Transcending into the New Age: The Grand Conjunction of the Great Winter Solstice

“Despite the darkness that opposes it, the spirit of the time is destined to be that of unconditional giving. This is our only way through the chaos as all other paths lead to the death of our freedom and the end of our spiritually enlightened soul. It would be no exaggeration to state that at this moment we have been led down a path that is facing the opened jaws of oblivion. Salvation of the human spirit must occur on a global scale that we can all experience. It is the celestial alignments in union with the Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of the Solstice that will force us to take notice of what is happening. Although there are elements that suggest previous moments of great transformation in human history, the time of this year’s winter Solstice is like no others.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian December 1, 2020

In the Winter of 2018, I was compelled to write an essay which was posted in October of that year regarding the conjunction of the planets Pluto and Saturn in the Tropical sign of Capricorn. The significance of these alignments, along with the intermittent energies of Jupiter, signified a three-year transformation, beginning in December 2017 and ending near the December 2020 Solstice.  At the time that I wrote the essay, I sensed a storm of dark energy more powerful than anything we had experienced, was descending upon us. The title of the essay was, “Riding the Wave: Saturn, D-Wave Logic, and the Onslaught of Demonic Consciousness.” (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian October 25, 2018 post)

We are moving very closed to the culmination of these events, the results of which are beyond the control of mortal beings.  The transformation that is about to ensue will be irresistible for those who are yearning to experience spiritually inspired truth and Divine Justice.   Despite the gravity of this impending transformation, the agents of hindrance and their legion of blinded souls will continue to manipulate the world’s stage even as its infrastructure is collapsing around them.  Although they cannot sense it, for those with hardened hearts this is the time of their downfall and a great awakening. 

For the millions if not billions of souls who are ascending their consciousness, there is already a subconscious recognition that the events that are about to unfold have long been prophesied and already occurred within the timeline that their soul is compelled to take.  The spirit of the winter Solstice will determine that path, which is the moment when we enter the realm of healing through unconditional giving. That is the gift that we are all in dire need of and destined to receive which will be initiated at this spiritually charged moment.

Jesus told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed that has been spread haphazardly upon poor soil and hostile environments.  We are the mustard seeds as only human beings can bring into this worldly realm the energies of the Logos, which are needed to complete the circuit with the spiritual energies of Gaia.  Only this union will establish the Kingdom of Heaven.  The seed must be planted inwardly within the individual human soul first before it can manifest outwardly into the Earth.  Ascended humans fulfill this process. 

What is changing is the environment as the energies of Pluto will continue to annihilate and expose all that is corrupt and incongruent with the New Earth energies which now are being birthed.  Anything that existed in the shadows will either die or be transformed. 

Those who habitually hide from the light and resist the love of the Oneness will descend into an illusionary reality of darkness and death which is currently being sold through all political agendas by corrupted and usurping souls as our only salvation. The corporate controlled media is calling this dark agenda the “Great Reset” which is merely an insidious power grab by agents of distortion disguised as a noble idea.

The second coming of Christ was initiated decades ago within the souls of millions.  It always took an army of darkness to hold back the light, love, and truth of what is now unfolding.  The significance of December 21, 2020 is that a new paradigm is being birthed, one where the mustard seeds will find fertile ground and manifest to their full potentials.  There is not one Christ being born, but millions who are primed to receive it, and billions more whose soul will become opened enough to know it.  If you have not sensed it yet, there is nowhere else to travel. We are in exactly the place that we need to be.  

In the truest sense Christmas is coming, and although there are many trolls and grinches trying to stop it, the spirit is promising that it will manifest through the human heart like it has never been experienced before.   


The Dream

Recently, I had a discussion with a very enlightened soul which triggered a memory of a vision that occurred approximately 50 years ago.  It was a childhood dream which in retrospect was conveying to me the crucial element of the celestial event that is about to happen at the end of this year’s winter Solstice. (see video Whole Soul Mastery: Discussion with Marie Mohler 23:50-28:00 posted on this site) The dream occurred right before awakening near the summer Solstice of 1971, and it was about Christmas.  The vision will never be forgotten and has long become enmeshed within my soul’s living tapestry of truth.  You could say that this dream is foundational to all the visions that have proceed it.

The dream occurred within a warm and familiar room which was timeless.  It was a sanctuary of ever-present and boundless love, peace, and goodwill.  My impression, even as child experiencing it, suggested that it was the room of a celestial king.  It felt like Jupiter’s room which was very much in the spirit of unconditional giving.   And that is what was intuitively conveyed to me, that I was being given a gift of universal importance which was invaluable and exactly what my soul needed. 

Within this room was a woman, who was just as regal, suggesting to me a celestial queen. In Qabalistic terms, Saturn represents the Great Divine Mother.  The two sovereigns were in thrones intimately near each other, and it was as if their love for one another was manifesting an infinite energy of healing and unity.  The power was quite stunning as it compelled me to my still point in great reverence and resonance to this outpouring.           

In front of the thrones (near the side of the Mother) was a crib that was cradling the child of this union bathed in golden light.  Indeed, the whole room was resonating with celestial spheres in gold and silver tones.  There was also a tree resonating these same energies. This motif explained to me why we traditionally hang shiny round ornaments on trees during this time of year, because it represents the celestial bodies that are empowering us.  

As this vision unfolded, I had the sense of standing in the spiritually charged manger, like a shepherd or a Magi, beholding the spectacle and never wanting this energy to dissipate. Although many try to manifest this energy, especially near the winter Solstice, we always seem to fall short of its true intentions and infinite potentials, as the world of ego not only suppresses this impulse, but is now on a hell-bent tangent to extinguish it all together. For those who have come to experience this event, deep within, the spirit of that moment never dies. 

When I awoke from the dream, I came to discover a bright and sunny June 25th morning, and I realized that I was exactly six months away from the Christmas holiday.  Later, I came to understand that this vision was not a random juxtaposition, but that it fell along the line of an axis.  The vision was a clue that was given to me near the Summer Solstice telling me to look at its opposite end at the time that denotes the winter celebration.  

What I had envisioned, is now coming.  The time of Christmas in a much more evolved and indelible sense is finally approaching and will initiate a new timeline that is marked at the end of this year.

Screen Shot 12-17-20 at 10.48 AM

The Celestial Alignments

The intention of the Spirit is written in the stars.  Although the darkness attempts to anesthetize us to these energies, there is no way to stop the power of the zodiacal alignments and their effects in awakened souls.  There is much excitement about the astrological signatures of the time around the December 2020 Solstice. People who can read the stars are conveying how extraordinary the alignments will be. Most are focusing on the central features of the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn crossing into the territory of Tropical Aquarius.  This Grand conjunction signifies a moment initiating great blessings and transfiguration.  Through this union, a birth will occur which will initiate a global transformation into the New Age of Christed consciousness. 

Despite the darkness that opposes it, the spirit of the time is destined to be that of unconditional giving.  This is our only way through the chaos as all other paths lead to the death of our freedom and the end of our spiritually enlightened soul. It would be no exaggeration to state that at this moment we have been led down a path that is facing the opened jaws of oblivion.  Salvation of the human spirit must occur on a global scale that we can all experience.  It is the celestial alignments in union with the Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of the Solstice that will force us to take notice of what is happening.  Although there are elements that suggest previous moments of great transformation in human history, the time of this year’s winter Solstice is like no others.        

In December 2018, I posted an essay entitled “The Event.” (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, The Event, December 31, 2018) At the time of the writing, I sensed that the event would involve the Sun.  Although I was unaware of the December 2020 alignments, this is exactly what will be happening, as all the solar energies of the Logos are coming together in an extraordinary alignment at the same moment as the Grand Conjunction of the divine masculine-feminine union of Jupiter-Saturn. 

December 19-21, 2020 brings us the Sun in conjunction with Mercury (the Son of the Sun) and the Galactic Center (Galactic Sun). This conjunction is trine Mars, potentiating the energy in a constructive way.  Mars in this attitude represents the energies of the Michaelic Dragon Slayer.  Uranus, representing the higher octave of the Divine Masculine is also trine Sun-Mercury conjunction which will greatly expand the power of this union.  Sun and Mercury are also connecting to Galactic Sun (the source of the Logos) around this moment. All these celestial bodies manifest the Logos energies of the Divine Masculine.  It is Mercury, which represents the soul’s capacity to understand the significance of this extraordinary event that will allow us to gain insight into what is happening. 

All the major planetary bodies will be contributing to this Grand alignment. The Moon, which represents the emotional and darker elements of the human soul is moving quickly through these solstice energies.  Luna is conjunct Chiron and Neptune during this time at a hard-square aspect to this grand alignment of solar energies. 

The connection to Chiron is extremely interesting.  Chiron represents the Great Centaur who became the origin of the constellation of Sagittarius. He is known as the wounded healer, who can be selfless and forgiving.  Chiron also took the place of the titan Prometheus, who was chained to a rock while suffering the tortures of Zeus’s eagles feasting perpetually on his liver.  Over time, Chiron has come to represent deep hidden wounds inflicted through egocentric existence. It can be the pain and suffering that we keep hidden within the deepest and darkest aspects of our soul. 

The Moon will conjunct Chiron around the Solstice which will square Sun-Mercury converging powers.  This means that the light of the Logos will shine within the deepest aspects of soul-based existence and we will be forced to confront all the darkness that has been previously hidden.  My suspicion suggests that this will happen on a personal and global level.

Around this moment Neptune is conjunct Moon, empowering our emotional sensitivities to these spiritual energies while Venus will trine Chiron and the Moon to infuse her loving Divine Feminine powers of healing in assistance to this transformation.


Soil and Salvation        

For many years I have been struggling to envision how this transformation will unfold.  At this point, I can still see before me two timelines.  One is a draconian technocracy, and on that path, one will give their consent to be led as a sheep to slaughter.  This path will involve at least three more years of severe misery and the rise of a yet unrecognized Antichrist. This path would leave the Earth in a far more damaged state, precipitate severe civil unrest, and cause thousands if not millions of collateral human deaths. It is the hell-bent path of a totalitarian government that the globalists are attempting to manifest through their technology, magic, and deception.  

Although I do not see astrological alignments that favor this outcome, if we sleep through this transformation and choose to live as slaves, this dark scenario remains a possibility. No matter how this path unfolds, it will lead to the death of our spiritual soul and the eventual extinction of the human species through transhumanism.

The other path leads to a rapid shift into a higher octave of knowing through the gift of unconditional giving which is the child that is being birthed.  Through hardship, we have all been primed to move effortlessly into this ascended path, that is if we can face our fears and let go of the inertia (in the form of karmic energy) that holds us back.  At the time of the Solstice, a waxing half-Moon (human soul) is square to its nodes.  The dominant node will be the South Node because the moon will be in descent phase (south phase) of its orbit.  This suggests that we will have nowhere to run, and circumstances will force us to face the summation of our pain, transgressions, and limitations.  In a sense, some form of self-judgement will occur with an opportunity for atonement. 

We can live through these times, experience these energetic shifts, and come to the point of self-awareness.  There are millions of people who have already done this.  Yet, the problem of being drawn back into the earth’s plane of egotistically inclined lower consciousness, remains.  One can experience miracles (and many of us do) which are inevitably dismissed within the poisonous landscape of spiritless existence.  This harsh reality is the crux of where salvation is destined to exist.  For salvation must come not only within the human experience and the transfiguration of consciousness that follows, but the environment itself must be transformed in a world where ennobled souls can standout unfettered and find fertile ground.  If this does not happen, then the darkness maintains control of the battlefield and will overcome the best intentions of the forces of light, just as it has done for eons of lower human existence.

What is unique about this coming solstice, is that Pluto has been preparing the way for a dramatic shift in the landscape of our life.  The astrology suggests our biosphere of human consciousness is being dramatically altered through its dark transformational powers.  The Plutonian energies promise that no stone will be left unturned and that all darkness with be reveal and processed.  Starting in 2018 and ending in 2024, Pluto has been reconfiguring Capricorn (which represents the human ego) and will be in conjunction with Saturn until January 31, 2021.  This annihilating energy reduces all that is incongruent with the Earth’s higher shifting consciousness into its elemental components.  It is a death principle, and its energy consumes and digests all that is no longer aligned to the shifting ideals and actions that are destined to manifest.  In the wake of this energy, much is dying, and much more is destined to perish.  Only that which is truthful within an ascending world governed by higher principles will flourish.

In this way, Pluto is associated with soil as it acts to prepare the ground for the emergence of a new and vitalized landscape that is promised to emerge.  This energy is also the essence of salvation, as only fertile and protected ground can harbor a New Age when Divine Justice can take hold and flourish.  This will only happen if by cosmic decree, the infrastructure of enslaving hierarchy is nullified and the millions of souls who have prepared for this moment are allowed to manifest to their full potentials. 

As I read it, the energies of this time suggest the potential of this enlightened outcome.  At the moment of this writing, the end times of the Antichrist are still left to be seen.  All I can say is that until we finally see the implosion of the political system, the emergence of highly visible, non-bias, truthful journalism, honest leadership without egocentric goals or gross conflicts of interest, and the destruction of the global network of mind control employed by the agents of hindrance, the higher path of Love and Unity is still being held at bay.        

It has been stated that we are preparing to board our own personal train which will transport us to whatever destination (that through sequential lifetimes) we have been preparing our soul to take.   

It truly seems that the chaff is being separated from the wheat and that the end of the year signifies a point of no return.    

Will the transition manifest through the souls of enlightened beings who have faced their darkest aspects and deepest fears, and are now choosing to ascend onto the path of Christed Consciousness? 

The heavenly signs suggest this, as the spiritual realm is giving us our greatest chance to transform ourselves and the world into a greater state of holistic existence, unified by the manifestation of love without conditions, and the emergence of Divine Justice in Christed knowledge.

Only time will tell if the reign of the True King is finally at hand.

May it truly be so.


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