“It is the people of the Earth (the backdrop of slaves, meek, innocent, and marginalized) who will inherit it—and it is the people of the spirit who will guide them. It is only when the people of the intellect ascend their consciousness, nullify Hierarchy, and redeem their personal ego through an intentional movement towards the unification of their soul back to spirit (within the archetype of the sacred union) that the world will come to realize how both groups are dependent upon each other. Despite what many enlighten thinkers believe and promote, we are not here at this moment on Gaia solely for our own personal benefit by ascending our consciousness and leaving the earth behind. By incarnating into this world, we have taken on and have become part of the earth’s karma by catalyzing the union of our Mother Earth back to the Logos. Whether we acknowledge it or not we are entangled in the outcome.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 23, 2019

Is there is an elephant standing among us that we been conditioned to perceive as part of the room?  Difficult as it may be to accept, there is a concept within the esoteric community which suggests that not all people are “real”.  As strange as it sounds, there are many sources going back to the beginning of modern esoteric schools which propose that not all people are completely human. (1, 2)  It is said that these people are lacking an “I” or spirit which would individuate them as whole human beings.  Apparently, there are many people who are not part of the normal evolutionary lifecycles on earth and are incarnating into this world for the first time from other planets specifically for disruptive purposes.  Others are described as abandoned vessels that have been imbued with less-than spiritual entities.  This would suggest that there are people living today as automatons or agents of hindrance and conflict, who are influenced heavily by nefarious entities of chaos, control, and enslavement.

The Austrian mystic, Rudolf Steiner, often lectured on how the Western secret societies of power and control were permeated by individuals whose souls were bearing insidious entities which he called Ahrimanic or demonic.  Considering the fact that Dr. Steiner was the number one target of the Nazi occultists, and was starring down the pointed barrel of fanaticism, the accuracy of his insights and predictions as to the rise of this insidious specter must be earnestly considered.

Since these people have no direct connection to spirit and therefore no energetic connection to source, they are dependent upon deriving their energy through the dense construct of the physical world.  Meaning, that they are not only agents which propagate competition, chaos, conflict, and separation, but they appear to be feeding off it.  Fear is said to be their life force, although I am not sure that is correct, as they are being manipulated to generate fear for those less-than spiritual entities that are parasitically usurping their energy.

What is known as Prana, Qi, Ether, or Sympathetic Vibrational Energy is the essential life force of all human beings, which simply amounts to love.  This energy is derived from the spirit.  Love is the true life force of all human beings but it can be usurped when it is inverted into fear and channeled into a void which has been intentionally established to feed these malignant and controlling entities.

Although the key players within the constructs of control in this perpetual game of Earth’s conquest believe that they have free will and their efforts make a difference, they are just pawns to non-human entities of greater power, which are themselves being manipulated at levels that they can barely fathom.  This is the form of pagan enslavement which has existed seemingly “forever” which by many accounts is finally coming to an end.  This downfall was marked in our linear time continuum at the end of the year 2012.  The significance of the 2012 end of the earth prediction signified the beginning of the end of this pagan-enslavement system.  This means that the paradigms that worked so well in the past to maintain draconian Hierarchy are now beginning to crumble.  Keep in mind that there are many who know no better and will continue to maintain power through this obsolete system which is losing the influence that it once held.  As their power is invested within this enslavement construct, it is rapidly dwindling, and many will come to realize that what they are doing will no longer work within an emerging consciousness based upon a greater sense of truth, cooperation and unity.

Every human being has the capacity to draw power and energy from their spirit. (3) Our spiritual connection to Source is our greatest strength, but it is also our greatest weakness if we do not fully understand our soul-spirit connection as it relates to our personal autonomy.  Free will is most accurately expressed as Christ-Unity-Source consciousness manifest through us. (See chapter 9 in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, The Nature of Free Will).  It is always expressed within the parameters of love and it is a living force which liberates us from fear and constraint.  Yet, if we do not understand this relationship, we are vulnerable to nefarious programming, deception, manipulation, and even possession.  As I have expressed beforehand, we are designed to be influenced (if not possessed) in the sense of harboring a spiritual presence, in the form of our higher self.  For most people it is not an issue, since the spiritual presence is embedded within them.  Yet, under certain circumstances, such as ignorance, abuse, addiction, or even ritualistic practice, less than spiritual entities are waiting en masse to inhabit our space.

Our spiritual capabilities are inherent by design, yet in many instances the portals to our higher self are not yet open, poorly developed, or intentionally negated.  In my life, I have experienced this spiritual potential as an inner space-garden temple which we build through the process of becoming individuated human beings.  This is not an egotistically based endeavor, but heart centered, and is literally done through deeds of love and compassion.  The ultimate purpose of this temple is to unite our soul to our higher self (or spirit).  This inner space is sacred and ceremonial, as it is the construct where this union is ordained to occur.

We all have the ability for this union, but it is the draconian environment that is inhibiting most of us from what can only be considered our essential birthright.  It is not for lack of interest, as much as it is the lack of even knowing that our spirit exists, which ultimately retards the progression of human civilization.  Hierarchy is then maintained through ignorance by intentional deception which appeals to our egotistically based and therefore materialistically oriented thinking.  Those who adopt the programming that serves Hierarchy are rewarded compared to those who do not.  It is those who do not support Hierarchy who are punished.  Historically, this punishment has been most severe and amounts to what can only be described as genocide against human beings who became “knowers” of this truth.  There was a time when our religious practices functioned to catalyze our inner process of knowing these greater truths.  Ultimately, the pathway leads to the union of our soul to our higher self (spirit) imbued in Christ (Logos), which is known as the Hieros Gamos, or scared union.  This unification amounts to the redemption of ego by the enslaving Hierarchy of conditioning and fear, which seeks to destroy all knowledge of this practice.

In this fashion, we have all been affected by this pagan-enslavement paradigm which serves to propagate a death-based construct that we have become conditioned to accept as our reality.  As Jesus so perfectly tells us, that if we do not come to recognize who we truly are, then not only do we dwell in poverty, be we are the essence of poverty. (4)

Although a death culture sounds harsh, if not unbelievable, this is exactly what we have been attempting to live within, as virtually everything within our society is a derivative from something that has died.  Within the human organism, the metabolic system, and specifically the process of digestion, constitutes a death process within us.  In esoteric science, the process of catabolism (breaking down the physical body), digestion, and death are related to ego-based functions of the body.  Ego energies have much to do with the metabolic process within the realm of breaking things down into its most elemental components.  If we were to look for a metaphor for this phenomenon, it would be similar to the energies of Pluto, which is not only associated with death, but the destruction and re-configuring of ego itself.  This means that there are many people today who are exclusively living within a metabolic system that feeds off itself, abusing and degrading the environment and those around them.

Ancient wisdom conveys that there are three races which exist within the world.  This is an esoteric concept that has nothing to do with ethnicity, but specifically with the consciousness of the individual.  Those living within their lowest natures are known as the people of the earth.  These are the ones living exclusively off a materialistically based metabolism and consciousness.  We can also say that they are young souls that are living within a survival mode through their lower chakras.  The ancients called them the children of Abel, because they are perpetually abused and deceived.

The second race constitutes the people of the intellect, whose consciousness is egotistically based.  They were called the children of Cain because of their capacities to manipulate and abuse.  Many people today are of this nature and this is why it has been predicted that the Earth’s final conflict would be an egotistical conflagration, known as the “War of All Against all.” Although this may sound improbable, it has long been forecast by esoteric teachers, scientists, philosophers and scholars (Thomas Hobbes, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Rudolf Steiner, Richard Dawkins, etc.) that the world is destined to becomes a global battlefield of ego-driven conflict at the individual level.

Does this pervasive global conflict seem familiar?  Well, in many ways it does.   Pay attention to all forms of media and observe how this chaos is being promoted and engineered.  This end-game scenario is based upon logic and reason that we have been conditioned to accept as our reality because ego cannot see past it.  This is the “Grand Deception” that is bleeding into all religious, New Age, enlightened, and spiritual communities that remain egotistically influenced and therefore widely open to distortion and manipulation.  Indeed, virtually every organization on this planet that holds any degree of influence has been infiltrated, compromised, and controlled by egotistical agendas and impulses that are channeled through the individual members of those societies.

In March 2017, I posted a discussion entitled Egotistical Spiritualism which addressed how egotistical agendas and distortions are affecting the New Age-Ascension community by ignoring the reality of I AM.  It is clear that we are all moving through various stages of conscious development, and at this moment, with our emerging liberation and new found freedoms from controlling paradigms, we all desire to create environments that are optimal to our individual needs.  In this fashion, we are invoking Aleister Crowley’s Thelemanic injunction of “Do What Though Wilt.” which is inciting seven billion plus individuals to do their own thing and creating their own world.  Although inevitable, this is a problem because our egos are too puny to guide us along this pathway, alone.  Inevitably, this leads to chaos and the emergence of a new brand of hierarchical enslavement.

Crowley knew the outcome of this scenario, and because of this fact, he is a master architect of Hierarchy through global conflict and deception.  In fact, he even invites us to seek consult through “knowledge and conversation” with what he identifies as our “Holy Guardian Angel.”  It is telling how Crowley makes it very clear that the Holy Guardian Angel is not our Higher Self, but a separate entity.

The Holy Guardian Angel is not the ‘Higher Self’ but an Objective individual. . . . He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself; and that is why I have insisted rather heavily that the term ‘Higher Self’ implies ‘a damnable heresy and a dangerous delusion.” (5)

In Crowley’s form of enlightenment, which is widely regarded in New Age, Ascension, and esoteric communities, awareness, connection, and communion with the higher self in I AM consciousness is forbidden.

This inevitably leads to distortions in our perceptions of all things that are spiritual because we are allowing a third party to influence our ego with no oversight from our ultimate source of love and truth, which is our higher self imbued with the wisdom of the Logos.  For virtually all involved in ascending their consciousness in this fashion, they are taking a shortcut through magical principles and using it as a vehicle of personal empowerment.  There is a perception of enlightenment regarding new found capabilities of clairvoyance, intuition, and even more, but it all comes at a price.  It is said that when a person does this they are giving away their free will and becoming agents to those entities that are not only enhancing their natural capacities but are feeding off their energies.  Ultimately, this is how Hierarchy is maintained, through egotistical impulses enhanced through magical pagan practices.

This also leads to philosophical distortions which allow those who practice in this form of “enlightenment” to rationalize their behavior in a way that is acceptable to ego.  For the most part, a world view is adopted which justifies this type of conduct.  These distortions can be found within the acceptance of caste systems and or ideas of separateness (Übermensch, might versus right, survival of the fittest, etc.)  Regardless of whatever world view is adopted, it is always egocentric in nature.  But when consciousness becomes clairvoyantly enhanced through occult ritualistic practices, it can become fanatical, especially when it is understood that the power derived from such rites are sacred, exclusive, and secretive.

This has led to grave distortions which have manifested into some very poisonous ideas. These distortions are not only concerning, but perplexing when it is supposed to be coming from an enlightened perspective of the universal law of “Oneness.”   One of these widely regarded ideas is the concept that not all people are “real,” but that many are merely animalist in nature, operating within a soul but very little else in regards to spirit.  These people are called “backdrop” or “backfill” people. (6)   The mentors who have taught this concept express the fact that these people are not highly evolved and are essentially inconsequential.  They should be considered as extras in a movie of our own design, which is of course, egocentric to the highly evolved and well paid star of the film. The leading actors and actresses are those who are enlightened enough to envision this scenario, and are perhaps even the one who are engaging in occult practices that always place them within the starring roles.

The essential philosophy of backdrop-backfill people is that they are not really human and count for very little, if anything at all.  This is the same philosophy that a random sniper or any mass murder would adopt.  All I can say is that the individuals who are expressing these thoughts have no accurate conception of healing.  Regardless of how truthful their insights may be, they are merely maintaining a construct of separation and elitism, which in the end stifles all forms of healing and health.

It is now understood that we are at a turning point within our human consciousness to sense something greater than this perpetual cycle of abuse.  The system that has maintained pagan-enslavement for millennia is losing authority and its power is beginning to dissipate. Many who are becoming more “enlightened” are still viewing this as a process that will separate those that have prepared themselves into an ascended earth, divided from the perpetual conflict that they no longer want to participate in.  Perhaps for some this scenario is true, but I would suggest that they re-evaluate the underlying nature of the ascension experience.  For those highly evolved individuals who are contemplating ascension, they have undoubtedly contributed to this process in the sense that they have all played the roles of the extras in the backdrop to the leading actors of the drama.  So, we are all truly invested in this performance, and as it turns out, it is the back-drop, marginalized, innocent, and the meek that are playing the most essential role in Earth’s ascension.

As I was having these thoughts on how this conflict would play itself out, my wife woke up in the morning and said that she was instructed to tell me that the answer lies in the concept of “coherence.”  She literally arose that morning and plainly stated to me, “Paul, I was told to tell you, coherence!”

The ancients spoke of a third race, which constitutes the people of the spirit.  These people were known as the race of Seth, which was the third son of Adam and Eve.  It is said that Seth’s offspring had the capacity to know God.  We can say that these are the old souls and light workers who have made the connection back to spirit.  They know the path and intuitively understand how to heal.  These people have lived many lives, and understand through experience that they can accomplish very little in the face of an entrenched pagan-enslavement system of control.  Yet, they also know that the earth has been prepared and the environment has shifted into a greater state of consciousness that is allowing for change to begin.

This shift is undeniable, and recently science has stumble upon a natural phenomenon that suggests that all life is connected to a source of vibrational energy that can alter behavior and outcomes.  These experiments have to do with the movement of metronomes and clocks which universally demonstrate how mechanical devices set in motion, will synchronize with each other.  The results are quite baffling, counterintuitive, and seemingly improbable.  The term that science uses is “Irrational Phase Synchronization.” (7)  In either clock or metronome experiments, multiple devices will rapidly synchronize with each other which are dependent upon the platforms that they are mounted on. (8)  In less flexible environments, the movements of the devices generally remain out of phase.  More flexible or fluid environments are conducive to rapid synchronization of the individual devices.

Although this is an observation on mechanical devices, science is beginning to understand how the coherent phenomenon is related to complex animal behavior (flocking, schooling, migration, etc.) and even human consciousness. (9)  This should come to no surprise as it has always been observed within educational systems that humans learn best through imitation-role modeling, which is intrinsic to our nature.  What is essential to understand is that behavior keys off a resonance which is in sympathy to the organism’s inherent intelligence.  Therefore, if the environment is inflexible and chaotic, separation and conflict is maintained.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to sustain this imbalance, which is why control must be accomplished through a proxy who has willfully given away their sovereignty in exchange for the illusion of power and influence over many others.  This leads to stress and the rapid decline in health of the proxy, so a steady stream of willing participants are needed and sustained through an illusion of prosperity through material gain.  Control is then managed by incoherence through obfuscation and conflict throughout the populace that is unconsciously aware of this influence.

Yet, if we take away the system of control, creating a more fluid and flexible environment allowing human beings to freely resonate in coherence to each other, unity through sympathy will rapidly emerge, because as it turn out, we are all primed to do this.  This is why people with integrity are never allowed to govern because even one truthful soul would inevitable damage the system that Hierarchy has precariously constructed.  This is also why Christ, and anyone that has anything to do with becoming aware of our relationship to the spirit and the Logos, in I AM consciousness, are viewed as mortal enemies to the forces of control.  This antagonism on the part of control is due to the fact that any free, loving, and fearless soul is irresistible to the many, because we always remain in sympathy to each other through our intrinsic coherence.  Imagine what would happen if millions of people living in truth became more visible.

It is the people of the Earth (the backdrop of slaves, meek, innocent, and marginalized) who will inherit it—and it is the people of the spirit who will guide them.  It is only when the people of the intellect ascend their consciousness, nullify Hierarchy, and redeem their personal ego through an intentional movement towards the unification of their soul back to spirit (within the archetype of the sacred union) that the world will come to realize how both groups are dependent upon each other.  Despite what many enlighten thinkers believe and promote, we are not here at this moment on Gaia solely for our own personal benefit by ascending our consciousness and leaving the earth behind.  By incarnating into this world, we have taken on and have become part of the earth’s karma by catalyzing the union of our Mother Earth back to the Logos.  Whether we acknowledge it or not we are entangled in the outcome.

There is only one way forward, which is to accept the responsibility of being the healer that you were intentionally designed to be, and this would be pointless if there were no one within the world that was in need of healing.  In actuality, we are all in need of healing, and are all fulfilling karma by allowing these energies to be exchanged.  As it is stated, “My burden is light and my yolk is sweet.” This task must be done through communion with our higher self imbued with the power and energies of the Logos.

Yes, there are many people in the world who are agents of hindrance and chaos.  Jesus makes reference to them as brigands, dogs, and swine. (10, 11)  But He could also see their humanity imprisoned within an environment of ignorance ruled by ego.  It is clear that there still exists a caste system which contrasts the truly malignant from the powerless and less evolved. The point of ascension is to change the dynamics of this disparity and not to walk away from it.  Change becomes irresistible as soon as deception is recognized and understood as a means of enslavement for all involved.  Once a critical mass of individuals begin resonating with what constitute our natural I AM frequency (and there are millions already primed to do this) changed becomes inevitable. This is true because consciousness, through coherence, is irresistibly drawn to the sympathetic energies of Gaia, Sol, the Logos, and beyond.

It is said that in the end, even the devil will be saved if we can manifest a world with the wisdom and compassion to do so.  Awareness leads to the recognition of error, and also to the shame of our own egotistical ignorance and arrogance.  An impulse to correct this transgression and heal through some form of personal atonement is archetypal to this alchemical transformation.  Atonement does not mean suffering, but it is indeed the opposite, and it is those who were once in error who will become the greatest assets to global transformation and positive change because of the debt that they owe to the meek.  This becomes the truth of their self realization, which is a Damascus moment and personal epiphany.   In the greatest sense, we are all part of this cycle and no one who is karmically connected to the earth can escape it.

If you are sincerely ready to ascend your awareness, heal your soul, and move into I AM consciousness, then get use to the fact that you are not leaving this earth, but are staying here— for “here” resides the “Grand Experiment,” where the Earth is becoming unified with the Logos, and all of its inhabitants become children of this marriage.

Gaia is truly the center of the universe regarding human experience and universal consciousness and we are all blessed to be here, as agents of peace, bringing forth and contributing to the healing of the Earth as children of our living spiritual Parents.

We are all in need of each other.



1) Rudolf Steiner, The New Spirituality and the Christ Experience in the Twentieth Century, GA200, Lecture Two, Oct. 17-31, p.33-34:

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At this point, the reader may be wondering why Huygens was observing anti-phase synchronization while in our experiment we have observed in-phase synchronization. In fact, there is an easy explanation: the mechanical properties of the structure used here are different than the mechanical properties of the setup used by Huygens. Moreover, the parameters of the pendulum clocks are also different from the ones used by Huygens. The reader should realize that there is not a unique key parameter but rather a set of key parameters, which determine the type of synchronization, e.g. damping and stiffness in the coupling structure, and mass, length, and damping in the pendula. The combination of all these parameters will eventually lead to a specific type of synchronous motion, to co-existence of synchronous solutions, or even to other kind of limit behavior…

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the experimental setup depicted in Fig. 2 has been placed, for indefinite time, in the clocks museum “Alberto Olvera”. Everyday, dozens of visitors can admire the sympathetic motion of the clocks. It seems that for them, it is truly amazing—perhaps miraculous as some of them have commented—to observe a pair of inert systems oscillating in perfect consonance. A short text next to the sympathetic clocks reads ‘…the pendulum clocks show sympathetic motion due to the imperceptible motion of the wooden support on which they are placed…this sympathy, however, prevents the clocks of being accurate…

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“Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”


One thought on “Coherence”

  1. “Demon” used to be “daemon”.  It just means “god / diety”.  Then later a suffix was added making it “lesser god”, but then the suffix was dropped and yet the new meaning was kept, basically saying “god” but having it mean “lesser god”.    What I get was being referenced by lesser gods was Reptilian ETs, the Anunnaki.  They did indeed shun God / Prime Creator / the All That Is.  Their leader Anu / Yahweh (yes, of the Old Testament) proclaimed to be the All That Is.  
    See my posts “Who Was Yahweh” and “Power of Words…”.

    Paganism is not “bad”.  Don’t know if you meant to make “pagan” sound bad or if you are just talking, as you did, of “pagan-enslavement”.  There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world, it all depends on the intention behind its use.  Pagan literally means “villager / country folk”.  To me, they were people who were actually connected to their frickin’ planet.  They kinda got that the planet was part of God / the All That Is instead of something to be raped and pillaged.  They knew paganism and other occult wisdoms are what I call “Being Earthlings… for Dummies”.  By dissing pagan / occult practices, humanity has been dumbed down… but the cabal still tap into the power and wisdom of pagan / occult practices.  They keep the tools to themselves… even when they really don’t truly know how to use them, at least not fully and not to return to their True Selves.  

    The global cabal have infiltrated and corrupted danged near everything over time.  Yes, including the western religions and the New Age movement.  *shaking head*  Many channelers seem to let just anybody “jump on the line” with them and don’t utilize discernment worth a dang.  

    The enslavement of humanity has been “forever” as far as humans / homo sapiens go because the Anunnaki genetically engineered homo sapiens from their own DNA and from a local hominid (like homo erectus or whatever else was around about then) so the control has been here since humans’ feet hit the ground.  

    Free Will is not what most think.  It’s the result of a veiled consciousness state.  The Christ Consciousness / Divinely Connected choice is ALWAYS available to us.  It’s the veil that allows for humans to make the Not-Connected-to-the-Divine (ignorant, disempowered) choice, which we would never make if / when we know who we truly are – Powerful Divine Creators.  Hence… free will is not something to cling to.  It’s time to surrender to our True Divine Selves.  
    See my post “Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State”.  

    Death culture – Ayn Rand essentially spoke of how communism / socialism is a death culture.  And now the so-called “progressives” are pushing socialism / communism BIG TIME.  The cabal use the “left” to do what they were using the “right” for for so long.  Infiltrate and corrupt everything – “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” is a cabal directive.  

    Ego is just one’s sense of self.  Vilifying ego is dysfunctional in and of itself.  Ah, but where does one get their sense of self?  That’s the issue that causes ego issues.  The Divine can also provide the ego with its sense of self.  Much better.  But yes, New Age “lightworkers” (I’ve finally come to call many of them Dark Clingers) are often VERY egotistical and can’t really even “see” anyone who is not right in lock step with them.  They don’t know who could actually teach them a thing or two (“Consider the idea that the next person just might know something you don’t.”) and they don’t acknowledge that all those “nasty 3Ders” out there are ultimately their soul mission… for Christ’s sake… literally.  

    Do what thou wilt.  Reminds me of “If you wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”  lol  Then there’s the reality that lightworkers are here to assist humanity with ascension… not use their own spiritual process to create their mansion on the Riviera.  

    Angels are our own “thought forms” which work for us.  I’ve used them for years.  

    The Higher Self really isn’t “self” per se, at least not any more so than you and I are each other’s “self”.  The HS is an individuated entity who stays in the Divine Realms and serves as a Divine tether to us as we / our souls travel through dimensional realms.  Our SOULS are Divine!  Once our HS helps us remember who we are and we / our souls reconnect to the Divine realms we don’t need the HS anymore.  
    See my post “The Higher Self.”

    I am well aware of Crowley’s intentions but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from his info.  Some of my favorite researchers like to reference some of this quotes.  He understood magic / creation / manifestation to some degree.  The Truth is the Truth no matter if Mother Teresa or Adolf Hitler says it.  Much can be learned from our “enemies” and also from disinformation specialists that depend on Truth to sell you a lie.  Doesn’t mean we emulate these yahoos, just know we can learn something there also.  Discernment is key!  And Divine Connection can help us sift through it all.  

    Re: “real people”.  Everyone has a soul, global cabal included.  The cabal like to invite ET possession from the Anunnaki (and else).  I think most everyone else is just highly brainwashed and not really possessed per se.  They have disempowering programs running.  They as a soul and a human are just fine, as in, the “hardware” works.  But the programming is “software”.  Time for a new download.  

    Coherence – I hear your “oneness” / unity sort of definition here, but I also often think of coherence as simply “keeping it together”, yep, in the midst of chaos, like someone who keeps their cool when an accident or something has happened and actually help those affected instead of freaking out.  And the dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity – which do you choose, how will you use it?

    Gaia, who is the old soul essence of Earth (is no longer) is ascending, not Earth.  Earth was her old 3D body.
    See my post “The meek shall inherit the Earth”.  In a nutshell… ya don’t want to inherit the Earth which is headed for another extinction-level event… which is why Gaia asked to be ascended, along with all her lifeforms. 
    See my post “Planetary Ascension Project Overview”. 

    Jesus is an allegorical story.  But just like Jesus himself told allegories / parables, there is much to be learned from the Jesus story… as the original true Gnostic Christians intended when they wrote the Jesus allegory.

    The “devil” is also fictitious, created by the Vatican to fear monger.  

    Atonement = at-one-ment.  Unity mentality.  

    We are certainly all connected and to some degree, a very large degree, we are in the same boat together.


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