The Time of Michaelmas

“Within the egotistically inclined world, justice has become a mockery of what it had been in times of ascended consciousness. Balance must be restored which will never be accomplished through inaction and fear. Therefore, the scales are intimately linked to heroic impulses of the Archangel through its opposite connection to Aries. In ascended form, Aries is associated with Michael the Dragon Slayer, whose forceful actions are needed to restore divine justice and cosmic balance. The Archangel is known as the countenance (face) of God and the Lord of Hosts. In esoteric wisdom, Michael is considered the essential Archangel of our time.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, September 28, 2020

The transition of the seasons at the fall equinox (September 23) signifies a point of balance.  This is the period when light is approximately equal to dark.  It is in moments of equipoise where portals manifest within our consciousness into higher realms of the spirit and Christ consciousness can manifest. 

From an astrological perspective, confusion exists because the astrology of the past no longer correlates to the astronomy of the present.  This has to do with how we view the heavens in relation to earth’s seasonal cycles versus our distant celestial backdrop.  This discrepancy in the way that we observe the heavenly energies that manifest through us is attributed to the Babylonian, ancient Greek, and Hellenistic astronomers and is related to the way the spring equinox (March 19, 2020) is determined. 

The spring or vernal equinox is known as the “Zero Point of Aries” even though it does not occur currently against the backdrop of this astrological sign.  Some of the systems of reading the Zodiac that are commonly used today have ancient origins that were built upon the astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, and philosopher Hipparchus of Nicaea (190-120 BC) who was known for developing the science of trigonometry.  He is credited with the discovery of the slow celestial drift from our fixed reference points which is called the procession of the equinox.  In his lifetime, Hipparchus discovered that the heavens are shifting in a retrograde fashion at least 1 degree per century regarding the same reference point in seasonal earth time (equinox).  More accurately, the equinox procession is approximately 1 degree every 73 years.   

Around 200 years later, the astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, and philosopher Claudius Ptolemaeus (aka Ptolemy of Alexandria 100-170 AD) built upon the systems of Hipparchus into methods of astrological observations which are still used today in what is known as Tropical astrology, again the origins of which go back to the ancient Greeks and Babylonians.  (1) Ptolemy was noted to quote Hipparchus verbatim.  One could argue that Ptolemy was the reincarnation of Hipparchus, or at least a soul compounding truth within the same initiated stream of consciousness.

By Ptolemy’s time, the procession of the equinox was well known but centuries of tradition had been established to set the astrological calendar to the Zero Point of Aries which was marked at the spring equinox, even though from a distant celestial (astronomical) perspective, the equinox was no longer at that point and was drifting into the territory of Pisces.  Both Hipparchus and Ptolemy were aware of this fact but kept their alignments to the Tropical system which they both were exceeding familiar with.  Furthermore, the Tropical system in use was valid through its results.  Keep in mind that a great part of astrology was based on healing, and that forms of mundane, psychological, and medical astrology were well developed by this time.

Ptolemy’s treatise on astrology, known as the Tetrabiblos (meaning the four books) is still regarded as an essential source for astrological interpretation even by modern astrologers as prominent as Dane Rudhyar.  For even today, serious students of astrology are encouraged to become familiar with Ptolemy’s philosophies and methods articulated through his work.  

The term “tropical” is derived from the Greek “tropikos” meaning “of the turning” related to the four corners that the seasons must turn within the perpetual cycles of temporal progression. Undoubtedly, there was great intention to tie the astrological cycle to the rhythms and the four principle directions of the earth.  Ptolemy’s work perceives the time-based seasonal changes of the earth and the movements of local celestial bodies married to human events, health, and consciousness.  Time has proven with a vengeance that this is not an invalid observation, as we are beginning to understand how our consciousness is entangled within the quantum and temporal realities of physical existence.  

The cross is a powerful symbol to this form of observation, as the Zodiac itself is comprised of three crosses (which are known as cardinal, fixed, and mutable) which constitute its twelve signs. The ancients understood that the four positions of the cross were associate with the genii (derived from the Latin genius) who were considered the four spiritual guardians of the human soul known as the “Pillars of Him who dwell in the heavens.”   (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, chapter 12, The Mysteries of the Cross, for further discussion).  


Spiritual vision views these archetypes as guardian angels of humanity which manifest as the four elements of human existence (earth, wind, water, and fire) which can be understood as the fundamental parameters of human consciousness in the form of sensation, thinking, feeling, and intuition.  This correlates directly to the four bodies (physical, etheric, astral, and ego) of the human constitution.  Therefore, we can begin to sense that there are four major shifts in human consciousness throughout the earth’s yearly cycle.  At a deep soul-level of understanding, the baroque composer Vivaldi immortalized this reality in his work “The Four Seasons.”

Yet, time does not stand still, and not only must our traditions be acknowledged, considered and adopted, but we must come to understand how they are connected to the cycles of the earth’s temporal seasonal patterns, and how that affects our soul from a deeper spiritual perspective.  We are not only ingrained within the natural rhythms of the biosphere but are constantly shaping and reshaping them through our individual and collective human experience.  We are co-creators of this reality, but what we are destined to accomplish becomes insignificant if we fail to work in sympathy to the cycles of Mother Nature.  Ego and the manipulation of it through fear has nullified the knowledge of these forces which have always been there for us to assimilate and enhance.  The practice of ritual and celebration attunes us to these natural forces that are literally gifted to us by the higher realms.

Is there any surprise in witnessing the visceral destruction of this knowledge through the current chaos and the dense lower reality that it is driving?  At the beginning of the year, I would say that the uncertainty of the times appeared to fuel a negative transition into a virtual darkness that unbalanced souls are trying desperately to manifest. 

Today, I sense that something has shifted, and we are no longer collectively on that path.  Many can sense this transition without calling it out by name, but it is happening as sure as the seasons are changing.  The Spirit and Mother Nature have always graced us with transformational power, but it has only been recent where we have reached the point beyond egotistical distortion and can now sense past the deception and chaos.  We are also coming to understand how the rhythmic cycles of the universe have always been there for us to channel in communion within Unity consciousness.   Balance is being restored as recognition of the “turning” is becoming the natural flow and order of life in higher states of knowing. 


The spring equinox is a well-known moment of balance when waning darkness is equal to waxing light.  This vernal point is a fulcrum in earth’s rotational oscillation which constitutes a zero point in movement through time.  This is a point of rebirth were Nature is in a regenerative state.  It also correlates to the tradition of Easter which is celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon of the new astrological year (the first full moon after the vernal equinox).  We can see that this is a state of balance in time, light, and season.  It is a period when transformational energies of the highest magnitude are infused into the biosphere and the human soul.  This energy is manifested by the powers of the Divine Feminine in communion with the soul of humanity.

Screen Shot 09-28-20 at 12.52 PM

There is another fulcrum which is rarely celebrated let alone acknowledged which occurs at the other end of the axis.  This is the autumnal equinox which in our modern culture is rarely (if ever) celebrated.  This is the time of year when the light is waning and the powers of darkness are beginning to manifest upon the earth (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, October 25, 2018, Riding the Wave: Saturn, D-Wave Logic, and the Onslaught of Demonic Consciousness).  This point in time is in opposition to the vernal transition and forms an astrological axis through the energies of Aries and Libra.

The time of the vernal equinox and Easter is astrologically bound to the sign of Aries, while the Autumnal equinox falls within the time of Libra.  These two signs are literally married to each other through the axis of their opposition.  We can say that the central feature of this axis (as in all oppositions) is balance, which is represented by the Libran Scales of Justice.  Aries is the force which is most needed to re-establish Divine Justice in this world. 


Our mythologies suggest that the scales were once held by the Divine Feminine, and I would say that justice will never be served unless judgement and balance are reestablished within the hands of the Goddess.  Libra is ruled by Venus, and in ancient Egypt, Ma’at (the divine feminine consort of Thoth) presided over the scales that ultimately weighed the heart of the individual against the feather of an ibis. The goddess determined whether the soul would ascend into the higher realms of consciousness. Only those whose heart balanced out with the weight of the feather could enter into the kingdom of the spirit.  An ascended world is one that is just and truthful.

Within the egotistically inclined world, justice has become a mockery of what it had been in times of ascended consciousness.  Balance must be restored which will never be accomplished through inaction and fear.  Therefore, the scales are intimately linked to heroic impulses of the Archangel through its opposite connection to Aries. In ascended form, Aries is associated with Michael the Dragon Slayer, whose forceful actions are needed to restore divine justice and cosmic balance.  The Archangel is known as the countenance (face) of God and the Lord of Hosts.  In esoteric wisdom, Michael is considered the essential Archangel of our time.   

Our journey is not passive but heroic, but somewhere during our soul’s progression we lost touch with this essential fact.  No one will save us but ourselves and only when we can bring forth and manifest the Christed powers of the Lord of Hosts to slay the dragons of our imprisonment.  These draconian forces exist not only outside but also within.

Scripture states that in the time of ascension, those who overcome and manifest the courage of the Archangel shall eventually rule over the unjust with an iron scepter:   

“…hold fast to what you have until I come. And to the one who overcomes and continues in My work until the end, I will give authority over nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter and shatter them like pottery—just as I have received authority from My Father.…” (2)

The reference to an iron scepter is not the same as ruling with an iron fist.  This is an alchemical reference to the healing properties of iron which are also associated with Archangel Michael.  Iron detoxifies biological systems and works best through opposition and tension.  The path of iron is the hero’s journey which always begins with hardship.  Once these challenges are overcome and mastered, iron (in the power of the Archangel’s iron scepter) becomes a forceful instrument in the restoration of divine justice, beauty, wisdom, and balance, as it will shatter the deception of the unjust like pottery.

As we find ourselves at the threshold of a New Age, many are now coming to understand this transitional time of ascension as Christ manifesting through the healing state of human consciousness (etheric body).  This is the second coming that has long been prophesied which is counterbalanced by the mystery of Golgotha near the vernal equinox.   

A portal is opening at this time of the fall equinox which is celebrated through the traditions of Michaelmas throughout the time of Libra. Known in many cultures as the Feast of the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel) it is usually celebrated on September 29th but historically as late as October 10th.  Regardless, it is the season of the resurrection of the hero and genius within that needs to be recognized.  It is the power of the pillars of He who dwells in the Heavens that we must channel and manifest to overcome our current and future challenges.  In a free and ascended world, this will come to be a future tradition and celebration of the utmost importance.

Both the energies of Aries and Libra are cardinal, meaning that they initiate a beginning, hence the zero point in time.  These transitional periods manifest ripples within the human soul which have lasting effects as the season itself takes on the characteristics of these fundamental moments.

The October 2nd dawn will see the setting of an Aries Full Moon inviting us to greet the day balanced between a rising Libra Sun-with an intentional breath of life-as we merge our soul’s energy with this Michaelic spiritual stream and all of life manifesting itself in freedom through the autumnal portal.

Our communion with the energies of the season and the spirit are there for us to channel in our resolve and convictions.

In the Michaelic spirit of the Lord of Hosts—you are the countenance of God.



1. Seven Stars Astrology, “How Old is the Tropical Zodiac?”, March 20, 2019,  

2. Revelations 2:25-27

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