The Etheric Body and the Subtle Science of Homeopathy

“As opposed to conventional theory, real world experience demonstrates that our body is intelligent beyond the capacity that our Ego can calculate. We are intentionally designed to live within optimal and suboptimal environments without detrimental effects as our body can adapt to environmental stress which appear to be a critical factor in maintaining our level of health. This low-level ambient stress is known as eustress or good-stress and is an essential element in understanding how homeopathy works.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 17, 2019

On the very first day of medical school our entire class was coerced into swearing allegiance to evidence based allopathic medicine.  This was done by one of our eminent professors who addressed the class on the subject of homeopathy and the reasons why it should never be practiced.  His argument against homeopathy was straight forward and entirely logical.  He explained to us how healing substances in homeopathy were diluted to concentrations that essentially amounted to little more than water.  He then challenged anyone in the class to support the claim made by homeopathic practitioners that the substances that they used could ever be therapeutic.  Indeed, the mantra in homeopathy is Less is More.  Furthermore, there is scant evidence within our conventional research that supports the claims made by these practitioners.

It is safe to say that for virtually all of us in the lecture hall at that moment in time knew very little (if anything) about homeopathy.  Not only were these concepts new to us, but the claim that homeopathic substances could heal seemed as ridiculous as snake oil.  Not one of us had the interest, insight, or fortitude to object to what our highly regarded professor was conveying.  At the conclusion of his address, we were specifically asked;

So how many of you actually believe that homeopathy works? Raise your hands!

In a somewhat bewildered state (as to why we were even given this lecture, let alone this question), we all looked around at each other.  No one flinched to raise their hand. I had the impression that anyone who objected would have been immediately ostracized if not pummeled with rocks.  In fact, at that moment it was probable that I would have been one of those who would have considered casting a stone.

Therefore, our professor concluded, that based upon logic and evidence-based science, it is obvious that none of us believed that homeopathy could work.  Our lack of response seemed to satisfy him, as he stated;

Good! That is why you are training to be allopathic doctors.  We wait for the science to show us that what we are doing works.  I am proud of you all.  You are well on your way to becoming allopathic physicians!  Raise your hand if you believe that only evidence based allopathic remedies should ever be used.”

The entire class, including me, raised their hand.  This event constituted the beginning of my medical indoctrination.

Yet, there was a small part of me that was conflicted because this form of teaching immediately suggested a blind-faith that went against the inquisitive nature of science itself.  Indeed, the very essence of this encounter was opinionated and biased.  Deep down inside, I have always harbored an unsettling feeling to swear allegiance to anything, let alone a branch of science that at the time I knew little, if anything, about.   In retrospect, it was my skeptical nature that was suggesting that there was not enough evidence to commit to an answer regardless from where this information was coming from.   After living for many years (if not lifetimes) within environments of coercive and deceptive practices, I had a sneaking suspicion that a wizard was telling me not to snoop around a curtain that he did not want anyone looking behind.

This pledge of allegiance was intentional on the part of the medical doctors and professors that were committed to begin teaching us within an empirically based medical science.  Although I suspect that many going into medical school look upon aspects of their education as a wondrous mystery, it was very clear from an institutional perspective, that the training that we were about to begin was to be accomplished at the exclusion of everything that could not be objectified.

To be clear, this objectification was in no part the reason why I decided to go to medical school. On the contrary, I came into my medical training looking for clues to help solve life’s essential mysteries.  So, before I began the journey down this mysterious path of learning, I concluded that I would have to come to understand life’s secrets through the direct experience of witnessing human existence at its margins.  That is to say, I needed to confront the mysteries of birth and death, and all of the drama that occurred between, from various perspectives from many individuals whom I would become intimately familiar and karmically aligned with.

Unfortunately, from day one, there was an intentional impulse to demystify the heart of our medical training and place us upon a fast-track to empirically based allopathic protocols derived mainly from a profit-driven, proprietary, corporate, institutional level.  I have no doubt that our professors sincerely believed that evidence based allopathic medicine was the only viable approach to healing.  Furthermore, they believed that they were protecting us and our future patients from non-scientific, anecdotal, superstitious, and magical practices which they concluded would have disastrous results.  Little did they realize that closing our minds off to therapies outside of standard-conventional protocols would also lead to devastating results simply because the medical science that they rigidly stood behind, and were reflexively indoctrinating us into, was an old paradigm that never completely worked as effectively as it was theoretically designed to do.  This is because the knowledge behind the science was, and still is, incomplete.

One could say that peer pressure was part of this intimidation.  As highly impressionable neophytes, most of us were just grateful to be given the chance to earn a degree and a position in one of our nation’s respected healing institutions.  As improbable as that may sound, this is the general mindset of most young people who are entering medical school.  If you look deep enough into the reasons for why someone would voluntarily put themselves through such an arduous training experience, there is still a universal sentiment to help people.  In most instances, a fundamental healing impulse is present, at least at the beginning.

By the time a student gets into medical school, they are well conditioned into the indoctrination process of a limited form of science.   For instance, a similar experience occurred in my high school chemistry class.  Again, on the first day of class, we were given a copy of the Periodic Table and were told that the essential law of chemistry was the non-transmutation of elements.  Of course, we were then told immediately that there were exceptions to this rule.  For instance, if you could create enough heat and pressure, like in a nuclear reaction or within the context of a star, then the transmutation of elements might occur.  But you could never transmutate elements outside of those circumstances.  Indeed, if you could, then you would be practicing alchemy and not chemistry.  What was implied was the fact that alchemy was a practice based upon superstition, and therefore erroneous, while chemistry is a science based upon empirical observation, and therefore correct.  Again, there was no reason to doubt my chemistry teacher and look behind the curtain….

Many years have passed since these experiences and as time continues to flow these scientific tenets of materialism not only become harder to defend, but impossible to even conceptualize.  Although we were never told officially, the transmutation of elements can occur at ambient temperatures within biological systems.  The scientific evidence for this fact is overwhelming and has been demonstrated through various independent researchers in multiple branches of science for nearly a century. (1-7) The reasons why this information is still not public knowledge is a conspiracy of monumental proportions and quite frankly beyond the scope this essay.  Indeed, the essential motive for creating Beyond the Soul’s Meridian was to manifest many detailed discussions regarding the reasons for this intentional obfuscation that has given us a limited form of science which continues to confine us within outmoded paradigms.

The sole function of the science that is currently taught within our conventional and sanctified institutions is to control and enslave the majority of us who still cannot breach past this form of conditioning that all of us have been exposed to since the time of our birth.  It is those who believe in the absolute truth of what they were taught in school that are literally holding everyone else back.  In the past, one was rewarded for knowing the paradigms better than anyone else.  In the future, it will be the ruin of anyone who continues to pathologically adhere to these incomplete truths.

Today we are all standing at a crossroad and are free to journey down either path.  One direction leads to a tiresome world of fear and limitation controlled by old scientific paradigms of enslavement. The other is an ascended world of cooperation and liberation beyond the constraints of ego and materialism.  In this ascended path we can begin to see the subtler realities embedded within our natural world which we will start to understand and appreciate.  We will engage these hidden forces and sense that they are entangled within our own consciousness.  Indeed, we will discover that this energy is not only the very same substance that constitutes the essence of our own being but is the fundamental nature of the universe itself.



The principles of homeopathy are based upon water dilutions of various substances.  Many times, these dilutions are at such a high degree that very little (if any) molecules are left within the water itself.  Dilutions are based upon a scale of 1:10 (designated as X) or 1:100 (designated as C).  When dilutions approach a concentration of 1 x 10-24 (24 X or 12 C) they reached what is known as the Molar Limit, meaning there is theoretically less than one molecule per liter of water.  Through our conventional understanding of science, logic decrees that homeopathy should have no effect and that anyone who claims that is does is not unable to understand science and the impossibility of such a belief.  Yet, there are reproducible studies which demonstrate that diluted substance can have positive effects upon biological systems. (8, 9, 10) Indeed, the entire spectrum of a subtle and holistic science is observed within the practice of Biodynamic farming and is living proof that growth, vitality, and yields can be enhanced through the application of these principles.

The reasons why these findings and practices are not embraced have to do with Ego which has intentionally constructed a science of limited understanding which will not allow ideas to viably exist beyond its theoretically derived boundaries.  Paradoxically, demonstrable effects from homeopathic substances can be observed through reproducible studies which wholly comprise the empirical methods of science; yet they cannot be explained through what constitutes current limited scientific theory. It is important to remember that the scientific method is based upon reproducible observations which support the hypothesis that the experiment is constructed upon.  In the case of homeopathy, the hypothesis is:

The Vital Potency of Substance in Biological Systems Based upon Harmonic Patterns within Dilutions of Water.

The result of these studies is entirely reproducible and therefore a scientifically proven fact.  Yet the theory as to why it works is forbidden to even consider, let alone discuss, within what constitutes an orthodox and biased “science” because anyone who takes the results seriously will be defrocked and expelled from what has simply become a cult.  When one follows the truth that the results of these homeopathic based experiments and practices lead us to, it does not follow the worldview that the egotistical and overtly masculine cult of material science has constructed and habitually promotes.  The denial of homeopathy as being scientifically credible, ties into a reflexive and perpetual rejection of the existence of spirit.  The rejection of the spiritual realm on the part of egocentric science constitutes the essence of misogyny.

So, instead of confronting the issue, many in science take the intellectually lazy pathway of labeling everything outside of a theoretically tight, linear, logical, and materialistic perspective as superstitious-magical-metaphysical-pseudoscience.  As time goes by, there are many within conventional science that are jumping off this sinking ship. Unfortunately, the last ones to do this are the professors and physicians within the healing arts.  This is because they fear that they have more to lose in acknowledging and accepting the true nature of health and healing.  Regardless, our healing sciences are at the focal point of this battle between perpetual limitation and a greater understanding of our human capacities through a growing spiritual awareness.

We must let go of anything within medicine that promotes this massive inertia towards a better understanding of holistic healing which is impossible until we can develop an appreciation for how this subtle science works.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest a mechanism.  The key factor is water.  Without water, homeopathy does not exist.  In esoteric science, it is recognized that water is analogous to the vital spiritual force that permeates our bodies.  Our physical body is simply a biochemical matrix that is maintained by an energetic template which in esoteric tradition is called the Vital, Energetic, Health, or Etheric body.  In Sanskrit, it is called Prana meaning life force; and Qi in Chinese meaning natural force.  For this discussion I will use the term Etheric body, which also suggests the ancient’s concept of Aether which is a substance thought to permeate the natural world in the same way that water permeates a porous space or field.

Our Etheric body is intimately connected to an energetic flow emanating from the central galactic source into our solar system, biosphere, and individual bodies.  In essence, the physical body’s state of health is maintained through this energy.  The nature of this energy is spiritual, meaning that it is difficult if not impossible to define in physical linear terms.  What can be said about it is that it is intentional and instantaneous.  It is of an incalculable power and indeed the fabric of the universe itself.  It is the Christ-Logos impulse.  It is experienced as infinite love, consciousness, wisdom, and truth.  The more we become aware of it, and intentionally live within a growing appreciation of not only its presence, but intelligence, the healthier we become.

Therefore, the Etheric body is the Universal Constant which provides the harmonic which we optimally resonate in sympathy with when we are experiencing love, compassion, truth, and a sense of wholeness.  Through love we are intentionally tuning ourselves into this energy and transforming our bodies into a healthier state of existence. It would not be wrong to state that through this ascended state of consciousness we are activating, attuning, and realigning our genetics.

Furthermore, we can begin to consider disease as disharmonic tendencies derived from the chaotic nature of our own consciousness.  Generally, this occurs when we live predominantly within Ego and egotistically based constructs which are both intrinsic and environmental.  Within esoteric science, the transformation of our human consciousness and the environment are inseparable.  Furthermore, this transmutation of our biosphere is occurring rapidly through ethereal forces that our consciousness is just beginning to sense and appreciate.  This transformation has long been predicted because it manifests according to the same dynamic celestial-spiritual energies that are entangled within our consciousness and the healing principles of homeopathy itself.  These energetic factors can be observed quite accurately through astronomy and its astrological relationships.

Indeed, homeopathy is based upon the working knowledge of the subtle astrological correlations to human consciousness and health.



It can be observed that the older we become the less water we carry within in our bodies.  In actuality, we have no water within ourselves but an etherealized fluid that we call plasma.  Infants are born out of a primordial soup of etheric energy.  Their bodies are supersaturated with this ethereally charged fluid which, as we age, diminishes over time.  And just like a plant at the end of its life cycle, the human body eventually becomes depleted and withered of its natural etheric force.  The Alchemists called this loss of vitality and rapidly declining state of health decrepitation, of which they were not able to find a durable cure for.  In fact, the practical essence of alchemy was to achieve a state of everlasting life and health.

Although alchemy has failed to provide us with an indelible state of physical health, within its metaphysical construct it remains an essential pathway to everlasting life.  This is the foundational idea of alchemy, which understands that there was a time in the distant past and also a time in the near future where a more perfect state of vitality and health will be restored to human existence upon this planet.  This greater state of physical health depends upon our spiritual awareness and how we practically apply our knowledge of everlasting life to our corporeal existence.  Was this not the teaching of the Master, to bring Heaven down to Earth?  It is clear, that when we truly develop a more vital and desirable state of longevity, the process will involve the retention and maintenance of our vital etheric essence for a much longer duration than we can currently sustain.

Again, the key to this subtle science is the nature of water itself.  Water is a vehicle for intention and conveys understated energies which can either be harmful or healing in nature.  This means that water acts as a carrier of energy.  Human consciousness is energetic.  The etheric forces of the Sun and the biosphere of the Earth are energetic.  Love is energetic.  Plants, metals, and celestial bodies manifest characteristic energies.  All these energies can have subtle effects upon water itself.

Examples of this phenomenon are obvious and are hiding in plain sight.  For instance, when specific frequencies are applied to viscous liquids conservative geometric patterns within the fluid emerge.  When human consciousness is directed towards freezing water, conservative patterns of crystallization form that are unique to the emotionality of the intentional thought pattern.  We can see this in other experiments imparting microwave energy into water which universally inhibits growth and destroys the vitality of plants.  Similar experiments where positive intentional thoughts imparted upon food substances will act to preserve vitality, while negative intention promotes decay.

The highly regarded alchemist, Paracelsus, (who is considered by many in science to be the father of modern medicine) would collect dew on large glass plates and use this liquid for his remedies because he understood that the celestial bodies and their alignments were imparting energies into the water and etherealizing (potenizing) it in very specific ways unique to the astrological forces of that moment in time.

Perhaps the most obvious if not incredulous observations are the scientifically proven healing properties of intentionally prepared soups.  Although the effects are subtle, they are empirically demonstrable and statistically significant.  What may be even more interesting is how science grapples with the results, attempting to explain mechanistically the reasons for the healing power, but never really acknowledging that the most important ingredient was the human intention that manifested the soup in the first place. (11)  It should be noted that similar subtle effects have been demonstrated through the power of pray. (12)  What is important to understand is that the intention of the act is just as important (if not more) than the individual substances that are added to the admixture.  In my opinion, the individual components of the healing remedy are accenting the conscious intention.  The entire process of creating healing remedies is truly an art.

Additional experiments looking at geometric structures, such as pyramids, have demonstrated that etheric energies can be imparted into water for healing purposes.  Interesting, when water is exposed to the concentrated energies of a healing pyramid, it dramatically lowers its freezing point.  The healing success of the pyramidal energy depends again upon intention, size, geometry, and the position placed within the confinements of the structure itself.  The results of pyramid power are geometrically derived and reproducible. (13, 14, 15)


Mitochondrial Hormesis

It is frustrating to see how such an inordinate amount of fear is generated by an incomplete understanding derived from our limited form of medical science.  So many people are worried about things that they seem to have no control over.  Currently, this fear is driven by science and the media which constantly warns us that virtually everything under the sun can cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, various inflammatory conditions, and neurological problems.  We are even told that our own Sun causes cancer.  Indeed, science is constantly looking for physical reasons as to why we succumb to illness.  Although death is an existential reality to our physical life, have we ever stopped to think about why we were placed within such a harsh and toxic environment in the first place?

For many people, this question is not even valid because the worldview that most of us have adopted through conditioning suggests that our life is a random event controlled by biochemical reactions and nothing more.  But for those who can see past this deception, the question needs to be considered.  True, our environment has become degraded from the toxic matter derived from our egotistically driven existence.  But are these undesirable substances the root cause of physical illness?

Through the expansive development of Ego, we have disconnected ourselves to our innate ability to heal.  We have not only lost faith in this capacity but also the knowledge that it even existed.  Somewhere along this egocentric process we developed the idea that our body is stupid; in fact, it is a thoughtless creation manifested through biochemical reactions that are irreversibly altered by environmental toxins.  Many in science still believe that it is solely our genetics which determines our fate and once our DNA has been altered, this is no remedy that can reverse the process.  Yet, science has recently demonstrated that this irreversible change to our genetics is simply not the case.  For instance, if we can change our environment it can radically alter our DNA, as recent NASA experiments have proven. (16)  Additional studies have frequently demonstrated that certain forms of energy can reverse genetic mutations in animals and other biological organisms back into its unadulterated state. (17, 18)

As opposed to conventional theory, real world experience demonstrates that our body is intelligent beyond the capacity that our Ego can calculate.  We are intentionally designed to live within optimal and suboptimal environments without detrimental effects as our body can adapt to environmental stress which appear to be a critical factor in maintaining our level of health.  This low-level ambient stress is known as eustress or good-stress and is an essential element in understanding how homeopathy works. (19, 20)

Paracelsus stated;

All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison.”

This leads to a very interesting insight because many of us think that we can only apply this to drugs that have been specifically designed to produce unique effects within our body.  But this can also be applied to what we usually think of as poisons.  Indeed, commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals become rat poisoning or chemical weapons at higher doses.  Keeping in mind that all substances leave traces of their etheric-energetic signatures within water, then virtually everything can act as either a poison or a remedy depending upon its nature and concentration.

In esoteric science, everything that is manifesting in the world is intentionally doing so; meaning that there is an etheric-energetic template that manifests the physical structure.  This leads to the concept that everything existing has both a physical and etheric body.  The esoteric scientists would label this as a coarse (physical) and fine (etheric) body.   This esoteric perspective is analogous to the theories expressed by the behavioral biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s in his ideas of a Morphic Field and Morphic Resonance, which is described in the same fashion as the Etheric body. (21)  Perhaps it is easiest to think of the Etheric body (or Morphic Field) as the idea of the object, substance, or biological life form which can be carried by water molecules, at least temporarily.

It is important to remember that the dose of a remedy is directly related to its concentration within the body.  Although many factors play a role, logic suggests that therapeutic effects are dose dependent. In allopathic medicine, this is represented as the Therapeutic Index which demonstrates the desired versus toxic effects of substances.  This is calculated as a ratio between the average lethal dose (LD50) ÷ average effective dose (ED50).   The higher the number the safer the substance is considered to be.

therapeuatic index

Through studying the effects of various concentrations of allopathic substances on biological systems (generally animals and humans), optimal dosages can be determined through the desired effects that are observed.  In most allopathic substances, the effects (whether therapeutic or toxic) are dramatic, and virtually every time a person takes one of these substance, an effect will be observed simply because the substance is destroying cells, killing invasive organisms, targeting biochemical receptors, blocking enzymes, or enhancing and or replacing substances which may be working with or against our innate etheric-energetic intelligence.  In most instances, we are either working against the body’s intentions or against the egotistical commands the patient is giving it, and this polarity will manifest itself as multiple effects.   When we look at conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, it must be understood that the origins of these afflictions are egotistical in nature and ultimately stem forth from an inconsideration of our body’s innate intelligence and its relationship to what simply constitutes our spirit.

Although counterintuitive to conventional logic, effects of substances can also be observed in lower concentrations.  Generally, these effects are subtle but non-the-less demonstrable and therapeutic.  Therefore, we can scientifically observe this homeopathic effect in biological systems from higher to lower concentrations.  Usually, the biological systems that are tested are plants (but also animals and humans) which are an appropriate model in determining the effects of substances on the pure Etheric life forces.   Interestingly, when we observe substances that we usually consider as toxic (such as mercury, lead, arsenic, natural venoms, etc.), at very high dilutions, positive effects are consistently observed.   The results form sinusoidal or semi-sinusoidal waves which have reproducible results at specific dilutions or frequencies.  Since we are considering etheric signatures conveyed within the water and its effects upon our innate energies, harmonic frequencies are an accurate analogy for these effects.  Usually positive effects are seen at 2-3 rhythmic frequencies within the traditional range of dilutions, but effects have also been observed at much higher dilutions beyond this degree.  Many variables beyond the intrinsic nature of the substance will affect the curve including specific ambient environmental energies and human intention.  Therefore, every remedy, like the patient being treated, is both consistent and unique.  Optimally, every remedy should be tested to determine maximal effective potency.


Therefore, not all homeopathic remedies are created equally as they will vary in potency depending upon the source and intention of the ingredients used.  This may be in-part why homeopathic substances do not always seem to work in the human patients who are taking them. (22)


The Efficacy of Homeopathy Now and in the Future

The major reason why homeopathy does not always work is directly related to the consciousness of the patient.  As a holistic practitioner we must be able to read our patient’s energetic signatures which constitute their capacities to discern specific levels of truth.  Ultimately, we all have the innate capacity to heal ourselves; but in most people this self-healing principle is under-developed and lies dormant.  In the past, science called this phenomenon the “placebo effect” because it has always been observed since the beginning of controlled scientific studies that positive healing effects can be achieved to varying degrees with “sugar pills.”  It is also called the power of suggestion or the power of the mind, as similar effects can be elicited through hypnosis.  Both methods demonstrate positive effects which can be employed for healing that does not require any discernible substance at all.  The question is why does this sometimes work?

When it comes to homeopathy and subtle energetic healing, science has had great success using it for biodynamic applications in plants. Science has also had success when using similar approaches in animals.  In my experience, it works well in some children, but not so well for adults.  What prevents most of my patients from benefiting from the more subtle therapies is Ego.  In egotistically inclined patients and families, they are so driven that they do not have enough time to get sick, let-alone take time out of their busy scheduled to consult with a physician or healer who will most likely suggest some life-change that would break their stride to inevitably promote a healthier existence.

Indeed, time (and how we perceived it) may be playing a critical role in the illness itself.  Within a deep-seated egotistical construct, a person’s consciousness is so far removed from their subtle energetic spiritual nature (which is timeless), that higher allopathic concentrations of substances are required for them to perceive any effect(s).  To an egotistically inclined person, healthier lifestyles will inevitable reconfigure a person’s perspective and relationship to time.  Undeniably, most people want to become better yesterday and have very little patience in allowing their body’s natural process to restore balance and a healthier state of existence.  Therefore, enhancing this natural process with subtle remedies has very little effect.

In every instance, we should look upon illness as an opportunity to create a dialog with our body and understand what it will take to heal it with or without any additional substances or procedures.  Illness provides us an chance to learn the nuisances of our body-mind-spirit relationship so that in the future serious illness can be avoided all-together if one remains in communion with their subtle energies.

Today, for better or worse, people are becoming less likely to heed the advice of anyone within positions of authority.  This is a paradigm shift that we are all working through.  In many ways this is an inevitable change within the path of discernment that we are traveling upon which can be therapeutic if is taken in a holistic way. Unavoidably, problems will arise when we allow our Ego to solely make decisions because it is easily influenced, programmed, and manipulated to follow the commands and desires of the hierarchical construct that we have all been born into and conditioned to live within.  This means that the Ego always has the tendency to ignore and or override the etheric intelligence of its own body because it has tricked the mind-soul into believing that it knows better.  It is essential to understand that fear drives this process.  If healing was only about commercially derived protocols, then this would work very well for all involved—but it does not because there is more to healing that is spiritual and therefore unaccountable in industry derived fear-based approaches.

It is important to understand that just living within the egotistically based construct which currently constitutes our modern materialist culture will inevitably lead to illness.  Those who are developing the will and capability to live outside of this limited construct are becoming attuned to the subtle capacities of the spirit and Etheric body, and therefore are moving towards a greater state of wholeness and health.  In this ascended state of consciousness, fear is overcome by love, which in the end is the ultimate source of healing.  Subtler substances, along with direct healing intention through love, will have a far greater effect upon our physical life than it ever had before.

This seemingly slow transformation has always been the secret of alchemists.  Call it their coveted panacea or universal remedy.  It has always been about recognizing the subtle hidden energies that we all possess.  Wellness is primarily about expanding our awareness and attuning to these higher and more rarefied frequencies.  In doing so, we are reconfiguring ourselves and our world into a state of existence that will eventually foster a natural condition of health and vitality that would be viewed today as dramatically enhanced, if not perpetual.

The key to this existence is when we can intentionally create an environment where all people can learn freely about the magnificence of their body’s intelligence and its own innate capacity for healing.



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3 thoughts on “The Etheric Body and the Subtle Science of Homeopathy”

  1. Ever since I discovered your writings earlier this year, I must say that I have been thoroughly entertained. This one is the best yet. You should write for the Onion, as your idea’s expressed are truly hilarious. The more I delve into your writings, the sillier it gets. You are a true MD and yet you believe this?? Thank the Lord I will never have an appointment with you. You are actually pushing the idea of Homeopathy?? Really? But I thought it is big Pharma that just wants everyone’s money. You are a charlatan, your spurious claims are beyond reproach, but come on, let’s be honest, ….you already know that. Good thing your audience is most likely both small and ignorant, or maybe……Enlightened!????


  2. Dear Skeptic,

    Thank you for demonstrating what a person on the path of truth and enlightenment is not. Without your impoverished remarks there would be no contrast. Keep in mind that your thoughts, actions and deeds are constructing the world around you into one of isolation and conflict. You are a true zealot and it is you and your intentions that keep the world imprisoned within the materialistic illusion that your misogynistic kind perceives as reality. Through the deception of your limited understanding, you are acting as a threshold guardian (dragon) to keep as many people as you can upon this earth separated from the wisdom of their own soul.

    It is clear that you have not read my essay carefully, because if you had, you would have to concede that the principles of homeopathy are scientific. This means that reproducible results through empirical studies on biological systems are observed through countless research. The reason why skeptics dismiss this truth is that the cult that they swear allegiance to claims that science can only exist within a materialistic construct. The realm of the physical is directly experienced through the five senses which are hardwired into the brain. This constitutes rational egocentric thinking, which are only two parameters out of four that all human beings possess. In your world, there is no room for emotional intelligence and absolutely no consideration for intuition which in-part constitutes our body’s innate ability to heal.

    We are multidimensional beings, a fact which the vast majority of people instinctively know and cutting edge science upholds. To suggest that human health is not influenced by a multidimensional environment (which science has succinctly demonstrated) is not only wrong but sheer ignorance.

    In the future, I would suggest that you embrace a different strategy in trying to get your point across. Shouting down your “opponent” is medieval and painfully out of place in an emerging culture of enlightenment. We understand that this is difficult for misogynists to do, but if you could manage to temper your emotions and put some real introspective insight into your thoughts you will be surprised to find that people take you seriously. You should read my essay “Letter to an Atheist” from May 2017 and then you might begin to see that it is your egocentric fear that holds you back.

    Regardless from where we start, it is inevitable that the more empathy and compassion we bring into our life through our thoughts, actions, and deeds, the closer we get to healing ourselves and the world in Unity consciousness. Stop being afraid and allow your heart to guide your actions.


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