expressed not only by people who are channeling higher beings, but also cutting-edge science, both of which look no further than the genetic material itself.

Why DNA holds such mystique within our mind is simply because we have been conditioned to believe that what we see in the mirror constitutes who we are, meaning that we are solely this physical manifestation which we call self. Indeed, for most of us, our greatest preoccupation is to tinker with this physical manifestation, and if possible transform it into ways that our conditioned Ego mind would find most useful and pleasing. This way of thinking is a direct pathway to an unmitigated disaster because it is essential to understand that it is our consciousness and the environment (which is a reflection of our consciousness) that is ultimately reconfiguring our genetic sequences. It is NOT the DNA that controls outcome. DNA is NOT a source of intelligence. DNA is merely a chemical manifestation of energetic consciousness. Take away the energetic consciousness and you have a corpse which deteriorates rapidly into dust.

Organized and structured DNA is an alchemical seed, meaning it is physical and etheric. Yet, once the etheric body withdraws and the traces of our physical body dissipate back into the earth within its elemental form, our consciousness persists—we still are. This essence of spiritual substance constitutes the essence or I AM of who we truly are, as this is our eternal soul matrix which incarnated into physical life in the first place. The body is merely a vessel upon the physical plane that is a manifestation of conservative archetypal patterns which are environmentally, consciously, spiritually, and cosmically determined.

Of course, mythology suggests that our physical manifestation has been tampered with by beings that have made the claim that they are our creators. Yet, they can only claim that they have helped to rearrange elements of the human vessel. Ultimately, form is determined through spiritual forces of the universal mind, of which we are all a part of. In the best of circumstances, the lower god progenitors have only helped to create an appealing archetypal body template for a soul to incarnate into and to further enhance through that soul’s presence. In less optimal circumstances, higher evolved beings tampered with the genetics, which not only limited our capacities, but altered our earthbound human vessel to carry their energetic-genetic signatures. Yet, “To Be” this unique manifestation is solely our individual prerogative and is the greatest free will decision we will ever make within our lower earthbound life.

Despite the fact that there may very well be higher evolved progenitors who have helped to manifest humanity in its various stages, they are not human beings in an earthly sense. The only way that they can directly take part in the “Grand Experiment” (for a detailed discussion of the Grand Experiment see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter XIII, Ascension, pages 261-264) is to live within this terrestrial life and experience it for themselves. Some of these higher evolved beings who are conveying information to people living today state that they are in fact “us” in the future, meaning that they have lived life on earth in our present time, suggesting that the person channeling them is who they were in their past. Many of the popular channelers claim they are destined to become “hybrids” in the future. Although the people making these claims appear to be sincere, their testimony is impossible to substantiate. Perhaps many of these claims are true, but there is no law which prohibits astral beings to deceive us if they are actively sought out and freely welcomed by an individual. Furthermore, if in the end, “All is One” then anyone can make the claim that they are indeed “us” and “we” are them.

This is quite a confusing scenario to say the least. For these reasons and others, it has been suggested that the seeker of truth and wisdom remain always within the parameters of I AM. Despite the intentions of all involved, Ego must be guided by the universal constant of the Logos if one intends to remain in safe waters throughout this Ascension process.

What is interesting about the Grand Experiment scenario is how the testimony of the many who are now revealing it is converging upon the idea that at some point within this process, the world’s destiny became so fouled and unhinged that the only way to salvage this impending catastrophe was something truly biblical. If you are listening to what is being said throughout the narrative of the Grand Experiment, it is validating the concept that the Logos did indeed incarnate into the biosphere through the vessel of the Master Adept, Jesus, to help reset the earth’s pathway towards its intended ascension. Ultimately, it is His pragmatism through boots on the ground experience that has outlined a safe passage through the chaos. Furthermore, His presence has never left us, and many are now finding that His Logos presence exists within the Earth’s etheric energies that we are now becoming more aware of. This etheric energy manifests itself as Love and is truly our life source. If the narratives of these individual epiphanies are conveying to us this essential principle of the Logos, then their credibility should be considered favorably.

Today, remote viewing of the Akashic records is still an emerging capacity. For those who are practicing it results are variable and subject to distortion. In some instances, the nature of this distortion is unrecognized and intentional. Yet intuitive powers are growing stronger within all who are embracing their spiritual capacities. This growing awareness through an emerging intuition has long been predicted. How we come to our intuitive capacities is variable and precisely why not all of us are gravitating towards one specific skill but are pursuing others. Our intrinsic variation towards wisdom helps us to validate the information from the Akasha that many are revealing. Specifically, validation must occur through synchronicity and venerated sources that have withstood the test of time. For those even with Akashic sight, safe passage is achieved by grounding ourselves to the wisdom and experience of trusted sources. This has already been demonstrated to us through individuals who have gone through their initiation into an ascended state of being.

Ultimately, we must seek out our own experiences within the mysterious process of initiation—and this will not happen within the boundaries of what constitutes a conventional earthly life. Although scholarship is essential to the process, initiation can only happen outside of those common boundaries. Within our material oriented life all we really have is testimony to the process which we cannot force to happen solely through egotistical endeavors.

Of the sources to consider in validating our own experiences, there are a few that seem to be marginalized if not glaringly absent from the New Age ascension narrative. The first is the testimony of the visionary Rudolf Steiner. If we are to consider the capacity to remote view and read the Akashic records, Steiner’s ability to do this eclipsed all others.

The second source is the Western scriptures themselves, as they are rarely if ever mentioned by most conventional readers/channels. Indeed, the life of Jesus is rarely ever mention within these New Age sources, even though testimony suggests that His deed was essential to the Universal experience and is literally the meaning and purpose of the Earth and its ascension.

There is great speculation as to the origins of Rudolf Steiner’s soul. Regardless, one could safely say that he was a great teacher and an Adept of our mysterious Western spiritual heritage. Born a skeptic, he eventually used his clairvoyant capacities to critically read the Akashic records as they pertained to the origins of our spiritual traditions. In many ways, he was astonished at the accuracy of our biblical accounts. Specifically, he recognized that the life of the Logos, and the mystery that it all entailed, was the greatest event in the history of our local universe. (1) He called the event, the Mystery of Golgotha. As a living disciple to the universal principles of Oneness, Steiner spent most of his life expressing this mystery and helping to manifest it into the world. Steiner’s expansive insight into our spiritual heritage never detracts from what the scriptures originally expressed—it only enhances and attunes us to the underlying mysteries that are waiting for us to discover individually.

To be truthful, when I first read Steiner’s statement that the Mystery of Golgotha was the most important universal event, I was skeptical. But after considering the additional sources that are suggesting that indeed, our world is a melting pot of ideas, conflicts, karma, genetics and organizing impulses, with dozens of worlds attempting to manipulate outcomes through the Grand Experiment, one can begin to see how the events occurring within our sphere affect the energies of the galaxy itself.

At this point, it is essential to consider what Rudolf Steiner’s work brings to light because there is a struggle going on within the Ascension-Disclosure-New Age community that many people are not aware of. If we look at this closely we can see how the narrative is being subtly manipulated.

This struggle is directly related to the esoteric concepts of lifting the Veil of Isolation, otherwise known as the Veil of Forgetfulness. Virtually all truth seekers are engaged in this endeavor of uncovering or exposing higher knowledge. In most instances, people are developing supersensible capacities in very rapid sequence, and for better or worse, this is frequently done within the presence of a “higher” evolved being. For the most part, any channeler or remote viewer with high-profile public visibility is bringing forth information from a higher entity or spirit guide through direct contact or meditative telepathy. This contact is helping many to confront threshold guardians and break through the Veil—while at the same time a tremendous amount of incredible information is being expressed. These accounts are awe inspiring and irresistible to those who are considering the validity of these narratives simply because they are empowering stories which are helping many of us to overcome our apprehensions and face our intrinsic fears—which are literally a reflection of our chaotic environment that all of us at one time or another helped to create and are now compelled to help resolve.

Independent and collective fear constitutes what in esoteric science is known as the Lesser Guardian of the Threshold. This lesser guardian exists within us through the Ego energies of the anti-spirit or Doppelgänger, which prevents us from lifting the veil as it functions as a guardian to higher knowledge through fear.

The Akasha is a reflection of our personal and collective thoughts.  Therefore, if there is an effective campaign to condition souls away from the Christ mythologies, our capacities to read it will be difficult for the simple fact that we are not attuned to it. Furthermore, our anti-spiritual elements of Ego are receptive to dark magical principles that have long served to condition the human mind to disregard the Mystery of Golgotha narrative through intentional distortions.  It must be understood that consciousness undoubtedly affects our capacities to see this reality within the Earth’s etheric memory.

If the Mystery of Golgotha is not living within the individual and collective consideration, it cannot be effectively understood in it truest sense. I am afraid that the consequences of this are likely intentional on the part of most of the spirit guides that many people are employing today—and I state this simply because the narrative of the Mystery of Golgotha is not being openly expressed let alone embraced.

Within the esoteric community this obfuscation is nothing new. Debates which started at the dawn of the New Age regarding partial or full revelation of truth continue to echo forth into the 21st century. Always remember that there are powerful forces at work here that can seduce and overwhelm us with their gifted knowledge, while at the same time empower our Ego. These entities are working through us, but in the end, we lose our autonomy and become enslaved to their willful agenda which in most instances is not in our best interest. The cost of breaking our relationship with them will be the loss of our Ego’s empowerment, which is a price that most people living today are refusing to pay.

Always remember that it was ancient knowledge and practices based upon magical principles which eventually led to the near destruction of the Earth—and that resurrecting these energies are simply not enough for us to evolve. In order for us to thrive we must ascend into a greater stage of awareness. How this plays out is determined individually through an encounter with what in esoteric terms is known as the Greater Guardian of the Threshold.

For many individuals on the path of ascension through Unity Consciousness, the Greater Guardian should begin to emerge as a concept. (2) This is the point where we must decide what master we will ultimately serve and where our new found freedom (from fear) and bestowed talents will best be utilized. For many, we will choose to employ our energies for individual empowerment and personal gain. Even for those who profess to be spiritually enlightened, because of the effects of ego conditioning, service to self will be a natural tendency. What will be asked of us is to let go of this power in service to others. Within this ascended realm, there is only one King, who is indeed the manifestation of the Greater Guardian. Within this higher realm there is no personal gain or individual ascension because the person has willfully tied their fate to the destiny of the collective in service to the True King. Within this realm wisdom emerges through stillness and inaction. Within this realm, the Ego is subservient and our actions are guided by our hearts and the principles of love.

Ultimately, we must begin to see how separation through occult organizations, religions, sequestered communities, and consolidation of spiritual asceticism and or power ultimately fails as a method for the advancement of the individual and collective human soul. Personal advancement through spiritual isolation and separation is only an illusion because it must be done so through the degradation of the many. It is because of this degrading process that the person seeking spiritual enlightenment, through the path of separation, becomes karmically entangled. All who have attempted to evolve their consciousness through conventional religious methods owe a tremendous karmic debt. (3)

How appealing or popular is this ascended realm? To date, it has become marginalized almost into a non-consideration. So that today it appears that only a fool, idealist or hero would consider it.

These esoteric considerations are nothing new, but we are now living in a time that will soon force us to make a decision. Do not allow your Ego to be influenced by false prophets. What worked in the past is not enough and will no longer work well for us today or in future times. (4)

This transformation has been compared to the parable of a “Royal Wedding Party.” (5) As the story goes, the King was hosting a wedding feast for his Son, so He invited all of His prominent subjects. But they were occupied and had no interest in attending. These prominent subjects are no less than those of us who have become free by overcoming our fear and limitations. These are the people who have faced and overcame the Lesser Guardian. They are also known as the race of Seth, who have the potential to known God, yet still refuse to honor let alone serve.

He then sent out His servants to personally request their attendance, only this time the servants were abused and some were killed. The King then sent out invitations to all of the citizenry. This time many came, but to His amazement, only a few were prepared for this magnanimous opportunity to participate in the sacred union. As it is stated, “Many are called but few are chosen.”

Of course, it is our sacred union with the Logos that unites us in Unity Consciousness. This is the meaning of how we must come to the Father through the Son. (6) This can only be accomplished through spiritual initiation in the presence of the Greater Guardian of the Threshold. Indeed, it is only the True King who dispenses the Robe of Initiation. This can only happen when we are becoming unified with ascended principles guided by our higher self which is imbued with the etheric Christ (Christós-Sophia) energies.

What is most important to understand is that we can upgrade our intellectual and intuitive capacities till the end of eternity and still not attain spiritual enlightenment. Confrontations solely with the Lesser Guardian will only lead to problems because alliances must be made with suboptimal beings that are ultimately enhancing us. Although appealing to the Ego through personal empowerment is a more enlightened pathway than the one that we have long been walking— it is destined to lead us into another form of enslavement. In following the lower road, we will become practitioners of magic and nothing more.

In the end, it is said that within our evolutionary journey there are really no mistakes. It is up to every individual to choose whatever they are best prepared for. Regardless, the world is ascending through the Christós-Sophia energies of the Logos.  Ultimately, one can only come to discover this ascending state of consciousness through this mysterious process of initiation by the Greater Guardian.

For those who care to take it, the pathway to the Father through the Son in I AM Unity Consciousness is our optimal timeline and ordained destiny.

Please keep this in mind and take from it what you can.



(1) Rudolf Steiner, The Whitsun Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension, May 7, 1923, Dornach

“Mark these words: The Deed on Golgotha was fulfilled for all mankind. The eye of clairvoyance can never fail to perceive how, since that Deed, the etheric forces in man, with their urge to escape from the earth, are united with Christ in order that He may keep them in the earth-evolution. This applies to the whole of mankind.”

(2) Rudolf Steiner, Occult Science: An Outline, Chapter V, Cognition of the Higher Worlds—Initiation, Anthroposophical Press, NYC:

“If the student of spiritual science has experienced intuition he can experience not only the images of the psycho-spiritual world, he can read not only their connection in the occult script, but he attains to knowledge of the spiritual beings themselves through whose cooperation the world, to which the human being belongs, comes into existence. In this way he learns to know himself in the form he possesses as a spiritual being in the world of soul and spirit. He has struggled through a perception of his higher ego, and he has become aware of how he has to continue his efforts to control his Doppelganger, the guardian of the [lesser] threshold. He has, however, also encountered the greater guardian of the threshold, who stands before him as an ever present exhorter to further effort. This greater guardian becomes the ideal toward which he strives. If this feeling emerges in the student of spiritual science he has then acquired the possibility of recognizing who it is that stands there before him as the greater guardian of the threshold. To the perception of the student of spiritual science this guardian now transforms himself into the form of Christ, Whose Being and participation in Earth evolution has been made clear in the previous chapters in this book [Occult Science: An Outline] The student is now initiated into the exalted mystery which is linked with the name of the Christ. The Christ shows Himself to the student as the sublime earth ideal of the human being.”

(3) Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 12 Fifth Gospel Series, December 17, 1913:

“Once as he was leaving the Essene Order community he saw in spirit two figures fleeing from the gate. He had the impression that the Essenes protected themselves from these two figures, whom we call Lucifer and Ahriman in anthroposophical terms, driving them away by means of their spiritual exercises, their ascetic way of life and the strict rules of their order. Nothing of Lucifer and Ahriman should touch their souls. Therefore Jesus of Nazareth saw Lucifer and Ahriman fleeing, but he also knew that because of such a community having been established, where Lucifer and Ahriman could not enter and the Essenes wanted nothing to do with them, they turned even more to the other people. That was evident to him. Again it is completely different when one knows this only through theory and when one sees what individuals do for their own advancement and as a consequence Lucifer and Ahriman are sent to other people because they have been expelled from the presence of the former. He realized that it was no path of salvation which the Essenes followed, but was one which through separation and at the cost of the rest of humanity only seeks their own advancement.”

(4) Rudolf Steiner, Occult Science: An Outline, Chapter V, Cognition of the Higher Worlds—Initiation, Anthroposophical Press, NYC

“Progressive evolution leads mankind in regards to the path of higher knowledge, from period to period to ever changing forms, just as outer life also proceeds in ever changing forms. And at all times a perfect harmony must prevail between outer life and initiation.”

(5) Matthew 22:1-12

(6) John 14:6

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


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