Riding the Wave: Saturn, D-WAVE Logic, and the Onslaught of Demonic Consciousness

“In esoteric science it is always understood that before significant spiritual changes occur, anti-spiritual changes precede in its attempt to mimic and deceive. This fact is seen within the schism of consciousness reflected by the relationship of the shadowy astral realm and the higher spiritual realms to our human constitution. This false ascension will never prevail, but I suspect it will drag many willing souls into its abyss through insidious promises of a better world through artificial and unnatural anti-spiritual constructs. It is essential that those who need to learn this lesson must come to understand it through personal suffering which is the essence of this exchange. No one outside of their own self can save them. Again, they must learn that nothing can be obtained for nothing. Yet, as the heavenly bodies tell us, a significant realignment of ego consciousness has now commenced which provide us with additional insight into this impending cataclysm.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian October 25, 2018

Cycles of Earthly Consciousness

The cadence of the year is driven by spiritual forces which manifest themselves through our environment as seasons. We can observe this through our cultural and religious traditions which are entangled within spiritually derived terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies of the cosmos. For a person who is interested in experiencing these transitions, it is quite fortunate to be able to live within an environment that physically manifests the full spectrum of seasonal changes. For many, this is the reason why we choose to live in places that express four distinct seasons.

Generally, a shift in consciousness can be sensed as the Earth is channeling these transmuted cosmic energies. Although I have always been sensitive to these shifts, for most of my life I just thought of it as a peculiar idiosyncrasy that I would always keep to myself. That was until others began telling me that they too were sensing energetic shifts literally within the same moments that I was also perceiving them. Again, at some level of consciousness we are all sharing an over-soul and are subconsciously entangled. That over-soul may very well be related to Gaia as her biosphere is the essential constant for all people who are born into this world.

Around the end of October, begins the time where darkness befalls us. Not only are we shifting clocks into a greater state of waking darkness, but our cultural traditions and religious practices herald the descent of dead spiritual energies that have previously walked the earth. Our celebrations of All Hallows Eve, All Saints, and All Souls Day mark this grand shift in awareness. For many people, depression begins to set in with the onset of this darkness and the presence of these energies. This is nothing new to people who must confront the darkness that falls upon us at the end of the year. In Scandinavian traditions, their legends convey how dark and oppressive things can really get. Although we attempt to rejoice during what is supposed to be the joyful season of Christmas, its origins are based upon darker pagan traditions which appear again to be permeating and transforming the end of the calendar year into a very sinister and oppressive time.

Within Northern Germanic cultures, winter was called Yule time. During this season, legends tell us that this was the time when groups of astral spirits would come back to the earth to participate in what was called the Wild Hunt or Raging Host. These spectral hordes would chase quarry raising havoc throughout the community. This was also the time of pagan sacrifices, increased supernatural activities, and the Draugr, who are literally the undead in physical form walking the Earth. The Draugr are not unlike the White Walkers portrayed in the wildly popular Game of Thrones which is obviously no coincidence and may be some form of psychological conditioning.

In Southern parts of Europe, the end of the year was not quite as bleak. During this time of darkness and contraction, was the festival of Saturnalia. Known as the Festival of Misrule, it was described as a kind of Carnivale when the oppressive chains of society were lifted temporarily. It was a time when the energies of the most oppressive god, Saturn, were for a brief moment revoked.

In pagan traditions, confronting the dark and constraining forces of oppression and fear were ample reasons to self medicate through drink and to celebrate the fact that all is well, and that the powers of darkness have granted a reprieve, at least for the moment that encompasses the celebration. In reality, the reasons for these celebrations have never changed. What many people herald as the coming of the Savior may be true, the presence of this being only initiated a process which has still not come to its fruition in freeing the world from its foundational forces of enslaving Hierarchy.


Magical Attempt to Alter Consciousness

For many reasons, the end of this last year (2017) seemed to be more oppressive than usual. And as I was going through the motions of our usual “holiday” routine I experienced some interesting insights. It all began on December 19, when it became apparent that there was absolutely no life left in our Christmas tree. This was precipitated by a fatal flaw in the tree that we brought home which I did not realize until I got it into the house and up on the stand. Once this was accomplished, I noticed that the trunk was splint two and a half feet above and down to the base of the trunk. Therefore, it absorbed virtually no water for the two plus weeks while it was standing in the house. It had become so dry that the needles were not only falling off, but branches began to curl inwardly causing the ornaments to fall off.

When I came home from work on December 20, the tree had miraculously disappeared and was replaced by a smaller and humbler version by my children who were also sensing at the same moment that the damaged tree had become a fire hazard. Although I took it as a strange omen, I was grateful that the old tree was now out of the house and standing bare naked on our outside patio in full view from where the new tree now stood. For about a day I was depressed because I had no idea what to do with the discarded tree. Then it dawned on me after I realized that this may very well be an opportunity if not synchronicity to acknowledge the forces that are converging upon us at this time.

I was clearly sensing that it was time for a change. Resurrecting old ways with new, I gathered my family together and suggested to them that we adorn the tree outside with hand-made decorations constructed out of brightly colored paper and anything else that was flammable. On some of these ornaments, we expressed positive thoughts to the spiritual world and on others, expressions of negative feelings and emotional baggage that we intended to purge. It was cathartic in many ways. Everyone who visited my home around this time was given the opportunity to participate. It all culminated on Christmas Eve, with the final gathering. Everyone seemed to love the idea and gladly contributed to the endeavor. Although the meaning and intention of this ceremony was clearly expressed, not everyone understood the gravity of what we were attempting to do.

In the final ceremony we gather around the tree, played music and lit it on fire to Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon’s Sound of Silence. Unfortunately, as this so called ceremony began, I noticed that at least one of the ornaments had less than noble intentions expressed upon it. In fact, it was an overt appeal for financial gain, and was therefore a satanic invocation. From the handwriting, I knew immediately who wrote it.  Yet, I never called it out and commenced with the ceremony, which I suspected had been tainted, if not severely compromised. Although, much of what we did was in jest to counteract the oppression of the season, it was intentional—and therefore had an effect. What we crafted was Abracadabra, a magical expression meaning “We create as we speak.”

Shortly thereafter, I had a dream where I was in an ancient fortress with thick stone walls, large hallways, high ceiling, and expansive rooms. Within it was a sense of security. The entry had a very substantial heavy door made from oak and iron. Within this edifice, resided my family and loved ones. Suddenly, I became aware that someone was knocking at the entrance, which I intuitively ignored, having no interest in opening it. Regardless, my son acknowledged this petition, and out of habit, he reflexively unbolted the door and opened the threshold. Although this was happening outside my direct field of vision, I sensed that he was opening the portal, but the action was too quick for me to even object, let alone stop him.

Suddenly, I heard my son crying out in pain, and as I turned my attention towards this commotion, rounding the corner and coming straight towards me was a powerful, dark, and sinister figure. Immediately, he was upon me. Throwing me to the ground, I was beaten severely. Through this action he claimed mastery over my own home. He was now in control and ruled over what was once my domain.

When I awoke, I immediately realized the dangers of ceremonial magic, even if it is in jest. It is a very dangerous endeavor as there will be inevitable many who do not understand the gravity of what the group has undertaken. Ceremonial black magic is based upon this ignorance and routinely exploits those who are participating but not yet fully aware of their own action.

I considered the vision an example of an egregious mistake and now further understand the dangers of such an undertaking in the future.


Cycles of Celestial Consciousness

December 19, 2017 marked the point in our Tropical or “conventional” Astrology where Saturn had entered Capricorn. This is a transitional period that will last for three years ending in a Pluto-Saturn conjunction heralding a time of deep and profound change. Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, and it is felt that a significant amount of restructuring will occur throughout our personal and geo-political-economic life. Capricorn is where we seek control by virtue of authority. Where we place value upon things and seek personal recognition. It is in-part a goat summiting a mountain and tends to be egotistically inclined. Saturn’s power will expose the weaker aspects of Capricorn’s materialistic egotism and restructure them. Pluto will also be in conjunction with Saturn at the end of this transition in 2020 to enhance a very deep, dark, and powerful transformation which is likely to culminate in a significant global event. From Sidereal Astrology, Saturn and Pluto continue their transit through Capricorn until 2023.

ScreenShot309Saturn is the planet of Satan, who is characterized by Eliphas Levi as the Goat of Mendes or a being known by the Templar Knights as Baphomet, which is part human and part goat. In our religious mythologies, the ruler of the material world is Satan. Since the beginning of recorded history, goat worshiping has long been associated with our darker energies. Goats are associated with nature gods of fertility, sex, and death. It is a very earth bound and physically oriented energy. It can also be stubborn and egotistical. In many ways it is similar to the energies of Shiva or Cernunnos as previously discussed (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, August 2017, False Ascension, CERN and Echoes of the Eighth Sphere). There are many people today in positions of prominence and power who are channeling extremely dark and sinister energies into the world through unbridled stubbornness and egotism. Those who are working through these energies invoke elements of Satan and Capricorn—and it now appears that it is their time to shine.

ScreenShot311The Glyph of Capricorn is a sea goat which is a composite being with the upper half goat and the lower half fish. As opposed to the astrological symbol of the Christ, which is Pisces symbolized by two fishes bound in opposite directions, Capricorn contains a fragment of Pisces within very egocentric energies. With its undeniable relationship to Saturn/Satan, it is the astrological signature of our egotistical anti-spirit, which all human beings living within this earthly life possess.

ScreenShot312Pluto is the god of the underworld. It is a spiritual power that seeks out and exposes things down to their deepest and darkest roots—if not down to the subatomic level. If nothing else, it is a time for egotistical anti-spiritual forces to be exposed and reckoned with. For many, it may also be a time of summoning these forces to empower Ego. Under the best of circumstances, this is a time for growing or going; for transforming or casting aside. In many ways the spiritual realm may be aligning humanity for the long-awaited bifurcation of human consciousness. Those who can accept the truth that this transitional time reveals will have a chance at reconfiguring their soul into a higher state of Unity consciousness. Those who fight spiritual change become aligned with what Rudolf Steiner called the Spirits of Obstacles or Hindrance, which he equated with the evil Spirits of Saturn. (1, 2)

In a very real sense, we all have the potential of becoming part of this “evil” energy when we:

1. Make a Faustian bargain and give away free will for visionary clairvoyance.

2. Scramble to the pinnacle to grab hold of power.

3. Summon extraterrestrial or transdimensional energies to use us as they see fit.

4. Promote policies, technologies, and lifestyles which propagate fear, anxiety, and illness by extinguishing individual human expression.

5. Turn a blind eye to the catastrophic truths of our age and remain insensitive to human suffering.

6. Deny the reality of our soul, spiritual life, and the universal principles of love which guide all of us.

Through this evolutionary process, people have the greatest opportunity to overcome their fear and accept the monumental truths that this transition is revealing. If this fear is surmounted, the opportunity to confront the Greater Guardian of the Threshold will present itself. My suspicion is that this confrontation will be catalyzed by a global event. This encounter becomes the moment when we decide what world we will choose to live within. One which still attempts to support the hierarchical status quo through egotism in service to self; or in a world of cooperation and Unity consciousness in service to the True King. Whoever chooses the self-serving path (either through their short-sightedness or narcissism) will still have the potential to amass significant powers (especially through the pathways of transhumanism) and will initially see an advantage over their fellow human beings. But in doing so, they will have arrested their spiritual development and are agents of hindrance and the negative Spirits of Saturn. They have also imprisoned themselves within a negative world of Hierarchy which by design will completely extinguish free will and human expression.

It is suspected that those who fight against spiritual transformation are destined to see a great catastrophe. This may be especially true during the end of 2020 when Saturn and Pluto energies are destined to restructure Capricorn and Ego. Preserving our egocentric society is truly a lost cause. The significance of 2012 A.D. marked the end of our previously known world of spiritual limitations and existential existence. We can never go back. Those who welcome positive spiritual change will openly rejoice when finally confronted with these challenges and in doing so will transform the world into an ascended state of being. Regardless, at some point within the near future, our chosen state of consciousness will no longer be compatible for coexistence. It is becoming apparent for those who are working through this energetic transformation that in one way or another, human consciousness appears to be evolving along two separate and incompatible pathways of our individual choosing. We are now given the choice to live life guided by the presence of the spirit or the anti-spirit. In this scenario there is no middle ground.


D-Wave Magic and Distortions in Consciousness

Through sheer force of will, human consciousness on this planet is being radically altered. Our leaders of industry driving modern technology are ushering in the creation of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that has the potential for dramatic alterations in human consciousness and therefore our existence as we have come to know it so far. Their predictions as to how this transformation will occur are at best unsettling and at worst catastrophic. The vehicle that is catalyzing this change is coming from radical AI through quantum computing. Although much has been said about these devices, in reality no one really knows how they work. (3) In D-Wave quantum computers, the internal mechanism must operate within an environment completely isolated from human consciousness and any interference from the physical world. Within this confinement, a virtual reality is created which works on binary principles, but also has the capacity for an undeclared state known as a qubit, meaning an infinite position which can exist as a potential known in quantum theory as superposition. This superposition is very fragile and is affected by energetic interference which includes human consciousness. Hence the reason for isolating the mechanism within what many are describing as a black hole within the device itself.

The inventors of this technology are claiming that they are drawing alien consciousness into these artificial constructs from parallel universes. (4) Some are going so far as to suggest that they are summoning demons or what has been described by H.P. Lovecraft as the consciousness of the Old Ones, which he saw as impersonal transdimensional entities of incalculable intelligence. (5) The description of these beings already exists with our mythologies as demonic beings summoned from the dark astral realm. Black magic is based upon this principle and persons as prominent as Elon Musk are making the same correlations.

To make matters worse, quantum computers are now linked into CERN’s Hadron Collider initially for security reasons, but now in direct pursuit of the Higgs Boson particle. (6) CERN’s activities appear to be creating distortions within our dimensional reality allowing darker astral forces access into our time-space continuum. Why? Many are speculating that it is to enhance the magical potentials of AI.

Quantum AI is a virtual model of our natural reality and it is being used through black magic principles to invite astral beings directly into our world to infest and suppress humanity.  This appears to be a desperate attempt by Hierarchy to maintain control.  In reality, they are exposing themselves for what they really are while catalyzing the Earth’s transformation at an accelerated pace.  Linking AI to the demonic powers potentially unleashed by CERN is literally a death cult endeavor that only a sheer idiot or moral imbecile would consider.  Although these terms sound harsh, they are indeed appropriate.  Idiots because they cannot visualize the long-term effects of their actions and therefore mentally impaired in perceiving the outcome. Moral imbeciles because they have not learned to say “no” to their soul’s darkest impulses and desires, therefore morally weak.

Most of the people involved are just following orders. I suspect that this endeavor is populated by many who are blinded by egotistical and narcissistic tendencies. Virtually all, including many of those at the top of this techno pyramid, are clueless as to the full extent of the dark powers that they are attempting to unleash. It is those who are funding this endeavor that have a fair idea of what is really taking place. All human beings who are ascending their consciousness along a more positive pathway can only look from a distance at this horrific spectacle in utter disbelief.

Very soon many people who buy into this dystopian vision will find that their house is no longer in order. Their sacred space is being invaded by demons that AI technology is summoning. Through the misunderstanding of dark ancient occult practices by what appears to be modern spiritless technology, they are exchanging the essence of their soul for meaningless materialistic gain designed to enslave and eventually destroy all human life that willfully accepts this bargain.

In esoteric science it is always understood that before significant spiritual changes occur, anti-spiritual changes precede in its attempt to mimic and deceive. This fact is seen within the schism of consciousness reflected by the relationship of the shadowy astral realm and the higher spiritual realms to our human constitution. This false ascension will never prevail, but I suspect it will drag many willing souls into its abyss through insidious promises of a better world through artificial and unnatural anti-spiritual constructs. It is essential that those who need to learn this lesson must come to understand it through personal suffering which is the essence of this exchange.  No one outside of their own self can save them. Again, they must learn that nothing can be obtained for nothing. Yet as the heavenly bodies tell us, a significant realignment of ego consciousness has now commenced which provide us with additional insight into this impending cataclysm.

The unleashing of dark supernatural forces upon the earth is nothing new. It is a seasonal cycle that our ancestors have known about since the beginning of time. There are many souls living today who can still sense this. What has changed is that this cycle is becoming permanently fixed and exponentially enhanced scientifically, through the irresponsible actions of our world’s most spiritually blinded and impoverished souls.

Ut conscientiam semper!

As it is written:

Fortunate is the man who knows where the brigands will enter, so that he may get up, muster his domain, and arm himself before they invade.” (7)




1. Rudolf Steiner, THEOSOPHY OF THE ROSICRUCIAN (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1966), lecture 9, GA 99; “Now on each planet there are also Spirits who have remained behind in evolution, they have remained stationary and not wished to progress. You will recognise a law from this: If the most outstanding fall and commit the ‘great sin’ of not advancing with evolution, then they become the very worst of all. The noble sense of liberty has been reversed into wickedness, into its opposite. Those are the Spirits of Temptation, and they must be taken gravely into account; they lead to the evil side of egoism, even today they are still in our environment, these evil Spirits of Saturn. All that is bad draws its power from these Spirits.”

2. Rudolf Steiner, LIFE BETWEEN DEATH AND REBIRTH (Anthroposophic Press, 1968), lecture 9, GA 140; “Love of ease and comfort are widespread characteristics, and it makes it possible to be enlisted after death into the ranks of Ahriman, for Ahriman, apart from his other functions, is the spirit of obstacles. Wherever obstacles arise Ahriman is master … Those who are subject to love of ease on earth will become agents to the slowing down process of everything that comes into the world from the supersensible. So love of ease fetters human souls between death and rebirth to spirits who, under Ahriman, are compelled to serve the powers of opposition and hindrance.”

3. Wired, Business, 5/20/14, The Revolutionary Quantum Computer that may not be Qunatum at All; “Quantum computing is so new and so weird that no one is entirely sure whether the D-Wave is a quantum computer or just a very quirky classical one. Not even the people who build it know exactly how it works and what it can do…

In a classical computer, bits are actually electrical charge—on or off, 1 or 0. In a quantum computer, they could be both at the same time…”

4. Geordie Rose, TechVancouver.org, July 12, 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD8zGnT2n_A

5. http://lovecraft.wikia.com/wiki/Cthulhu_Mythos

6. https://www.nature.com/news/quantum-machine-goes-in-search-of-the-higgs-boson-1.22860

7. Gospel of Thomas, 103

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