The End of Obedience

“Among all of the variables, it is our nation’s inhumane educational system that is causing untold levels of disruption and chaos within the children and their families who are entangled within its web. In reality, it affects all of us, as it is the basis which propagates a draconian hierarchy through the conditioning of ego, competition, isolation, and selfishness within the souls of children who are not—and never will be—psychologically prepared to experience it.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian November 30, 2018

Recently, I had a bizarre encounter with the mother of one of my young patients.  The child’s third grade academic performance was exceptional but there were concerns regarding his attention and behavior.  He completes his tasks with top grades and little effort.  He appears to be bored with his class and peers.  He has been ostracized in school with few if any friends.  He appears to be a loving child and quite articulate for his age.  He is well mannered, well dressed, and engages easily in conversation.  He sits in the office reading a book that appears to be more challenging for children beyond his age.  His mother conveys that he has always been sensitive to noise, occasionally suffers from headaches, and frequently retires to his room to withdraw from the family and read.  His is usually engrossed in a book to the point where he is oblivious to his surroundings, making it very difficult for him to take direction specifically from her.

Furthermore, this child has been evaluated by the public-school system for learning, behavioral, social, physical, speech, and fine motor difficulties.  The district’s evaluation did not qualify him for any type of intervention, simply because he had been doing so well in school.

On the other hand, his mother possesses a very high strung and aggressive personality.  Not satisfied with her child’s initial evaluation, she pursued a neuro-psychiatric specialist who suggested that her son had personality characteristics that were “on the spectrum”.  This means that although her son does not specifically have a condition that we would traditionally call Autism, Asperger Syndrome, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder, he still has characteristics which seem to suggest some of these diagnoses.

To confuse matters even worse, the diagnostic criteria for these three conditions (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD) was changed in 2013 when the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM 5) was adopted.  Anyone now diagnosed with any of these three conditions will simply be referred to as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. (1)  Yet, “being on the spectrum” is not the same as having Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Reading through the independent neuro-psychiatric report clearly indicated that he had tendencies that were poorly defined.

Regardless of these semantics, her insurance required that any intervention outside of school required a medical referral and I was trying to comprehend what was it exactly that she wanted me to do for her child.  It was at this point where she sent her child out the exam room and ordered him to wait for her in the waiting room.  The child politely left.  Her attitude them became even more agitated, and she burst out with the statement that her child has never listened or followed her commands.  For many years she thought that her child was just a naturally subversive, spiteful, and downright evil little boy.  But now she knows that he is this way because he is on the spectrum and it is her right to demand therapeutic intervention.

Furthermore, although her child is pulling straight A’s in class, his standardized test scores in math dropped from the 90th percentile down to the 75th percentile.  Her concern was that by the time he finishes school that the numbers could be as low as the 50th percentile.  “And then what!?  What kind of a college would my child then be qualified to go to!?”  She further mentioned that a lawyer was involved in the case and that she was planning on suing the school district for not finding her child’s defect and denying access to therapy that her child has a legal right to.

In the end, I was dumbfounded and the best that I could do was apply for an independent evaluation through her insurance to see whether her son qualified for any services through the medical network that she had a policy with.  I was not quite sure if this was indeed what she was looking for, but a referral was obtained for her son to be evaluated which she never followed through with.

As I opened the door to leave the exam room, I found her son sitting quietly reading on the floor next to the entrance and most assuredly listening to every word that was said.  I could only shudder in imagining how my own children (or any child) would react in hearing the low regards that their own mother vehemently expressed.  No matter the context, this mother’s statement will haunt her for the rest of her life.  One can only hope that she will come to the point of understanding how heartless and insensitive these words are to a child.

The problem is that labeling the child as defective rationally absolves her from changing at all.  This problem is not unique and is now pervasive throughout our society.


What has happened to us? 

Twenty-five years ago, when I was just starting out as a physician, I could easily see them coming.  These were generally children that had been dealt some pretty-bad hands such as  intrauterine drug exposure, autism, chaotic foster-care environments, survivors of extreme prematurity, cognitive impairment, cancer, genetic disease, abuse victims, and neglect.  They would tear into the office literally in the image of wild Indians portrayed in a cliché Hollywood western. Usually there was about three to four children crammed into a small exam room, getting prescriptions for the amphetamine-like substances that the medical industry still promotes as therapy.  The idea being that these drugs could help them focus in school and at home, so that they could become more productive and successful in life.  Like virtually everything that is prescribed in conventional medicine, it has never really worked as promised.

Today you never see them coming.  Now the salutatorian of the class comes into the office with a parent who demands that he or she be started on Vyvanse or Adderall because the child is getting a C minus in math. Hopefully, the practitioner has enough sense to talk them down from the ledge.

The use of stimulants as a substance to enhance academic performance is a myth propagated by a 17 billion dollar a year industry. (2)  It does not and has never worked to make anyone smarter or more academically productive.  At best, it keeps the user more on-track to follow directions but stifles creative and compassionate thought.  It also lowers thresholds for violence and has been used extensively throughout the world’s military organizations since the beginning of the Second World War.  It will keep you awake, making it easier to Blitzkrieg across Europe or more difficult to accidentally fly a jet into the side of a mountain, but if you were attempting to articulate a thought or express an emotion, you would be impaired.  Stimulants are a highly Ahrimanic substance, meaning that they will cause shifts in consciousness weighted towards our egotistical, physical, and rational tendencies.  This shift towards the physicality of consciousness is done at the cost of shutting down or swinging away from our heart-centered-love-based intelligence—hence the tendency to pathologically adhere to protocols, follow orders, and deaden our sensitivities to the consequences of our actions.

For over the last eighty years, stimulants have been employed in a range of settings with varying results. (3) Within the academic realm, it was only given to children who were perceived to be impaired in the hopes of improving their lives through scholastic productivity.  In my experience this has been a tragic mistake with entire generations of people seeking these substances to enhance their performance within school and the workplace.  An even bigger tragedy is that the pharmaceutical industry, through the medical profession, still promotes the use of stimulants as a cure-all to society’s ills since the era of the Great Depression.  Regardless of the consequences, industry demands productivity and obedience while the human being is regarded as a mere tool.  Unfortunately, nothing from this corporate perspective has ever changed.

It was not until October 2008 that stimulants appeared to demonstrate an improvement in academic performance. (4) The study was sponsored by one of the world’s biggest producer of attention-based medications (Shire) which demonstrated the value of its new stimulant Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine), which again is a long-acting amphetamine derivative.  The study used school age children 6-12 years of age with attention issues.  Half were given placebo and the other Vyvanse, and then subjected to 13 hours of mathematically based standardized tests.  The children on Vyvanse scored about 3 math problems per hour better than those on the placebo.  Therefore, it was concluded that those taking the stimulant will do statistically better in mathematically based standardized testing than those on placebo.  Yet it is critical to keep in mind that there is no test that can establish the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, and that sustained performance testing is not enough to confirm this condition.  This simply means that anyone who takes stimulants has the chance to enhance their performance on mathematically based standardize tests.

Something has clearly happened in the way that our nation’s educational system is teaching and testing students.  This something has to do with the pathological movement towards standardizing curriculum which ultimately are dictated by the needs of modern industry.  This took decades to manifest.  Initially, arguments were made to modify our public school system (which eventually bled into all aspects of education) to conform to the corporate demands of an emerging technologically based work force.  The argument put forth was that there would be a greater need for technicians and engineers than for philosophers and poets.  With the limited resources of the federal budget (despite exponential increases in federal expenditures), we were given the false argument that we could only choose one option.  This of course, was a Hegelian dialectic (Crisis-Reaction-Solution) and a false argument because we could have simply chosen both.  Why not poetic engineers or philosophical technicians?  Indeed, in more egalitarian, evolved, and holistic societies, this is exactly what you strive to have—free thinking individuals who have a grasp if not a mastery over multiple disciplines.  This is within the spirit of the school of Athens, the Renaissance, and Alchemy.

Unfortunately, the goal of corporately controlled public education is to really only “educate” about 10% of our nation’s children.  Sadly, within the form of education legislatively enforced through No Child Left Behind and Common Core, the central aspect of learning now focuses upon pathological adherence to protocols. Even those children at the upper echelons of the performance spectrum are simply conditioned to optimally perform within an egoistically based hierarchy.  Higher percentiles on standardized testing is prized throughout our educational system simply because it is assumed that those students with the best test scores will be rewarded with the most coveted educational opportunities, academic appointments, and positions of prominence.  Ultimately, this system propagates the illusion that those students who perform at the upper end of standardized tests will be most financially endowed.

Among all of the variables, it is our nation’s inhumane educational system that is causing untold levels of disruption and chaos within the children and their families who are entangled within its web.  In reality, it affects all of us, as it is the basis which propagates a draconian hierarchy through the conditioning of ego, competition, isolation, and selfishness within the souls of children who are not—and never will be—psychologically prepared to experience it.

The Center of Disease Control now reports that more than one out of five children (21%) living within the United States has a treatable mental disorder. (5)  It is conservatively estimated that 11% of adolescents are prescribed medication for depression. (6)  Furthermore, there has been an alarming increase in the off-labeled use of antipsychotics in children less than 6 years of age. (7)  If one truly understood how the human soul develops then the use of these powerful medications in an innocent could only be interpreted as a form of abuse.

First and foremost, it is the educational system that is fueling the need for performance enhancing substances as it is literally designed for its participants to enhance themselves with substances such as stimulants to maximally perform within its callous and inhuman construct.  In many ways, our public educational system is in itself a Hegelian dialectic, as it is by design a Crisis generator.  The solution to this artificially generated chaos is to adopt the inhuman principles that the media-education-corporate-industrial complex is trying to sell us.  The deception that we are being programmed and tricked into believing, is simply that we are not good enough as we were intentionally designed to be.  We are led to accept this because we cannot perform well enough within the artificial constructs that have now become the standard for our education and work environments.  Therefore, for those who are egotistically inclined (which is still the vast majority of people living on earth today) there exists an irresistible urge to augment themselves with performance enhancing substances such as stimulants, antidepressants, and even anabolic steroids.

Ultimately, we must come to recognize that there is a coordinated effort behind this deception which is attempting to manifest the most unbridled desires of the corporate-industrial complex through their ultimate agenda of transhumanism.   It is now becoming clear to many that behind this faceless corporate wall hides a dark insidious force which promotes an egotistically based draconian hierarchy through deception and enslavement.  The greatest threat to this system is free thinking individuals who can see through their obfuscation.



The example that I used at the beginning of this discussion to illustrate this case is not unique.  Indeed, it has become a common scenario even within my limited practice.  Although Hierarchy is desperate to control us, there have been many waves of new souls incarnating into this earth who are coming here to teach us and help liberate humanity from these old conditions and outmoded paradigms.  In many ways this force for change through the incorruptible souls of the children being born into the subsequent younger generations is unstoppable.  In fact, this is what Hierarchy fears the most.

In my generation, children like this were rarely if ever encountered.  Today they are all around us.  We call them Old Souls, Starseeds, Rainbow, Indigo, and Crystal children.  If I had not been working directly with children and their families for these many decades, I simply would not have regarded this phenomenon with any credibility.  But I have seen the uniqueness of these children so often that it is becoming commonplace.  And quite frankly, our society does not know what to do with them.  Even my own children have these very same tendencies which would have made them unusual within the preceding generation.  Indeed, their unique tendencies distinguish them even within their own peer group.

Often my wife and I find ourselves saying how different they are from us.  I suppose that this can be applied to every generation, which is really the point, as our children can be our greatest educational resource simply because they channel wisdom which has not yet been distorted by egotistical filters.  As it is said, in order for a person to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, we must become more child-like.  This is simply the point when we step out of Ego and see life through our more humble heart-based I AM perspective.  If we are successful in doing this, then we can begin to appreciate and understand the wisdom that our children are attempting to convey to us.  This is a pattern which has always existed within our human experience.

Although these children are frequently marginalized and labeled as defective, many of these young souls are the spearhead of an emerging new normal.  For instance, despite their family’s cultural traditions, many oppose eating meat for moral reasons.  Virtually all of them are impossible to discipline in any fashion.  They tend to be fiercely independent and do not respond well to direction.  They generally have a powerful sense of morality and fairness. They have a natural affinity for spiritual matters and a far greater sense of empathy and intuition.  They seem uninterested in traditional values and have completely different ways of looking at perceived problems.  Generally, they are very positive and loving but can be very passionate and at times emotionally labile.  Ultimately, they are here to breakdown conventional doctrine and protocol by their fierce independence and non-conventional behaviors.

Today we do not have a society that embraces their uniqueness because of the enslaving nature of the conventional hierarchy that has ruled humanity for so long.  Once the system begins working the for the benefit of humanity and starts cherishing individual human expression, these souls will be recognized for their gifts.  In the meantime, they are here to help catalyze this transformation and assist all of us in this process of ascension.

In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna (Christ) tells us:

When ever there is a decline of the law and ‘an increase in iniquity; then I put forth myself for the rescue of the pious and for the destruction of the evildoers. For the establishment of the law I am born in every age.”

It is essential to understand that the “Law” is a universal constant and there is no entity entangled within this construct which is exempt from it.  The Law is simply Unity which is a sympathetic resonance which we perceive as Love.  The universe strives for balance and harmony, and in this way the Law and the Universe are exceedingly just.

The Age that we are now transcending into is within the time of Aquarius.  This is the Age when the Christós-Sophia spirit will consciously manifest through every individual within the context of our own uniqueness.  This is destined to be a very exciting and extraordinary event, as many people are coming to realize that there is a tremendous level of interest that transcends our conventional limited form of earth-bound consciousness.  This simply means that there are many worlds that have become entangled if not married to our destiny.  Apparently from our earth’s experience, it is not unusual for beings from other worlds to incarnate into our biosphere to experience earth-bound human life and positively affect the collective outcome while helping to ascend their own consciousness.  Also keep in mind that many of the children born into our lives are indeed our past love ones, again attempting to contribute further to their own spiritual growth and our collective global ascension.

Regardless of their origins, idiosyncrasies, and uniqueness, our children are our most cherished resource.

We are blessed to have them within our presence and to teach us the full potential of our humanity through the sacred ways of love.



(1) National Institute of Mental Health, Autism Spectrum Disorder,

“In 2013, a revised version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was released. This revision changed the way autism is classified and diagnosed. Using the previous version of the DSM, people could be diagnosed with one of several separate conditions:

  • Autistic disorder
  • Asperger’s’ syndrome
  • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)

In the current revised version of the DSM (the DSM-5), these separate conditions have been combined into one diagnosis called “autism spectrum disorder.” Using the DSM-5, for example, people who were previously diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome would now be diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder.”


(3) American Journal of Public Health, America’s First Amphetamine Epidemic 1929-1971,,

“The original amphetamine epidemic was generated by the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession as a byproduct of routine commercial drug development and competition.”





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