Sex, Sacred Union, and the Ascension of Consciousness

“There are many people who claim to be enlightened who still have not been able to grasp the full idea what I am discussing. Within an ascending world this awareness will come in time. The purpose of this essay is not to find fault or criticize, but simply to suggest there is far more to our sexual nature than procreation and gratification. Many people focus on tantric practices which can greatly enhance sexual pleasure while in many ways empowering the self. Although these methods should be adopted, taught, and encouraged, there is a sacred side to our sexual nature that is still not fully addressed. This has to do with the mysteries that have been entrusted to humanity that our scriptures convey and that we are yet to (re)discover. This secret has to do with the separation and disruption of the flow of divine wisdom. Once we recognize that the person we are making love to is intimately related to our divine channel, then we will finally begin a movement towards a greater state of enlightenment.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian September 4, 2019

Before we begin our earthy life, we exist within the whole, meaning that there is no gap between the organizing energies which constitute our consciousness. By choice we incarnate into physical life which manifests itself in a limited fashion in order to experience existence without a working knowledge of the spiritual realm.  This limitation is merely an illusion, but one that is propagated by the forces of Hierarchy that maintain this universal plane of separation. These forces of limitation work so well, that by the time we become educated, virtually all of us will call into question not only the truth of our spiritual origin, but the existence of the soul itself.  This forgetfulness has to do with the development of ego, which by convention, becomes the dominant center of consciousness within adults who have gone through an educational process of indoctrination.

All conventional efforts to maintain and enhance intelligence appeal solely to rational linear logic.  Although reason is a vital component to human intelligence, it is a form of limited insight, confined to our neurosensory system that is well suited to perceive and experience physical life.  Yet the ego cannot sense non-physical experiences.  For this to happen, ego must be turned way down to allow non-egotistical consciousness to manifest.

There are energies imparting a draconian rule over Mother Earth that are masculine forces which reside and manifest through us.  From a mythological perspective, ego was gifted to us by the titan Prometheus, whose name means forethought. It is important to remember that within the legend, Prometheus introduces humans to fire, which was a technology coveted by the gods.  Fire is a metaphor for the onslaught of destructive tools that were subsequently developed as a means of war, division, and conquest. Again, these are skills that are derived through the development of ego within a hierarchical construct of isolation, separation, and conflict.  The construct of Hierarchy is the end result of human consciousness that has been programmed through belief systems that intentionally sustain it.  These belief systems must include the limited form of conventional science that is popularly proclaimed as truth.

Egocentric thinking is conceptual and must have disengagement from the rest of consciousness in order to visualize, compare, contrast, and understand.   It is a kind of thinking that requires separation or nothing can be observed.  This means that it cannot see within itself or will not allow the soul to look within itself simply because it is always focusing outward.

Neurobehavioral researchers at MIT, Princeton, and the NIH have demonstrated that the seat of ego (or as they state, “the brain’s ability to control what it is thinking about”) is correlated to beta (12-30hz) and gamma (30-100hz) waves emanating from the prefrontal cortex. (1)  For most of us this is the dominant pattern of thinking during our waking state; and for good reason, because it centers consciousness to task and helps us to calculate outcomes. Ego serves us well within the construct that it creates, and without it, we would very quickly crash and burn.

Besides the gamma and beta wave landscape of our egocentric mind, there is another form of consciousness that is more subtle and based off alpha, and in deep states of meditation, theta wave activity.  The alpha rhythmic patterns are observed in multiple regions of the brain and are associated with mindful, relaxed, and restful states of consciousness. For instance, they can be produced by binaural sound patterns in the auditory cortex or occur when the visual cortex is less stimulated, such as in meditative states with eyes closed. The origins of alpha waves appear to be connected to the thalamus, which is deeply centered within the brain and is known to be the center of our autonomic nervous system. (2)

Specially, there is a direct connection to the thalamus and the heart, which must be viewed in a holistic way as an organ of intelligence.  In holistic science, the idea that intelligence is only centered within the brain is erroneous.  As previously discussed (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, August 25, 2018 Children of Prometheus), the body has three major centers of intelligence whose energetic loci manifest through the brain-neurosensory system (ego), heart-cardiovascular system (astral), and liver-reticuloendothelial system (etheric).  It would not be wrong to correlate the brain wave patterns of beta-gamma to the ego, alpha to the astral, and theta (and delta) to the etheric.

The intelligence of the heart is emotionally based and feminine in nature.  This form of intelligence exists within the soul and is more subtle.  Through conditioning our emotional intelligence is poorly understood, marginalized, and ignored.  This intelligence manifests within us as feeling but cannot be externalized and observed like the more physically oriented egocentric knowledge within the universe that ego has constructed.  This form of intelligence is based on alpha wave states and is related to what science calls “heart coherence.” (3)  This is a form of intelligence that cannot be detected unless the energies of the egocentric mind are turned down to a level that will allow this feminine emotional-based energy to emerge.

The origin of love is spiritual and manifests through our higher self.  Love is a permeation of sympathetic vibrational energy which the heart recognizes and has great affinity for.  One could say that the heart thrives off love and is functioning optimally when it is bathed within this energetic consciousness.  Although many believe that the heart is the source of love, that is not quite correct. The source of love is a universal constant that manifests from a central source through the galaxy, star systems, planetary biosphere, and into the conscious forms of life that the planets are harboring.  This energy is the Etheric and it permeates our entire being.  This is also known as the Prana, Qi, Vital, or health body.  We are very much at one with this energy in alpha and deeper theta states of consciousness.

It is important to recall that our Earth emanates its own 7.83 hertz frequency which is known as the Schumann resonance.  Each planetary system has its own unique energetic signature, and in our case, Mother Earth’s frequency resides within the threshold of alpha (7-12hz) and theta (3-8hz) brain wave states. This should come to no surprise that when we are in deeper states of mindfulness or heart coherence, we are not only becoming one with the energies of the biosphere but are tapping into the innate intelligence of the field itself.  This etheric field, which we recognize as love (sympathetic vibrational energy) is an intelligence field that we are all a small part of.  The ancients called this the Akashic field or the Akashic memory, which we can connect to in balanced states of deeper heart-based consciousness.

Historically, it was the women of our society that were the oracles and keepers of this deeper innate spiritual intelligence, which can be perceived internally as impressions, feelings, and intuitions. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the most compelling is gender differences in brain anatomy and processing.  In general, men are far more left sided prefrontal lobe dominant, with more distinct linear connections between hemispheres, making them by design more egotistically inclined.  Women are generally right side dominant with more diffuse connections between hemispheres, making them more intuitive and heart centered in nature.  It is said that if the world was governed by women global conflict would cease to exist.  A new world of ascending consciousness is based upon the emergence and restoration of feminine wisdom in a balanced state of rule.

The most optimal and visceral way that we can restore this balance is through sexual intimacy.  By design we are incomplete, and we can only be whole in union with our spiritual higher self which is impossible to sustain within the lower egotistical construct that we have voluntarily placed ourselves within.  Therefore, we are attracted to others that are resonant to our inherent nature.  For those who are on the path of enlightenment in heart coherence, we will find a consort that we can become one with energetically.  This phenomenon of sexually merging our energies is called entrainment, which can occur within our deeper states of love-based alpha and theta consciousness.

Keep in mind that spiritual enlightenment is usually not done through willful (egotistical) intentions.  We cannot calculate entrainment.  Much of this has to do with karma or spiritual will.  Within a spiritually ascended society we are closer to our higher spiritual self, sexual intimacy is recognized as a vehicle of grace, and sex is understood to be an essential aspect in maintaining our joy and therefore state of well-being.    Those who achieved enlightenment have breached into their innate intelligence that merges spiritual consciousness to sexual intimacy.  We all have this capacity because it begins at our lower foundational chakra.  This process of transformation is as easy as taking a breath because the innate intelligence of an ethereally charged body knows exactly what to do.

When we let our hearts rule freely within this sexual medium, not only do we become masters of our own intimacy artistically, but we are bathing our environment with intimate love-charged energy.  Remember that the source of this energy is spiritual, therefore, through the act of sexual intimacy and orgasmic release, we are channeling spiritually charged energies into an ascending world of veneration, love and cooperation that we choose to intentionally create.  Through this practice we are acting as agents of positive global transformation if we attach no agendas or conditions to this energy and it is freely given back to source.  This simply means that what we do is a gift of grace and our love is freely given with no conditions.

But when we let our ego interfere, the process is severely limited to planes that are self-serving, and our innate intelligence to sexual enlightenment is never fully achieved.   Anytime we lay restrictions or conditions upon our intimacy we are practicing sex in a limited fashion which manifests distortions within our environment that our actions are directly creating.  It is telling that science has observed distinct brain-wave patterns during human orgasm which varies between self-stimulation and sex consummated with a partner.  As you can imagine, brainwave patterns with masturbation manifest rhythms from the gamma-beta egocentric prefrontal cortex, while orgasmic patterns with partners tend toward more relaxed alpha-theta states.

Esoteric science teaches that the most powerful force released within the universe is orgasmic in nature.  When polarities are unified, the energy released within sexual union is exponential and overpowering.  This orgasmic energy is also coveted by many lower entities and becomes the basis of dark occult practices.  It should come to no surprise that the enslaving forces of Hierarchy have moved to suppress this energy for ages simply because awareness of this power becomes our path to enlightenment. In many ways, this is the major function and reason why pornography is so entrenched within our culture.   This is also the reason why pornography is so aligned and entangled within the culture of transhumanism—which predicts that in the near future we will be fucking robots. And I mean this quite literally.

From the beginning of science fiction, our imagination has been fueled by the thought of sexual liaison with beings that our ego has created.  One could say that this idea of making love to our self is ingrained within ego.  In the legend of Narcissus, which is the basis for egocentric, narcissistic behavior, he falls in love with his own reflection.  Now, through transhumanism, we can take this distortion to the ultimate conclusion of merging our being in sexual unison to some artificial form of technological life that ego has full control over.  This is a wildly popular idea within a male oriented egotistically derived construct which technology enhanced pornography is blazing a trail towards.  If this nightmare becomes a reality, then the world that this scenario manifests into will be on a timeline that is hopelessly lost.

There are many people who claim to be enlightened who still have not been able to grasp the full idea what I am discussing.  Within an ascending world this awareness will come in time.  The purpose of this essay is not to find fault or criticize, but simply to suggest there is far more to our sexual nature than procreation and gratification.  Many people focus on tantric practices which can greatly enhance sexual pleasure while in many ways empowering the self.  Although these methods should be adopted, taught, and encouraged, there is a sacred side to our sexual nature that is still not fully addressed. This has to do with the mysteries that have been entrusted to humanity that our scriptures convey and that we are yet to (re)discover. This secret has to do with the separation and disruption of the flow of divine wisdom.  Once we recognize that the person we are making love to is intimately related to our divine channel, then we will finally begin a movement towards a greater state of enlightenment.

As it is stated, as above so below.  As previously discussed, (see chapter X, Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Wisdom is Love) we are literally a microcosm of the planetary system.  Masculine sexual energy is solar in nature.  For ages, this is a secret hiding in plain sight.  It is also the reason why all men are known as sons (suns).  In sexual intimacy our energy emanates forth through us, like a sun. Eventually, this leads to orgasmic discharge.  How much of this orgasmic energy is released through the man?

Well, in ancient mythology, Hera and Zeus were having an argument as to who derives more pleasure from sex, man or woman.  In order to settle the argument, they asked a fellow named Tiresias, who lived life for seven years as a woman.  During that time, Tiresias wed, gave birth to children, and lived as a prostitute.  Tiresias stated that if the entire orgasmic release of sexual coupling was viewed as a whole, 9/10th would be female and 1/10th male. Meaning a 10:1 relationship between female and male pleasure.  Hera was so upset that she blinded Tiresias, and he became an oracle that predicted the downfall of Narcissus.

So, is this story just male propaganda, or is this ratio in an enlightened state of sexual intimacy a natural average?    In an egotistical male dominated world this ratio is rarely if ever encountered.  But in a heart centered world, where love is understood to be a vehicle for grace, this is close to the natural cadence.  One might think that this is imbalanced because the energies are so female dominant, but this a very limited way to viewed it.

Some tantric couples attempt to redefine the male orgasm as simply energy released in a similar fashion to what women experience.  That may be true in some cases, but I would state that this is not the natural cadence.  Theoretically, a woman’s anatomy can sustain dozens of orgasms, while men achieve a few. It may be possible that in an ascended world we may experience a restructuring of our anatomy, but we are not there yet.  Furthermore, within occult practices, masculine energy was reserved as a means of consolidating power.  In many instances this energy is channeled into egotistical endeavors.

In the past, I have experienced intense sympathetic vibrational energies willfully discharged through my central chakras, but it was not an orgasmic release as usually experienced.  Again, (see chapter X, Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Wisdom is Love) it was a sympathetic vibrational energy that was received by my female consort who experienced it as an orgasmic discharge.  Sex can clearly be energetic, and it can be experienced in different ways depending on our level of consciousness, but that is not what Hera and Zeus were arguing over.

Female energy is terrestrial in nature. Women are microcosms of the Earth, and their orgasmic nature is far greater than a man’s.  When the world is in harmony, nature provides abundantly.  The orgasmic release of the earth is the life that manifests through it.  So it is through our female consort who plays the critical role in the Earth’s healing because as orgasmic energy is released, the world around us becomes harmonious, abundant and unified. This is in-part the exchange of energies.

The other part of the exchange is philosophical.  A philosopher is defined as a lover of wisdom.  In the past men have separated this concept from more earth-bound erotic love.  In an ascended world it is understood that there is no separation, meaning that under optimal circumstances our consort becomes our oracle and can serve as spiritual channel.  It becomes the mission of men to rediscover and comprehend the truth that his consort is channeling to him.  This is the true function of ego, which is to understand spiritual knowledge and to find relevance within its meaning.  A wise person cannot place a value on such a relationship simply because spiritual knowledge is priceless.  Men must learn to receive this knowledge in the same way that a woman achieves orgasm, through mindful alpha-theta wave states.  This means that the male must make himself vulnerable and subject ego to a higher authority.  Trust and faith play an important role in this process.

Overall, it is the ego that remains the most difficult aspect to address within this process of sacred sex and the acquisition of spiritual knowledge.  Without a sincere interest in becoming the full spectrum of our potentials within a spiritually guided renaissance, there is very little chance of ascending along this path.  Mindfulness, heart coherence, and entrainment are the initial steps in becoming the being of our full intention in a world of ascending consciousness.

Our educational system and the media remain the lynchpin to this process because it creates an environment that is self-serving to ego.  Withdrawing our consciousness from this form of entrapment is perhaps the only real solution.  The path to enlightenment is narrow and at times severe simply because ego cannot guide us on this journey. To seek enlightenment, we must feel our way through a treacherous landscape in deeper states of consciousness.  This task is virtually impossible outside of sacred sexual union.  In many instances, we rarely have more than one chance at accomplishing this task, which truly becomes a lifetime process.

Fidelity is the essential component that most people refuse to acknowledge.  This is because we have been conditioned to ignore it while placing all value in personal gratification.  As our old friend Aleister Crowley and the egotistical construct that he helped to create tells us, “Just do it!”  This is the mantra ingrained within virtually all egocentric thinking which time and again derails the process of true spiritual ascension.

As a counterbalance to Crowley’s statement, the esoteric scholar Dion Fortune (who was diametrically opposed to Crowley’s dark occult practices) so accurately states:

“The true value can only be obtained from the sex-relationship by bringing all the seven bodies of man into union, and this is a task, not merely for a lifetime, but for an evolution. The tender affections, intellectual sympathies, and spiritual ideals must all be mated, and this consummation cannot be achieved save by long years of intimate companionship.  The fleeting union can engage no more than the senses, and effectually prevents a deeper union being formed, because in each new relationship we have to begin all over again.  We never touch the higher planes save by fidelity.” (5)




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