The Event

“As far as what this Event will entail is still unclear, but all signs seem to be pointing towards the Sun. Indeed, a better understanding of the mystical nature of the Sun and its relationship to the Earth will be part of this Event. Within the Ascension community, many are suggesting that a mass coronal ejection followed by 3 days of darkness will be part of this scenario. Again, this is still speculation as these more biblical events are yet to be seen. They could still very well happen, but it might be in a more subtle and gradual fashion. Yet, what must be demonstrated to every individual is to experience God’s love through grace and the infinite power of this Divine sympathetic energy. Once our relationship to our higher self and the Logos has been directly experienced and correctly understood, the supremacy of our Ego will become annulled.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian December 31, 2018

Much has been said about what the Ascension community calls the “Event.”  Until this Event occurs, it is open to interpretation as to the nature of what it actually is.  Some people believe that we will develop the capacity to ascend and leave behind the troubles that are inherent to what we have all come to know as earthly life.  Escaping our world is an old way of thinking and not a likely scenario, as ascension is happening to the Earth itself and it will not be a suitable place for those who refuse to transform themselves in sympathy to these changing energies.  Thankfully, this will not be an overnight process.  Furthermore, no human being is excluded from the ascension process.  Those who refuse to acknowledge what is really happening are doing so through an intentional obfuscation driven by the ruling forces of Hierarchy which appeals to their Ego.  Therefore, those in denial are allowing their Ego to rule within a lower construct of consciousness chosen through their own volition.

The vast majority of information regarding the Event comes either from scripture or channeled information from beings that allegedly exist outside of the linear time construct which constitutes the lower density of our existence.  There are also some sources which claim to have information from direct encounters with extraterrestrials who are gathering en masse within our solar system to not only witness the Event, but to help humanity through this transitional period. The reasons for this assistant are compelling to anyone who is familiar with our own legends, scriptures, and mythologies simply because these beings are karmically entangled within our earth’s history.  Therefore, the extraterrestrial’s own quality of existence may very well be dependent upon our outcome as both scenarios are married to each other.  Indeed, it has been stated through many resources (including the body of work that encompasses Beyond the Soul’s Meridian) that the galaxy itself will be directly affected by what happens upon our earth at this time and our perceived future.

It is important to recognize that linear time as we experience it is not the same to beings living within higher dimensional states.  Therefore, their perceptions of linear time from our perspective may seem inaccurate.  Indeed, this distortion is most likely because as our consciousness is shifting, so are the timelines and future outcomes.  This shift in human consciousness will also have an effect on the past because we can perceive our historical records with a greater sense of wisdom, thereby consciously re-configuring the meaning of the events themselves.  This transformation is initiated when we begin to let go of our fear and simply forgive.  Understanding and executing this endeavor is the key element to healing and therefore transformation.

Although it may sound simple enough, most us are not yet prepared to let go and confront fear.  The reason for this impairment is Ego which is still blocking the processes.  From an evolutionary perspective, Ego has become fully developed and we have reflexively become conditioned to live within its boundaries.  In many ways, it is a protective adaptation that guards the soul from injury and certain forms of abuse.  Yet, it also dismisses virtually everything that it cannot directly perceive through externalized observation leading to a very existential existence. Ego is a wonderful and essential tool for human beings to survive within the linear construct of materialistic earthbound life, but it can also be manipulated by the ruling forces of Hierarchy.

Hierarchy is based upon egotistical constructs, and what rules this density of consciousness is fear.  Fear is the essential ruler of Ego because within the parameters of this domain our consciousness reflexively dismisses everything that it cannot perceive.  Yet, the subconscious knows differently and is constantly sending messages to our egocentric mind to pay heed to what the heart has to tell it.  This creates conflict within human beings who have, through lifetimes, experienced the limitations of ignorance and superstition and whose kindness was exploited by other individuals and usurping energies which mastered the lessons of egotistical hierarchy and used it for their own advantage to rule over others. Therefore, Ego fights like hell to maintain a world that it can understand and control which is by design orderly, logical, and devoid spirit.  What Ego perceives as superstition is anything that is spiritual (and therefore outside the linear time continuum) within nature.

Despite this fact, the world in which we live in is a paradoxical one that is not solely linear, logical, and materialistic. Yet, the Ego assumes that it is. And this is the essential problem, because Ego is constantly projecting outcomes which are fear based because it has not yet experienced the realm of the spirit.  In many ways, the Ego is an existential entity that yearns for justice, yet has never truly experienced it.  It is also an undeniable fact that what egocentric justice we have experienced is hollow, fleeting, and impermanent.

So, one can speak about universal love, I AM, Unity consciousness, divine justice and the higher self, but to an egocentrically oriented person, it sounds like superstitious nonsense.  In the many years that I have attempted to teach this information, I have found this prevalent suspicion to be the underlying basis of consciousness to the audiences that I find myself addressing.  This reflexive skeptical impulse exists because many of my students are not spiritually evolved enough to begin asking life’s most essential questions such as, “Who am I?” “What happens when we die?” “What is God?” Etc, etc, etc…    Indeed, at a much younger age in my life, I would have called bullshit on the truth that I have experienced and am now compelled to share.  This egocentric existential mindset has been a normal phase of development within this earthly life—that is until now.  The truth is our egocentric dominated world has come to an end.  Many people have not yet come to see it, but this shift has truly happened.  This was the significance of the 2012 event that for many came and went without even a whisper.  For others, such as myself, I was compelled to begin writing in earnest around the time of this great transition.

As it turns out, there are many cycles to this transition and depending upon our age, spiritual development, and mission in life, we are feeling the impulses of these waves at various times as they are reminding us of our true purpose and destiny.

As strange as it may seem, the origins of these waves are “scalar” in nature, meaning they are related to the superluminal etheric forces which are nothing less than the Akashic field that moves the celestial bodies, attunes our genetics, and stores memory.  This energy resonates in sympathy to the Logos which emanates forth from our galactic Sun into our local Sun, and from our Sun, into the Earth, and through her biosphere, into our being.  When we are encountering this energy in a unified state, we can experience it as an infinite form of love.  Those who are closest to unifying themselves are intermittently experiencing it first.

This state of unity means that we are coming to our still point, have faced our fear, understand the nature and purpose of evil, have forgiven, and are now moving towards balancing our karma.  Furthermore, we have discovered (in one way or another) our spiritual higher self and are now compelled to live within its guidance and presence.  I would define Unity as the point when our mind becomes cognizant of our spirit (or higher self) and we are inherently compelled to initiate a life in service not only to ourselves but all humanity through this relationship.  The guiding principle of this relationship is a greater level of consciousness inspired by the wisdom of our heart.  It is even postulated that an additional level of soul function is being created through this transformation known by names such as Higher Manas or Consciousness Soul (seen Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter 5, Wisdom, Understanding, and Consciousness Soul).   These are ancient principles which have been, for the most part, ignored for millennia within a celestial Dark Age as our egocentric consciousness developed and flourished.  Ultimately, what is now happening is the re-emergence of truth through a universal process of spiritual initiation available to all who care to participate within this higher realm of existence.

Throughout this entire process there has always been this nagging question in the back of my mind which I attribute to Ego and is something along the lines of, “How do we know what truth really is?  Not only from a stranger who is telling me information through some channeled source, but even my own experiences.  “How do we know that we are not just victims of mind control?”  Up until this point in our human experience, the ruling forces of Hierarchy have established control through deception.

It is quite possible, if not probable, that a torrent of disinformation is being disseminated through various media platforms which will not only obscure truth but may act to intentionally pacify the public into believing that all will be well through what amounts (from their perspective) as inaction.  From a lower egocentric perspective, this conclusion is an existential fact. Yet, conflict and fear, in any form, is exactly what the forces of Hierarchy feed off of, and once we engage our soul’s energies into their chaos, we are imprisoning ourselves into a paradigm that they control and rule over.  At some point, we must come to realize that theirs is a rigged game that we can never win.  Once we become wise to this fact many will no longer choose to participate, and their influence will greatly diminish.

So, something unique and extraordinary must happen that will shake the foundations of our egocentric consciousness and existential existence.  If it had not already happened to me (at least in a small way) I would not be so certain about our future or this Event in question. As to why some people have experienced elements of this Event, it is for the simple reason that they have lived many lives before engaged in these existential struggles searching for the answers, and by doing so, have prepared themselves for the coming energetic shift that is now upon us.

Yet, not everyone is an Old Soul of the Earth searching for the truth.  Indeed, many within the Ascension community feel that they have had only limited experiences if not just a solitary life on this planet.  Even people as wise and accomplished as the Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner, felt that he was a younger soul in reference to the Earth and that his life cycles upon it were limited. Some resources state that Jesus Christ had limited life cycles upon this Earth.  Canonical scriptures state that He was born without sin, meaning that He was never born on this earth before.  In the Law of One, it is suggested that the soul of Jesus was highly evolved from experiences in other worlds.  He had learned all of his lessons on the lower physical planes and came to Earth to teach us an indelible pathway of enlightenment.   Edgar Casey suggested that the soul of Jesus goes back to Adam and is prominently featured throughout the scriptures in various incarnations.

Regardless of where we are on the Ascension meter, not all of us have these life experiences to guide us into an ascended state of knowing.  This is why the anticipated Event here on earth is one coveted not only by the souls who have chosen to be incarnated on our planet at this time, but also by people living in other worlds.  It appears that truly all attention is being drawn to our reference point at this moment in time simply because experiencing it in one form or another will greatly enhance our consciousness regardless of our inherent talents and or arduous past experiences.

From a spiritual perspective, our inherent treasure or “talents” is based upon experiences and the wisdom learned through our life’s lessons.  Such an extraordinary opportunity is now presenting itself through the process of our Earth’s ascension.  This anticipated Event is expected to greatly enhance the spiritual treasure of those souls who will directly experience it. In the higher planes of existence, wisdom is the only true coin of the realm.

As far as what this Event will entail is still unclear, but all signs seem to be pointing towards the Sun.  Indeed, a better understanding of the mystical nature of the Sun and its relationship to the Earth will be part of this Event.  Within the Ascension community, many are suggesting that a mass coronal ejection followed by 3 days of darkness will be part of this scenario.  Again, this is still speculation as these more biblical events are yet to be seen.  They could still very well happen, but it might be in a more subtle and gradual fashion.  Yet, what must be demonstrated to every individual is to experience God’s love through grace and the infinite power of this Divine sympathetic energy.  Once our relationship to our higher self and the Logos has been directly experienced and correctly understood, the supremacy of our Ego will become annulled.

My suspicion tells me that we are poised for a spiritual awakening that will happen in a collective fashion.  As to whether this will be a monumental experience or a subtle one remains unclear.  Although I do not profess to know the details, by design, the outcome will spiritually enrich all of us.

In Randolph Winters’ book on the Billy Meyer phenomenon entitled, The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness, there is a passage called Touching Eternity. (1)  Within it is a description of how of the Pleiadians can, through the technology of their spacecraft, hold hyper-dimensional space for extended periods, so that a person could have full cognitive experiences with the eternal forces of Creation.  By doing this, they have escaped physical density and linear time, become unified with their spiritual self, and are directly in communion with the Logos.  This is very much akin to the Near Death Experience, and is as life changing for anyone who has experienced it.

For some people, Ascension has already begun.  Those who are beginning to experience it are laying the foundation for the collective Event in question.  There are millions of people involved in this preparation.  Although the Ego can only see this coming change in a fear ridden scenario, the truthful nature of this Event is far from it.  The anticipated Event will be the moment that will officially mark the global ascension of earth-based human consciousness ruled by love, patience, and understanding.  This is the point when we will know beyond a doubt that the universe is fair and just.  This is the still-point when we overcome our fear and develop the courage to allow our hearts, imbued with the wisdom of the Logos, to guide us.

Such an experience is a wellspring to the parched and withered souls of those still living in fear within a world ruled by Ego.  This direct experience will convey years, if not lifetimes of wisdom in a solitary moment.  Once it happens, then we will know.

We will then have enough information to decide for ourselves, what is truth and what path in the future will be best for our soul to take.



(1) Randolph Winters, The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness, Gilliland Printing, Arkansas City, Kansas, 1994, ISBN 1-885757-07-7, pages 92-93

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