The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

“Fear and limitation can be manifested within us through symbols.  There is a reason why we are being bombarded with fearful images suggesting hopelessness and death. Their plan is not to save us from this scenario, but to coerce us into giving away our sovereignty. One must only look from a distance through the door of their dystopian underworld to see that it leads to oppression, misery, and death.  Like vampires, you must invite them into your life to suffer their transgressions.  Always keep in mind that the distorted world they are attempting to create is a choice.  It is being offered to those egotistical souls conditioned enough to see value in it, or those who are fearful and can see no other option.”

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

At the beginning of this year I was compelled to write an article entitled, “The Challenges of 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation.”  This was inspired by a sixth sense married to a growing awareness of the astrology of the times. The following essay, “The Last Days of Reason” was based similarly on intuitive principles.  Virtually all my work is inspired by spiritual intuition which is married to a contemplative process that seeks to understand and express this information.

Much has happened since the beginning of this year which my conscious mind did not anticipate at the time that I expressed these thoughts.  Yet, subconsciously there was an awareness that I was sensing as feelings and impressions manifesting into “realities” that are the embodiment of our world’s current challenges.

The principle reason that I began Beyond the Soul’s Meridian was to inspire other egotistically inclined souls to see beyond the deception that we have been conditioned to accept as truth. This is a fearful endeavor that is never welcomed by people who are not prepared to consider information that annihilates their fragile understanding of truth as it has been constructed by forces beyond their level of egotistical perception.   From the beginning—meaning the point where we left our higher state of knowing—there has been an implant placed within the mind acting as a wall that our consciousness is forbidden to cross.  This barrier can be physical and triggered by symbols within the corporeal world activating draconian energies within the core of our being that function as a threshold guardian.  This method of control is always sensed as fear.

Our “heretical” scriptures conveyed the principle of this deception long ago. Within the Garden of Eden stood two trees. The first was the “Tree of Life” placed prominently in the center of paradise.  Adam was told to eat freely from it.  But this tree was a deception and as it was told to John by the Master in his Apocryphon (Secret Book).

They said, “Eat” meaning, do so in a leisurely manner.  But in fact, their pleasure is bitter and their beauty is perverse. Their pleasure is a trap, their trees are a sacrilege, their fruit is deadly poison, and their promise is death… The dwelling place of those who taste of it is the underworld, and darkness is their resting place.

The second was the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” This tree was obfuscated by the ruling archons (false gods).

But the archons lingered in front of what they call the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is enlightened Insight, so that Adam might not behold its fullness and recognize his shameful nakedness.”

Adam’s shameful nakedness was related to the ignorance of his greater truth induced by the corrupted fruit of the false gods’ deception.  The archons are afraid of humanity because they have lost the spiritual element within them.  Furthermore, they understand that because human beings possess a spiritual impulse, that this principle makes us greater than them.  This element is called Enlightened Insight, Zoe, or simply the Life. The archons have existed without this principled for so long that they have lost all connection and memory of it.  The Life is no longer part of their soul and they are forced to exist as vampires feeding off the fear and misery of humanity that they kept enslaved throughout ages of Hierarchy and obfuscation.

All of this is a matter of conscious perspective and Insight will never be obtained if we cannot see through the deception and discern the differences between what is good (what is in humanity’s best interests) versus what is evil (what is in the archon’s—aka ruling Hierarchy’s— best interest).

Regarding human behavior, we can state that a person who sides with the good marries their own interest to the collective, meaning that they have ascended their consciousness to understand that personal security, peace, prosperity, wealth, and joy are impossible to manifest and maintain unless these imperatives are promoted, delivered, and upheld to every member of society.

Evil is simply living in ignorance of these principles in service to self and the archons.  The mythologies of Atlantis convey to us the origins of egotistical thinking, which began as a religion to the archon “Belial” as a cult of self-aggrandizement.  Those who participated in this cult became separated from the collective, and this led to gross distortions in judgement and behaviors so perverse that it almost destroyed the world. As observed throughout time immemorial, absolute power, wealth, and influence corrupts absolutely, as the outcome is archetypal.

Today, the archons and ruling elite have no clothes, but they are so detached from the collective consciousness of Gaia that they cannot even smell their own excrement.  Their logic is distorted, behavior bizarre, and motives corrupt.  Their intentions are becoming blatantly obvious as their incongruency to common sense and decency expands.  There is also a sense of desperation in their actions, as though they are going through the motions of a great scheme that they may or may not understand is ultimately doomed to fail.  Like a jaded actor who has played the part so many times only to have lost all motivation and interest. The outcome of this play depends solely upon our consciousness and actions guided by a truth beyond their comprehension.

The archons know that their detachment from Unity Consciousness will be their downfall.  We are told that an eagle is perched within the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which is an element of Enlightened Insight called the “Insight of Pure Enlightened Forethought.”  This eagle represents Christed consciousness and for those who experience it, Insight will appear as a light that will awake the mind. This can be as intense as a lightening strike.

Above all, the archons know that they cannot rule people who have access to spiritual Insight.  Heretical scripture explains how humanity (Adam) was separated from Enlightened Insight.  Perhaps these are metaphysical analogies.  Perhaps this is referring to genetic manipulation.  Maybe it is both.  Regardless, it is undeniable that the revelations current events are catalyzing are connected directly to these myths.

The fact remains that we became divorced from a greater level of understanding by poisoning our soul with the “fruit” (aka pablum of lies and deception) given to us by the archons to consume.  This “nourishment” makes us dull and forgetful.

I said to the Savior, “What is this deep sleep?”

The Savior said, “It is not as Moses wrote and you heard.  He said in his first book, “He put Adam to sleep.” Rather this deep sleep was a loss of sense. Thus, the first ruler said through the prophet, “I shall make their minds sluggish, that they may neither understand nor discern.”

Poisoning through deception was not enough and attempts were made to remove Enlightened Insight from Adam.  This could not be accomplished, so Adam’s consciousness was fractured, weakening Enlightened Insight to even a greater degree.  The part of Enlightened Insight that was removed from Adam was placed into another being created by the archons who resemble the Image of Enlightened Insight as it appeared to Adam before the separation.  This becomes the emergence of Eve and the separation of humanity into sexual genders.

Enlightened Insight hid herself within Adam.  The first ruler wanted to take her from Adam’s side, but Enlightened Insight cannot be apprehended.  Although darkness pursued her, it did not apprehend her.  The first ruler removed part of Adam’s power and created another figure in the form of a female, like the image of Insight that had appeared to him.  He put the part that he had taken from the power of the human being into the female.”

The split became the reason we are compelled to form unions and why in well matched partnerships, we become one body energetically.  The “Great Work” which relates to the collective ascension of consciousness and the reinstatement of spiritual balance (between masculine and feminine polarities) is based upon this understanding.

The feminine principle of Enlightened Insight is called Zoe which correlates to Life, soul, and understanding.  These energies are equated to the powers of the goddess Sophia. The masculine principle is known as the Logos which correlates to Light, spirit, and wisdom.  Christ is equated to these principles.

The energy between this union is sympathetic to itself and when experienced manifests as infinite-boundless love. Initiation into this realm of understanding occurs when an epiphany demonstrates this archetypal reality.  Once this occurs, the knowledge of this essential truth is channeled into the world through various expressions of love.

Furthermore, the initiate recognizes that, like Adam, it is impossible to sustain this union within oneself living in this lower egotistical construct.  Complete inner unity will be for another time beyond this plane of consciousness.  Therefore, this higher octave of love is channeled into those who can resonate consciously with this power as we are compelled to find others who can understand and receive love manifested while potentiating this energy.  It is exciting to think that we will be able to live in a unified state of consciousness (Enlightened Insight) more consistently once the collective has ascended beyond a critical level of knowing.

Subconsciously, we all know that this reality exists, otherwise we would not be able to experience love.  As every second passes, we become more aware of this reality if we simply welcome this truth into our life.  As the guru tells us, awareness through a meditative and contemplative life becomes our ascended state of being.

The fabric of our civilization is based upon this ascended state of consciousness and how well the bonds of love are manifested and sustained.


Art and the Perception of Value

Fear and limitation can be manifested within us through symbols.  There is a reason why we are being bombarded with fearful images suggesting hopelessness and death. Their plan is not to save us from this scenario, but to coerce us into giving away our sovereignty. One must only look from a distance through the door of their dystopian underworld to see that it leads to oppression, misery, and death.  Like vampires, you must invite them into your life to suffer their transgressions.  Always keep in mind that the distorted world they are attempting to create is a choice.  It is being offered to those egotistical souls conditioned enough to see value in it, or those who are fearful and can see no other option.

The future exists as an infinite potential that is contracting into limited timelines based upon human choice, astral influences, and spiritual guidance. The esoteric community understands that our world is an essential experiment in free will that is rarely encountered anywhere else in the universe. Multiple worlds are involved in this “Grand Experiment” and therefore from the perspective of karma they are entangled within the outcome.  At this point it has been suggested that two outcomes or timelines may be emerging.

The idea that the world is cleaving into two timelines may or may not be true.  Perhaps we can say that there are forces that are attempting to create a false reality constructed upon a virtual platform.  In order to entice people into this reality, they must create a perception of value that is artificially ascribed to it.  Meaning that tactics using marketing strategies (aka programming) and mind control through symbols must be employed to deceptively pique an interest within the veiled suffering that they are attempting to sell.

One of the well-established ways to do this is to create a perception of value through symbolic expressions.  We call this “art.”  You will find in my epilogue to the book Beyond the Soul’s Meridian a discussion as to the nature of art, which is an essential principle that must be recognized when practicing holistic healing.

Screen Shot 05-03-20 at 03.37 PM

In order to entice us into their world (which functions as a death trap to the soul) it must be obfuscated and hyped in an emerging timeline that they perceive has value. Perhaps it is valuable to the vampires who can only survive off the life forces of others, but to the victims of these usurpers, there is only more of the same distortion and pain.  The relationship is to a high degree sadomasochistic, pedophilic, and cannibalistic—and this truth bleeds into the “art” that represents their values.


As we can observe, the global elite have developed very perverse views as to what constitutes a genuine expression of art.  Their globalist-controlled galleries such as the world renown “Christie’s” proclaims tortured and demented souls to be the most influential artists of our time.

Screen Shot 05-03-20 at 04.04 PMWell, is it art when one paints obscenities on a wall in blood, carves an inverse pentagram over a womb, or embraces demonic symbols?  Is this really art or simply the degradation of the human being masquerading as an artistic expression?   You are being told that it is art, but what does your soul suggest?   Mine suggests that these are inhuman expressions and that I am being mocked.


This is what evil does, it takes what is good and usurps it for its own perverse agendas.  It distorts truth and will continue to do so freely until no one listens to their self-proclaimed importance and refuses to buy into any of their greed and self-serving agendas.

The same can be applied to the current pandemic.  What we are being told in the globalist-controlled media are distortions and there is much truth that is not being revealed.  From the beginning I sensed this, but I was unsure that it would unfold in such an outrageous fashion.  The release of this virus was an attack against humanity on a scale that eclipsed the events of September 11th.  What I saw in the published scientific literature was inconsistent with the computer modeling, draconian measures, and fear that the media continues to propagate.  By all accounts this may go on until their goals have been reached in the form of mass vaccinations, biometric scanning, and a dozen other schemes—all of which appear to be interrelated.  Or this can all end if we choose not to buy into their fear, see them for what they truly are, and move beyond their deceptive and parasitic agendas.

Most importantly, distance yourself from their influence by turning off all forms of commercialized media and avoid the propaganda of their news reports and violent programming because this is the poison that damages your soul.

Follow the wisdom of your heart and not the illogical and unconstitutional decrees by the criminals who are making them.


What is Really at Stake

There are many other aspects regarding the current chaos that need to be addressed, but I will leave that to other voices within the growing community of souls awakening to the truth.  At the time of this writing I was compelled to remind myself of what we have lost.


As I commenced, my soul led me to this photograph which I have not seen in two decades. It was almost forgotten, hoarded away in a closet with many others like it. A touchstone to a moment in time that I took for granted. There are times I find my dreams leading me back to this scenario, and when they occur, I am blessed.

Look at it and tell me what you see.

I was there candidly expressing love, joy, freedom, and hope.  It conveys the right to travel to sacred places and to gather with family and friends without restrictions.  The right to embrace without apprehension of social distancing.  The right to breathe without a mask. What of the child in this picture?  Who is she and why are we not protecting her future and rights as a citizen?  Do not the older generations know any better?  Despite what you may think, the younger generations still listen to us because we are supposed to have wisdom—knowledge through experience. The nature of our existence decrees that their future be committed to our hands.  Not upholding this imperative is nothing less than a breach of human trust.

This image was captured twenty years ago from the date of this writing and it occurred to me that today’s circumstances make this picture no longer possible.  Is this a temporary glitch in the flow of our life or are these permanent restrictions to liberties that will never be reinstated?

Who gave criminals the right to deny us our innate freedom to live?

George Orwell stated in his work “1984.”

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

The question we must ask is, “Can we trust any of these self-appointed fear-mongers with their contempt for humanity, perverse logic, and massive conflicts of interest to tell us anything but lies?”  It should come to no surprise the claims that corporate media is making about this pandemic are not validated by empirical observation.  Perhaps the most damning evidence is the fact that the overall deaths in the US for this year is at the lowest rate it has been within the last seven.  This is not surprising considering the relatively low virulence of this virus.

Keep in mind that this virus has virtually no dangerous consequences to children and young adults.  So, why are they being quarantined?  Why have the schools been closed?  Why are they forced to social distance?  And why are they being forced to wear masks that are simply useless in preventing the spread of tiny RNA viruses?

This is about control through symbolism and fear.  It is about an agenda of conditioning through attrition until we finally throw in the towel and beg for their solution.

Never in the history of our world has there been a more cowardly capitulation by our global leaders and the general populace.  In retrospect, the threat is relative to many other disease we have faced in the past, and our fearful actions fall somewhere between grossly insecure to disgraceful.  Through time, our objective science is demonstrating that we appear to have sold-out our posterity to avoid an enhanced cold virus. Even if it is a significant threat, is it wise to destroy the hope of our future by not courageously confronting the same existential risks that we have been facing our entire life?  What type of example is this setting? Since when did we lose our confidence in the wisdom of our human experience and the faith in our empirical observations to validate it?  Do you not yet know that you are entangled karmically to this event and existence within a future timeline that reaps the consequence of the thoughts, actions, and deeds that you are expressing today?

You are posterity.



Looking back at the celestial alignments at beginning of the year, and specifically during the Moon’s eclipse of January 10th, there was a lunar conjunction present that was calling attention to itself.

As previously stated, circumstance has placed all of us in a position to choose between what was no longer working for us in the past and a future that may or may not be any better.

It appears that time has placed all of us upon the temple’s throne, and in one way or another, our life path will be defined and measured by our soul’s reaction to these challenges.  We can no longer hide in the crowd of ignorance and indecision because circumstances are forcing us to become a free individuated human being.  If we wither from this decision, we will be choosing the fate of a perpetual slave to the forces of control and abuse.

If so inspired, I would encourage you to review the Beyond the Soul’s Meridian essay from January as may things that I wrote about (and yet not fully aware of) seem to be manifesting into consciousness.

The lunar eclipse marked the point where tremendous amounts of dark energy was bearing directly upon the Moon which represents the human soul.  Interestingly, this was happening in proximity (conjunction) to the brightest star in Gemini known as Castor.

The name Castor itself makes me feel uncomfortable because it suggests the term “castrate.”  Although scholars will argue that these words do not share a Latin origin, in Greek, castrate is related to the word “keazein” which means “to split,” and in Sanskrit “sasafi” meaning “he slaughters.”  Both ancient terms suggest the intention of castration and are distantly related to the plight of Castor.  The intent of castration is to emasculate and disgrace, and as the mythology conveys, Castor was slaughtered and disgraced in death.  Castor is known as the mortal twin of Gemini, while his twin brother Pollux was considered the immortal.

If the Moon was not vulnerable enough, the presence of Castor further weakened the soul’s confidence and resolution.

Moon conjunct Castor: Timid, sensitive, lacks confidence, occult interest and psychic ability, blindness, injuries to face, disgrace, stabs, wounds, imprisonment.”

Both Gemini twins of Castor and Pollux are directly associated with the god Apollo.  As in most instances, the gods can have light and dark energies. Castor is associated with the shadow of Apollo, known as Apollon or Apollyon meaning the “destroyer.”   The presence of Castor is known to signify the end of all things.  Perhaps this is the point in time where we are at because who really wants to go back?  Truth which has been habitually obfuscated has always been hiding in plain sight.  Once you see it your consciousness can never go back to the way things were before the revelation because the spell is broken, and the powers of obfuscation have lost their effect.

Once we come to realize that we have been disgraced and have been made a mockery of by the ruling elite, this paralyzing weakness will die within us and we will be able to reclaim our sovereignty.  This is the meaning of “Those who try to save their life will lose it.” It is egotistical fear that is forcing us to hold onto our materialistic life which constitutes our enslavement.  Is this a life really worth saving?


Their Intent is Conveyed within their “Art” and Symbols

Knowledge of the self (Gnosis) has always been suppressed by the archons and usurpers.  They are the infamous “They”—meaning the conspirators who have infiltrated and perverted all foundational power structures that once served humanity into institutions of enslavement.  They have amassed influence and maintain control through deception.  They are the ones who have labeled knowledge of the truth as “heretical” and forbidden. They have distanced themselves for so long from the personal and collective spirit only to became vampires surviving off human energy.  They are the ones who created a cult of secular humans to propagate their deception and do their bidding.  This model has worked well for them since the beginning of human “culture.” Many of us have served them unwittingly though egotistical action divorced from an awareness of spiritual consequence.

Keep in mind that every human has the potential to become part of their cult by allowing ego to rule.  Their logic is weak and merely fear-based programming designed to appeal to ego, which conditions your soul to give them your undivided attention.  Understanding truth is the only thing that will guard ourselves against them.  It is only in an ascended state of clarity where their intent can be observed.

Conversely, every human being has the power to reclaim their sovereignty in sympathy to our higher spiritual principles.  When this happens it is called atonement, meaning at-one-ment.  The origin of this concept comes from “atoon” or “attune,” the point when a person phases back into resonance with the truth of the whole and understands the false and ugly reality that they allowed their soul to be governed by.

As it is said, “All good things must come an end.”  This statement even applies to the social elite.  Through their desperate actions, they are forced to expose themselves for whom they have always been.  Their intention is conveyed within their art and symbols.

Through their “art” their intention is clear, but it takes an enlightened and courageous soul to see it.  There are many reasons why people choose not to acknowledge the dire situation their soul is now passing through.  This is understandable because the truth is as unpleasant as anyone can image.  At this point, only the vanguard of humanity needs to become cognizant of these transgressions. Anyone considering sources of information inspired by Enlightened Insight are taking the responsibility of galvanizing a timeline congruent with an ascended state of existence.  This process never begins without uncertainty and always challenges our resolve.

Through coherence, the rest will follow.

They are eating our children and through perpetual suffering we have the right and the obligation to be upset. This concern should be expressed beyond their confinement of the decorum that egotistical Hierarchy expects. Do not fall into their bureaucratic traps. When we use our energy for constructive and positive transformation outside of the parameters of their game, they have no control over us.

Discernment between Good and Evil is essential.  If you can recognize deception, feel compelled to stand in truth, and protect the rights of the innocent, then you side with humanity.

All sources of esoteric wisdom convey that our enslavement will be transient.   How well we fare is completely up to our own insightful judgement and the constructive actions we take to correct it.

Our soul is defined in this moment.



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One of the first questions that any medical student asks before they encounter a patient who may have a contagious disease is, “What do I need to do to prevent me from contracting the illness?” and “What can I do to prevent the spread of communicable disease to other persons?”  The answer is based on objective scientific studies which demonstrate that the only effective method in preventing the spread of contagious disease is hand washing.  Adding to this, I would also recommend washing your face when appropriate and avoid touching it while working in environments where there could be a potential exposure.  Outside of these measures, nothing else has ever been proven to be effective in protecting you or those around you from getting sick.  Before the current pandemic, medical personnel never routinely wore masks, gloves, or socially distanced because these measures have been proven not to work in preventing the spread of disease.

In the operating theater, doctors will wear a mask to prevent the contamination of wounds and incisions by their own secretions which are inhabited by bacteria specific to their body.  In rare instances, the spread of highly communicable diseases can be minimized with reverse isolation rooms and specially fitted personal safety garments which are used routinely for diseases such as active Tuberculosis, Plague, Neisseria meningitis, etc.  These types of diseases are bacterial and therefore magnitudes of size larger than viruses.  Effective protection against significantly smaller pathogens, such as coronavirus, is virtually impossible unless you are wearing what amounts to an airtight suit that maintains an isolated climate-controlled environment.

Studies looking at the use of facial covering in the form of masks have demonstrated that they are ineffective and potentially hazardous by INCREASING your chances of developing respiratory illness.  Even the coveted N95 mask cannot filter out particles as small as cold and flu virus.

So, why are we being told to wear them?

During the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, which was by far the worst pandemic in modern history, the use of mandatory facial covering was employed because fear and limited understanding of the illness concluded that the disease could be minimized by wearing masks.  This sentiment has been proven by empirical science to be an utter fallacy.  Today, we can only view such measures as unwarranted and unjustified.

Therefore, it is literally impossible to imagine that the advisors and directors of our public health institutions are ignorant of these facts.  Indeed, they are not.  They are promoting an agenda which instills fear, separation, and a sense of helplessness.  This is a shining example of how institutions that at one time served humanity have degenerated into self-serving organizations that are not only promoting their own interests but are conditioning us to accept a future reality that will amount to draconian measures within the hands of archon worshiping elitists that openly express their contempt for humanity.

Their intent is comprised of many criminal actions amounting to fraud, massive conflicts of interest, blatant deceptions, and conspiracy to mass murder that are directly connected to this pandemic.  By convention, their plans are hiding in plain sight and visible to all who are willing to look. The sheer immensity of the scheme is not unlike the tentacled leviathan of the mythical Typhon.  To many, their agenda suggests the elaborate gears of a well-oiled machine. It is not, and with so many variables it is more akin to a poorly devised contraption constructed by Rube Goldberg.

Ego and the limited insight of Hierarchy cannot fathom the actions of human beings fearlessly guided by love, truth, and spirit because it does not register in their plans which are being presented exclusively for us to reject.

How much would it take for them to be exposed and public opinion to forcefully turn against them?  Since the entire operation is based upon a tapestry of lies and is merely a house of cards, I suspect very little.  If given a public platform, one person of integrity would derail their plans within an hour.

For now, that platform does not exist so it must occur on an individual basis driven by a growing number of people who have taken up the cause to publicly expose these criminals.

Their disharmony with humanity is driving them into their own extinction.  Considering their bizarre and abhorrent inhuman behaviors, humor may be our best method in dissolving their intentions.

Invariably, they have devolved into warped and feeble puppet masters to a demon that does not exist if we refuse to give it life.

May they reap exactly what they are creating.



Additional Reference



Dr. Jeffrey Barke Riverside County Rally, May 5, 2020.




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