The Last Days of Reason: Secular Humanism, Transhumans, Singularity and Demise of Common Sense

“True liberation is destined to occur when we finally develop the intelligence to move away from the virtual matrix that enslaves us.  Within the human biosphere all information is already known, and if knowledge is readily shared solutions to our problems will become apparent within a very short time.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 29, 2020

Fear and Coercion through the Looking Glass

Circumstances demand a discussion concerning subjects which popular opinion deems sacred, politically incorrect, and objectionable to the sensitively inclined.  It has always been my effort to remain balanced and refrain from pointing fingers or naming names.  As a teacher, I must always keep in mind that it is up to the individual to decide what direction is best.  But the time has come when personal inaction gives consent to misguided actions that threaten our health, security and free will.  In truth, what is happening today is the endgame to the ultimate conspiracy.  It is imperative that those perpetrating these criminal intentions and activities are called out and exposed.  The year 2020 has signified this moment, and as I have alluded to in my previous discussion, there is nowhere to hide from these unfolding scenarios.

Within an individual whose consciousness is ascending, an awareness begins to take shape as we recognize the realm of the spirit communicating to us within higher states of consciousness as the deeper meanings of current events become entangled within the landscape of our personal visions.  Recently, I have had a series of dreams that are difficult to ignore.  These apparitions are apocalyptic, and I suspect quite frightening to many.   As for me, they are not surprising and are simply pointing out an obvious and potential timeline that insidious forces are coercing many of us to take.

Furthermore, a synchronicity occurred during the time of these visions, suggesting that I should be paying more attention to these engineered catastrophes that are now unfolding.  As difficult as it is to acknowledge, many people can plainly see this coming disaster in slow-motion as a train wreck about to occur.  While at the same time, the common sense to avert this scenario unravels before our very eyes.

Our problems are not a series of unfortunate events, but extremely intentional acts which are obfuscated beyond recognition.  These issues have become so egregious that they appear as a separate reality in an isolated sphere of impoverished-to-demented ideas that no sane person would dare enter.

The sphere that is being created is very familiar and has been the subject of many of my essays.  It is an alternative reality hyped as an inevitable timeline of technological progress that we are allegedly drawn towards.  It is our dependency on useless technology (promoted as useful and progressive) that is driving us into this dead end. Perhaps it is unfair to claim that the technology is useless, because it is self-serving and useful to a handful of madmen (and women) who are hawking this agenda that will eventually lead to the demise of our freedom and humanity.

These madpersons are exceptionally wealthy, prominent, and powerful individuals that the media promotes as prophets to a technologically enhanced future of artificial intelligence (AI).  What they are selling is a secular humanistic agenda that entangles your soul into a construct that will intentionally make you less than human.

It is no secret that I have taken issue with the ideas and agendas of secular humanism.  The reason for this stems from the fact that there is no excuse to qualify humanism as secular—unless there was some alternative hidden scheme.  If a person becomes compelled to follow their soul’s intelligence and casts away all entanglements of philosophies, cults, creeds, and religions, then that person becomes a humanist, not a secular humanist.

Secular is a slippery word.  When it is used, it is usually in reference to non-religious, but that is a superficial definition.  Historically, it was used in reference to spiritless thought or ideas which were referred to as mundane, banal, and not of any great significance.  Secular is also connected to temporal concepts and used as a reference to time.  We can say that secular thought is related to the confinements of a linear time continuum that rapidly changes.  In many ways this rapid and shifting reality is the basis for competition, uncertainty, and fear.   Non-secular thought is connected to timeless spiritual wisdom, which is based upon a deeper foundational truth of love, justice, and certainty.

It is sad but telling when we look at secular humanism as it relates to animals.  There was a time when animals were considered as mere machines.  In many academic circles, animals were believed to be emotionless and did not feel pain or suffering in the same way that humans did.  Therefore, there was no consideration for their suffering, and to this day a great amount of violence is inflicted upon animals in the name of science.  Paradoxically, there are many people who align themselves with secular humanism, who are very much concerned with animal rights and see animals as having valid emotions.  Indeed, there are many people who care more about animals than other human beings.  All of this is quite convoluted regarding the dynamics of animal-human interactions.

Keep in mind that secular humanists portray humans and animals as merely biological vessels animated by biochemical reactions in the brain determined by our genetics.  Free will is a non-consideration because they believe that our genes are driving our biological vessel from a subconscious level.

In esoteric science, the human being is a matrix of body, soul, and spirit.  The animal is also a matrix of body, soul, and spirit, but the spirit is not individuated within its matrix to the same degree as a human.  Spirit manifests consciously as ego, which most animals lack.  Yet through observation, it could be argued that many evolved animals are at the threshold of developing this individuated capacity.

Therefore, when the word secular is used, we are diminishing our significance to a subhuman level below that of even animals.  Well, what could that state of existence be equivalent too?  Perhaps a slave.  Within the mindset of the oppressors, slaves are considered to be subhuman.  The experience of human misery has demonstrated time and again that the animals kept as pets by the slave masters are generally treated better than their human slaves.

Secular humanism is a flagrant violation of common sense and is being used to channel the “inevitable” demise of our humanity that their own limited and flawed theories (such as Selfish Genes) predict.

The most egregious of their disordered thinking manifests from the concept of what is called the “Singularity.”  The Singularity is the moment in time when machines in the form of artificial intelligence become self-aware and begin to outstrip our human capabilities in every way.  AI will therefore be deployed in every endeavor that humans now occupy.  The prophets envision that AI will compete directly against us in a non-regulated free market capitalistic landscape, where the human-beings are perceived to have little to no chance at remaining economically viable and surviving.    According to the AI prophets, every single human endeavor will not only be affected, but replaced by artificial intelligence.

Of course, it is the same people who are building, promoting, and controlling these devices who are propagating these ideas.  The truth is our predicted downfall is not inevitable, but merely a timeline of enslavement that Hierarchy is desperately trying to promote.  There may be elements of AI that could benefit humanity—and then again there may not be—in which case we are far better off without it.  But it is unfolding right before our eyes as a device of mass destruction that is not only being built but will detonate intentionally according to a very specific timetable determined by the disturbed and perverse logic of its human designers.  There may be some value in such a device but not when it is released into a society poised to devaluate human prosperity and the well being of its constituents into a non-consideration.

Well, as it turns out these people riding this AI bandwagon are not that callous, because they have also engineered a solution for this problem that persons as prominent as Elon Musk are promoting.  Elon has stated on many occasions that:

“AI is humanity’s greatest existential threat.”

This statement is hilarious coming from a guy whose own corporations and personal wealth is directly connected to the same existential threat that he is speaking of.  Unfortunately, people like Elon Musk (and everything and everyone that he touches) is not the solution, but solely a pimple on the face of a global specter that is driving our own demise.

It should come to no surprise as to how ugly, perverse, and illogical their solution really is.   Their reason is kind of like, “Well if you can’t beat ‘em, join ’em.”

Their inevitable conclusion is that in order to keep pace with the AI machines, humanity must voluntarily integrate their physical and psychological energies into the AI’s technological matrix.  In theory, this would be the final act of an AI enslavement.  Since AI currently lacks mobility, humans can be coerced and deceived into doing its bidding.

Screen Shot 03-01-20 at 08.07 PMThrough an emerging corporation called Neuralink (owned by Elon Musk), they are planning to voluntarily embed a network of carbon filaments into the human brain that will connected to a microchip placed under the skin at the back of the skull and wirelessly connected to a micro-CPU and power supply placed again subcutaneously behind the ear.  It is predicted that the number of microfibers may expand to as many as 10,000 filaments. Apparently, this technology has been fast tracked by the FDA to be placed within human beings by the end of the year.

This solution may be more appealing to the secular humanist than a human, and we may now finally see the emergence of the long predicted human cyborg within a new and rapidly emerging cult of “upgraded” transhumans.  Great plan Elon.

It is beneath me not only as a human being, but as a physician, to explain how utterly stupid and dangerous this idea really is, especially when applied to an otherwise healthy and intact person.  It took little research to confirm that this concept was viable, and not simply a hoax.  It must be recognized that in an enlightened and evolved society these ideas would never find fertile ground and would be ridiculed as insane for even considering.

But we do not live within an enlightened society, and those who were entrusted to protect the public from such dangers are now in league with these criminally negligent ideas.  The tactic being used to sell it is not so subtle and is based upon what is known as a Hegelian dialectic, which operates upon the principle of fear.

Hegel’s three dialectic stages of development are in the form of:

1.Thesis- A thought is postulated, or idea articulated, which upon further evaluation is wrong or incomplete.

2. Antithesis-Affirmation on both the error of the thesis and lack of a solution.

3. Synthesis-Resolution through both variables and the emergence of a more comprehensive view.

It was the German philosopher Johann Goitleb Fichte and not Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who articulated the dialectic in this fashion.

The point being that what we have today is a distortion of a noble concept.  The masters of this distortion are those who bend the truth and manipulate others for personal gain.  Deception is a principle element of coercion and what started as a truthful idea becomes a doctrine of manipulation.

All totalitarian governments use this tactic, and this mind control scheme attributed to Hegel is no exception.  The technique is employed in all false-flag operations and virtually all marketing strategies.  The method of coercion employed involves the stages of:

1.Problem-Framed by an entity selling the idea of a threat or problem whether real or fabricated.

2.Reaction-The realization of the perceived threat and an impulse to correct it.

3.Solution-The agenda, product, or idea that the manipulating entity is attempting to sell you.

Regardless, very few people are interested in voluntarily placing an enslaving, Typhon-like device into their brain.  That is unless a crisis is perceived that is so severe that there seems to be no other option.

Regarding AI, the attempt to enslavement will be leveraged through unregulated free market economics.  In many ways we are already seeing this. For instance, most hospital networks will not grant physicians staff privileges unless they are plugged into the Smart grid. The pressures to stay current within the mountain of secular minutia that is passed off as medical knowledge, along with exceedingly complicated bureaucratically controlled credentialing, charting, and billing will also play a factor in coercing practitioners to consider such folly.

In totalitarian governments, few people are involved within the infrastructure of control.  When looking at Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Communist China, the number of party members is between 5-10% of the population.  In many ways, the emergence of transhumanism will be akin to membership within a totalitarian state.  Those who voluntarily integrate themselves will be rewarded while those who resist will be marginalized.  We can image mandatory integration becoming the standard for military, police, and first responders, along with key positions of power and control.  It is predicted that once people see that they are at a disadvantage to those who have integrated, then there will be tremendous pressure to consider the procedure themselves.  In the future, it may be as common as anabolic steroid use and far more dangerous.


Really, it’s a Bandwidth Issue

According to the soft-sell for Neuralink, our “problem” is related to bandwidth. If a person were to integrate today, they would not have anywhere near the capabilities that the AI prophets are promising. The issue is processing speed which is directly related to bandwidth.  For AI to work properly, it requires a network that can support high frequency bandwidth for massive rapid data transfer.  In order to do this, an infrastructure is being created with the capacity needed to support the emergence of human cyborgs.  The frequency that this network will operate in is within a 30-300 gigahertz range known as Extremely High Frequency (EHF) or millimeter waves.  Current technology allows this frequency to accommodate 2.5-10 Gbits/s data speed.


Screen Shot 03-01-20 at 08.05 PMExtremely High Frequency does have its drawbacks.  It is limited regarding the distance of its transmission because some of these frequencies are absorbed by specific elements found upon the earth’s surface.  The major components that dampen the transmission of millimeter waves are water and oxygen.  Frequencies of 24 GHZ and 184 GHZ are absorbed by water (H20) while frequencies around 60 GHZ are absorbed by oxygen (O2).  Frequencies between these numbers are better for longer distance transmissions, regulated by the FCC, and applied to point-point microwave data links, satellite communications, and weapon systems.  The less useful frequency around 60 GHZ remains unregulated by the FCC and is therefore a band that the private industry is anxious to exploit.  The range between 57 GHZ and 64 GHZ is known as V-Band and is wide open to unlicensed operations.

Some people in the tech industry feel that 60 GHZ natural dampening is an advantage in limited applications because it minimizes interference.  With such a wide band of frequencies (7 GHZ) to operate from, this sounds like spin.  An optimal carrier would have long range, penetrate natural and manmade boundaries, would be safe to living organisms, and easy to maintain.  We already have this technology and it is called radio.  In order to establish an EHF network, carrier stations must be established in tightly dense networks of transmitters.  It is estimated that the new generation V-band (5G) transmitters will be able to support 1 million devices per square kilometer.  To provide the role for “last mile applications” various devices for 60 GHZ transmission will be obtrusively affixed to a multitude of structures throughout the landscape of your life—all without your consent.

Regardless of what the industry claims, the safety of these devices has not been established.  There are many studies demonstrating the dangers of lower frequency microwaves, gigahertz, and higher terahertz transmissions. With such a wide spectrum of energy it is not beyond reason to consider the fact that emissions within this broad spectrum can produce a variety of damaging and healing effects to living organisms.  Regarding 60 GHZ frequency, it is readily absorbed by oxygen and to a lesser degree water, which are essential components to all life.  By this fact alone, it has the potential for harm, and it is suspicious that the globalist state has by default chosen this frequency as a viable carrier.  For instance, they could have chosen 50 GHZ or 70 GHZ as a carrier which would not have the same potential for damaging effect.

Scientific studies show that gigahertz waves have low penetration into the body of a biological system and are stopped within the superficial level of the skin.  Therefore, it is assumed that since it cannot penetrate beyond the epidermis, that it would have little effect on function or health.  Again, many studies have suggested that this type of energy effects memory processing, sleep patterns, fertility, cardiovascular health, immune function, and emotional states.  What we do know about 60 GHZ energy is that it is readily absorbed by oxygen and therefore a potential that it could detrimentally effect oxygenation within biological systems.  Conventional science has not addressed this concern to any degree because logic concludes that this type of radiation is harmless since it cannot penetrate beyond the skin.

This observation is incomplete and as superficial as their assumption because 60 GHZ energy can energetically imprint upon water and oxygen, which we readily draw into our body.  Could varying degrees of this energy within the air and water vapor that we are breathing cause effects?  As far as I can determine, this question has never been tested and may never be answered until 5G is deployed and fully operational.


The Scramble to Deploy

There is now an explosion of interest and on-going activities within industry’s attempt to establish a high-speed network which amounts to nothing less than a grid-matrix for human control.  As you can imagine, corporations that are owned and controlled by the big players within the tech-sector are spearheading this assault on common sense, free will, and human enslavement.   What the media portrays is a group of extremely wealth, altruistic, and tech savvy people who are responsibly unfolding technology that will enrich our lives.  This image is a lie and is as far removed from the truth as possible.

Do not think that connections between V-band, the Federal government (FCC), the telecommunications industry, and Globalist agenda of enslavement, do not exist.  From a level of corporate control these elements are intimately linked.  The connections can be seen within the emergence of a privately funded and controlled aerospace industry (such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX) and the demise of our publicly funded National Aeronautic Space Agency (NASA).  The public is led to believe that the United States Government has given up its interest in space exploration, while mavericks within the private sector are moving to exploit this lack of interest with cutting edge technology.  Again, this image that the media portrays is an egregious distortion.

SpaceX is planning to launch as many as 30,000 satellites within the next decade and the public is led to believe that it is all through Elon Musk’s initiative.  Indeed, the headlines claim that Elon Musk is planning on launching satellites to support his smart technologies (AI, self-driving vehicles, human cyborgs, etc.) to the point where the night sky will become unrecognizable.  Within a system of Hierarchical enslavement, no single person has the power to do this.  In a fascist state, all agreements are opaque to the public and are made behind closed doors.  Musk is just a well-paid operative, playing the role of a lame version of Tony Stark that the public sort-of believes.

Considering the emergence of “Space Force” as a new full-fledged military branch and the development of a powerful aerospace industry within the private sector, it is impossible to imagine these two groups not being directly linked.  Indeed, the aerospace-tech-communications industry has gone the way of a fascist state (the merger of the private sector and the federal government) since the days of Dwight David Eisenhower.

It was during the proceeding Kennedy administration when a visible publicly funded organization (NASA) was created and charged with the task of space exploration and landing a human on the moon.  Since then, there has been a glaring lack of space exploration and the initiative by all other executive administrations to consider it has seemingly evaporated.  What the public is left with is archaic rocket technology that limits our boundaries to the earth’s orbit.  Perfect for creating a grid of control, but near impossible for manned interplanetary exploration.

Musk & Company have become the front men for repackaging limited and antiquated technologies regarding transportation, energy, health, information processing, and space that the public is led to believe is cutting edge.  There is nothing remarkable about what they sell except for a pathological adherence to limited technologies of control which are precipitating the emergence of the AI controlled Singularity.

Keep in mind that their version of the Singularity is a dark and deceptive shadow of the what is ordained to emerge when Gaia is released from her obligations.  Within a world of cooperation and spiritual enlightenment the true singularity will occur when we understand that love is the force that binds us, and we are all one.


The Epic Soft-Sell

It takes a tremendous amount for energy to sell bad ideas because they conflict with the intelligence of the human soul.  So, there is a great effort to push globalist ideas through the media which draws attention to their secular thought, worldview, and impoverished version of the enslaving Singularity.  Through these same media channels, we are also warned of the dystopian future that is being created before our very eyes.

Additionally, there is a myriad of corporations that exist to promote the enslavement agenda.  Many are non-profits which sell the ideas of AI, secular humanism, climate change, transgenderism-transhumanism, education, healthcare, scarcity of natural resources, entrepreneurialism, population control (eugenics), etc.  These organizations are linked to corporate-globalist sponsorship and go by various names.  Yet, it is surprising to see how many of them are linked to the name EPIC.

The word epic means a tale or saga of enormous proportions.  Within the community of enlightenment, the greatest story every told relates to the liberation of the human soul from the enslaving forces of Hierarchy and control.  This is nothing less than the marriage of the human soul to spirit.

Within the secular world, the greatest story ever told is the enslavement of the human soul through the marriage of mankind to machine envisioned within their version of the coming Singularity. Well over a century ago, visionaries saw what is about to happen, and understood that the ultimate force behind this distortion is the human ego and the false gods that it has created.  Many believe that there are unworldly powers behind this coming transition which connect to astral entities, dark extraterrestrial forces, and ritualistic practices.  This ties into the pagan system of enslavement which I have previously discussed (See Pagan Enslavement Beyond the Soul’s Meridian).

All of this may be true, but it cannot happen without our consent.  Most are still wise enough to understand that punching 10,000 holes into your skull is medieval and went out of fashion in the dark ages.   Furthermore, this technology remains vulnerable to unforeseen catastrophes such as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), which will completely neutralize all electronics.  God only knows what effects a CME would have on a cybernetic human.



True liberation is destined to occur when we finally develop the intelligence to move away from the virtual matrix that enslaves us.  Within the human biosphere all information is already known, and if knowledge is readily shared solutions to our problems will become apparent within a very short time.

Logic dictates that we should all be walking around with a virtual library of information that we can draw off at any moment. This idea is not only flawed but impractical for normal human existence because an interface is needed that would have to do the thinking, cataloging, and information retrieval for you.  Not only would you be taking an incomprehensible risk trusting an AI construct to do what is always in your best interest, but you would be lobotomizing yourself by allowing an artificial construct to not only do your own thinking, but to act as your personal slave master and god.

We already have the capacities that the AI is trying to mimic within the four bodies that make up our existence.   The human biome is a timeless living library that we can sense with our emotions and intuitions.  Furthermore, we are always connected to the spiritual realm and our living library, it is just that ego and its physical matrix occupy our attention to the point where the more subtle realms cannot be readily sensed.

For a person who understands and chooses to live in love, we are given exactly what we need when we need it through the mysteries of spirit and the higher self.  In many instances this may amount to channeling, which we all do through meditation and dreams.  When we come to understand how this works, then we can begin to comprehend how gifted people use this capacity to intuit science and feel music.  We all have this ability but is remains underdeveloped and pushed into a non-consideration by the secular world that programs us to ignore it.

Our mythologies are not fictitious, but powerful truths that are waiting for us to discover.  Myth is the path for freeing the soul because its contemplation breaks the shackles of conventional thought. Considering that energy can never be created or destroyed, but transitions throughout lifetimes, there is a distinct possibility that some of us helped to create these mysteries.  And through the reality of the collective consciousness, there is even a greater probability that as children of this earth, these truths are part of our soul’s memory.

We do not need AI to solve our worlds problems.  David Adair was inspired through his dreams to build a fusion propelled rocket that he modeled with his bare hands.  Tesla did the same with the propagation of wireless power and myriad of other ground-breaking ideas that have been sequestered for over a century.

Again, nothing can stop us when we open ourselves up to the treasures that our heart can sense within the higher planes of existence and share our ideas freely. We do this not only for our own security and prosperity, but for the benefit of all.  These reasons are inseparable.

Let us not lose sight of our ordained pathway to ascension by those who need to learn their life’s lessons through the suffering that transhuman existence manifests.

Do not be afraid of the agenda that is unfolding and strive to live within a balanced state of higher awareness in opposition to the limitation, fear, and uncertainty that secular existence has to offer.




The world is not ending but transforming into a far better place than we can imagine.  The pathway of transformation is always guided by the principles of cooperation and unity.  The energies of ascending human consciousness are incompatible within the souls of people who can only see life through ego, conflict, and separation.

Through the emergence of the divine feminine, a transforming earth is no longer compatible with imbalance and will not be ruled by the principles of conflict and fear. Hierarchy understands this and is attempting to pull as many souls as possible away from an ascended state of awareness.  What rules Hierarchy feeds off human misery and therefore will not be able to survive the transition.  Tremendous energies are being invested into desperate schemes to create a sphere that will eventually pull away from Gaia and her children who are ascending in Christ consciousness.  This sphere may be as large as the planet and therefore a traumatic separation; or it may be as small as a bubble, in which case it will go unnoticed.  It all depends upon the timeline that the individual and the collective choose to take.

It is up to us to understand that darkness and conflict play a critical role within the ascension of our consciousness.  When being shown or experiencing the worst scenarios, ask yourself, “What is the universe teaching me?”  Even in egregious situations, an enlightened person would say, “Thank you for showing me what I am not and have no interest in being a part of.”

We are living in heroic times that compel all of us to face our darkest fears.  For many people, this amounts to errors that have been compiled over lifetimes that must be exposed and accepted as part of what we are.  This is our karma, and we must come to terms with the truthful summation of who we were in the past.  When we can see outrageous mistakes and injustices happening, we are recognizing errors that we too have made at some point within our soul’s journey.  Forgive those as we must forgive ourselves and move on.

Although I have been told this through various sources over many years, my ego tends to suppress hope when it is most needed.  Yet, ego cannot possibly understand the outcome of ascension and must take a backseat on this journey that can only be guided by a light which our heart can sense.  In challenging times enlighten souls tell us to, “Expect the unexpected.”

Look for real alternatives to what is being sold as inevitable.  The community of enlightenment is growing as it is ascending, which means that the mass of unenlightened souls opposing the full spectrum of our humanity is dwindling.

It is astonishing to see what non-secular creative human thought can achieve.

Please consider what holistic science has to offer.

Check out this small independent company that seems to offer some real solutions:




Additional Sources

Space X planning on launching 12,000-30,000 satellites over the next decade (Starlink)


Elon Musk: The City of the Future

Open AI

Epic institute, nonprofit organization for climate changed tied into Elon Musk Open AI

Connection to Shell Oil (Shell Sky), Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Exxon Mobil) and Climate Change (Alexandre Mars=Elon Musk of France)

Epic Foundation  US, JED, “Jed helps schools evaluate and strengthen their mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention programs and system to safeguard individual and community health. They have developed expert resources and created partnerships to ensure more teens and young adults get access to the resources and support they need to navigate life’s challenges. Today, JED runs its programs on over 185 colleges, which represent 2,000,000+ students. At the same time through its awareness campaigns, JED reaches over 15 million people each year.”

Epic Foundation US, New Classrooms “New Classrooms Innovation Partners is driven by the belief that today’s model for crowded and understaffed K- 12 instruction cannot meet student’s individual needs. To tackle this issue, New Classrooms Innovation Partners is crafting and implementing new methods to meet students where they are with personalized content and instruction to each student, each day. The organization is currently focused on revamping middle school math with the Teach To One Program. Teach To One operates through a daily assessment and scheduling algorithm that sets up teachers to support students in the most impactful way possible. Today, New Classrooms serves nearly 13,000 students at 40 schools in 12 different regions across the US.”

Hardwired to Connect

Institute for American Values, “Almost all think tanks focus either on the activity of government or the needs of individuals. IAV is distinctive in that we focus on civil society – those relationships and associations that exist in between the government and the individual. While often overlooked by both think tanks and policy makers, civil society is a big thing. From families to Little League to church socials to community service projects, the relationships and institutions of civil society take up most of our time and fill up most of our lives. This sphere of society is a primary incubator of our cultural values.”

Center for Media and Democracy’s Source Watch,

Operating budget of 1,000,000 dollars per year with 9 employees

Millimeter-Wave Energy as Weapon

emfTests: Countless Studies Show 5G Frequencies Cause Illness,

Ray Kurzweil









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