The Alchemist’s Crossroad: Challenges to this Year’s Summer Solstice

“Water is an analogy for the spiritual, or indelible essence of soul, which trembles with fear upon entering the ocean of unknown darkness.  This is a process as compelling as birth.  Reflexively, we have been conditioned to look back mournfully, to the path of the “past” road traveled and the great distance away from home which is the mountain that we came from.  Yet, we must enter the ocean at a very great distance from our journey’s beginning.  To “not disappear forever” we must come to discover through trials and tribulations that we are not only one in the ocean but one with the ocean’s Source.  This is the point where the flow is reversed, when we choose to stop living in the darkness, and return to our spiritual home.  This path is an archetypal force of nature and is inevitable for anyone who is ready to move forward into an ascended state of awareness.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 21, 2022

We have completed a journey that began at the Summer Solstice of last year which was akin to a crucifixion in four parts.  This was heralded by the Grand Cross of the 2021 Summer Solstice that signified a transfiguration of the four human bodies.   For better or worse, we have finished this cycle with the last phase of the solar energies of this year’s spring equinox affecting our outer body.  This solar energy is exposing the dark forces and, in the process, reconfiguring consciousness.  It is what we harbor within our soul that will have a direct effect upon our physical form and health.

Throughout this last year we were all forced to choose a path that leads us to a specific conclusion based upon the decisions that we have made over the trials and tribulations that we were forced to experience.  This was a wheat and chaff moment and, for the most part (outside of an act of divine intervention), what has been done cannot be undone.

We are at a crossroad known well to any person who has walked the road seeking Higher Truth.   What lies before us are two paths.

The Low Road

One path leads into a diffuse plain of nothingness that interfaces with a sterile horizon of infinite darkness.  This is the biblical equivalent of being cast out into the wilderness, which is the worst form of punish that our scriptures record.  This is banishment from our living source of truth and therefore love and life force.  This is a self-imposed punishment where we mistakenly accept obedience to a techno-synthetically driven system of intellectualism, self-aggrandizement, and conflict as the pre-determined way of the world.  What we choose with this decision is a universe that is designed to entrap, abuse, and enslave.  We must understand that this pathway is a personal decision through circumstances where all of us have been given the choice to take, albeit one forced through a great deal of deception, propaganda, and coercion.

Blindly accepting the spiritless and hollow promises of the dark realm’s spokespersons while holding onto their old systems of control, survival, punishment, and reward will lead you to this plain of nothingness.  What they are pitching is NOT new but an old system of imprisonment that has its origins throughout many worlds and galaxies that have been conquered and or destroyed through this enslaving technology. This techno-enslavement is not only coming online but has already been released within its budding stages. Our esoteric visionaries saw this emerging in various ways over the last Age of time.

What is envisioned and now implemented is a movement to create a new human hybrid species as those in control of the game are pushing for the extermination of all homo sapiens.   This current attack upon humanity was predicted well over a hundred years ago and identified as an Ahrimanic (Satanic) impulse that will incarnate into an American world leader during this time. This can also be witnessed within the souls of the many who have been hypnotized and seduced into believing that blind obedience to this system is the only option for their future survival.

This war is a multi-pronged attack against our basic necessities and sacred human imperatives such as the innocence of childhood, our human sexuality, sacred partnerships, parenthood, the extended family, community, our inherent principles of common sense, and our freedom to live through the guidance of our higher nature.

The attack against our human sexuality, within its genderless cult of over-intellectualized and warped sense of self, is a prime example of the effects of this mind control through propaganda.  These are well known techniques to destroy the human spirit and was illustrated decades ago as the “Anti-Sex League” in George Orwell’s prophetic novel “1984.”   Virtually all totalitarian states have enforced principles to attack the foundations of Love, which is the life force that makes us healthy, whole, and at One with our highest guiding principles.

Many taking this dark road have, in one way or another, welcomed the presence of this Ahrimanic force within their soul.  This Ahrimanic impulse is extremely misogynistic, appeals to a distorted sense of logic, and drives them along ideological principles. It is tragic to see how many of our young people are succumbing to this lunacy which cannot be stopped without completely disengaging from the virtual platforms of lies, deception, and propaganda that they have all been weaned on since birth.  This insidious presence has manifested into virtually every aspect of their life, which is becoming more virtual by the day.

So many have drank the poison from this chalice that they have no appreciation or understanding of Wisdom, which is a soul aspect of intelligence gained through emotionality, experience, and spiritually charged thought.  Through a system of propagandized mind control that rewards for regurgitating the “correct” response and punishes for ideas beyond the parameters of virtual imprisonment, they are powerless and careless to change.  Even when this misogynistic system egregiously injures them, it remains entrenched. Until this system collapses, there is very little that can be done.

There is no judgement in this observation as we are here to witness the events of this global transformation (through our consent to have been born to experience these revolutionary times) and are free to walk whatever path our soul determines.  Eventually, through hardship, pain, and suffering virtually all viable souls will find their way back to Source.  In the best of circumstances, this is the lesson that the Prodigal Son teaches us.

Hopefully, there will be something to come back to.  This return will not be an easy path for those who cannot see what is happening will have a long road to travel as the whole of society is under siege.  The effects of these attacks are designed to decimate the human population and alter the species into an inorganic hybrid that will no longer have the capability or need to naturally raise and nurture their own offspring.

It is because we are a loving species that this assault of the human mind-soul has been designed in this way.   For a human being to exist in an optimal state of health, we must live within the sphere of shared love that acts as a shield against the enslaving presence that has a universal mandate to use and abuse you as they see fit.

As Orwell so prophetically states:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”

This is a version of a future that has been extensively solicited, but not necessarily the one that we must take.  It is a choice.

As outlined by their well-heeled prophets in their published projections, such as the 2045 Initiative, we are already in the throws of Avatar A and Avatar B projects where consciousness is cast through a brain computer interface and experienced through synthetic androids that mimic the human form. Examples of what the AI prophets are now creating rival our wildest forms of science fiction.  Through sheer determination, whatever we can dream is now manifesting onto the physical plane.


We can see the evidence of this manifesting through copyrighted human beings.  To the self-appointed draconian masters, human wisdom is held in contempt.  But the one quality that the usurpers prize beyond all else is our human capacity to act.  Described in another way, this is our capacity to deceive.   Therefore, certain actors, singers, entertainers, media personalities, athletes, and politicians are lavishly rewarded because they are indispensable to the propaganda machine of the usurpers’ media-controlled agendas.  It is the degree in which a person’s capacity to channel messages, ideas, concepts, and experiences (that are not intrinsic to their own nature) that makes them not only more believable, but indispensable.  At some point, we go from play-acting and sincere artistic expression to the sheer prostitution of our soul.

Therefore, there is a reason why there is only a limited number of media personalities and politicians that can be used.  The major reason is for efficiency and expedience since it takes a significant amount of time for the mad-hatter-scripters to create a persona that those who are unaware can learn to trust and or react to in a calculated way to illicit very specific emotional responses.  In many instances, we are looking at multiple versions or upgraded/downgraded copies of familiar appearing “people” who have very little in common to the original person.  These entities cannot die and are brought back from the grave time and again through the magic of the medium as a key actor or spokesperson to propagate the mind control that at some point in their lives they consented to be.  They are owned by a global conglomerate controlled by other-worldly means and therefore their image (and at this point I would suspect their genetics) are copyrighted by the usurpers who have long ago taken possession of them.

There is truth to the concept of selling one’s soul to the devil for fame and fortune as this is one of the known pitfalls from employing the “Method,” as a means of acting.  As some have suggested (and as many movie stars have attested publicly) taken to its extreme, the Method can invite the possession of one’s soul.   The ceremonial occultist, Aleister Crowley, taught that by assuming the role of an unworldly entity or demon was the quickest and best way to invoke its presence through the human soul.  In Crowley’s case, he was specifically referring to his evocation to the Mars archon known as “Bartzabel” which is public record and readily available on PDF format if one cares to look for it.

This archonic Martian energy is overtly misogynistic and is an entity that carries Ahriman’s impulse of genderless technological enslavement.

Come unto us, thou bright intelligence of Mars, and answer my behest. In the name of Kamael thy Lord, I say: Compel the spirit Bartzabel that is under thy dominion to manifest within this triangle of Art, within the Ruach [breath, spirit] of the material basis that is consecrated to this work, within this pure and beautiful human form that is prepared for his habitation. And now I see thee, O thou dull deceitful head, that I shall fill with wit and truth; thou proud heart that I shall humble and make pure; thou cold body that I shall fashion into a living flame of amethyst. Thou sexless being of whom I shall make the perfect child of Hermes and Aphrodite that is God; thou dull ox that I shall turn into the Bull of Earth; thou house of idleness wherein I shall set up the Throne of Justice….. Come, O thou Bartzabel, the sprite of Mars! Come: I unbind thee from the chains of Hell, Come: I enclose thee in the invisible To be my slave, thou spirit Bartzabel! By the spear, the sword, the spell, Come unto me, Bartzabel!”— Aleister Crowley, Evocation of Bartzabel the Spirit of Mars

What-a-trip.  This would be comical if it was not so earnest in its purpose.  What is perhaps the strangest aspect of this evocation (and the nature of all dark rituals) is the concept of slave master domination over the entity that is being released upon the earth through the living soul of an individual.  Since the intention of this ceremony is done under egotistical principles, it never works in this fashion, as virtually every person that unleashes demonic, astral, or archonic forces into the physical plane, becomes enslaved to them.

In this same method, those who fall prey to the illusion of self-empowerment through Ahriman’s gingerbread house of technologically enhanced, genderless, and transhumanistic existence, will inevitably become enslaved to it.

By design, this scenario is a foregone conclusion as anyone who steps into this matrix has given their consent to be owned, branded, and copyrighted for the exploitation of Ahrimanic forces that have long been unleashed onto this earth.

The High Road

The other path at the crossroad leads to a shimmering silver-gold mountain that the Sun is shining upon.  There is a river that connects the mountain to the plain of nothingness.  The water is crystal clear, effervescent, invigorating, and inviting.  This is spiritual water which is akin to ether and etheric life force.  When experienced in this fashion, one has the impulse to jump into it and submerse oneself in its restorative nature.  Unlike water, one cannot drown in this stream, as it is ethereal and permeates everything that is alive with life sustaining and life affirming energies of the spirit.  In many ways, this is the water that flows from the Aquarian vessel that is now spilling forth a deluge of heavenly water.  Keep in mind that although Aquarius is known as the water-bearer, he is an Air sign.  Meaning, that what Aquarius bears is ether which has the properties of both gas and liquid.

In esoteric science ether is consider a fifth state or universal element.  It is sometime known as fine matter which acts as a template for coarse matter to manifest itself against. We find the four elements of air, water, fire, and water within the lower density construct of the physical world.  The Fifth element is within the etheric which is a field of intelligence that conveys love, wisdom, form, and immense energetic power.

The Source of the etheric is from a solitary focal point that is not only galactic but universal.  This energy is solar but is also scalar in nature.  Scalar wave or scalar power is superluminal by many magnitudes and is the quantum field that entangles all things to a central focal point, which can be viewed as a shimmering mountain within the vision that everything is connected to.  Once experienced, empowerment occurs through an infinite sense of love which becomes stronger the closer we move towards it.  Furthermore, this love is experienced in an unconditional way, meaning that it is far more than anyone could imagine and is given freely within a state of grace. This experience demonstrates that we are loved beyond comprehension because we are an integral part of Source, which belongs to us, and we belong to It.  Through time, we have been orphaned to this life force.  Everything that is alive is connected, and our spiritual family longs for us to come back to this awareness.

In my experience, I realized that we could not love without our connection to Source, and it struck me as a profound universal truth that is always hiding in plain sight.  If you seek proof of God or the Spirit’s existence, understand that you could not manifest or experience love without It.  The energy is unconditional, and it comes from Source.   We can only have this experience within a state of unification, meaning the essence of our earthly soul must come to and surrendering its Will to the Higher Self (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, Chapter VIII Alchemical Unification of the Opposites, The Mystery of the Sacred Marriage: Who We Really Are).  Those who do not care, or who are seeking enlightenment through egotistical means, will never experience or will never come to understand this incredible mystery which is entwined with the Ascension energies of this New Age.

Kahlil Gibran wrote in his poem, The River Cannot Go Back

It is said that before entering the sea
a river trembles with fear.
She looks back at the path she has traveled,
from the peaks of the mountains,
the long winding road crossing forests and villages.
And in front of her, she sees an ocean so vast,
that to enter there seems nothing more than to disappear forever.
But there is no other way.
The river cannot go back.
Nobody can go back.
To go back is impossible in existence.
The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean
because only then will fear disappear,
because that’s where the river will know
it’s not about disappearing into the ocean,
but of becoming the ocean

Water is an analogy for the spiritual, or indelible essence of soul, which trembles with fear upon entering the ocean of unknown darkness.  This is a process as compelling as birth.  Reflexively, we have been conditioned to look back mournfully, to the path of the “past” road traveled and the great distance away from home which is the mountain that we came from.  Yet, we must enter the ocean at a very great distance from our journey’s beginning.  To “not disappear forever” we must come to discover through trials and tribulations that we are not only one in the ocean but one with the ocean’s Source.  This is the point where the flow is reversed, when we choose to stop living in the darkness, and return to our spiritual home.  This path is an archetypal force of nature and is inevitable for anyone who is ready to move forward into an ascended state of awareness.

We are being invited into a new covenant with the spirit, which means when we irresistibly and effortlessly chose to come back to Source.  This is a decision that is made with the heart and not the head.  It is the hero’s journey archetype that we all are living.

Summer Solstice 2022

The Summer Solstice occurs on June 21, 2022, at 04:30 am CST.

Screen Shot 06-20-22 at 10.58 PM

The most distinguishing feature is a Stellium in Taurus comprised of Uranus, North Node, Pallas Athena, and Venus. A Stellium occurs when more than two celestial bodies are in close conjunction and is consider the dominant feature of the chart.

At the Spring Equinox of 2022, Venus was in close conjunction to Mars in the Sign of Aquarius.  Since that time, Venus has move rather quickly away from Mars (which is now in Aries) into Taurus.  As the previous essay suggested (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian, May 2022 essay, Hathor) Venus (in the form of the goddess Europa) has traveled through Taurus on the back of a Bull (which represents the energies of Zeus) which began at the last days of April and into the month of May.  This bull-venusian alignment represents the union of these two celestial-god-goddess energies.

As this site has stated many times before, we are living mythology through astrology.  This current scenario is suggesting the mythology of the Western world’s archetypal dragon slayer and brother to Europa, Cadmus, who was sent by his father king Agenor to search for his sister.  Agenor was so distraught by the loss of his daughter that Cadmus was banished from his homeland, never to return until Europa was found and brought back.  In the myth, Europa was seduced by Zeus, disguised as a bull, and carried off to the Island of Crete where she had three of his sons.  Cadmus never finds his sister and therefor never returns.

What these alignments promise us is that we can never go back to the way things were before this “event” happened, as it is a force of nature conspired by the gods themselves.

Cadmus ventures into Greece (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian Chapter IX, The Nature of Free Will, Beasts, Dragons, and the Courage of the Saints) and faces many trials.  With the help of Athena, he establishes the city of Thebes.  It is Cadmus who brings into the Western world the wisdom of the East in the form of the written word.  Thebes becomes (like its Egyptian counterpart) the foundational city of the Western esoteric mysteries.

Sun in Gemini square to Moon in conjunction with Jupiter in Aries signifies that this great challenge is upon us.  The alignments may be suggesting a great diaspora as we are being instigated, or in the case of Cadmus, castigated and banished by the father, to seek out the sister Europa into the unknown.  This alignment promises many opportunities to not only prove to our waking consciousness the sovereign power that the individual gods have invested within us, but also to save the world from the clutches of the tentacles of the monstrous Typhon that threatens to pull everything back into itself enslaving all that it encompasses.

This is a journey that is as powerful and as inevitable as the flow of the river of life that we have chosen to take. For many, union with our higher self will only come to those who rise to champion humanity’s cause in seeking Unity through Divine Justice.  This mythology promises harmony (Harmonia) for those who can rise to this challenge through sacred union within themselves.  Through this marriage, we will be blessed and gifted with the godly presence of the Pantheon to make ourselves a greater whole.

Saturn (Aquarius) square Pallas and Venus in Taurus suggests that there will be issues with self-doubt and self-worth.   Athena is there to provide wise counsel, setting the stage for this monumental experience against the backdrop of this adversarial Saturnian alignment.

Pluto in Capricorn trine Venus is empowering deep energies within the soul of the seeker.  Perhaps this may be assistance from the underworld in clairvoyant vision or in the astral energies of the supernatural.  In the mythology of Cadmus, he is told by Athena to plant the teeth of a slain dragon into the ground which sprouts fully armed warriors who then proceed to do battle. These men are known as the sown men or Spartoi.  Only five sown men survive this conflagration and they become the ones who assist Cadmus in establishing the city of Thebes.


The North Node is a central force within the Stellium of this year’s Summer Solstice, indicating dharma or the full potential of our soul’s true intention.  The presence of Uranus indicates the probability for expansive or explosive energies that will drive destiny through global and personal challenges.  This may come from an artificial or technological source that may act as a catalyst that sets the wheels of this drama in motion.

Those who will not allow their soul to see past the illusionary deceptions of the exposed corruption that is attempting to rule over us, are willfully choosing to repeat existence in the darkness of a spiritless technological confinement through egotistical means within an expansive plain of nothingness. This is the matrix driven by the transhumanistic movement that not only threatens the very existence of our human culture but seeks to destroy the human species through their program of mass genocide, genetic modification, and technological enslavement.  The fact that this is really happening is no longer debatable as the results of their intentions are a foregone conclusion if we do not have the courage to rise-up against this challenge.

The celestial alignments portraying the mythology of heroic dragon-slayer Cadmus at this year’s Summer Solstice are unmistakable. My sense is that this will be a season of challenges that will define the path that we are destined to take.  Our success depends upon our answer to one simple question.  How do YOU want to live your life moving forward into the future of this world?  For virtually all of us, there is only three options which include:

1) hero

2) slave

3) corpse

Our success or failure depends solely upon our capacity to work in union with the powers of the celestial Spirit.  For the lessons learned in this mythology demonstrate that the gods cannot defeat the enslaving forces of darkness without the assistance of an inspired human counterpart; just as much as we cannot overcome these same challenges without their heavenly assistance.

There is no time to hesitate in seeking the higher path if that is what your heart and soul is guiding you towards.

In Unity with Humanity or total destruction of our life-force, soul, culture, and human species.

The choice has always been yours to make.

In Good Faith,


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