The Challenges of 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation

“Our current celestial alignments for this year’s 2020 timeline are literally reflecting our own essential mythology.  Most of these energies will be present throughout the course of the year, and this becomes an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to realign our consciousness and initiate a movement forward into a balanced state of cooperative and compassionate human existence.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian January 10, 2020


The Inner Temple

As we enter the 2020 transition, we still find ourselves in the same predicament that we saw well over a year ago.  As the promise of change looms overhead, we remain within an ancient paradigm of control that manages to usurp our energies based upon fear induced cycles that are counterbalanced by our innate capacities for hope and goodwill—which ultimately propagate the status quo.  In this lower linear construct of Hierarchy, regardless of what caste we belong to, we are designed like a well-trained dog to love our slave-masters, because within this existence it is the usurper that remains the hand that feeds us 

Perhaps it is true that we are living in a time where we will see great change that will benefit mankind, but what little improvement (if any) that comes forth through this Pyramid of Control will be distorted to the point of incoherence to those who are in need of it.


The year 2020 begins with an afflicted Moon in conjunction with the star Castor, in the constellation of Cancer opposing the Sun, in conjunction to Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Ceres, in the constellation of Capricorn (See Figure 1).  These alignments favor the soul’s darker shadow forces which will lower confidence, weaken defenses, and distort intuition. The Lunar eclipse of January 10th will only expound upon the already dark night of the soul.  As wars and massive upheavals in literally all human endeavors rage around us, things promise to remain unsteady and uncertain.

Regarding the celestial alignments now present in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn, and the Moon’s South node) it is rarely observed within our planet’s history.  The last time these celestial alignments occurred was during the Reformation of 1517 AD.  Similar astrological patterns were also seen with the colonization of India in 1757 AD and the American revolution of 1776 AD during Pluto’s Capricorn transition.  This suggests that we are in store for major societal upheavals.

For an empathetic person, it would be most accurate to state that the mood surrounding these times are weighing heavy upon the heart.  Cancer is a heart-oriented sign, and the Moon is our emotional center. These celestial energies are aligning along a 180-degree axis through the constellations of Capricorn and Cancer with the Earth in the middle bearing directly upon the most vulnerable aspects of soul. For it is not only the celestial alignments that favor an enhanced time of oppression and chaos, but a lunar eclipse which draws attention to our Earth’s timeless cycles of perpetual struggle. These lunar cycles are ancient, current, and future scenarios that are the fabric of our existence which we all carry within us.  These dramas are forged by the Great Dragon that manifests within the Moon’s cycles.

In esoteric science, it is the Moon that is the point where our earthly life begins and where it ends.  It is in this sphere where the signature of all that we were and all that we have the potential to be are arranged into manifestation and then deconstructed back into non-physical existence.  We can say that the Moon is our astral center where personalities are forged.  Astral means star, which is directly related to our astrological signatures which we all carry within us that mark our spiritual descent into this plane of dense physical manifestation.

It may be of some interest to consider the fact that there are many aspects of the Moon that defy natural law.  The orbit of the Moon is far more circular than elliptical and the reasons for this are related to a relatively low mass for its size.  This observation alone suggested to prominent astronomers and astrophysicists (such as Carl Sagan) that the Moon is hollow.  This theory was confirmed in 1970 by Apollo 12, when the Ascent Module was intentionally crashed onto the moon’s surface, generating a gong-like resonance that was recorded for over an hour by the mission’s seismographic instruments.

Furthermore, considering the Moon’s perspective in size and distance to the Sun, they are directly related to a 1:400 ratio.  The Moon is 400 x smaller than the Sun, but in our sky, it is the same size.  This means that for the Moon to be the same size as Sol, from the Earth’s vantage, it must be 400 x closer than the Sun. Considering the fact that the Moon rotates the Earth approximately 27.3 days in synchronous orbit (always facing us) it becomes impossible to view it as anything other than an intentional celestial body.

Understanding Luna’s relationship to Sol is a great mystery and was an initial inspiration for a mathematically based science that developed and flourished.  Today, we have lost understanding of the esoteric relationships that have always existed while focusing upon the more empirically observable.  What we have forgotten is that Luna is a goddess imprisoned by the forces of control that ego has constructed to enforce and maintain Hierarchy.  This is intentional on the part of those who are vying for power and influence within this egotistical derived pyramidal system. Do not think for a minute that many who have sworn allegiance to scientific interests are unaware of these esoteric relationships.  Although most people of science remain oblivious to these matters, they are influenced and controlled by others within science (and other realms of power and influence) who have a working knowledge of the occult.

A prime example of this relationship is the science surrounding the Large Hadron Collider and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) which has openly merged secular science with emerging Quantum information systems, dark esoteric symbolism, and occult ritualistic practice. (see August 2017 post entitled, False Ascension, CERN, and Echoes of the Eighth Sphere, Beyond the Soul’s Meridian) Although many within science look upon CERN’s ritualism as curiosities or potentially artistic expressions, they have long ago given away their own capabilities to determine the authenticity of truly inspired thought. In a system of Hierarchy, art is determined by those with higher academic appointments and or social status. Our educational system conditions us to give away our sovereignty and our individual power to discern truth.  We are all born with the capacity to know truth, but as ego becomes configured to Hierarchy, we voluntarily lapse into an illusion of secular reality.

It is interesting (if not telling) that the “French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire” is incidentally known as CERN.  In Latin, “cern” is derived from “cernere” meaning to sift, decide, or determine.  One could look at CERN as the epitome of an authoritative organization that not only determines truth but is attempting to create and reconstruct a determinant reality altogether. It should come to no surprise that individual dis-CERN-ment within this construct is never really acknowledged or promoted, because that would be within a state of consciousness that is in discordance to a reality that materialistic scientific institutions such as CERN are declaring.

Through CERN’s own experiments, it has been observed that the Moon has direct influence upon outcomes. (1)  This is thought to be linked to the Moon’s gravitational effects pulling subatomic particle beams out of orbit. This lunar effect was the cause of many distortions that amounted to scientific error. (2)  When we think about the nature of our being, we tend to view our self as a body within a rigid 3-dimensional parameter of what we have been conditioned to accept as reality.  Yet, the nature of who we are is far more complex than just physical biochemistry.  We are an integrated whole of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies that our conventional science is just beginning to understand. The essence of our being is multidimensional, and for lack of a better term, a constellation of energetic consciousness.  Our auric energy is integrated into the Earth’s biosphere, which is also affected by lunar activity. Therefore, the Moon has dramatic effects upon our health and sense of well-being which ties into a multitude of biological activities that it directly influences.

Yet, the effects of Luna upon the psyche cannot be directly measured by the science that we currently hold because it is decreed to search for answers within the material world.  This means that science is forced to search for physical traces of non-physical phenomena which are by nature elusive and exceedingly subtle.  So far, science has not been able to determine a particle related to Luna’s effects on human consciousness, but we may be getting close as subatomic physics and our understanding of force carrier, intermediate, or messenger particles expand. (3, 4)  What we do know is that we are permeated by integrated fields of energy that do not manifest as particles that can be readily measured by our scientific instruments. (5) But there is a way to measure these field effects which can be exceedingly precise and scientific if we allow ourselves to expand the concept of science into a more holistic form.

What we look for through conventional science we subconsciously know because we can feel the effects.  Through countless Draconian-Lunar cycles we have been subjected to a myriad of celestial patterns that imprint our consciousness from a deep emotional perspective.  This means that at some level, there is an awareness of these effects because to a creative and sensitive soul they can be felt and understood in a non-linear and non-verbal way.  What we are trying to discover regarding the nature of the cosmos is encoded within our human matrix.  As it is taught in esoteric science, we are microcosms of those celestial energies.  This is what the gods have always tried to instill upon us.

From a linear rational perspective, this microcosmic/macrocosmic relation seems absurd because there is no tangible proof.  Our ego demands to see reality conceptually, and for this to occur we need to externally observe cause and effect.

The gods were revered for their wisdom, which we still view as superhuman.  To this day, if we were confronted by our mythological ancestors, most of us would fall to our knees in reverence.  Our conditioned logic through Hierarchy determines that there is a need to emulate, if not worship these entities.  In the best of circumstances, we venerate to understand and become more like them.  In the worst of circumstances, we worship to amass power, influence, and control.  For some, becoming more god-like may be possible but what the gods possess remains unknown to many of us and what we do not know we tend to fear.  But times are changing, and reality is transforming as our consciousness moves in rapid progression into an ascended state of understanding.


Despite the elite’s attempts to adorn themselves in the images of our sacred ancestors, erect monuments to the heavens, brandish esoteric symbolism, and create technology to manipulate reality and communicate beyond the veil—these gestures are misdirected and futile.  For our own mythology tells us that what is in the highest chamber of Hierarchy’s pyramid, in the capstone known as the Eye of Horus, we find not a god, nor a human, but an ape.  The ape is known as the cynocephalus, meaning dog’s head, and is depicted as a baboon.  It is also known as the Ape of Thoth.

In ancient Egypt, Thoth is a Christ entity, depicted as a god with the head of a crane-like Ibis. The symbol of the Ibis (bird) is equated to the Logos.  Thoth is also synonymous to Hermes (Mercury) known as the messenger of God.  Thoth is the word of God in the heart of all people and the heart of the world; whose life directed and created all things.  Thoth is the Master of the heart and reason in all humanity.  As Master temple builder and Lord of sacred speech, Thoth is the soul of becoming and the source of inspired thought.

What emanates from the opening of His mouth, that cometh to pass; He speaks, and it is His command; He is the source of speech, the vehicle of knowledge, the revealer of the hidden.

Legend tells of a Book of Thoth, kept in a golden box within the inner sanctuary of the temple. There was only one key kept in possession by the master of the mysteries, the highest initiate of the Hermeticum Arcanum.  Although the Book is now lost (or perhaps never really existed in physical form) it is said that the inspired source of the Book of Thoth was the symbolic archetypes of the spiritual realm which became the Arcana of the Tarot.

By this point, it should be obvious to all that it is impossible for an ape to understand the Divine Mysteries and accurately interpret the Word of God.  In fact, the egotistical construct that we find ourselves living within is a mockery of truth and justice, and is by design, a Tower of Babble ruled by beings living in a state that is far less than their human potential.

It no longer makes sense to erect statues, effigies, temples, churches, or monuments to any god, demigod, demiurge, or pantheon of deities because they have become usurped and are now the symbols and means to our enslavement. To escape this imprisonment, at some point, we must come to understand the pantheon of gods as living archetypes that have always existed within us.  The primal energies of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and an infinite number of other spheres of influence manifest through our soul’s intelligence, personality, and deep emotional bodies. Constructed through love, compassion, truth, wisdom, and understanding, the temple of the divine heart and reason has always existed within.


The pattern of our inner sanctuary can be viewed as an archetype.  As noted, the Greco-Roman temples of the ancient pantheon were constructed in a familiar fashion, with rows of columns holding up a triangular roof.  When viewing the temple from the entrance, the portal was flanked by two supporting pillars. This pattern was inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Qabalah which is connected to Thoth and the Arcana of the Tarot.


From a personal level, we find this pattern within esoteric temples where the initiate of the mysteries is seated upon a throne flanked by two columns.  This archetype is depicted within the Tarot’s Arcanum of the High Priestess.  The priestess represents the human soul seated between two pillars known as Jachin and Boaz.

Jachin (to the initiate’s left) represents Karma, which is all that has been. It is connected to death and the forces of egotistical will.  These energies are synonymous to the constellation Capricorn and are intimately related to the current residing energies of Pluto and Saturn (see Figure 1).  The esoteric understanding is that of the Father principle.

Boaz (to the initiate’s right) represents Dharma, which is all that can be through our higher principles.  It is known as the “Pillar of Surrender” and represents the forces of Divine Will.  Boaz is nurturing, loving and heart based.  These energies are synonymous to the constellation Cancer and are related intimately to the residing energies of the Moon (see Figure 1).  The esoteric understanding is that of the Mother principle.

We are born into an ascended state of consciousness through the tension of these alchemical principles in opposition to each other. In esoteric training, it is understood that the initiate represents the middle pillar.  In a transcended state of knowing, we have balanced karma, aligned our self with the fullness of our potentials, and are in the process of becoming our true and genuine self.  In this state, our seven major principles are recognized, understood, and are in sympathy to each other.  Within this balanced state of existence, we have achieved Zen and are in a state of I AM, Christed Consciousness.


The Great Dragon and the Imprisonment of the Human Soul


As unpleasant as it may seem, we can only escape the matrix of Hierarchy through the arduous path of conflict and tension.  Time (as we currently perceive it) is an imprisoning construct that rules over us. Our mythologies depict this imprisoning force as a multi-tentacle serpent-like monster of control. It was known by the Egyptians and Greeks as Typhon, which is a beast that becomes more corrupt and powerful over time.  In many ways, we are imprisoned within our perception of linear time which is a construct of our egocentric human intellect.

Not only does time enforce the will of Hierarchy (by means of Typhon) but it also has imprisoned the human soul within a matrix of control separated from our spiritual origins. The Gnostics consider this force to be draconian in nature. The ancient mystics saw the perpetual cycles of life and death controlled by a Dragon-like being of incalculable intelligence that gives birth to and consumes itself.  The symbol of this self-consuming beast is known as the Ouroboros which manifests through the circular orbit of the Moon.  It is an adversarial force which acts as the engine of human evolution. The Dragon not only appeal to ego, but is understood to be the seed of logic and pure rational thought. It is also master of the circular path that the human soul is bound to take.

The study of the lunar phases helped us to mark time.  The integration of the sun and moon cycles along with the Earth’s rotation create time. Our concept of a month was derived by the time between new moon and new moon phases, which averages around 29 days.  English common law initially determined a lunar month at 28 days, and a lunar year at 48 weeks.  What we follow today is the Gregorian calendar based upon a 365.25-day solar cycle and months that were decreed by Rome and fixed to the seasons.


The Moon’s rotation around the Earth plays a pivotal role in the deeper sense of human consciousness.  As opposed to the lunar phases, which are determined visually by the Moon’s appearance (from new moon to new moon) and vary between the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun, Luna’s rotation is nearly circular and very consistent.


This patterned is related to the Moon’s nodal procession known as a Draconian month, which is very much like a fixed carrier wave of a modulated broadcast of time.  The circular pattern of the Moon’s orbit is equated to the Ouroboros, the all-knowing Great Dragon which consumes itself and drives human consciousness.  It is the perpetual spinning wheel of Karma.  It is also the ruler of Hierarchy in a game of conquest and control that has no end.  It takes 18.6 years for the Moon’s nodes to make a complete 360-degree journey through the distal constellations.  In comparison, from our Earth’s vantage point it takes the Sun approximately 25,920 years to make that journey.

The Moon’s North node is equated to the head or crown chakra of the Dragon, while the Moon’s South node represents the root chakra which is at the base of the Dragon’s tale. The position of the Moon’s nodes is very significant within the astrology of an individual because they signify the direction of our life’s path.  It is unfortunate that most people still hold astrology in such low regard because any sincere consideration as to the aspects of our lunar nodes would effectively demonstrate the reality of our timeless and perpetual existence.

The South node, known in Vedic astrology as “Ketu,” demonstrates the path that we have walked.  Ketu is the direction from where are coming from.  Subconsciously, it is a very familiar road.  It also represents Karma, which if we have not faced, could be a force of stagnation or retardation.  When afflicted, Ketu can act as a force that pulls us back into our old habits and mistakes.  The current celestial alignments of Ketu in conjunction with Saturn-Pluto are important to understand because they are now in a configuration of stagnation and oppression to the point where virtually all of us (at some level) are sensing it. (see Figure 1).

The North node, known in Vedic astrology as “Rahu,” demonstrates our life’s optimal path.  This is also known as Dharma which is the path of grace that is guided by our higher principles.  It is on this path where we allow our heart and higher self to guide us.

To understand the world’s current events, and to understand how it affects us, it is important to see how the head and tail of the Great Dragon’s north and south lunar nodes correlate directly to the previously discussed right and left pillars of the inner temple of Boaz and Jachin. It appears that time has placed all of us upon the temple’s throne, and in one way or another, our life path will be defined and measured by our soul’s reaction to these challenges.  We can no longer hide in the crowd of ignorance and indecision because circumstances are forcing us to become a free individuated human being.  If we wither from this decision, we will be choosing the fate of a perpetual slave to the forces of control and abuse.

Current celestial alignments will overwhelmingly retard if not invert the balance of truth regarding our connection to love and our higher principles.  We can think of Luna as goddess, representing the vulnerable and sensitive nature of the human soul.  Our soul’s feminine principle has always been our portal into the spiritual realm.  In many ways, Luna is the fair maiden coveted and fiercely guarded by the universal beast.  By convention, the Great Dragon feeds off of human fear and acts to degrade, isolate, and imprison the compassion and sensitivity of the human soul, of which it has no capacity to possess or even understand.  It is our emotionalism through joy, love, compassion, creativity, and vulnerability, known in Gnostic terms as the Life or “Zoe” which brings us to our higher self and God.  Our soul’s feminine nature is an essential principle that the Dragon inherently lacks.  In a very real sense, the Dragon can be viewed as an inverted and retarded energy regarding spiritual consciousness.

Yet, its efforts to isolate us from our spiritual origin help paradoxically to understand the true nature of God and our higher self.

Wisdom exists as a pearl guarded by the Universal Beast.  Once we sincerely engage our life in a holistic search for higher truth, we are no longer a victim, but a hero, and have ascended outside of the Dragon’s sphere of influence as we discover that time is merely a distortion in human perception.


Ceres, the Moon, Mercury, and our Opportunity for Cosmic Growth

Reviewing again our current celestial alignments (see Figure 1), we can observe the asteroid Ceres and the planet Mercury also in Capricorn, in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn, and in complete opposition to the Moon. These alignments suggest the very well-known mythology of Persephone, who can also be viewed as an element of the divine feminine of the human soul.

Persephone was abducted and raped by Pluto and imprisoned within the boundaries of Hades. Eventually she became his wife. This mythology also suggests the imprisonment of the human soul within the confining astral sphere which has always been equated to the shadowy underworld that the soul visits during dream states and after death.  This astral sphere is equated to the realm of the Moon, and Persephone, who as the consort of Hades, became a ruling queen of this underworld.  Homer describes Persephone as;

Wife of Hades, and the formidable, venerable, and majestic queen of the Shades, who exercises her power, and carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead, along with her husband.”

This sounds very much like Karma.

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.  In Roman culture, Demeter was known as Ceres.  Ceres is a goddess of agriculture and maternal nurturing.  She can be thought of as a goddess of abundance when all variables are in harmony to themselves.  But in her fury and frustration for the abduction of her daughter, Ceres withdrew her energies from the Earth, which began to wither away.  This concerned Zeus enough to have Helios (the Sun) or Hermes (Mercury), being the first planet from the Sun (and considered the son of the Sun), to intercede.

As the messenger of the gods/God, Hermes was able to reach a compromised with Hades, and Persephone was permitted to live within a balanced state of light and dark forces.  Within the mercurial presence all variables are understood, and balance becomes possible.

Our current celestial alignments for this year’s 2020 timeline are literally reflecting our own essential mythology.  Most of these energies will be present throughout the course of the year, and this becomes an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to realign our consciousness and initiate a movement forward into a balanced state of cooperative and compassionate human existence.


The Remedy of Hermetic Realignment


No one toasts to reason… and rightfully so. When we celebrate, we are connecting to our more joyful impulses and we toast to life.  Believe me when I tell you that there is very little (if any) joy in academia or academic reasoning.  There are academic institutions within our culture that pride themselves on this fact, and there are places known within this landscape as enclaves “Where fun goes to die.”  These institutions are controlled by Hierarchy and severely govern individual expression.

When this oppression becomes too great, it manifests within all aspects of human activity as the multi-armed serpent, Typhon.  Hermetic wisdom has warned us against this imprisoning force which eventually ossifies and corrupts the four elements of existence into inaction and despair.  The elements that the Ancients referred to as Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, are direct references to the foundational principles of existence and human cognition. The four elements correlate to sensation (Earth), intellect/ego (Air), emotional intelligence (Water), and intuition (Fire).

ScreenShot009In many depictions of the goddess, such as Isis, Ceres, and Persephone, they hold within their hand a device known as a sistrum.  It is somewhat like a scepter, but its function is completely different.  A scepter is an instrument and symbol of masculine power and authority.  It is through this authority that Hierarchy is enforced and maintained.  The sistrum is the opposite as it dissolves rigidity and controlling authority.  It reinvigorates and allows the individual soul to be released from its imprisonment of the enslaving forces of Typhon.

Historians claim that the sistrum was a musical instrument, but that is not quite correct.  The sistrum was clearly a healing instrument that helped to channel the forces of the goddess back into human consciousness.  We can say that the divine feminine rules through the power of the sistrum.

Within the first century AD hermetic writings of the mystic Plutarch concerning the mysteries of Isis and Osiris, he states;

Now the sistrum has a curved top, and its arch contains the four [things] that are shaken.  For the parts of the cosmos which are subjected to generation and corruption, is circumscribed by the sphere of the moon, and all [things] in it are moved and changed by the four elements—fire and air and earth and water.

For they say turn aside and beat of Typhon with sistra—signifying that when corruption binds nature fast, and brings her to a stand, [then] generations free her and raises her from death by means of motion.”

It is undeniable that we are living in a time when generations are in position to free the divine goddess and raise her from an inevitable death through our own lack of awareness and inaction.  This can only be accomplished if we can allow ourselves to reinstate the divine feminine in balance with the divine masculine.  How difficult is this task?  For many, it may seem like the impossible, but in truth, it is as easy as taking a breath.  We have all been primed to do this.

On the base of the sistrum is the image of a divine Hathor.  The Hathor is a feminine goddess of wisdom and understanding who teaches humanity through lyrical song and humor.  The power and intelligence that Hathor imparts is incomparable to any knowledge within linear egotistical existence.  When experienced, the humor, poetry, symmetry, and intelligence shakes the core of the human soul to a tearful excitement which is literally mind-blowing and transformational.

Real change is destined to occur when this divine power is understood and released freely.  It is at that point when the Earth and the human soul will be reborn and rejuvenated through the principles of the divine feminine.  Once this is experienced there will be no turning back and the Typhon will be vanquished.

As dark and as challenging as times may appear, we truly hold destiny within our hands if we can develop the courage, wisdom, and intelligence to face the summation of all that we were and the potential of all that we can be.  Regardless of our disposition and stature in life, time and circumstance has forced all of us to re-evaluate, correct, and atone for our transgressions and our relationship to those who have transgressed against us.

If we can channel the divine feminine, this process can become the most rewarding, joyful, heroic, and transformational experience within our soul’s journey.

We can only accomplish this in a united state of compassion, love and understanding which we must chose voluntarily and pursue sincerely.




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Additional Source

G.R.S. Mead, Thrice-Greatest Hermes: Studies in Hellenistic Theosophy and Gnosis, Vol 1-3, Kshetra Books, 2017 ISBN: 978-1546532699


2 thoughts on “The Challenges of 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation”

  1. Just started reading your treaty and early on it is already I question your integrity as a writer!
    Regarding your
    In their 1966 book, Intelligent Life in the Universe, Carl Sagan and Iosif Shklovsky state that “a natural satellite cannot be a hollow object.”
    The Moon revolves around Earth in an elliptical orbit with a mean eccentricity of 0.0549. Thus, the Moon’s center-to-center distance from Earth varies with mean values of 363,396 km at perigee to 405,504 km at apogee. Thats an almost 35ooo mile difference, much more eliptical than round.
    Just because you write something down, does not make it so . Do you expect readers to simply not question your statements and just accept them as true? Ah the evil paradigm of thought and science we are all slaves to.


    1. Hello Donald,

      Thanks for the comment, although I am not sure what you are getting at. Since you and I cannot directly measure the moon’s orbit with any degree of accuracy we must depend upon scientific data and reasonable consensus to comment upon the matter. Many resources regarding the moon’s orbit call it nearly circular. It is not circular, but far more circular than virtually all known orbits. You are correct in stating that the moon’s apogee (the point farthest away from the earth at 405,400 km) versus perigee (the point closest to the earth at 362,600 km) varies by 12%. But this information does not define the shape of the orbit and the disparity of these distances exists because the earth is not directly at the center of the moon’s circular-elliptical path. The shape of the orbit is best represented by the semimajor axis (384,400km) and semiminor axis (383,800km) which is a variant of only 0.16%. As it is stated in the corporate-backed-globalist Wikipedia, from NASA’s own data:

      “The orbit of the Moon is a nearly circular ellipse about the Earth (the semimajor and semiminor axes are 384,400 km and 383,800 km, respectively: a difference of only 0.16%). The equation of the ellipse yields an eccentricity of 0.0549, and, perigee and apogee distances of 362,600 km and 405,400 km respectively (a difference of 12%).”

      For an accurate depiction of the Moon’s orbit see the following:

      The moon is also unusually large compared to the earth’s diameter and not the size that is typically observed around planets of similar dimensions. In fact, our moon is the largest in comparison to the planet that it orbits. It remains unclear why the moon maintains such an unusual rotation and nearly circular orbit since this cannot be explained solely by the earth’s relatively weak gravitational field. The moon’s diameter (3474 km) is 27% that of the earth’s (12,756 km). If the composition of the moon was equivalent to that of the earth, then their mass and density would directly correlate, and this would be directly proportional to their volume. The volume of a sphere is calculated by the simple equation v = ⁴⁄₃πr³, where r is the radius of the sphere.

      We are told through conventional theory that the moon is derived from the earth. Therefore, their density and mass must be roughly proportional. If this theory is true, then the moon should be approximately 1/50 the mass of the earth, which it is not. The moon is estimated to be 1/81 the mass of the earth leading credible scientists to suspect that the moon is of a different density (hollow) or comprised of substantially different substance; which could reasonably indicate that it is of a different origin than the earth.

      Regardless of how difficult it may be to accept, there is no way around the fact that even by conventional scientific standards, our moon remains a great mystery.

      I see no reason to become hostile or frustrated about it.


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