A Cure for Cancer

“It is important to realize that there are many modalities that have been discovered over the years that can have a dramatic impact upon our health and potentially cure afflictions which appear to be incurable, including cancer. Yet these newer therapies will also fail unless they are presented within a greater science of consciousness that we are still not allowed to have. In essence, we must as individuals become the new scientists, flourishing within a realm of love, understanding, truth, and cooperation. This greater level of awareness will simply bypass the old paradigms rendering them irrelevant. It takes great courage to do this and we must applaud those who are compelled to follow a higher source of wisdom.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian July 22, 2018

In 1971, while the Vietnam War was raging, President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, which initiated a program that immediately became known as the “War on Cancer.” Although the National Cancer Act itself does not mention the word war, President Nixon and the media immediately proclaimed the act as a “war” against cancer. The goal of this endeavor was to find a cure for cancer and eradicate it as a major cause of death. Additional administrations, such as President Barack Obama’s, used cancer again as a political issue while earmarking significant increases in revenues to combat this elusive specter. In 2015, the National Cancer Institute was budgeted for 5.665 billion dollars, which did not include private donations, endowments, or publicly funded organizations such as the National Cancer Society. (1, 2)

To date this war has been raging for 47 years without a cure. The reasons for this remains elusive to the cancer researchers and it is fair to state that the closer one looks at the minutial variables of cancer, the less certain we become at finding a universal cure. Yet the war continues to rage on while the budget to this endeavor continues to escalate. Throughout this process many respectable researchers have staked their careers on finding a cure which remains obscure. In considering these efforts and expenditures one must really begin asking, “Can a cure for cancer ever be found in this fashion?” If we were more like lab mice, the answer may be yes. But a human being is much more complex than animals with variables that material scientists have not yet considered. Although I am just a humble physician, it is safe to say that a universal cure for cancer will never be found through conventional scientific endeavors of surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation.  Let me repeat that—it can NEVER be cured in this fashion.

In fact, a “war” will never cure anything because it is the antithesis to healing. War is a fear generator while true healing can only be accomplished through the the sympathetic energies of love and compassion. The visionary scientist Walter Russell concluded that the intentional use of ionizing radiation was in essence an accelerated death principle. Within the more spiritually evolved scientific community, the harnessing of ionizing radiation was considered an abomination and scientists as prominent as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Walter Russell were animatedly opposed to its use. (3)  Yet, we are using ionizing radiation as a mainstay therapy upon ourselves to “fight” cancer. It must also be acknowledged that all forms of conventional cancer therapies work through principles of conflict, limitation, isolation and death.

To see the potentials for a cancer cure, we must develop the insight to look beyond the scope of what conventional science promotes and our insurances reimburse. Once we can accomplish this, the potential for cures become apparent. Throughout all of this, it is essential to recognize that the fundamental principle of healing is to become whole. We can never become whole unless we can develop vision beyond the physical plane. It appears that a war against anything such as cancer, terror, drugs, etc., forces us to consider these issues fixed solely upon an externalized battlefield that is ruled by logic and Ego. Indeed, it is our Ego that becomes embroiled within these wars against what essentially amount to elements of our own self, as though the cancer (or terror and or drug addiction) that we fight is not actually part of us. In our conditioned society we consider them as foreign, when in reality they are directly linked to our own manifestations of consciousness. It is imperative to realize that we must take responsibility for everything that happens to us if we ever care to ascend beyond the paradigm that casts us as a perpetual victim-slave. The method of escaping this paradigm is solely an independent and free will decision.

Perhaps the most insightful if not interesting definition of cancer comes from Rudolf Steiner who claimed that cancer arises as a form of abhorrent consciousness. Steiner stated that carcinoma develops when a sense organ such as an ear begins to form in the wrong place. (4) Of course, this makes no sense to conventional physicians and scientists, but if we can come to understand that the essence of our self is the summation of four organizing bodies, three of which are energetic from the physical body’s perspective, then we can begin to see how truthful this statement can become.

So, maybe what it takes to cure cancer is to consider the issue from a non-conventional standpoint. In an enlightening video from 2013, Skidmore College music professor Anthony Holland delivers an impassioned Ted Talk which suggests that an actual cure for cancer has been found. (5) Although his insights appear to be groundbreaking, it is really nothing new. In considering the content of Professor Holland’s research, it is clear that he was inspired by studies in energy healing and sympathetic vibrational physics that goes back at least 80 years.

Within this video are amazing insights into a potential cancer cure. What Professor Holland demonstrates is the ability to destroy cancer cells with low power pulsed energetic frequencies. The technology that he is using comes from energy healing devices patented by Raymond Rife and James Bare which is remarkably similar to what we commonly know as radio. The heart of this device is a helium filled gas plasma tube known as a Phanotron Diode which converts pulsed Radio Frequency into various forms of energetic emissions. In many ways it acts as an antenna from a radio transmitter, but it is also transducing this energy into a very broad-spectrum emission that ranges from low acoustic to high frequency non-ionizing terahertz energies. The science behind this device has been studied for quite some time, so much so that there is a well-developed understanding regarding its use and biological effects. The initial observations by Raymond Rife in the 1930’s have demonstrated therapeutic effects when this energy is directed against microorganisms such as virus and bacteria. Furthermore, there seems to be healing effects against cancer. As far as how durable these effects are remains to be seen, but the initial bench work cause-and-effect observations appear to be dramatic.

How this device destroys microbes and aberrant cancer cells is partially explained through basic science. (6) Multiple cellular mechanisms are involved mostly related to voltage fluctuations across cellular membranes which appear to enhance or disrupt function. In addition, Mortality Oscillatory Rates, which is the frequency most effective against the invasive microbe or cells may be directly linked to the crystalline structure of the genome itself. This means that the energies are having direct effects upon the crystalline structure of the DNA and that the most effective energies can be calculated by the physical size and structure of the genome of the individual target cell.

Furthermore, effects that have been observed through pulsed energetic devices suggest that it can alter the genetics of the targeted cell. For instance, Anthony Holland mentions that his device was able to transform Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) into Methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA). Although this sounds quite mysterious, if not impossible, this transformation suggests that the DNA was altered in a retrograde fashion to a time when the bacteria’s genetics were not adapted and modified to resist the antibiotic Methicillin. The term for this retrograde transformation was coined by the scientist and researcher Tom Bearden as “dedifferentiation.” What is being proposed by Bearden’s term of dedifferentiation is quite astounding because it is the opposite of what cells usually do, which is to change or differentiate. Bearden suggests that pulsed electrical plasma technologies heal through retrograde time shifts at the cellular level. In additional experiments, not only is cancer cured in labs animals, but the abhorrent genetics which predisposed the animals to develop the cancer was reversed back into a normal state. (7)

Therefore, it appears that not only can the energetic properties of pulsed electrical plasma technology break down and or “shatter” cellular structures, but it appears to have the capacity to realign DNA in a retrograde fashion before it was altered from either environmental agents and or an element of consciousness. Instead of killing cancer cells, this form of technology may have to capability to transform them back into normal tissue.

Currently, there are small observational studies using this type of energy technology, but nothing on a larger scale. What we do know is that energetic technology works well on labs animals. As far as applying it to human beings, all we have so far is anecdotal observations. It is possible that pulsed electrical plasma technology may work well on humans, but we must always keep in mind that what differentiates human from animal is Ego, which I believe is the essential core of the issue as our individual consciousness in relationship to Ego may be the fundamental cause of cancer in the first place.

As far as I can gather, what happened to Anthony Holland is interesting but not surprising. His original bench work studies were done in 2007. He was invited by cancer researcher Dr. Jonathan Brody at Thomas Jefferson University to work under scientific scrutiny in an effort to get this research published. Apparently, this collaboration did not go very well. Although there was a perception by Anthony Holland that cancer cells through direct cause-and-effect observation were being destroyed, the standards by which controls were determined were objectionable to Dr. Brody. Furthermore, there was an interesting finding related to the combined use of pulsed electrical plasma technology and chemotherapy which showed an opposite effect of what was anticipated. All of this demanded further observation and scrutiny before Dr. Brody was willing to even attempt to publish their results.

In 2011, National Public Radio’s Fresh Air broadcasted a very odd interview between these two men who talked about their preliminary findings. (8) About midway through the program they have a spectacular breakdown regarding how their research should go forward. Essentially, Dr. Brody took the egotistical stance, claiming that he was not willing to share this information with anyone else yet because he felt that he would be risking his reputation as a credible scientific researcher. Anthony Holland considered this information as an open source. He had already shared this information with other researchers and had created a web page and a non-for-profit organization called Novobiotronics devoted to promoting further research in this field. (9)

As I look at the Novobiotronics web page today, there seems to be less interest in this type of research than one would have expected. But I am not surprised, as this technology has been perpetually downplayed if not suppressed since the time of Raymond Rife. How this is done is through mind control, brow beating, fear, and ultimately economic pressure. Remember, there is at least 5-6 billion dollars annually just through the federal government available for cancer research. How much of it goes to energetic studies? At this point, very little if any. The sad reality is that if the Medical-Industrial-Complex wanted to find a cure for cancer, we could have done it by now through inexpensive, innovative and non-conventional means. The problem is the Medical-Industrial-Complex does not want to cure cancer. They want to own it, control it, create remedies that suppress it, and put it back into remission. But cure it? No way. The Medical-Industrial-Complex exists as corporate entities solely to amass wealth and power. They own the medical infrastructure, write our nation’s health laws, and directly fund medical research. To date, they will do nothing that will jeopardize their profits. Curing cancer would be a dramatic blow to the financial stability of these corporations.

Our limitations in consciousness lead us to believe that finding a universal cure for cancer is currently unattainable. Today, we have conventional therapies that the industry promotes and insurance will cover that may put your cancer into remission, but in most instances have drastic side effects. It is fair to state that what we are still using to “cure” cancer is technology derived from a lower state of spiritual awareness which literally constitutes a culture of limitation and death. Looking at all conventional modalities of cancer therapy today (chemo, immuno, radiation, surgery) they are derived from brute force conflict, as they are all designed to destroy cancer and a good part of our normal functioning self. Even the more tailored immunotherapies and angiogenesis inhibitors have detrimental effects on the body’s immune and vascular systems and therefore significant limitation and unacceptable side effects.

Through limitation and mind control we are given the impression that a singular breakthrough in the cure for cancer remains elusive. Because serious researchers are not considering alternative approaches it is suggested that non-conventional therapies do not have scientific merit. There is also the assumption that since energetic devices have been around for so long, and we still do not have a cure, then there is no possibility that such a device could benefit anyone. This way of thinking is putting a tremendous amount of trust in a conventional medical system that one believes by default, always has the best interest in the health of the people that it was designed to serve and heal. To a certain degree doctors are complicit in this deception because many of us have allowed the industry to co-opt our vocation in an effort to sanctify their corporate endeavors. Fortunately, not all physicians feel the same way about this. That said the Medical-Industrial-Complex would not be able to survive without conventional medical physicians who have sold their souls in support of non-humanistic agendas. It is undeniable that a conspiracy exists through the Medical-Industrial-Complex to support occult agendas which propagate egotistical thinking, conflict, isolation, and hierarchy.

Today, even physicians who are responsibly seeking alternative therapy for their patients have very little choice in the matter simply because the vocation is locked into a physical discipline that has no interest in a science beyond its material limitations (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian in its entirety). One must come to understand that conventionally trained doctors have been conditioned to believe that a responsible physician will not “gamble” with the health of their patients. Therefore, alternative approaches are rarely if ever promoted, let alone mentioned, because empirical studies of non-conventional modalities are still not available. Furthermore, the confrontational, market driven and litigious environment that physicians are forced to practice within create a draconian culture of defensive medicine which further conditions doctors to adhere to industrial standards and protocols through an impulse of self preservation which they logically believe will shield them from emotional and financial destitution through legal recourse. All of these matters exist within the realm of ego, conflict and hierarchy.

The fact is that the physician should not be solely determining what is in the best interest of the patient’s needs. Therapy must be a joint decision which is ultimately determined by the patient. Even conventional medical training stresses this point, as physicians are forbidden to do anything to a patient without their freely expressed informed consent. Within my practice, I have witness many patients choosing non-conventional approaches for serious conditions, including cancer. Today, patient driven decisions are becoming more common place to the point of a new standard. The real challenge for the physician practicing the healing art is to accurately determine the patient’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual capacities and needs while assisting them in tailoring therapy within all of these parameters.

We appear to be crossing a threshold as many people are no longer following the older paradigm of doctor-patient relationship where the doctor was “in-charge” and therefore solely responsible for outcomes. We are slowly pulling away from this outmoded consumer-based mentality where the patient expects to be fixed by someone else. This method of “healing” does not work, and in all honestly never did except to accelerated or enhance a natural healing process that is inherent to all human beings. As consciousness expands we will come to realize that the old consumer-based standard of healthcare is literally a form of slavery. The ethereal nature of the innate capacity to heal our self will be addressed in greater detail in the next discussion.

In conclusion, it must be conceded that within our older and limited scientific paradigms, cancer remains incurable (at least from a universal perspective) and we can only expect to achieve limited success. Inarguably, within this lower state of consciousness, even “cures” will have side effects. If we honestly think about it, this conclusion is consistent with the theories (such as Natural Selection and Selfish Genes) that material science promotes against a backdrop of a toxic and non-therapeutic world view. (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter 3: Journeying Past the Conditions of Our Confinement) These ideas of materialistic limitation, derived from Ego, promote a culture of victimization and chaos, while actually serving to generate fear.

It is important to realize that there are many modalities that have been discovered over the years that can have a dramatic impact upon our health and potentially cure afflictions which appear to be incurable, including cancer. Yet these newer therapies will also fail unless they are presented within a greater science of consciousness that we are still not allowed to have. In essence, we must as individuals become the new scientists, flourishing within a realm of love, understanding, truth, and cooperation. This greater level of awareness will simply bypass the old paradigms rendering them irrelevant. It takes great courage to do this and we must applaud those who are compelled to follow a higher source of wisdom.

Those who are following the more spiritually evolved path of healing must do so in faith to a higher authority. Ultimately, that authority speaks to us not only through our thoughts, emotions, and intuitions, but it also speaks directly to us through the body. Ultimately, the Ego must subject itself to the divine intelligence that manifests through our physical health. In virtually every instance it is the Ego attempting to override the subtle messages of our intrinsic spiritual authority which creates a state of imbalance and illness. If we exclusively live through Ego and allow it to rule, it will always lead to deterioration, decline, and eventually death.

In the end, the esoteric analogy of Rudolf Steiner’s—that cancer develops when a sense organ such as an ear, begins to grow in wrong place—begins to make sense. For instance, are we ignoring subtle messages that the body is telling us to pay attention to? Are we worrying about activities and or history which may be related to a fear of cancer in certain body parts? Or are we habitually following lifestyles and behaviors within patterns that manifest stress within our body’s specific organs and structures that our subconsciousness recognizes yet our consciousness denies? It is essential to realize how Ego is related to these scenarios. Within the healing principles that esoteric science promotes, the neurosensory system is the conduit that the Ego forms and manifests itself through. It appears that we always get into trouble when we allow our Ego to tinker with and usurp control from what nature and the spiritual realm was ordained to rule.

Again, we cannot be healed unless we become whole. From a superficial-material-physical perspective, the war on cancer (and disease in general) will never end. From the perspective of Ego, logic and theory this war is a pathway which leads to a myriad of potentials and minutial distractions. By design, it is a multi-billion dollar intellectual venture which simply constitutes a spinning wheel in a cage.

We will never reach the pool of Bethesda until we realize the futility of unbridled egotistical endeavors and subject ourselves to our intrinsic higher authority. This higher authority is imbued with the I AM Christ principle which not only permeates the core of our soul but is the essential foundation of an enlightened science that we must develop and promote from this point onward.


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(4) Rudolf Steiner, What can the Art of Healing gain through Spiritual Science, Lecture III Arnheim, Holland, July 24, 1924. https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA319/English/APC1928/19240724p02.html
“Now one instance where the system of nerves and senses is working with terrible consequences in some region of the metabolic-limb system, is carcinoma. Here there is evidence that the system of nerves and senses has entered into the metabolic-limb organization and is making itself effective there. In my second lecture I spoke of a tendency to the formation of a sense-organ which can arise at the wrong place, within the metabolic-limb system. The ear, when it is formed in the right place, is normal; but if a tendency to ear-formation or a tendency to form any other sense-organ — even in the very slightest degree — occurs in the wrong place, then we have to do with carcinomatous growth. We must work against this tendency of the human organism, but a very deep understanding of the whole of the evolution of the world and man is necessary here.”

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