Immunity in a Time of Panic

“The importance of flattening a curve at the risk of derailing a culture appears to be way out of proportion to such logic unless there is a grander scheme behind it.  Solely from a health perspective, scaring the hell out of everyone and coercing them into a virtual imprisonment through deception and partial truths, instills hopelessness, weakens our immune system, and makes the human body more vulnerable to infection and disease.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 5, 2020

Fear is palpable, and from a deeper state of consciousness it can be sensed or perceived like a bad odor manifesting through another person afflicted by it.  Fear is just as contagious (if not more so) than any virus imagined.  There are scientific models looking at the dynamics of pandemics which take into consideration not only how contagious fear really is but demonstrate how it creates a pandemic even when there is no infectious disease present to justify it. (1)  Abject fear can be conjured within the human soul if god screams loud enough.  The screeching of the banshee is literally the source of terror. Since the beginning of civilization, we have been programmed to be fearful when god yells.

The origin of panic comes from the Greek word Panikos which is in reference to the great god Pan—who was the god of all things in nature. It is said that when Pan roared fear was instilled within beings receptive to it.  Pan was a composite deity of human and goat and although impish and capricious, was rarely portrayed as violent or vengeful. Yet, the nature god’s yell was so powerful that it caused armies to flee and titans to cower in fear.

As half goat, Pan was associated with the constellation Capricorn which is the location of the many current celestial transits and astrological activity cited since the end of 2018.  Mythologically, the goat represents earth bound-egotistical energies that can be obstinate and resistant to change.  Our current transition of Saturn (approximately 2018 to 2022) represents a massive restructuring of everything that ego manifests.  Resistance to this personal and global transformation is manifesting within the current chaos that now confronts us.

Legends tell us that Pan was the only god to have died. Although the reason for the god’s death was never explained, the spiritual realm conveyed this information to a sailor named Thamus, that the old god of the Earth had perished.  This happened during the reign of Tiberius (14-37 AD).  When the news was conveyed to the people of those times, it was said that many hearts were broken and people wept openly.

Despite the cause of the god’s death, the truth of this proclamation was validated over time.  The death of Pan heralded a new Age that witnessed the end of the Pantheon and an apocalypse of change that is now converging upon this transitional moment that we are living in.  Our last two thousand years of existence has been distinguished by this transformation which will undoubtedly lead to a greater understanding of our divinity within.

Strange is it not, that during this pandemic, we are seeing for the first time in human history the abolishment of God through communal worship in a season that is most sacred to virtually all the world religions.  One could have imagined that is should have been the opposite.  In times of great distress, many find comfort, solace, and direction within a familiar edifice intentionally created for spiritual communion and transcendence. One can even sense peace and wellbeing through the divinity of stillness, reflection, and mediation within the boundaries of sanctified and scared spaces. Many understand that unity and not separation is an essential requirement needed to heal the human soul and therefore body.

Religion, from the Latin Religare (re =again and ligare=to reconnect) means the binding back of consciousness from chaos and separation. This is a reference to becoming whole through the union of the human soul to spirit in communion with all others.  Our power resides in unity.  Like Pan in the last Age, my suspicion suggests that we may be seeing the death of the Son of God, at least from the perspective that many have been conditioned to hold.

The death of a god is a necessary process within our spiritual transformation. Our mythologies suggest that at times, gods must die in order to be reborn through us in the form of ascending human consciousness—meaning their power is invested within us. This does not come without challenges or hardship, which are necessary in order to catalyze the process.  These times are riddled with deception and false echoes that are mimicking the truth that is driving nothing less than the alchemical transmutation of the human soul.

It has become apparent that many have replaced the worship of God with the idolization of something else.  It is a virtual god of our own construct that speaks to us through electronic devices that we have created.  We have intentionally manifested a cult where only a priest or priestess (aka celebrity) is given the power of control and influence over those who are intently listening.  The chosen ones are given this privilege just as long as they continue to sing the cult’s praises and dance to the will of the one who is in control.  This is the emergence of the world’s New Religion, based upon limited science, virtual intelligence, partial truths, base impulses, and propaganda.  Those who can see beyond it understand that this is merely an echo of what is yet to come.

The new religion is telling us to be fearful, not fearless.  The new religion is telling us to hide and remain separated for as long as you can.  The new religion appeals to its own form of logic, which is irresistible to the egotistically inclined.  Despite its advice, the new religion is making us more vulnerable to the challenges that we must all confront.  The new religion understands that it is fear, deception, and separation that weakens the human soul.  Since the time of Atlantis, the god of this new religion and his disciples have been well known.

The word panic and pandemic are related as both words are connected to Pan, the god of all things.  Today when “pan” is used it is in reference to everything, or something that is global.  The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic is a tragedy on many levels and as I stated in my last post, empirical evidence is suggesting that it is intentional and for specific purposes not yet apparent and or fully disclosed.  Regardless, we are left with challenges that we must confront.

The nature of this virus is highly contagious.  Viruses with similar characteristics (such as respiratory syncytial virus) demonstrate that greater than 95% of all human beings are infected by it within two-three years.  We are now living in a time where this new strain of coronavirus is becoming rapidly ubiquitous to our environment and to human existence— meaning that it will never go away and sooner or later we will be exposed to it.  Despite all the best intentions, this is an existential fact that cannot be denied.

Fortunately, the virulence is lower than what the media is portraying with less mortality and even farther less morbidity than measles.  This suggests to many people, that the incessant media coverage is more like fear mongering than responsible journalism.  This is not unlike the great mischievous god screaming empty threats for the sake of instilling terror and panic into those who still need to learn life’s lesson through a fearful and deceptive vehicle.  It is always important to keep in mind what is in our best interest versus those serving the new religion.

In better times, we were encouraged to be brave and not to succumb to fear.  Freedom from fear was a great principle that many within our culture defended with their life.  Today these sentiments are rarely if ever expressed.  There is something more substantial to life than just a fearful existence dodging arrows that you are told may or may not have your name written upon them. The media portrays the world in such fashion, but we will never understand life’s true purpose unless we can sense beyond the “reality” that the new religion proclaims.  In our current predicament, we are being browbeaten by deceptive practices designed to keep the soul powerless.  This is nothing less than a breach of trust that through hardship most will come to recognize.

At the beginning of this outbreak, I received a vision which suggested the direction my soul was compelled to take. What I saw was a wall of fear manifesting hastily around us.  The whole world was being confined into a dark pen of limitation and hopelessness.  My soul was being crushed as fear was moving in, like a tidal wave, gaining in size and strength.  This implored me to scale over the wall into the area behind it.  When I landed, it felt as though I was in a new state of existence.  Things seemed the same but more tranquil.  The noise machine was not only turned off, but here it did not even exist. You could breathe in this place and it felt like your breath was connected to all the life that existed within this consciousness.  If you can envision walking outside on a clear and calm evening with no one in sight and the stars shining down upon you from the heavens, manifesting their presence through your soul, that is what it is like.

Perhaps all of this sounds like wishful if not magical thinking. Some may even think that these ideas are irresponsible, especially coming from a person who claims to be a healer.  Yet reality is far from what we have always assumed, because it has been scientifically proven that fear does no one any good when it comes to our state of health and healing.  Certainly, an argument can be made to self-quarantine if it makes one feel better.  But the fact remains that we cannot live within isolation forever and that virtually all us will become infected within the next few years.

The importance of flattening a curve at the risk of derailing a culture appears to be way out of proportion to such logic unless there is a grander scheme behind it.  Solely from a health perspective, scaring the hell out of everyone and coercing them into a virtual imprisonment through deception and partial truths, instills hopelessness, weakens our immune system, and makes the human body more vulnerable to infection and disease.

Entire medical journals are dedicated to the science behind consciousness and disease. (2)  It should come to no surprise that science has perpetually demonstrated the obvious, that fear leads to the impairment of our immune system, while love and a sense of wellbeing enhances it.  People who are more fearful will have less of a chance surviving a pandemic than those who are not.  Scientific observation proves time and again that ANYTHING that enhances our sense of wellbeing enhances our immune system, while massive amounts of panic and fear break down our natural defenses.

Not all stress is bad, and if experienced in small measures, acts as a catalyst and template to allow the body to rebuild itself in a stronger and healthier form.  This smaller dose of stress is called eustress (the right amount of “good” stress) and is required for a person to remain optimally fit. The incessant amount of fear generated by the media is well beyond any level of benefit.

Newer views in biological science confirm that consciousness and environment (which is a direct reflection of consciousness) has more to do with our state of health than we were ever able to envision within the older paradigms of linear cause and effect.  The science of Epigenetics directly links consciousness, energy, and environment to genetic expression and human health. By choosing our state of consciousness we can enhance or impair our immunity.  As previously discussed, the immune system is the manifestation of the etheric body, also known as the Akasha, vital body, health body, or Qi.  This system is an energetic field that receives input from various sources.  What epigenetics has demonstrated is that our DNA (of which only 8.2% is actively expressed) appears to be receptive to input from our own fields of consciousness. (3)

The Etheric body (or health field which controls immunity) functions most optimally when human consciousness resides within a balanced state. This balanced state of consciousness is when we are existing within a greater level of wholeness, love, and compassion.  Many refer to this as heart coherence.  Others might say it is a state of perpetual meditative awareness.

An over-taxed ego disrupts the immune system which science has demonstrated time and again.  Always remember that ego is the seat of fear, apprehension, and ultimately disease. Ego can exaggerate threats because its logic can only accommodate measured linear variables.  When ego is only showed dark, fearful, and hopeless scenarios it can see nothing else.  As a society, the media should be doing the opposite and quite frankly turning the amplitude to “off” on the panic, terror, and fear controller nobs. If we are interested in the saving lives, then whatever can be done to minimize fear should be employed.

All life has at least a rudimentary form intelligence.  As a virus, COVID19 is one of the simplest forms of biological life.  Virus manifest intelligence through genetic mutation, meaning COVID19 will adapt to its human host.  If it wants to survive it makes no sense to kill off its environment.  This has always been the observed pattern of viral pandemics.  A virus starts out far more deadly, then adapts to the human host and becomes a common and far less deadly agent by the end.  Somehow, I cannot help thinking that our own consciousness may be determining this process.  Meaning, if our consciousness directly governs our genetic expression, would it not influence viral determinants as the virus incorporates itself into our own genes?

It has already been observed that COVID19 has gone through numerous genetic mutations in a very short time frame. (4, 5, 6) So far, everything that is being observed about COVID19 is well within the pattern observed in similar respiratory virus that we have all faced in the past. Through mutation it will reach a steady state and we will survive, perhaps even stronger than before we encountered it.

To minimize the outcome, it is essential to disengage from the panic.  Focus on what is important in life and have faith in a higher power that guided you here to this moment.

Especially in this time of chaos it becomes imperative to focus on your own transformation which will resurrect a spiritual awareness beyond the perpetual fear manifested by the New Religion of virtual reality.

Let us not forget that the time of spiritual transformation is upon us which we will never sense within an agitated state of fear induced uncertainty.

We are truly in the midst of powerful changes.

Fear not and embrace love.




1. Coupled Contagion Dynamics of Fear and Disease: Mathematical and Computational Explorations, PLoS One. 2008; 3(12): e3955

Screen Shot 03-29-20 at 11.18 AM

“…endogenous epidemics of fear inspire widespread adaptations unrelated to prevalence. As an example, in 1996, millions of Indians fled Surat province to escape pneumonic plague. Yet, not a single case of pneumonic plague was actually confirmed. Prevalence of the disease itself, in other words, was zero…

The model developed here handles cases where the fear is contagious, even when the pathogen is not (e.g., anthrax). Indeed, it handles cases where the event in question is not a pathogen at all, such as a chemical or radiological event, or natural disaster, such as an earthquake or volcano…

Ceteris paribus, the fear epidemic is faster than the bug epidemic. Why? The reason is that there are more pathways by which to contract fear than there are to contract bug.”

2. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity,

3. 8.2% of the Human Genome Is Constrained: Variation in Rates of Turnover across Functional Element Classes in the Human Lineage, PLOS Genetics, July 24, 2014.

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