The Return of Mani, the Pure Fool, and the Sons of the Widow

“Within the Christian mysteries is the concept of the Paraclete, which means the first living person within the Age who advocates for the Holy Spirit’s manifestation upon the Earth. The Piscean Age was known as the Age of the Son. The transitioning Age of Aquarius has long been heralded as the Age of the Holy Spirit. Although very little is said about him in conventional Christian traditions, within the esoteric traditions, the Paraclete was recognized as the Persian prophet Mani, who lived from 216-274 AD. The name Mani has a very suspicious connection to the Atlantean name Manu, which not only stood for the great adept, but was a name used as a title that signified a great teacher of initiated Logoic Wisdom.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian July 24, 2020

In the culture of Atlantis came a great Adapt whose name was Manu.  In esoteric mystery schools, Manu is considered the Noah of the East as his mythology conveys to us that he was an ark builder.  As the waters receded, he landed his ark on mount Everest and founded a new postdiluvian civilization.   The people that came forth were called the Aryans.  Unfortunately, the meaning of this name has been co-opted, inverted, and perverted by dark usurping aspects of the mystery schools, so that its true meaning will forever be forgotten. This was at one time a great name that now inculcates images of terror, world domination, enslavement, and elitism through conditioned feelings of fear, dread, deception, and suffering.

In the beginning, the name Aryan simply meant those people who carried within them the energies of the astrological sign of Aries.  Keep in mind that Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, therefore those humans who emerged into the new postdiluvian world were the first initiates of the New World after the Atlantean disaster.  More appropriately, they should be referred to as “Arieans” meaning those of the sign of Aries.

Aries, or Mars, as the Romans referred, was the most despised of all gods of the pantheon because he came to represent war and conflict. Yet, Aries was the first to be summoned when threats to their security arose.  Like all our mythological gods, there is a dual nature that exists within them that encompasses light and shadow forces.  Just as we possess a darker state of consciousness enslaved to the lower density construct of linear thinking and conflict, and an enlightened state of freedom and liberation through higher spiritual awareness, we are either controlled or empowered by these very same forces which manifest through us.

Within the Light of Truth, Aries energy is Michaelic, meaning power through action in just cause. This is the archetypal dragon slayer energy of the higher realms of consciousness and the essence of our human capacity to resolve the Gordian knot. Although Aries is a Fire sign, the name is suggestive of an Air sign. Like Aquarius, known as the “Water Bearer” who is an Air sign, when we find paradoxes, we are beginning to comprehend a greater truth.

Screen Shot 07-23-22 at 05.12 PM

Mythology illustrates that the Scales of Divine Justice were held by the archangel Micha’el.  This suggests that the higher angelic octave of Aries is connected to the Scales of Divine Justice, which exists within the Air sign of Libra. These energies form a meridian through the Zodiac bisecting the first and seventh sign forming what is know as the Aries-Libra axis.   This is the primary axis of the zodiac and for this transitional period between the Pisces-Aquarian Ages, it is the sign of our time and most essential to understand. Those who are spearheading this current global transition are inspired by either the light or dark forces of this polarity.

The Aquarian Age promises a New Age of enlightenment and egalitarian existence through our personal relationship to what many call the “Higher Self” or “Holy Spirit.” In esoteric science, it is well known that this is the time of the Lord of Hosts who will unite the initiates of the world into action through the Power of Light and Love in Unity Consciousness.

These initiates are the true Arieans.

The Paraclete

Within the Christian mysteries is the concept of the Paraclete, which means the first living person within the Age who advocates for the Holy Spirit’s manifestation upon the Earth. The Piscean Age was known as the Age of the Son. The transitioning Age of Aquarius has long been heralded as the Age of the Holy Spirit. Although very little is said about him in conventional Christian traditions, within the esoteric traditions, the Paraclete was recognized as the Persian prophet Mani, who lived from 216-274 AD. The name Mani has a very suspicious connection to the Atlantean name Manu, which not only stood for the great adept, but was a name used as a title that signified a great teacher of initiated Logoic Wisdom.

The name Manu is directly related to the term mana or manas, which means higher wisdom and empowerment through the spirit. The root of this name is also related to manna defined as food from God representing the sustenance of an enlightened and initiated soul.  As it is stated, man does not live by bread alone but by every word that flows from the mouth of God.

Esoteric science teaches that Manu was the initiated Master of the seven Holy Rishis who were the human embodiment of the seven planetary mysteries.  The adept, “Zarathustra,” is recognized as the Sun initiate within the traditions of Manu and is connected to the Logoic energies of the Christos. Rudolf Steiner suggested that in later incarnations the soul of Zarathustra is directly connected to Hermes and Moses.  Esoteric science demonstrates that Jesus is of this lineage.

It is important to consider that the process of Logoic awakening evolved by way of India, into Egypt, and then across Europe and into the Western psyche. This stream of consciousness became the essence of our soul’s spiritual awareness.  Remember (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 21, 2022, essay The Alchemist’s Crossroad)), that this initiated awareness was carried into the Western world by the dragon-slayer Cadmus, brother of Europa, whose energies were activated last month at the summer solstice of 2022.

There were many disciples of Jesus who were not fully aware of the depth of His ideas.  It took others such as Paul of Tarsus and the Persian prophet Mani to initiate a greater understanding of the Solar mysteries, which are embedded within the consciousness stream of the teachings of Jesus. This is the reason why Jesus is recognized as the “Son of God” by the resurrected John (Lazarus), Paul, and Mani which is a title that literally means an adept of the Logoic energies of the Christos.

There are many ways to interpret Son of God.  From an initiated perspective of the Solar mysteries, one can begin to see how Sun and Son are related.  There is also a hermetical connection, as Hermes (also known as Mercury) is the first planet from the Sun, which represents the Son of the Sun.  The true alchemists have always recognized that Christ was the ultimate Master teacher, as His work has always been within the realm of transmuting that which has been corrupted by transfiguration through the power of the Light of Truth.  What the true alchemist seeks is spiritual gold, which is substance beyond the physical plane of distortion.

Within hermetic traditions, Christ is recognized as the Mercury of our New Age.

Although we are children of God, we are not yet adepts.  My sense tells me that if we care to walk this path, it will take many more lifetimes to reach a point that is anywhere near the fullness of our spiritual potentials.  Yet, there are many who are within the process of becoming initiated into this mystery, and it is through the contemplation of I AM which gives the neophyte an accurate perspective of our relationship to this mystical stream of connectedness.

Parsifal and the Marriage to the Celtic Faith

The archetypal journey to this form of spiritual initiation can be found within the Grail mythologies.  There are many versions of this story, but a central theme revolves around the character Parsifal who represents a soul awakening to the mysteries of his greater potentials through spiritual quest.  The name Parsifal means “pure fool.”  In the Grail mythos, it was prophesied that only an innocent fool could heal the wounded king— known within this saga as the Fisher King.

To heal the King, the answer to the question, “Who does the Grail serve?” must be answered.  Eventually, trials and errors through time led Parsifal to the answer which is that the Grail serves the King.  Once this secret is revealed, the King is immediately restored to health.

The meaning of the answer, “The Grail serves the King.” is not as simply of an answer as it seems, for the only way to know its deeper meaning is through an understanding of the Logoic Solar mysteries.

The Grail is synonymous to the human soul, which holds within it the essence of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the reference to Grail means the soul of a knighted individual.  Regardless of what you may think, all human beings are designed to serve something.  Living in service to this “something” really boils down to two options.

The first is living in service to your conditioned ego self which amounts to your anti-spiritual shadow which has been freely manipulated through Ages of recurrent lifetimes by dark enslaving forces.

The second, is living in service to your Higher Self (Spirit or Holy Spirit) which is the Master teacher of your true individuated self as a Child of Light and Wisdom.  Many people call this living within I AM consciousness through your Body of Light.

The wounded Fisher King is a reference to the king who tried to have a wedding feast for his son in the Matthew parable 22:1-14. This is also related to the death of Osiris within Egyptian mythology.  In the case of Matthew, the king’s power had been usurped by enslaving forces that steered his subjects’ awareness away from the Light of His authority, as many are called but few are prepared or even care to participate in the wedding feast of His Son.

We can see this as a highly accurate commentary as to the depths of how the world has currently descended.

“Serving the King” references the statement “My yolk is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30

As in the Matthew (22-1-14) parable of the King’s wedding, eventually Parsifal marries his true love Condwiramurs, whose name originates from the French conduire amour meaning the one leading to Love.  The knowledge of the depth of Condwiramurs’ love and the injustice of her plight inspires Parsifal’s steadfast allegiance to her as unwavering champion. Condwiramurs is the Sophic Magdalene archetype. She is also the widowed Isis-Sophia laying exposed to the dark archonic forces that have ravaged and enslaved her.

This Sophic archetype is very close to the Celtic experience, which carries within it the Nature mysteries of the Divine Feminine.  Despite the war that has been waged against the Divine Feminine, Gaia has managed to keep alive Her timeless wisdom through sacred traditions within the waning embers of the human soul. Our goddess cannot withstand this onslaught for much longer unless a sacred union with the Logic principles of the Divine Masculine can come to fruition (and mutual empowerment) within our lifetime.

For this same goddess is whom the Son (Jesus) was preparing to marry within Matthew’s parable.

The Sons of the Widow

In the Grail mythology, Parsifal is a Son of a Widow.  So is Jesus.

Those who are compelled to serve the Divine Feminine are known as a Son of the Widow.  Although there is quite a bit of gender confusion these days, these persons are masculine aligned and stem forth from the Solar mysteries taught by Manu that were handed down to the great adept Zarathustra.

Even though the prophet Mani was tutored to a great degree by his father, his soul is aligned with the Widow’s son.  Rudolf Steiner claimed that the soul of Mani was the boy that was resurrected by Jesus who is referred to in the Luke Gospel as the Son of the Widow of Nain.

Soon afterward he went to a town called Nain, and his disciples and a great crowd went with him. As he drew near to the gate of the town, behold, a man who had died was being carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow, and a considerable crowd from the town was with her. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.” Then he came up and touched the bier, and the bearers stood still. And he said, “Young man, I say to you, arise.” And the dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother. Fear seized them all, and they glorified God, saying, “A great prophet has arisen among us!” and “God has visited his people!” And this report about him spread through the whole of Judea and all the surrounding country.” Luke 7:11-17

It should be interesting to note that within the event, the people who had witnessed it came to recognize that “a great prophet had arisen among them.”  In this case, the Widow’s Son was initiated by Jesus to become the Advocate for the Holy Spirit in his soul’s proceeding incarnation.   In all cases of resurrection, Christ is transfiguring the soul into an initiate of Light and Truth.

Mani becomes a central figure within the progression of Truth within the Piscean Age to prepare the human soul for the transfiguration that is occurring in the Age of the Holy Spirit of Aquarius. This is a process that has been occurring within the human soul for over two thousand years which is coming to fruition.

The Widow’s Son in Masonic Rites

The Masons venerate the concept of the Son of the Widow, although the meaning of this title may have been lost to time. Their connection to the Widow’s Son is related to the temple and the throne of Solomon which were constructed through the design and supervision of the chief architect, Hiram Abriff— who may have been murder under orders of Solomon himself.

The problem with Hierarchical power structures is that there is an obsession with lineage and blood lines which at this point are impossible to prove.  What is more important is the waking consciousness of the individual because reincarnated souls can skip cultures, genders, and racial barriers guided by the higher realms through their spiritual authority.   The Masons claim that their order is of the lineage of Ruth and Boaz who were the grandparents to King David. David was the father of Solomon.  Jesus was also of this group-soul consciousness.  Yet a direct linage to Hiram cannot be proven.

Does that make their alignment invalid?  I would say not as the foundations of the Masonic order, as in all mystery schools, unite the initiate to the karmic soul of the Master teacher. Although I am not advocating for Free Masonry, like all powerful movements, they are always built upon foundations of truth that over time become inverted and corrupted.  The pathway to “temple building” and the “throne of the initiation” is no longer found through any organization. In the energies of the time of our emerging Aquarian Age, the path to such an initiation becomes an individualized journey through a landscape where ALL organizations have become obstacles to the process.

What is important to consider is the symbolism of the temple throne, which is an ancient kabbalistic arcana that predates Solomon. This throne is the central theme that the Masons co-opted.  After the fall, Divine Masculine authority was usurped through violent overthrow.  The throne of Osiris became empty, and he was relegated to the underworld.  It is only through the power of God’s Solar Light (Ra) where resurrection occurs through those souls within the stream of the Widow’s Son who can ascend their consciousness to the point of balancing the light and dark forces as a resurrected initiate of this mystery who can advocate or channel the Logoic Light of Truth into this lower realm of existence.

Screen Shot 07-23-22 at 05.14 PM

Our destiny is to sit upon this throne of Solomon which we were all forced to do at the eve of this current global catastrophe at the Lunar eclipse of January 10th, 2020 (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, The Challenges of 2020 as Catalyst for Human Transformation, January 10th, 2020).

At that moment, the Moon representing the Human Soul, in conjunction with the North Node representing Dharma, were severely afflicted in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is the sign of the Human heart and is directly related to initiate’s dark right-handed pillar known as Boaz.  This column represents our Dharma, known as “All that Can Be” within the fullness of our spiritual intention.  During the peak of this eclipse, the Moon (Human Soul) was afflicted by a Capricorn Stellium of Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, South Node, and Ceres in direct opposition to the Moon.

The sign of the-left handed light pillar of Joachim is Capricorn which represents human ego and Karma, and is the summation of “All that has Been.”  At that moment the Moon (Human Soul) was afflicted by a conjunction with the fixed-star Castor.  This alignment was ominous, suggesting that many would be disgraced through actions that would amount to defeat in battle through hubris, deception, self-betrayal, and cowardliness.

Regardless of whether YOU were aware of it or not, we were all being invited to the wedding feast and judged as worthy initiates into this higher level of spiritual ascension.  The longer one remains oblivious to these facts, the harder it becomes in moving towards an ascended path of freedom and sovereignty through our individuated divine authority.

Life will continue to get worse until you can take full responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, and deeds.  In doing this, you must forgive yourself of all past mistakes, transgressions, and self-inflicted injuries, and become the champion of your own heart, and therefore your divine destiny.

In accomplishing this feat, you will inspire others to do so.

The coordinated globalized events of state-sponsored terror, deception, injury, and death that were and are still being launched are nothing less than the culmination of a war that has been waged against the authority of the human spirit and the sovereignty of the human soul over the last Age of existence.

For only a “pure fool” can save the King.  Within this process of Solar initiation, we are enlightening and transfiguring the world around us, but only if this is done in union with the loving energies of the Widow (Divine Feminine).  Like Jesus and Magdalene, Parsifal and Condwiramurs, Cadmus and Harmonia, or Philemon and Bacchus, the survival of not only our culture, but our species, depends upon this consummation of polarities.  All enemies to this human imperative exist under the banner of Hierarchical draconian domination, which is a false masculine authority programmed egotistically through merciless tactics to be recognized as legitimate.

One must only contemplate the religious experience to understand the reasons why priests are not allowed to marry; or if so, to marginalize their feminine counterparts to merely obedient servants.  In truth, the power of the illegitimate global domination is based upon the separation of the genders and employ every means available to undermine and destroy loving human relationships.

This final assault amounts to an attack upon not only the human libido, but upon Love itself.

Final Thoughts

We are living in a partially Godless realm surround by a pantheon of “gods.”  In truth, there are no lesser “gods” that are greater than us because we are Children of the Union of the Prime Creators that have placed all the secrets of Nature and the pleroma of the entire Pantheon within each human soul.

Since the death of Osiris, this past fall from grace allowed for an other-worldly draconian invasion of Gaia and her culture through an experiment that allowed our egotistical-will to reign outside of our inherent spiritual guidance and authority. Keep in mind that we are not blameless for this experience, as the darkness that is attempting to control us is from a realm that is separated from our own conscious existence.

For this dark astral enslaving force to interact with us more directly, a virtual matrix must exist where we are enticed to voluntarily imprison ourselves within.  Therefore, in one way or another, consent must be given to this archonic deception and the attack against our true spiritual authority for it to work as an enslaving force against humanity. For this darkness cannot exist within the Natural World of Gaia illuminated by the Logoic Light of Truth.

When we complete the Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine polarities in their properly ordained attitude we achieve a circle of enlightenment, well-being, and cosmic protection that immediately disempowers the flailing attempts of enslavement by the machinations of the dying Deep State of Control, clutching to the last vestiges of a passing Age.

We could not have been set up any better for the most optimum outcome.  It is as if the Holy Spirit had written it.  Most certainly, this is a timeless spiritual saga scripted by an intelligence of our highest spiritual authority.

For our life has always been a living mythology that is manifesting right before our very eyes.

Perhaps the insights of the esoteric scholar Manly P. Hall puts the story of Mani and the Sons of the Widow within the best perspective for our current times:

The secret assemblage of the Manichaeans was dedicated to the liberation of the human being from all despotism and tyranny. The end to be attained was an enduring brotherhood of mankind. Men should be ruled by love alone and should love their rulers. Leaders should deserve this affection, and all kingdoms and nations should dwell together in peace, governed by just laws and noble examples. All tyranny must end; all false doctrines must fall when the light of truth—the Christ within—is acknowledged as the Universal Redeemer.”

This can only be accomplished if we can succeed against all obstacles to resurrect our Divine Masculine Authority by the initiation of the Logoic Light of Truth and carry it forward into this world of conflict and merge it lovingly with the Heart of our Eternal Mother and Divine Lady in Waiting.

For it is only true love for the Divine Feminine that carries the knighted soul to victory over oppression.

We are told that we are the Salt of the Earth, and Light of the World.

So, take ownership of your destiny, and be it.

In Good Faith,


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