“The mother of all conspiracies within our lifetime centers on the events of September 11, 2001. The effects of this catastrophe are still causing fear within us today. Those who have perpetrated this crime knew that it would be impossible to cover-up. But a cover-up was never the point because at it deepest level, it amounted to a dark perverse ritual designed to foment dissension and shatter our confidence. The best that the deep-state could do was to ignore or deny the facts while promoting a flimsy narrative that has been utterly exposed by very credible people and organizations within the scientific community. This has been done before on a smaller scale with the Kennedy assassination. This is why we can say with assurance that the official narrative which the media has promoted concerning the 911 events is false, simply because it does not hold up to the scrutiny of basic science.

Applying this same standard to the autism-vaccine issue disproves the theory that there is any direct correlation. Meaning, that vaccines have as much probability of causing autism as Mohamed Atta was solely responsible for engineering and carrying out the attacks on 911. Yet, the so called truth community embraces science for the issues of 911 and utterly ignores it on vaccines. This is because the media has engineered this paradox intentionally to breed mistrust, conflict, and fear.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 24, 2019

The subject of immunizations has become a controversial issue for many people.  In the past, we had a greater tendency to trust implicitly institutions that guided us in making informed decisions.  Today, most of these institutions have lost the public’s confidence.  In many instances, this is for good reason as our country’s medical system, and specifically the pharmaceutical-medical-industrial-complex that drives it, has historically taken advantage of this trust and has used it for less than noble intentions.  It is even believed that the goal of modern medicine is to keep us ill, so that we will perpetually need their services.

It is difficult to deny that there are perverse incentives embedded within a for-profit healthcare system that has a less than stellar track record when it comes to emulating the compassionate qualities that not only make us human but is the essential nature of healing itself.  Without this sympathetic energy healing cannot occur.  Keep in mind that there is a wall between the vast majority people who have chosen the healing arts as a vocation, and the agendas propagated by the for-profit industry that has attempted to take hold of it.  There are many reasons why people go into medicine, but ultimately most have an impulse to heal which is deeply karmic in nature.

Since the beginning of vaccinations, there have always been voices of dissent.  Anti-vaccination leagues were established in mid-nineteenth century England to oppose what amounted to mandatory smallpox immunizations.  By the late 1870’s, similar movements arouse in the US to oppose compulsory vaccinations in New England and New York.  The death rate of smallpox varied between 25 – 99% depending upon the strain and the population infected. Virtually all people infected with smallpox were disfigured.  Today, we do not have mandatory vaccinations for smallpox because it has been eradicated as a natural human infection (although it has been weaponized).  Furthermore, vaccines for smallpox are no longer given because of the successful efforts of the immunization programs that our predecessors devised and implemented.

There are no mandatory vaccinations in the US, but there are a series of state and federal laws which make it exceedingly difficult for a child enrolled in any publicly subsidized program to participate without them. With rare exception, vaccinations become obligatory for children attending public and private schools.  One of the few private school systems that do not strictly enforce immunizations are the Waldorf schools which liberally allows religious and medical exemptions and has always maintained a Laissez-faire attitude towards this issue.  There are over 160 schools throughout the US and in many of them well over half of the children attending are not vaccinated.

Waldorf education is based upon the principles of esoteric science and is designed to elicit the maximal intellectual and spiritual potentials of the children who are attending these schools. The foundational principles of Waldorf are aligned to the teachings of the Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner.  Many within these schools assume that Steiner was opposed to vaccinations, but that is not the case.  Steiner’s lectures were quite arcane and ambivalent regarding the matter, but when specifically asked as to whether he thought that the emerging science of childhood immunizations were a good idea, he gave the advice that if the parents agreed and the child was living in a stable and loving household; then by all means vaccinate.  For the most part, anthroposophists do not oppose vaccinations because of autism, because as a group, they are most intellectually inclined and are aware that science has not demonstrated any credible correlation.

What anthroposophists do oppose is the oppression of free will.

Furthermore, it is understood within Anthroposophy that inflammatory cycles specifically related to childhood illness help the physical body, and specifically the brain, to develop naturally while allowing the ego to properly descend into the child.   It is believed that if these inflammatory cycles are suppressed and or not allowed to occur naturally, then neurodevelopmental problems could result.  Furthermore, many believe that disease is karmic, meaning that the disease amounts to an essential life experience that must play itself out.  If this ordained experience does not happen, then it is believed that illness is still bound to manifest but in an alternative form.

Although these ideas may sound strange, there is a scientific basis for at least part of this concept.  In general, countries that do not routinely treat fevers in children have the lowest neurodevelopmental rates. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend the use of antipyretics (aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen) because it is understood that fever is serving a purpose and that disrupting this natural process makes little theoretical sense and has never proven to be of any benefit.   The routine use of readily available over the counter fever reducers may potentially cause a greater threat to your child than any known vaccine.

Yet the fact remains that there are numerous voices within the media suggesting that immunizations pose a health threat to the children receiving them.  Subsequently, there has been a concerted effort to link vaccines to the escalating cases of behavioral illness and specifically to autism now occurring within our country.  Although these voices are impassioned and seem quite sincere, is there any credible evidence behind these claims?  And further, if there is not, then why does the media continue to support their endeavors?

Decades ago, when the rise of autism became obvious, science began searching for an environmental cause.  Initially, it was thought to be related to a preservative found within the vaccines called thimerosal, which is an ethyl-mercury compound used since the 1930’s.  Since mercury is known to be toxic to the nervous system, it was removed.  By 2001, there were practically no vaccinations containing this compound, yet the cases of autism continued to rise.  Scientific studies were never able to link autism to thimerosal or any known mercury compound, and additionally, the test of time has demonstrated clearly that thimerosal cannot be the cause of autism.  Today, fewer preservatives are used in general, and all forms of mercy (thimerosal) have been eliminated from all vaccinations that we administer.  Yet, there are still voices within popular and alternative media claiming that autism is caused by “mercury in the shots.”  With the scientific information now at hand today, these claims can only be interpreted as fear mongering, which may indeed be their purpose.

In 1998, there was a small study in the prestigious British medical journal Lancet, of 12 children, 8 with autism and 4 with other neurodevelopmental disorders which discovered non-specific inflammation in their intestines.  From this limited observation, it was proposed that many environmental factors, including vaccinations, could be causing this inflammation and therefore autism and other neurodevelopmental illness.   The researcher of this study, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, specifically believed that the combined measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine was the primary agent involved.  A scientific theory was then established that MMR was related to autism.  This concern was taken seriously by the world medical community with no less than 5 major research studies over the last 20 years looking extensively into this issue.   These studies have confirmed that there is no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Keep in mind that in the best of circumstances, this is how science and the scientific method work.  Through limited observational studies a theory is derived and through further studies, if the results correlate to the theory in question (in this case, the direct correlation between autism and MMR) then the theory is accepted as valid.  The integrity of science and the truth that it stands for can only be upheld through this principle.  By not being able to demonstrate this correlation in multiple world-wide studies with large populations of children should be enough evidence for a scientist of integrity to accept the fact that his theory is wrong or wholly incomplete.  This is an integral part of the scientific method and as we should say with no shame or regret, “Back to the drawing board.”

Furthermore, scientific research has demonstrated that over-stimulation of our nervous system can cause the same non-specific inflammation that was observed in 1998.  This simply means that inflammation can occur in our body from neurological illness and over-stimulation of the nervous system without any triggers from an outside source or environmental factors, such as vaccinations or infections.  This observation is a phenomenon and can be seen with pain syndromes related to irritable bowel disease, pelvic pain syndrome, chronic prostatitis, migraines, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.  It is well known in esoteric science and holistic medicine, that over-stimulating the ego, and therefore the nervous system, literally destroys the body (see Beyond the Souls Meridian discussion on Prometheus).  This means that it is certainly possible to observe non-specific inflammation in children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and ASA, without any specific environmental agent causing it.

One of the first signs of autism in infancy is late persistent crying which is often misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal colic.  So, it comes to no surprise to see gastrointestinal inflammation.  The challenge now is to accurately explain it outside of the old paradigms and materialistic constructs that we reflexively assume when inflammation is observed.

Yet in the case of Dr. Wakefield and the anti-vaccination groups supporting him, acceptance of the data, a process of introspection, and a re-analysis of the MMR theory has not happened.  This lack of acceptance on the part of the anti-vaccination movement led to further investigations which suggested conflicts of interest by Dr. Wakefield and those who want to continue to propagate the vaccine-MMR-autism correlation.  Subsequently, Wakefield’s original research was called into question by the scientific community and the Lancet officially invalidated and redacted his article.   In retaliation to these actions, an independent documentary entitled “VAXXED” was released in 2016 suggesting a massive conspiracy by the scientific community and Big Pharma is being perpetrated against Dr. Wakefield and therefore the public.  Considering the attention that the media has given to this issue and the legion of Hollywood celebrities employed to propagate this disinformation, this can only be viewed as a polarizing and divisive issue serving an agenda that few people comprehend.

Perhaps even more telling are the sentiments expressed by our current Commander-in-Chief, who has (against the unanimous opinion of his advisors) tweeted on social media in support of anti-vaccination agendas while fueling the growing popular sentiment that somehow vaccines are dangerous despite what our science continues to validate and conclude.  In the case of politics and celebrities, regardless of the facts, it is easy to see how the proliferation of disinformation can occur if one is seeking approval from a community that supports fear-based, false, or ungrounded beliefs.

Furthermore, careers and livelihoods are at stake.  Good or bad, publicity translates into media attention which translates into power, influence, and revenue.  Unfortunately, the media feeds off this attention while engineering the story to be as polarizing as possible.  If you have not already notice, the media is permeated with fear, violence, egotistical agendas, and conflict.  In general, there is a concerted effort to portray humanity in its most separated, conflicted, ugly, and vulnerable form.  There is a mind control agenda behind it that must be recognized.  The fallout of this contrived programming is the promotion of illness through fear, uncertainty, and chaos which has a direct bearing upon the sentiments of the parents and health of our children.

In the bigger picture, there are public health concerns which must be addressed.  Not all vaccinations solely benefit the person receiving it.  In the case of German measles or rubella, it was recognized to be a major cause of serious congenital disease (blindness, deafness, intellectual impairment, heart disease, liver, etc.), spontaneous abortions, and encephalitis in children.  In 1962–1965 there was an estimated 12.5 million US rubella cases leading to 2,000 cases of encephalitis, 11,250 therapeutic or spontaneous abortions, 2,100 neonatal deaths, and 20,000 infants born with symptoms of congenital rubella.

Once these correlations were recognized, there was an effort to mass inoculate the public in order to protect infants and unborn children.  Many people within my generation can recall receiving this type of vaccination which was given en masse through a jet injector at school.   These were different times when virtually the entire class was given consent for this procedure. Subsequently, rubella has been effectively eliminated in the US and is close to becoming extinct world-wide.

Additionally, studies looking at the safety of vaccines come from experiences in other countries.  The most dramatic example of vaccine safety comes from the country of Cuba.  In Cuba, there have been less than 200 cases of autism reported in a country of over 11 million people.  Yet, 99% of Cuban citizens are vaccinated.  Their vaccine schedules are similar to those found here, with additional vaccinations against infectious diseases (such as typhoid fever and tuberculosis) that we do not routinely see in the US.  MMR is routinely given at the same intervals that children in the US receive.  What is strikingly different is that they have, as individuals, a comprehensive knowledge of the science and the reasons why they receive these vaccines which they value and appreciate.  For many in that country, the illnesses that their immunizations prevent are still a living memory. While in our country, these same diseases are only a historical fact that most of us have forgotten.

What must also be considered is the communal nature of the Cuban society where vaccinations are not only viewed as a birthright but as an obligation which they understand is beneficial to all the members of their community.  It must be stated that ego (which is the psychologically source of where fear resides) plays a massive role in the anti-vaccination phenomena.  What can only be viewed as a bizarre twist is the fact the same parents who are objecting to vaccinations, were themselves protected against a wide variety of communicable and non-communicable disease through a successful and effective vaccination program.  The reasons for this irony become the crux of the matter in understanding the deception that is being played upon all of us.


Vaccinations, the Media, and the Deep State

It is critical for anyone who is trying to make sense out of the vaccine issue to understand that times are changing and paradigms are shifting.  As previously discussed, in the early 1960s when science discovered the extent and severity of congenital illness attributed to German measles there was no hesitation developing an effective live attenuated vaccine, adopting a national strategy, and implementing an immunization program.  On October 16, 1968 Walter Cronkite announced on CBS evening news that the US National Institutes of Heath (NIH) had developed an effect vaccination for German measles.  With a war raging in Vietnam, this was a bit of good news and a significant achievement for our nation.  By 1970, this vaccine was licensed and available in the US.  Within just a few years, the vaccination was being administered throughout the US public school systems.

By 1972, Illinois made German measles (rubella) vaccinations mandatory for all boys and girls less than 10 years of age.  Sometime that fall, mimeographed consent forms were handed out to our third grade class and by the end of the week, 29 out of 30 kids had returned their signed consent form with little if any concern from their parents.   I can even recall my father explaining to me that they were using a high pressure needless gun to administer the shot.

Shortly thereafter, our school’s kindergarten class was turned into a makeshift vaccination ward.  In very rapid succession, we were called, youngest to oldest, down to the shot-ward.  When it was our class’s turn we all lined up (with the one exception), and marched down in single file to our old kindergarten room.  As we got close you could literally sense the anxiety with kids rolling up our sleeves waiting in line to go in and many tearful ones holding their arm in pain staggering back out.  It was all quite surreal. But by the time we finished our lunches of bologna or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread, choked down school hot lunches of government issued Salisbury steak and tater tots, threw out the overcooked veggies, kicked each other around on the playground for a good twenty minutes, and staggered back into class, it was all a distant memory.

Those days are gone.  Back then, shots were considered a significant nuisance because the real illness was a living memory and far worse than any potential side effect that could be imagined.  As a whole, we were more trusting, and subsequently, there was simply less fear.  Today, for better or worse, parents are more suspicious and children are looked with a greater sense of vulnerability.  Parents are engaged but also have a tendency to be more fearful.  An explosion of information and disinformation drives this uncertainty.  In many instances, parents let their fear-based ego get the best of them unaware that this unsettled energy bleeds over into their children.   It is not so much the shots, but the fear that surrounds them that is most detrimental.  This is why Rudolf Steiner agreed with vaccination in stable, trusting, and harmonious home environments.

Yet, it would be disingenuous to suggest that vaccinations are not without potential side effects.  Considering the various methods behind their technology, along with the circumstances of giving the shot in the first place, all immunizations carry a varying degree of risk.  The justification of giving them is based upon probabilities.  For instance, when there was no vaccination for polio, there was close to a 100% chance that you and your children would become infected with the virus.  Historically, 1% of the people infected would develop poliomyelitis to varying degrees, which frequently resulted in permanent paralysis and death.  Vaccinations for polio became available in the 1955 and the last case of wild type polio reported in the US was in 1993.  A live attenuated polio oral vaccine (OPV) was used throughout the end of the last century which was responsible for 1-3 vaccine related polio cases per million immunizations administered.  With the current vaccination (IPV) used for over the last 20 years, there have been no reported cases of vaccine related polio.

And still, there are objections to the vaccine.  Recently, a high profile alternative media news couple released a slick and widely viewed video calling into question the safety of polio vaccination, along with Bobby Kennedy Junior’s rant on DTP-mercury-autism, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his posse comitatus on MMR-autism.  These people pride themselves on their capacities to discern the truth and accurately report the facts.  Furthermore, they have invested an enormous amount of energy exposing egregious distortions in the mainstream media and its role in the programming and mind control of the American public.  They appear to be a sincere homespun American couple, and perhaps they are.  But for all the truth that they report on, there is much more that they have a tendency to ignore or even distort.  Again, whether they realize it or not, they are directly appealing to a constituency which supports them, while at the same time following an agenda that is conditioning those that they are influencing into believing what amounts to propaganda.  Credibility must be established through an objective and holistic analysis of the facts.  In the case of vaccinations, most of this information is scientifically derived, which is being utterly ignored at the expense of their fear-based apprehensions attempting to link vaccinations and the science behind it to autism and any other potential side effects that their fear may suggest.

Do they realize that their credibility (which they pride themselves upon) in reporting the truth is utterly shattered when they choose to ignore a mountain of credible scientific research that fully addresses their legitimate concerns?  The reality is these people are intelligent, well informed, and certainly capable of understanding the history and science behind illness and immunizations.  Therefore, whether they realize it or not, they are acting as the same disinformation agents that they have established a career in exposing.  The only difference is that they appear to be in opposite camps.  Marginalizing vetted and well established facts while projecting fear is wholly breeding dissension for the sake dissension.  Generally, when people are called out on this, they resort to the fact that they are simply expressing their own opinion, although masquerading as credible journalists.  The reality is that anyone who does this is no better than the mainstream media which has resorted to a form of infotainment that is passed off as news.

The results of this programming are fear and confusion which appeal to our ego and singles us out as a target for injury, abuse, and deception.  The effects are palpable because we all have been programmed to think that we live in a chaotic world where everything is out to get us.  Even when it is sincerely and effectively demonstrated that there is a 99.999999% that you, your child, and society will benefit from an immunization versus a 0.000001% that they will not, the egotist or person exposed to this propaganda will only see the latter because they have been conditioned to identify with it.  Virtually all forms of media perpetually promote the idea that we are living in a world of fear, isolation, competition and illness and not one that supports unity, cooperation, and health.  Which group do you see yourself in?  Keep in mind that consciousness and intention play the key factor in outcomes.

A genuine conspiracy…..

What is even more baffling is the fact that if you look in the right places, you can easily find a pure 100% honest-to-goodness conspiracy that all forms of media have essentially ignored.  Perhaps this is because it crosses political lines and or disrupts the true agenda of the perceived autism-vaccination debate which is fear-based propaganda.   It is clear that the vaccinations have little if any connection to autism.  Indeed, it is becoming apparent through ongoing scientific investigations that autism is a prenatal condition (please see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian Autism June 2016, and Autism Update January 2018, with an additional essay to follow later this year) occurring well before any vaccinations are administered.  More people are avoiding them, yet the cases of autism continue to climb.  The issue of autism and vaccines is not only a dead horse but a rotting carcass that most members of the alternative media and the anti-vaccine movement continue to flog with impunity.  It is a lifeless issue which they continue to resurrect like a Frankenstein.  What puzzles me is why they are not focusing upon legitimate concerns, because if the goal is to publicly object to vaccinations and immunization policies then do it over issues that have factual merit.

The mother of all conspiracies within our lifetime centers on the events of September 11, 2001.  The effects of this catastrophe are still causing fear within us today.  Those who have perpetrated this crime knew that it would be impossible to cover-up.  But a cover-up was never the point because at it deepest level, it amounted to a dark perverse ritual designed to foment dissension and shatter our confidence.   The best that the deep-state could do was to ignore or deny the facts while promoting a flimsy narrative that has been utterly exposed by very credible people and organizations within the scientific community.  This has been done before on a smaller scale with the Kennedy assassination.  This is why we can say with assurance that the official narrative which the media has promoted concerning the 911 events is false, simply because it does not hold up to the scrutiny of basic science.

Applying this same standard to the autism-vaccine issue disproves the theory that there is any direct correlation.  Meaning, that vaccines have as much probability of causing autism as Mohamed Atta was solely responsible for engineering and carrying out the attacks on 911.   Yet, the so called truth community embraces science for the issues of 911 and utterly ignores it on vaccines.   This is because the media has engineered this paradox intentionally to breed mistrust, conflict, and fear.

So the reason why they are not exposing the real story is because it is not part of their narrative.  First of all, vaccinations should not be administered to anyone who objects, regardless of their reasons.  This is a free will decision and coercing a person into doing so violates the principles of informed consent which is the foundation of all medical practice.  Furthermore, we must always have the right to exercise our opinion and the option to refuse because universal obligatory vaccinations in the hands of the deep-state could lead to potential abuse.

There are certain vaccinations that have been called into question regarding the intentional spread of disease.  One is smallpox which is no longer given.  In the case of smallpox there is epidemiological evidence which suggests that contaminated vaccine could have been the source of the HIV epidemic.  Although no hard evidence exists, when observing the world-wide extinction of smallpox cases (Africa, Haiti, and Brazil) and the emergence of HIV, the patterns directly overlap.  Unless more information becomes public this correlation remains circumstantial.

The other vaccine is influenza which has never been an obligatory vaccination except for health care professionals or residents in chronic care facilities.  As an agent for immunization, the traditional flu vaccine is one of our oldest and is associated with more side effects and less efficacy than all others currently in use.  The standard vaccine has never been called into question as an agent for spreading disease, but it has some substantial side effects including flu-like illness, inflammation of the pancreas, and paralytic disease known as Guillain-Barré.  Under certain circumstances in the past, special flu vaccinations were prepared on a large scale and given voluntarily to the US public.  This vaccination was specifically designed for swine flu and was distributed in 1976 and in 2009.  Coincidentally, these were the same years that swine flu pandemics emerged.  It was always assumed that our scientists were hard at work keeping the public safe from swine flu illness, but this could not be further from the truth.

In a study published in July 2009 in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), researchers Shanta Zimmerman M.D. and Donald Burke M.D. set out to find the origins of where this unique virus came from.  This question is quite an enigma because swine flu is not like ordinary human flu.  If you are in close contact to swine you can become infected, but because it is a pig virus in origin, it cannot be spread to humans.  In order for swine flu to be spread among humans it must adapt genetically into a transmissible form.   The mechanism behind this natural adaptation has never been understood and remains a mystery.  But what the researchers discovered was that the swine virus was intentionally mutated artificially in a lab and then “accidentally” released to the public.  The mechanism of the release is not mentioned in the study but it is assumed to be through the vaccine. They concluded that this was a self fulfilling prophecy epidemic.  The information as to who was responsible for this accidental release has never been revealed.

What was even more damning were the political circumstances during the time surrounding the 2009 New England Journal article.  Throughout the beginning of that year, there were at least four major articles published in the NEJM discussing various issues related to swine flu.  Concurrently, the media was hyping the dangers of swine flu months before the first cases in the US emerged.  Once it hit, the media went into high gear and for at least a few weeks every other story seemed to be related to swine flu.

At exactly the same time, the Affordable Health Care Act (AKA Obamacare) was successfully rammed through congress.  How beneficial was it for the administration to have had a reason for the controlled media to incessantly report on a story that not only reminded us of our health, but also scarred the hell out of many of us?  I suspect that it was designed to make us think about our health and the perceivable need for healthcare.  Needless to say, the Affordable Health Care Act, which was not only a windfall for the healthcare industry but a draconian set of measures that in many ways has crippled the independent spirit of medical practice, was passed.

So how did the swine flu virus adapt in 2009? Circumstantial evidence suggests that it happened in the same fashion as 1977.   The initial cases began freakishly early at the beginning of September, almost as soon as the children went back to school. This also coincided with the administration of the first swine flu vaccinations.  Interestingly, the initial vaccines were in limited supply and only distributed through federal or state offices.  Our office did not receive the vaccinations until late November and we never administered a single dose because the circumstances were too suspicious.   Thousands of people died from these incidents and no one in either the alternative or mainstream media even dared to touch the story because the deep-state, which controls both sources, would like to continue to exercise this option of terror through illness in manufacturing consent and controlling public opinion.  This is a true conspiracy and a reason to be concerned.

Please keep in mind that it was mainstream science that pointed out these irregularities.  Without true human concern by what is essentially a heroic act we would never have known.  Unfortunately, the public has a disinterest if not a disdain for the complexities of scientific data and can easily be influence by a disingenuous person that the media promotes as an expert.  Controlling the discourse allows people to remain ignorant of essential facts because the media chooses what stories are viable in serving their agendas.

The best advice that I can give is to pay attention to the media and observe what it is hyping.  When the media goes into high gear warning us about exotic viruses like Zika, Ebola, or unusual flu, be cautious.  At this point, I would also be suspicious for mass inoculations that are heavily promote through the media.  This does not include the stable, time tested, and well regulated immunizations that virtually all of us receive. Unless absolutely necessary, wait on new vaccines. And most importantly, if you still have a good relationship with your health care providers, then by all means talk to them and consider their advice.

A severe lack of trust exists within the US healthcare system that must be recognized and addressed.  People have become so discerning and skeptical that heeding the advice of a doctor or any healthcare agency carries far less credibility than it has ever had in the past.  Trust must be restored within our country’s healing institutions and all profit driven agendas and proprietary impulses must eventually be eliminated from healthcare practice. This can only be done through compassion, transparency, and full disclosure of all the variables involved.  This is the essence of being a doctor, the name of which is derived from the Latin verb docere, which means to teach.  We heal, therefore, through the dissemination of truth which is derived through an unconditional and comprehensive understanding of science.

Ultimately, patients have the right to choose and individual discernment must be respected.  Not only must it be respected but cherished, since free will is the final safeguard against what many people fear is a globalist agenda where vaccinations become truly compulsory without any oversight or right to objection.  Keep in mind that this draconian vision is a programmed fear-based scenario and as likely as a zombie apocalypse.  Know that you are a sovereign being, and as co-creators of our reality we would have to go to great lengths in very negative directions to see any programmed full-blown deep-state agenda manifest.  As it is said,

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

Look around you and understand that 98% of us (in all walks of life) desire to live in freedom, peace, and health.  Furthermore, there are spiritual forces here to assist us when we develop the courage to step out of our fear-based ego and start living from our heart.  Once this transformation occurs, we will be able to see the humanity in all of us (which will extend even to the members of the alleged deep state), and we will not be deceived.  In addition, we must recognize that the sincere interpretation of science functions to safeguard against itself and bad medical practices.

Our approach to healing must become holistic, meaning that it will always be guided by the principles of an unconditional science that swears no allegiance to any exclusive branch or organization while considering all variables regarding the human body, mind-soul, and spirit.  Medical practice must be based upon the maxim of Non-maleficence which means “Do no harm” because it is recognized that our actions directly influence and help determine the health and well-being of our patients.  Furthermore, a wise physician understands that they are entangled through karma to the outcome of their actions. It remains our duty, as independent practitioners, to faithfully interpret all forms of scientific information and apply it to our patients in the most beneficial way.

The varying technology behind the science of immunizations is sound and still remains a safe and effective way in preventing illness and promoting health.  Immunizations not only benefit the children and adults receiving them, but the greater community.  When better methods become apparent and available, they must be effectively implemented.  We can only hope that personal objections to the practice of vaccinations are met with patience, intelligence, and understanding on the part of the practitioners.  We must also understand the role of the media and the underlying fear-based agendas that they are continuously fostering.

Living life within our current dimensional construct of ego, fear, conflict, and illness, affords us limited options regarding the prevention of illness and disease.  By all accounts, we will continue to live within this dense linear cause and effect scenario for many generations to come.  Still, within our rapidly changing world, immunization remains the best option for a safe, effective, and proven method for disease prevention and will continue to be so as long we strive to keep our science objective, healthcare compassionate, oversight transparent, and free choice respected.


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Truthstream Media,

Shanta M. Zimmer, M.D., and Donald S. Burke, M.D. Historical Perspective — Emergence of Influenza A (H1N1), New England Journal of Medicine, July, 16 2009

The history of influenza A (H1N1) virus is punctuated by frequent, sporadic cross-species transmissions from swine to humans. Although the sporadically transmitted swine viruses are sufficiently pathogenic in humans to cause clinically apparent disease, they are rarely transmitted among humans. Exposure and infection are necessary but not sufficient for a new epidemic virus to emerge; the virus must also adapt and transmit. The one prominent exception to the general rule that these swine viruses are not transmitted among humans was the outbreak at Fort Dix. This virus was never transmitted beyond the military installation, probably because the intrinsic transmissibility of the virus was simply too low. Yet the global response to this outbreak was forceful, especially given that the outbreak self-quenched. The decision to mass-vaccinate the U.S. population resulted in the unfortunately large cluster of Guillain–Barré cases. Perhaps an even more serious consequence was the accidental release of human-adapted influenza A (H1N1) virus from a research study, with subsequent resurrection and global spread of this previously extinct virus, leading to what could be regarded as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” epidemic.

Matthew 12:25


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