Summer Solstice and The Great Awakening

“Human consciousness is always evolving, and the collective is constantly choosing the path that it wishes to take.  Ten thousand plus years ago, we decided to exercise our free will without the presence of a spiritual authority or heavenly Father. That is why this world is called the “Grand Experiment” and we are all invested within it.  Today, we are at a point where the collective is once again deciding on what path it will choose based upon the decision that our soul will make as it navigates the embroiling fear and chaos that is intentionally being generated.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 21, 2020

Everyday is a new day.  At the time of this writing (June 21, 2020) we are experiencing a solar eclipse that is reciprocal to the lunar eclipse of June 5, 2020.  Studying the celestial aspects of this event suggest that this astrological configuration is significantly archetypal.  All celestial events have significance and it is up to an aware soul to meet these energies in the most constructive fashion.  I can guarantee you that there are many selfish, egotistical, and nefarious souls who are literally orchestrating schemes that coincide to these astrological configurations.  Their idea is to usurp this energy in a negative fashion, like focusing a natural force for destructive purposes.

Many are driven subconsciously, but there are those at the top of the pyramid that are mindful of these events and intentionally employ cosmic energies for selfish and enslaving purposes. Keep in mind that the true alchemist or any person ascending their consciousness sees beyond their self-appointed “rulers” limited perspective and will always use this energy to transform negative intentions into constructive outcomes.

Virtually all of us are oblivious to our astrology.  This ignorance becomes rectified as our awareness ascends. Although most of us seem to have no time or interest to read the zodiac, an ascending human soul intuitively senses or feels it.  The primary axiom of esoteric teaching is “As above, so below.”  Otherwise stated as we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.  Patterns in nature repeat themselves in a consistent fashion regardless of perspective.

There are many enlightened individuals who are carrying into the human collective the idea of the “Great Awakening.”  There a too many people to name and their numbers are growing exponentially.  What began thousands of years ago with a handful of individuals, will, by all accounts, soon become the consciousness of an ascending world where the rules of Hierarchy become irrelevant.

Thousands of years ago, the world was almost annihilated in a great global catastrophe. Virtually all indigenous cultures identify this event as the great deluge and connect it to the final conflict of Atlantis, which sank the continent and almost destroyed the earth.  This event signified the loss of a masculine spiritual authority as we fell into a dense physical reality that was devoid of any conscious recollection of a living relationship to this principle.  The destruction constituted a complete separation from this divine authority.  In a very real sense, we lost our heavenly Father.  Egyptian mythology marks this event as the death of Osiris.

Human consciousness is always evolving, and the collective is constantly choosing the path that it wishes to take.  Ten thousand plus years ago, we decided to exercise our free will without the presence of a spiritual authority or heavenly Father. That is why this world is called the “Grand Experiment” and we are all invested within it.  Today, we are at a point where the collective is once again deciding on what path it will choose based upon the decision that our soul will make as it navigates the embroiling fear and chaos that is intentionally being generated.

For many ages since the destruction of Atlantis and the death of our heavenly Father, we attempted to supplement this authority with lesser entities. We willfully gave away our sovereignty (which we never knew we had) to a myriad of usurping entities that established a system of control.  This hierarchical system was based upon our materialistic needs within dense physicality and a form of logical thinking which emerged from our egotistical development.  This has culminated into a very secular way of living which worships ego (I.Q., money, power, and authority) while habitually deferring our capacity to make our own decisions to other people and entities which we have been condition to believe have at heart our best interests.  The reality is exactly the opposite, and this is now becoming apparent with a vengeance.

Even though our Father died, our divine Mother has always stayed with us.  As a wise friend pointed out, Nature has already ascended.  Our separation from higher truth is merely an illusion, but the disconnection from spiritual authority is very real.  This separation from the Divine Masculine was the reason why we searched for ages for a replacement and why at some point within this journey we have all supplemented it with our own ego.  As time is now demonstrating, ego is easily controlled and is always an inferior substitute for higher wisdom.

With the death of the Father, the Divine Feminine (Isis, Sophia, Mother Nature, Human Soul) has been perpetually violated, marginalized, and cast into the gutter by usurpers that ego has allowed to rule within a hierarchy of its own construct.

First and foremost, higher truth (wisdom) must be recognized within the Divine Feminine and we must find the authority within ourselves to see it beyond the limitations of ego.  Nature has remained a constant and has already ascended. As human beings, we are part of Nature, and therefore a part of us has already ascended. There are many names for this higher body of consciousness, and it is the source of love, vitality, and intelligence. Many know it as the Etheric Body, but others call it the Akasha, Vital Body, Prana, Ka, etc. It is a sympathetic vibrational energy that manifests as love, which only the heart can sense. The source is solar, and we are now within the energies of the summer solstice.

In a world that has lost all sense of truth, it becomes the hero’s quest to reinstate the sovereignty of the True King in union with the Divine Feminine through the emergence of the spiritual authority that we carry within our self. Within our ascended state, we are truly the children of the living Father.

All of this is being played out in the heavens, meaning that our pathway to ascension (Divine Feminine) is signified within the heavenly movements. This year began with unusually significant celestial alignments and it will end in a similarly spectacular fashion. Two weeks ago, there was an interesting lunar eclipse, and today brings us a significant solar eclipse. I sense that these events, especially for this month are “unmasking” (and I use this term specifically) the dark shadow elements within the human soul that many of us can no longer live with. This energy will be redeemed when we come to realize that true sovereignty resides only within the soul of an ascending human being in union with the Divine Feminine.

Screen Shot 06-18-20 at 11.15 AM

Summer Solstice alignments demonstrate a solar eclipse in conjunction with the North Node and Mercury in direct opposition to the Galactic Center which will cast its shadow from Africa through the Middle East, Pakistan, India, and throughout southern China.

Like the Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020, Mars and Neptune remain as activators in a hard 90-degree aspect to these oppositions.  The Galactic Center is the energetic center of the Milky Way where a massive black hole is theorized to exist.  Recent evidence suggests that there is a massive constellation of stars, and in fact the energies of the black hole has created a massive binary star system, just as clairvoyants have long envisioned.

The Galactic Center represents the Heavenly Father, while our local Sun represents the Son of this divine masculine energy.  The Moon is directly crossing this axis. This could be viewed as an interruption of energetic flow between the Galactic Center and the Sun. In esoteric science this would be a temporary disruption of the Etheric (Akasha, Prana, Ka) life force.  This disruption is caused by a new (dark) moon which is once again showing us the deep and hidden shadow elements of the soul which are bound to surface during this season with a vengeance.

These alignments could be interpreted as a precursor to what life could be like without our foundational spiritual guidance.  This time may manifest as conflict or threats of conflict especially since Mars is acting as a trigger.  Neptune on the square has the potential to transmute this energy into a potent healing power.  Mercury’s presence will help us to not only understand the deeper meaning of current events but to catalyze these events in an accelerated fashion.

The Galactic Center is the source of our Etheric-Prana-Akasha-Ka energy and it hits us at our deepest level of consciousness. Summer events may act as catalyst to awaken or enliven our foundational life force which is the source of our love, truth, and health.

This could be interpreted as a Great Awakening which is being driven by the desperate schemes of crumbling power structures and the criminals who continue to support it.

Do not look for any glimmer of truth within the hierarchy of the egotists, criminals, and narcissists, or the media that they control.  They are the face of the soul’s shadow which most of us can no longer identifying with because their darkness can no longer resonate with ascending human consciousness.

The Moon’s North Node (Rahu) may be leading the soul in two directions.  One path is dark and oppressive.  Clairvoyants such as Rudolf Steiner stated that this path leads to a false ascension called the [false] “Eighth Sphere” which he envisioned over 100 years ago as a spiritless dystopian technocracy.

The other path leads to the Great Awakening of our human potentials.  This is when we discover that a free human being is already ascending, and that authority exists in union with our soul’s higher principles.

2020 is considered the year of clear vision. Through inhumane agendas and distorted logic, we are given a taste of how bad things can really get.  This will convince us to reject the pure misery that more egotistical rulership entails. Can we not see the errors and distortions that very unenlightened individuals are presenting right before our face? Indeed, they are attempting to ram this agenda down our throats.

The minions of darkness have become living examples of Orwellian double speak and they will not only take away whatever power you are willing to give them—but any and everything that you are unwilling to defend.

In an ascended world, masculine power exists to champion the divine feminine and to nurture and protect innocence.  Sovereignty and authority reside within those who can see past egotistical deception and embrace their true humanity.

Stay vigilant, live in truth, and let love guide your actions.


3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice and The Great Awakening”

  1. Interesting post. I would be careful to say that the death of the Heavenly Father was a result of an accidental global catastrophe. That puts it in chaotic terms and leads to fear (having been down this line of research myself and it almost destroyed me). If you read TH Burgoyne’s the Light of Egypt, what can more accurately be called a “disconnect” from Fathet rather than a “death” is most likely simply due to a natural cyclical process whereby we entered the Iron Age. The age you correctly describe as the age of ego, narcissism, etc. in the golden age, Father and man had direct communication but man was thus more simple and etheric. Now we are more densely tied to matter, and can’t hear Fathers will as easily. No death, no accidental cataclysm. This is all part of the divinely ordained process.


    1. Welcome UponTheFaceofTheWaters,

      Thank you for this insight. Yes, I could not agree more that there are forces greater than us that are determining the direction we are following. The annihilation of Atlantis was unstoppable, as it was a grand plan that plays out in cosmic cycles. Transformation is never a mistake, and as I stated in my essay, we collectively chose to take this ride into dense physicality and ego development. There are some esoteric teachers who have suggested that the Atlantean catastrophe (an archetypal disaster of biblical proportions) accelerated the development of human consciousness, meaning that if we were left to our own devices, we would have reached the same point in our spiritual evolution in a gradual fashion at a much farther distance within linear time.

      There are others who say that we were doomed on the pathway we were taking and would have never ascended without the divine intervention of what constitutes the Mystery of Golgotha.

      But we are not alone in this chaos. We have been taught and continuously schooled by a multitude of beings who are not of this world. The withdrawal of the Father opened the gate for lower entities to enter into this plane to teach us the ways of conflict, selfishness, and control. This gave us the opportunity to rule in hell instead of serving in heaven. From a higher perspective of consciousness, the separation is an illusion, and that eventually we would ascend through the conflict.

      But there is free choice, and there are less than optimal timelines that we have the potential of experiencing. The zodiac presents scenarios for our consciousness to meet, but it is up to us to determine how we face these challenges.

      I used the term “death of the Father” in references to the prophet Mani, who was known as the “Son of the Widow.” For whatever it is worth, Rudolf Steiner envisioned the resurrection of the boy, known as the Son of the Widow of Nain, as a previous incarnation of the prophet. Mani was considered a Paraclete, or one who manifested the Holy Spirit. There is a stream of consciousness connected to this great teacher going back to the time of Atlantis and a soul-teacher known as Manu. This was a time when we intrinsically understood the wisdom of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

      Manu appears to be a name of great distinction, and when the term “Son of a Widow” is used in scriptures, it is a mark of a high initiate. I would have to disagree on one point and state that we have done a fine job in creating a world where the Father (God) is dead. He does not exist within the landscape of modern technological existence.

      Those aligned with Mani carry within them an understanding that stems forth from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. What is brought forth is a leavening principle that must manifest through unions between masculine and feminine polarities. There are many ways to accomplish this and it is through these unions where dramatic change can occur. The Cathars carried this knowledge further into our emerging existence, but when Wisdom manifests there is always an attempt to expunge it at all costs. Today is no different, but we are finding that many people are no longer choosing to live within this lower state of darkness, conflict, separation, and ignorance.

      As the consort of Jesus, Magdalene was like an archetypal widow and I sense that her suffering was unfathomable. The channeling of the Christos-Sophia energy was an essential element of their mission. Magdalene was the soul who represented the Divine Feminine (Isis, Sophia, Soul, Mother Nature) who suffered greatly but never left us on this journey. Those who understand the mission of Magdalene and champion the emergence of the Divine Feminine are “Children of the Widow.” I would go so far as to state that there are many women in the stream of Magdalene who carry this burden of suffering.

      But you are also right, the The Father still exists within the etheric which we all carry deep within us. The Second Coming is within the etheric, and it is now upon us.

      When we are successful in unifying polarities we are ascending and the Father is present.

      We are here to experience and succeed in this mission.

      God Bless

      Paul P.


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