The Scorpion’s Transformation

“Suffering and adversity through fear and conflict will eventually capture our attention, just as illness will signal our egotistical mind to make corrections that are intended to restore the body’s health.  When we are inspired to look for a better way to live, it correlates to the act of climbing a mountain.  The mountain is archetypal, and as we come at it from many different cultures, time references, and points on the globe, the initial routes are quite variable. Yet, as we ascend to the summit, there is a final common pathway, which amounts to the redemption of the darker egotistical elements of the soul.  This simply amounts to an existence outside of the fear that controls us.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 12, 2020


The fact that our world is transforming is undeniable.  The media is trying desperately to portray a scenario that resembles the last days of Rome.  In some ways this is true, especially for those who are holding onto the past. Despite all the resources and intention that the darkness has been able to mobilize, we have crossed the threshold into an ascending path.

Imagine a planet populated solely by people resonating at a lower level of consciousness who dutifully follow a belief system that panders to fear and basic impulses.  Such a place would be controlled by elitists who operate under the illusion that their grandiose ideas are perfect, and their minions would obediently march to authority without question.  If this were true, then the plans of the globalist would be accepted without question and we would be heading into a timeline of great suffering where our sovereignty would have been lost for many ages to come.  Fortunately, we have been grossly underestimated.

As their plans are crumbling, it is becoming apparent that the elitists’ schemes are more fragile than they calculated. The last people to understand this are the ones holding tightest to their conditioned egotistical beliefs. Very soon the only people left within this shrinking population will be the misogynists.  We have collectively and individually chosen to witness Hierarchy dematerialize as ego reconstructs itself through the energies of our time. Throughout the last few months, I have been amazed by the insight of people that I am privileged to not only serve as physician, but to genuinely consider as friends and brethren.

Although at this moment it seems exactly the opposite, our vocation will (in time) demand us to re-establish love and trust as the essential heart of any healing practice. This is ordained to happen because as healers we are entangled to outcome through karma.  An ascended consciousness knows this essential truth and if any corporation is destined to survive this transition, it will eventually discover that best business practice is when the interest of the individual is placed before the its own collective agendas. Any company that is brave enough to promote this ennobled idea will establish its security within an ascending world of consciousness while reaping magnitudes of benefit.

For the last three months, most of my patients have been telling me their insights into our current tribulations.  There is a great interested in sharing ideas, and over nine out of ten times, the unsolicited opinion is that we are being lied to and that those placed into positions of authority are not to be trusted.  Bravo for us as we are learning quickly.

The world is a matrix that runs upon free will.  Free will is the essence of earthly life.  This is why existence within our earth-based life is referred to as the “Grand Experiment.”  Therefore, everything that is done “to us” or “for us” is based upon the principle of consent.  Even if what is being promised is illusionary and deceptive, we must relinquish our authority to the usurpers to allow their schemes to manifest.  What is being offered as solutions to the engineered catastrophes that criminals manufacture is being rejected with emphasis.  The proposed solutions to their intentional schemes will never be chosen as options.

In so many ways we are ascending, and once a person wakes up to the truth, you can never unsee what is now sensed and understood.   The elite’s truth has become incongruent with our truth and we are finally understanding that their system, which they have clung to for millennia, is outmoded.  The law of obedience is finally dying away and being replaced by freedom and personal responsibility within ascended souls who understand the gravity of their thoughts, actions, and deeds.

What begins initially as an evil, harmful, or negative agenda, will always become transformed within an ascended soul.  Indeed, this is an essential principle of one who is raising their awareness, which is the nature of the alchemist.  Therefore, the schemes of Hierarchy become the catalyst for positive change on a global scale, that is if the individual can transform the intention energetically, and therefore consciously.  It can be said that the elitists know this fact, that love, and the knowledge of the truth will always derail their negative intentions.  Despite their efforts, humanity has moved beyond their illusion. The rulers of Hierarchy have merely performed villainous acts within the elaborate performance of our global transformation.

Within this understanding we can now view the pandemic and social unrest as not only opportunities, but as gifts for use to reshape and reconfigure.

Regarding the pandemic, it is over. This was a virus that was not nearly as dangerous or as contagious as promised.  Over the last three months, my clinical experience and scientific research have confirmed these facts.  We have been lied to on many levels.  Keep in mind that the universe is exceedingly just. Undeniably, even those involved in the deceptions are waking up. We can only move forward through self-awareness.  Karma demands public accountability and atonement for all transgressions simply because truth becomes the path of least resistance and is in coherence to the ascending awareness of the human collective.  For most of us, hiding in the darkness will no longer be an option that we will desire or choose.  Our astrology is now demanding that we address our shadow issues.

There is an impulse deep within us to reunite with our higher self and celestial parents.  Furthermore, we understand that when we connected to our higher self, we are connecting to all others.  Now is the time for our rearranging consciousness to move us forward.  Most are sick of the illness, isolation, and violence.  Yet, it is through adversity that we are finding our human impulse to resonate in a more loving and congruent fashion.  There will be very few individuals who will chose to be left behind within the matrix of illness, limitation, and conflict.

What I have observed throughout the SARS 2 outbreak is amazing. What the coronavirus has demonstrated to us is that the healthiest people are immune from any serious effects. Children and healthy adults are not affected to any significant degree. Those who are ascending their consciousness and embracing a healthier lifestyle (both of which are inseparable) are immune from the bat-virus.  Those embracing the darkness, live in ignorance, and/or continue to feed their ego are far more susceptible.  Bats have an inherent aversion to light, and it is observed by clairvoyants that they fear the sun.  Indeed, this can be sensed by any intuitive person who observes a nocturnal bat being exposed to light.

What is unique about the current pandemic virus, is that it appears to affect people who are embracing darkness and fear.  Those who assimilate behaviors akin to bats (embracing the darkness, fearing the sun, and shunning themselves from the light) are far more susceptible to the illness.  The platform of this agent is constructed from human coronavirus which affects us at the nadir of our natural resistance.  This is why we see coronavirus causing disease at the end of the winter, when our exposure to sunlight and our natural environment is at its dead minimum.

The reason why Easter and spring celebrations are so life affirming is that Gaia and human soul is once again infused with the solar energies of the Logos.  These are resurrection principles of great healing powers which manifest energetically through us down to our root chakra.  This life affirming process plays out as a celebration of love, which in ancient pagan times was honored with fertility rites which have now become integrated within the resurrection (ascension) of the human soul—both of which are inseparable.

Is it not more than conspicuous that there is a concerted effort to obfuscate if not completely negate these essential practices through what amounts to gross distortions and deceptions?

For many, the new religion is the media, which has moved beyond secular science and is now frozen within an arid and spiritless landscape that is ruled by fear and a perverse form of thinking that has lost all sense of logic.  Any mention of hope, faith, or the spirit (all human imperatives) is banned from this plane of consideration. The god of this inhumane religion is cast deep within the shadows of the subconscious and is manifesting itself as a virtual distortion of truth which is technologically based.  We can say that the new “god” is birthed through our lower aspect of ego in the same fashion that the gnostic demiurge self-replicated its own legion of archons. This god is known by many names, but what is important to understand is that there is a component of this darkness that we all carry within us.

Suffering and adversity through fear and conflict will eventually capture our attention, just as illness will signal our egotistical mind to make corrections that are intended to restore the body’s health.  When we are inspired to look for a better way to live, it correlates to the act of climbing a mountain.  The mountain is archetypal, and as we come at it from many different cultures, time references, and points on the globe, the initial routes are quite variable. Yet, as we ascend to the summit, there is a final common pathway, which amounts to the redemption of the darker egotistical elements of the soul.  This simply amounts to an existence outside of the fear that controls us.

This process is universal and timeless, for it exists outside of the linear time continuum that governs lower awareness.  As the sages of our past, present, and future have demonstrated, what we seek exists within.

To the alchemist, the Master teacher has already shown us the way to the summit.

Mystics have referred to Jesus as “the way” and “the gate.” The quality of personal integrity which he personified or embodied is its own authority.  The account is spiritually true even though it may be historically unproveable.  Fortunately, we are preserved by our convictions and not redeemed by our historical acceptances.  The good man is the fact even though his career is never chronicled.  Those not mystically inclined find it difficult to understand the power of faith and its effect upon human character, but, if they are so minded, they can glean from history the useful information that faith is the source of progress, and fear is the source of corruption.   Using the mystical key, therefore, we approach the life of Jesus, not simply because we admire a good man, but because his way of life bears witness to the eternal life-way which all the world is seeking.”—Manly P. Hall

Our final common pathway is always guided by faith, which is the point where we allow our heart instilled by the love of our higher self (spirit) to take the lead.  For celestial ages, it has always been our egotistical fear which has attempted to lead us while at the same time holding us back from our greater potentials.

We have all given our consent to be here and we are bound by the same circumstances.  This living fact demonstrates that we exist in a synchronous fashion, and we always have. Whether we thrive, survive, or suffer our trials and tribulations, depends upon our levels of conscious perception as we encounter these adversities.  The more coherent we become to our heart centered consciousness, the greater these challenges will propel us into our most optimal timeline.

As the year progresses, we are being challenged by our astrology and celestial energies that our soul is channeling.

The early part of this month (June 5th) was heralded by another lunar eclipse which signified a great transformation within those who can welcome a higher state of existence.  These alignments were extraordinary, and this energy will carry with us as the season unfolds.

Screen Shot 06-07-20 at 02.09 PM

To sense these alignments, we must be able to feel them. When I read the charts, what I find is validation to a deeper level of truth that we hold within the heart of our subconscious.  Remember, that these energies are manifesting within all of us and what we make of them depends directly upon our level of awareness to not only receive and understand, but to have a soul malleable enough to not resist the flow.

The alignments in question are unique to their archetypal pattern of Sun and Moon opposition. We also find a loose association of Lunar nodes which place us upon the temple throne of the initiate between “All that every was.” (karma) and “All that can possibly be.” (dharma).  (For a more detailed discussion on this issue please see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian January 2020 post The Challenges of 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation)

The Sun is representative of the Logos and the true “I” or “I AM” presence within the human soul.  Venus is in a close retrograde conjunction to this solar energy, meaning that it is playing more of a passive or supportive role. The sense of “wait and see” or observing events from a distance seem to resonate with this alignment.  Sun and Venus are within the constellation of Taurus, which Venus rules, meaning the divine feminine is very much in harmony with these energies.


The archetype of Venus’ power is the bull and is depicted within the mythology of Europa, the goddess seduced by the transfigured Zeus in the form of a bull. The submissive energy of retrograde Venus suggests this archetype.  Europa’s desire for Zeus was overwhelming as she willfully became his consort.

Specifically, Venus is in a tight conjunction with the star Aldebaran, the brightest star of Taurus, known as the eye of the bull.  It appears that Venus is restraining this power but intently observing the actions of the Moon opposition which she and the divine masculine (Logos) are engaging from directly across in the heavens.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus suggests the sacred marriage of our divine masculine and feminine energies.  We can say that this union represents our fully potentized ascended human consciousness which is bearing upon Gaia and the soul of humanity. This lunar sphere represents the astral realm of the soul where karma and the human shadow has (over linear time) amassed and configured itself into our lower elements of ego.

We can say that the light of the Sun-Venus conjunction is exposing the shadow which is cast by the Earth.  Another way to state this is that the spiritual energies of the Logos-Divine Feminine union is—by contrast—exposing the darker shadow elements of Gaia and the human soul.  Remember that the Moon acts as a mirror and is reflecting shadow forces that are usually hidden.  This is all happening in Scorpio.

The Moon is in a close conjunction with Antares, which means the antithesis of Aries (Mars).  Antares is a red star within the constellation of Scorpio which can be confused with the red planet Mars.  Antares is at the heart of the scorpion and as the antithesis of Mars, it exists in contradistinction to it.  During this eclipse, Mars in conjunction with Neptune is at a hard 90-degree aspect to Moon and Antares.  Not only does this square function as a powerful activator, but it would be the definition of a challenge.  We can say that at a superficial level Mars and Antares are conflicted and can be adversarial.  Hence the violent energies released at this time.

At a deeper level, this Mars-Antares aspect can be transformational. Antares is at the essential core or heart of the scorpion. Scorpio represents the darkest elements of soul and is equated with the doppelgänger or egotistical shadow.  This can also be considered as the anti-spiritual component of karmic darkness which exists in all of us. Through conflict and hardship this shadow is now being exposed.  The question is, “Do we allow ego to rise through these inflamed passions and lead us into the same patterns of violence that have held us back for eons?”

The opportunity to transmute this impulse is now at hand.  We must ascend through our dark-hidden egotistical passions which is the essence of the scorpion.  In distant ages that perspective of space was signified by the eagle.  The scorpion was placed in that aspect of the heavens by Zeus, and it acts as an assassin to keep the hunter Orion from destroying all life on earth.

Neptunian energies are very deep and spiritual which will challenge us to look for profound meaning. Neptune in conjunction with Mars at a hard aspect to the Moon and the Sun will be a challenging influence upon human consciousness.  Depending upon how we meet this energy will catalyze experience that can range from addictions, bondage, isolation, and imprisonment, to freedom from fear and the ascension of human soul into a higher state of spiritual awareness well on the path to I AM Unity consciousness.  The outcome depends upon how well we can channel, understand, transform, and apply this energy.

This may be the darkest night of the soul. Will we succumb to our entrenched egotistical passions or will we use it to transform ourselves into the fullness of our humanity?

Will we finally look for and find a better way? Will we transfigure our lowly scorpion tendencies to the heights above where the eagle can soar? Can we learn to love our enemies and forgive them as we forgive our self?  Will we finally understand that we are all unique facets of the Divine Creator?

In the light of the divine union, the archons of darkness and the shadow forces of ego have no place to rule.

Let us now sense a world of people who can see past their own shadow and the deceptions that holds us back.


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