Our Moral Compass: A Dream of Salvation

“When we see animals in dreams, they can be archetypal facets of our own soul. We all carry within us a totem of these energies which are referred to as spirit animals. Understanding that the powers of Nature have been invested within us through the living archetypes of the animals, just as the energies of the celestial realms have been placed within through the powers of the Spirit—becomes a blessing of the highest magnitude. We come to liberation and ultimate empowerment when we understand that we are of such great individual importance to have these energies intentionally placed within us.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian September 9, 2020

Our natural and most intrinsic way of seeing into the spiritual realm is through our dream state. The language of the spiritual realm is through archetypal vision, which is synesthetic.  This means that sensations are blended together, giving the vision deeper levels of information, interpretation, and understanding.  The dream state is our most objective way of seeing higher spiritual truth.  In sacred dreams, intelligence flows from Source to soul and are called the Mysteries of the Spirit. 

When receiving this spiritually charged information one must be as quiet as a church mouse and not let ego get in the way.  Stated simply, we must listen very carefully with all our faculties. Sacred scripture tells us more eloquently:

“Be still and know that I AM God…” (1)   

Furthermore, we state; “Be still and know that I AM…  Be still and Know… Be Still…”

This passage is in reference to the end of all wars which is only through a pathway guided by a Christed being known as the “Lord of Hosts” who is the countenance of the Divine Father.

A recent vision illustrated a higher spiritual insight about our current scenario.  In this dream, I found myself in a precarious situation upon a floating research lab located in Antarctica.  Barely making it there on a leaky raft, I found that the facility was in chaos, and apart from one assistant, virtually the entire staff had fled.  The structure itself was sinking, and time was running out.  Our only option was to head back into the frigid water on the damaged craft that I arrived upon.  In the meantime, we created a makeshift structure that was temporarily keeping us afloat, which was also sinking.  The situation seemed so harrowing that I thought we should have been dead already.  We were only surviving by the grace of divine intervention, as though time was being held still for something else to happen. 

An SOS had been sent out, but because we were so isolated from the rest of the world, there was nothing that anyone could do but watch from a distance.  Yet, there was another vessel that appeared to be close by.  This was a lone independent explorer who was another aspect of myself and unaware of our dire situation.  Through a strange phenomenon I was forced to become aware….

Directly in the path of the vessel was an orca and polar bear locked in a death struggle.  The ocean became a caldron of blood and chaos so that it was impossible not to take notice.  The struggle immediately stopped when recognition of the commotion was taken.  Transfixed by the scene, the boat was piloted into a safe harbor guided by both adversaries.  Eventually I (the captain) was led into a cave-like sanctuary where I sensed that instructions were given regarding the rescue of the last two members of the research team trapped on the sinking raft.

It appeared that I would have to save myself.

Whether we realize it our not, we are all in the same boat.  There is nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide.  We have all been placed in an extremely precarious situation and are committed to the outcome.  From an esoteric perspective, we have all given our consent to be here at this time to witness what is now taking place in our world.  My sense is that it is like a birth as we seem to be pulled through a tunnel where the only way out is through it.  From a clairvoyant perspective, birth is described in a similar fashion, where the soul is irresistibly pulled through a vortex into the vessel of the infant as it is being born.

This is the reason for the abuse that is being inflicted upon humanity.  The souls who know better understand that they are witnesses to the birth of something that the world has never experienced. The usurpers are channeling massive transformational energy into what they believe is a final agenda of control on a global scale.  They do this because they have become parasitic to the human collective and hold humanity in contempt.  In their lower density of reality, they envision an outcome of enslavement where they will rule through darkness, coercion, and fear while continuing to commit atrocities with impunity.

Yet there are many who can see past the illusion that these criminals are attempting to manifest and trying to hold onto at all costs.  What the elite are creating amounts to a dark shadow or echo of the real transformation now taking place—but they do not know this because they cannot sense beyond their limited dark perspective.  Their lusts, fear, ego, and greed blinds spiritual vision and muffles the resonances of higher truth. Their fiefdom of elitism and oppression only exists within the virtual reality bubble of their own creation.  It is true that their influence bleeds over into the natural world, but far less so as human consciousness distances itself from their distortions.  Mother Nature has always been in an ascended state of awareness, but through ego development, we were just too separated from Her to take notice.       

We are the missing component of Ascension as only humanity can channel Christed consciousness into the realm of Her Kingdom.  When we are in union with the Divine Father and Mother, all things become possible.  We have always been the interface between those two realms. 

For those of us whose consciousness is ascending past the globalist agenda, be aware that the tactic of “gaslighting” is being employed.  It is a condescending form of abuse where those who are trying to take control attempt to convince you that right is left, down is up, black is white, and night is day.  It is exactly what George Orwell meant when he stated:

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.” 

This is also why the tactic of isolation is being employed because fear and separation dramatically weakens our resolve.

Do not let this get you down because this deception is driving the ascension of human consciousness in ways that the globalist could never imagine, as their abuse is forcing us to find an authority that exists outside of their realm.  We are now discovering that true guidance to humanity’s own self-interest resides within us when we are in communion with the divine powers of Nature and the Spirit.

This essential truth is part of what my recent vision conveys, that we must work in partnership with these natural earthbound energies and the spirit which flow through us. 

When we see animals in dreams, they can be archetypal facets of our own soul.  We all carry within us a totem of these energies which are referred to as spirit animals.  Understanding that the powers of Nature have been invested within us through the living archetypes of the animals, just as the energies of the celestial realms have been placed within through the powers of the Spirit—becomes a blessing of the highest magnitude.  We come to liberation and ultimate empowerment when we understand that we are of such great individual importance to have these energies intentionally placed within us. 

We are not some mere cosmic accident, as the true fabric of our soul is lovingly crafted through the gifts of our Divine parents.  We are all children of these living truths and a human being awakened to their own divine gifts is beyond the effects of any deception, coercion, fear, or intimidation by any dark usurping parasitic entity. 

Orca is an animal of great power, intelligence, and independence.  As an animal of the hidden depths, it represents the kingdom of the spiritual realms and an invocation to look within oneself for guidance.  It is also an animal of leadership and fidelity as they usually mate for life.  This is also an appeal for family, and I see this as an emerging community of enlightened souls coming together in Unity consciousness.  It is also a reminder to remain independent and to seek council through higher principles.  Power, fidelity, beauty, strength, fearlessness, and wisdom are the tools entrusted within the soul to confront the danger that is lurking all around. 


Polar bear represents strength and courage which will be needed for the coming challenges.  It represents patience and can suggest the concept of a long gestational pregnancy.  Polar bears excel in camouflage and can move through the shadows and the darkness of night waiting patiently to unleash their power, specifically at the right time.  They may roar and manifest their inner strength but only when justified in defense of innocence and protection of truth.  The inner strength infused will help the soul to survive in the harshest environments and through the path that we must forge as independent spiritual explorers through an uncharted and demanding wilderness that still lies ahead.    

The struggle between these two animal archetypes suggest that the egotistical power of the bear must subject itself to the fidelity and spiritual guidance of Orca, otherwise ego will be severely mauled and we will fail in the ultimate objective, which is the salvation of our own soul.     

Faith is being tested.  Ego must come to its still point. Divine intervention is part of the plan because circumstances now dictate that we are all in need of being saved.  I suspect that this is the birth that we are anticipating, which may be triggered by an external event of some magnitude.

Without our inner moral compass, we are rudderless, and through the effects of mind control our vessel (body and soul) is being steered into unsafe waters where we will be decimated through fear driven impulses of self-preservation.

We have placed ourselves in this precarious position voluntarily. Therefore, we are all in need of saving. The instrument of salvation is our higher self, guided by the assistance of the natural forces of Gaia and the Spirit….

Inner authority provides our compass. When we find this inner guidance, be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove—as this is the correct attitude to allow the spirit to guide us. We are all being called up to become greater people than we ever thought we were. 

We are empowered with the courage of the saints when compassion for others and all of life becomes greater than your fear.  At that point, we are becoming the true nature of our being.   

Your personal salvation is the missing component to Gaia’s Ascension.



1. Psalm 46:10

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