The Seven Rays: the Way of the Heart, the Path of Limitation, and Spiritual Integration

“The streams of consciousness correlate to our life’s purpose. Each stream is guided by an Ascended master who accomplished spiritual enlightenment within their life cycles in dense physical life. This amounts to an ancient method of ascension and is equated to a school. Therefore, it is probable that there are many souls who have been initiated into a specific stream or school in an earlier life. Indeed, it is quite possible that at some point within our evolution, more than one of these schools may have been directly experienced as an initiate. This means that there are people living today that are carrying forth tasks in an archetypal pattern that their souls have been charged with. In this fashion, we are carrying forth the spirit and the purpose of the work that was initiated by the soul of the Ascended master—if in fact there could ever be an initial soul within this construct as time is circular and souls are connected. This also suggests that there is at least an element if not the presence of the Ascended master within the disciple.”

Beyond the Souls Meridian November 11, 2019

Earlier this year, I had an interesting conversation with one of our medical students.  This young man is an exceptional person, and one that when encountered, carries a powerful impression.  Gifted with many talents, he is worldly, well spoken, and highly intuitive.  His inherent nature cannot help setting himself apart from the rest of his peers. Among many things, he is a dancer, classically trained in Paris, and professionally in New York.  Born into an abundant life, which he felt compelled to share with others, he can sense rhythmic movement as a means to healing.  His insights into the healing powers of dance interested me enough to share a long walk along our lakefront on a brisk April morning.  Through our conversation, I sensed an initiated soul.

Perhaps what fascinated me most was his experience with channeling.  While living on the East Coast he spent time with a group that channeled healing energies from the Pleiades.  They intuited a violet spectrum and use crystals to help focus their connection. What they did was a collective process that is ancient, and in doing so, they were focusing enlightened thoughts and stabilizing impulses into the Earth’s biosphere.  This group was also invoking healing principles from a group that channeled the emerald spectrum because they sensed that their violet energies needed augmentation and counterbalance.  The group understood that both sources were of a healing nature that worked best in conjunction.  

This all sounded familiar to me. Throughout human history, the concept of streams or rays of consciousness exist as timeless archetypes to the process of spiritual enlightenment.    Although many systems and nomenclatures of these streams exist, intuitively they are entangled within the energies of the human chakras.  There are multiple systems that promote various numbers of chakras and within the construct of life that we live within, a pattern of seven emerges.  Keeping in mind that everything is entangled, these energies correlate to the cycles of Saturn, the days of the week, the sacraments of Christianity, the divine number of completion in Jewish mysticism, the esoteric constitution of man, the essential planetary bodies, the major endocrine organs, and the essential colors of visible light.  There are more colors to those that have developed the capacity to see them, but for most of us, seven is the pathway to initiation.

The streams of consciousness correlate to our life’s purpose.  Each stream is guided by an Ascended master who accomplished spiritual enlightenment within their life cycles in dense physical life.  This amounts to an ancient method of ascension and is equated to a school.  Therefore, it is probable that there are many souls who have been initiated into a specific stream or school in an earlier life.  Indeed, it is quite possible that at some point within our evolution, more than one of these schools may have been directly experienced as an initiate.  This means that there are people living today that are carrying forth tasks in an archetypal pattern that their souls have been charged with.  In this fashion, we are carrying forth the spirit and the purpose of the work that was initiated by the soul of the Ascended master—if in fact there could ever be an initial soul within this construct as time is circular and souls are connected.  This also suggests that there is at least an element if not the presence of the Ascended master within the disciple.

Although a person may be a disciple of an Ascended master and initiated into a stream of consciousness, the essence of personal and collective enlightenment is the full integration of these consciousness streams.  Each are fully dependent upon the other and transformation into an ascended state of knowing is impossible solely through an isolated stream.  The divine intention being that the final pathway to higher knowledge is through unity and cooperation in I AM consciousness.  By design ascension is a process of integration.  Because of the ego’s distortion of separateness, hierarchy, and isolation, lack of integration is where many disciples fail.  In some streams of consciousness forethought and the ego are emphasized, while in others introspection and feeling.  In all instances, they are connected through ascending levels of consciousness from deep body-soul intuition, to heart-based feeling, to intellectual enlightenment.  The more egocentric streams are the ones that are attempting to integrate the sciences and the arts into an integrated, alchemical, and holistic form, yet all streams must contribute.  What is truly astounding is that by design, we cannot evolve unless our science can understand the love of God.   The ONLY way that our science can come to know this mystery is when the individual scientist has a direct experience which demonstrates this universal constant.

As abstract as the concept of God may be to an empiricist, there will come a time when we realize that the world that we have been conditioned to accept as real is truly an illusion and just a mere fragment of a greater reality beyond it.  To the existential soul who is seeking truth and justice, the inevitable conclusion, that God does not exist, is eventually reached.  This is an existential fact that many of the Ascended masters taught us, for it has been said that, “My kingdom is not of this realm.”  For in order to know God and the spirit to a greater degree, a construct had to be created that was ruled by the ego and devoid of spirit.  Furthermore, we voluntarily placed ourselves within this spiritless construct.

Within this highest violet ray of consciousness, we take ownership of our thoughts, deeds, and actions, and the egotistical concept of God dies.  Yet something else happens, because we learn to understand that we cannot destroy God, but that there is something within every individual which constitutes a spiritual presence which is the essence of what we call God.  We come to discover that God is personal and collective.  As God dies as a concept, it is born within the individual as a living reality and one begins to understand that the world-construct that we have voluntarily placed ourselves within is merely a stage of our own design.   I would say that we are well on our way to enlightenment when compassion and forgiveness for God and the spirit emerges within the individual soul.

The Ascended master of the violet ray is identified as St. Germain, thought to have lived his last life on earth as Sir Francis Bacon who is widely known within the scientific community as the Father of Empiricism, Skepticism, and the Scientific Method.  Within the esoteric community Sir Francis Bacon is also known as the son of Queen Elizabeth I and was the author known as William Shake-Speare.  Shakespeare was not a real person but the alter ego of Bacon.  It is very common within the esoteric tradition to change one’s name after an initiation or epiphany.  Lazarus became John, the author of the book in the New Testament.  Saul of Tarsus become Paul.   In Francis Bacon’s case, he was initiated into the ancient mysteries through the goddess known as Pallas (maiden) Athena.  In one way or another, the Goddess is the pathway to initiation.


Our mythologies tell us that Athena’s mother was Metis which means wisdom.  Her father was Zeus who was told that his daughter born to Metis would be far greater than he.  This worried Zeus, who swallowed Metis whole before she could birth the child.  Sometime later, Zeus developed terrible headaches that were so bad he asked Hephaistos (aka Vulcan, the patron god of artisans) to take an axe to his head.  From this wound, sprang forth from Zeus’s mind, Athena, in full battle armor shaking a spear on her right hand.  This is not so much an aggressive gesture as one of vigilance.  Hence the name Shake-Speare, which in the early publications was hyphenated.


In Athena’s left hand was a shield depicting the Central Sun (Logos), obscured by clouds with the inscription “Obscuris vera involvens,” meaning “Truth is enveloped in obscurity.”  This inscription is the essence of Alchemy, which endeavors to search for truth hidden within a dung-heap of obscurity.  Once the seeker of wisdom finds truth it can never be unfound, because in all instances, we discover that it is hiding in plain sight.

Athena wears a plumed helmet, which in Greek culture signifies ascendance into the mysteries. This helmet is only bestowed upon the heroes who have discovered that all value, truth, and knowledge exist within the higher self.  Just as the original Greek dragon-slayer Cadmus was assisted by Athena (see Chapter IX, The Nature of Free Will, pages 174-179 in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian) all seekers of spiritual truth must face threshold guardians that can only be overcome through the assistance of the goddess, for she is the portal into the higher realm of truth which resides solely within the human heart.  The name Will-Helm or William means wearer of the helmet or Knight of the Helmet, which is clearly a reference to an initiate of the mysteries.

The above illustration of Athena comes from the frontispiece of La Sagesse Mysterieuse, a 1641 AD French edition of Bacon’s essays which depicts Athena on the Stage of the Mysteries.  There are three lights illuminating the stage, which signify the Trinity of the Time Lords which function as Creation, Harmony, and Death, with the inscription “Sic fulget in umbras”, meaning “Thus it shines in the shadows.”  Again, this is an alchemical reference meaning that the Light of Truth is obscured within the shadows of the illusionary world of darkness and linear time.

Within the consciousness streams of the Seven Rays, Pallas Athena is considered the goddess of the emerald-fifth ray.  I find it interesting that my student-friend’s group was employing energies channeled within this octave to enhance their natural violet-seventh ray St. Germaine tendencies.  There are also modern-day channelers who are connecting to Athenian energies and entities who are bringing this forth in public forums.

Sir Francis Bacon (aka Shakespeare) consider Athena his Muse and the greatest of all muses.  Keeping in mind how spiritual-knowledge-consciousness flows, this should come to no surprise.  But what is surprising is how the father of modern science and modern skepticism channeled the feminine goddess of truth to become the greatest creative author and storyteller of the English-speaking world.  This is perhaps the finest example of how wisdom flows from the creative, heart centered spiritual goddess to the receptive egocentric masculine mind.   In the egocentric-skeptic-materialistic world this flow of energy is not only blocked but forbidden through the laws that its secular science creates.  It is no wonder that the true origins of William Shakespeare remain shrouded in doubt and secrecy all to maintain the status quo of egocentric Hierarchy.

This lack of integration between the polarities of consciousness keeps Academia imprisoned within this secular plane that ultimately leads to obscurity.  In many instances, this is the underlying message of Shakespeare’s tragedies, which are always catastrophes engineered by ego. Today, there remains a wide separation between scholarship and channeling; and to many people the two seem incompatible.   It is imperative to understand that our ascension depends upon the unification of these two groups.


In esoteric science, this impasse to ascension not only has been long predicted but illustrated in Raphael’s mural on the School of Athens.  This work portrays the essential scholars of the school of Athens with the central focus on Plato pointing upward towards the spirit and Aristotle pointing down towards the earth.  These actions are symbolic relating to the divorce of science from a spiritually based pathway to one that was more earth-based and egocentric.  Over the last Age (2160 years) human consciousness has taken Aristotle’s pathway into the dense material realm guided solely by ego to see the truth of God’s realm.  Over this period, it has become apparent that this pathway has reached its limit and it is now time for the spirit to once again become integrated back into scientific practice.

How this unification occurs is by channeling the energies of the divine feminine and recognizing these subtle energies as they are manifesting through our self and others.  These energies are more intuitive, heart centered, and emotionally based.  They are impressions and creative impulses that resonate more truthfully in love.  This energy will only flow once our egocentric barrier has been dissipated.   We must keep in mind that unbridled ego will eventually harden the heart and deaden the flow of spiritual charged consciousness.

Imagine the divine goddess holding the scales of justice and truth.  In ancient Egypt, Athenian consciousness was known as Maat, the goddess who held those scales.  On one side of the scale was a feather, and on the other side the heart of the human soul that was being judged.  If the heart weighed more than the feather, one was not allowed to venture into the ascended realm of the spirit.   The nature of heart-based feminine wisdom is joyful, playful, nurturing, and creative. It never takes itself too seriously because it has distanced itself from egocentric thinking.  In this ascended plane of consciousness, there remains a personal identity, but it is ruled by the heart and not enslaved by the ego’s matrix.  One of the downfalls of the violet-ray energy is when it takes itself too seriously; when it fails to see the joy or even the joke embedded within the illusionary life that we are all living within.  These inherent limitations became the body of work that Sir Francis Bacon- William Shakespeare never failed to illustrate.

We must once again become lovers of the spiritual energies that manifest through the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as the Will, the Truth, and the Love of God.  Furthermore, we must learn to integrate and live within the polarities of our divine consciousness at all times while using this energy to heal ourselves and the world around us.  In the past, people who came to understand the truth and the flow of this energy were known as philosophers (lovers of wisdom).  How can people call themselves philosophers or even “enlightened” without a visceral love and understanding of the spirit that the divine-self channels?

In the past, we looked outside of ourselves for higher sources of truth.  Today, we must look within that portal which constitutes our own heart because the flow of truth and wisdom has been reversed.  God no longer exists isolated within the external, and certainly never existed within the construct that ego and its archons and demiurges created.   We can only recognize God within the natural world as a self-reflection within our own spiritual nature.  Understanding and communion with our divine principles allows us to see in nature what the ego was never capable of sensing because our spiritual consciousness and the physical life are entangled through multiple dimensional states.

As it is said, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  This mysterious statement is directly related to the seven rays and the Ascended Master who channeled this truth; for within us are these same Christos-Sophia-Logos energies that we are all (to some degree) working to integrate.  Can we let go and allow it to happen?

The Way is also known as the Tao and I see this as our life’s greatest challenge.  To fully balance and integrate these energies we cannot allow our ego or fear-based consciousness to influence our life’s flow.  This is the principle that rules a Zenful life.  Do we understand that our life has meaning and purpose?  Do we know that we are intentional beings that have willfully given our consent to be here?  Have we sensed that everything that we need to accomplish our life’s goals including our health, happiness, and material support has already been provided for us? Can we understand that all things happen for a reason and can we learn something from all pleasant, neutral, or unpleasant experiences?  Can we intuit the messages of the spirit that are all around us?  Are we guided by the principles of love and the path of least resistance?

It is challenging to walk this very narrow pathway guided by our heart and the spiritual variables that we cannot yet fully understand, for this is truly an act of faith that ego remains very uncomfortable with.  Yet, I see value in this limitation that very few teachers acknowledge, simply because it is contrary to the lucrative egocentric self-empowerment that most people still expect and reflexively demand.  Even for the enlightened we fail to see that limitation is a salutary remedy, meaning a remedy that is not necessarily welcomed or pleasant, yet catalyzes a shift in consciousness that leads to a positive transformation in our state of health and well-being.  This remains as essential alchemical principle and the most effective way for us to learn.  Salutary obscurity remains the foundation of esoteric teaching and at some point, the final common pathway for all those seeking enlightenment to take.

Our logical-egocentric-rational mind can never calculate the path that our heart is sensing, and the higher self is determining.  Yet this is the path that an enlightened soul must take in order to become the full manifestation of our intention.  It is said that when all seven streams of consciousness are recognized, understood, and integrated, we ascend into a higher state of awareness that some refer to as the eighth ray.  Yet, our life’s work will generally resonate most strongly with one of the seven paths.

Inevitably, we must develop greater senses to guide us which are more feeling, intuitive, and femininely oriented.  When we come to recognize that feeling and intuitions are just as important if not more-so then our egocentric consciousness we are well on our way to correcting the flow of higher spiritual consciousness, scientific integration, and a far more holistic intentional existence.

The key is I AM, which is not in reference to a person, but to an ascended state of consciousness within the individuated soul in communion with all of those who have come before to teach us our life’s lessons.

I AM is the Way, I AM is the Truth, and I AM is the Life…




There are many sources which specifically define the Seven Rays and the process of integration.  Within the New Age community attention was drawn to this mystery through the founding member of the Theosophical Society, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.  From Blavatsky flows several authorities connected to the Theosophical Society that refine and even redefine the parameters that were initially established. In most instances, I find that strict definitions of what the rays of consciousness are, the Ascend Masters, Archangels, and Ascended Councils associated with each stream, a curiosity that I cannot fully embrace-yet, I cannot dismiss.  My skeptical reasoning casts doubts upon the matter, yet my personal experience has validated these archetypes with a vengeance, and I would say that these experiences occurred years before I became familiar with chakras, the concept of Ascension, or the seven rays.

The concept of the ascension of conscious through a seven-fold or twelve-fold process is ancient and can be observed at the beginning of our civilization.  The alchemical process is described as a seven or twelve-fold process, and from a psycho-spiritual level, mirrors the rays of consciousness. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to see how seven cycles fit into twelve.  The answer to this mystery is related to ascending levels of consciousness that will eventually manifest into a twelve-fold fashion.  Studying the energies of the Qabalah, which focuses on the celestial bodies of consciousness, may be the best reference of contemplation on how consciousness flows within these numerical models.

As far as defining the rays, I would tend to look at them conceptually as opposed to confining them within narrow parameters.  As I have experienced them, I would loosely describe the rays as follows:

First Ray-focuses on knowing the Will of God.

Second Ray-teaches the Truth of God or Wisdom of God.

Third Ray-demonstrates the Love of God through creative artistic expression..

Fourth Ray-unifies the self through the Sacred Marriage.

Fifth Ray-manifests ascended knowledge into the realm of healing and science.

Sixth Ray-teaches a selfless life in service to others.

Seventh Ray-manifests the truth and the healing energies of alchemy into the physical world as the individual becomes master practitioner.

Eighth Ray-becomes the final pathway of full integration guided by the energies of the seven principles.




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