Hathor: Joy in the Presence of the Feminine Logos

“In astrology, Taurus represents the Physical body which is ruled by the Queen of Love (Venus).  Without the presence of the Divine Feminine, we live in abject misery and an impoverished state of health.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May 12, 2022

In the Western Hemisphere, the spirit of spring is encompassed within the energies of rebirth and renewal. This energy of global rebirth is signified by Easter and Passover celebrations which are both periods of time marked by the lunar cycles and the Spring Equinox.  These celebrations embody the emergence of spring just as much as the equinox signifies its birth.

Within the lower density construct of dark isolation, the spring season then passes into summer with very little fanfare.  As the heart of the spring passes us by into the blazing heat of summer, it always dawns on me that something of great importance has been missed.

As the energies of Aries transition into the season of Taurus, there should be something that shifts within the soul to remind us of the gift that we have all been given regarding our life here on earth and the wealth that Gaia bestows upon us.  Yet, this celebration could only be experienced within a world that is not consumed with fear, conflict, wrath, and deception.

The heart of the spring is the time of the sacred golden bull known as Taurus Api, Apis, or Taurus.  In Western mythology, this is the same calf that the Israelites worshiped in the desert as Moses set forth to receive God’s covenant on Sinai.  This breach in God’s trust is considered one of the gravest sins that has ever been committed by His children.  Perhaps, this is why ANY consideration of the divine Bull has been wiped from our collective memory.  Keep in mind that this transgression was committed in the 13th century BC, which was known as the Age of Aries, Age of the Father, and Age of the Ram.  This time was signified by a covenant between Man and God that was ruled by His Words engraved upon stone tablets.

From an esoteric perspective, the Bull represents the Human body which is married to our libido or life force.  This is a great secret that has been hidden from our awareness by the wrathful scorn of a threatening and vengeful god.  This is the same one that stated:

Be careful not to make a treaty with the inhabitants of the land you are entering, lest they become a snare in your midst. Rather, you must tear down their altars, smash their sacred stones, and chop down their Asherah poles. For you must not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Do not make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, for when they prostitute themselves to their gods and sacrifice to them, they will invite you, and you will eat their sacrifices.” — Exodus 34:12-16

Although this may have been a reference to a time when pagan principles were usurped by dark occult practices, this passage appears to be the words of an archonic god that is inconsistent to the Law of One given in a time when the adherence to the letter of the law was executed at an institutional level.

Is God jealous?

In a lower polarity, love manifests as jealousy. There is no judgement in this observation, but merely a perspective of facts viewed from a distance through time within an Age that is no longer congruent to this experience.

For better or worse we learned the wrath of God and have evolved past this experience which could be viewed as an egotistical school of hard knocks.  One that minimized joy and placed value in dry inflexible facts and protocols that painted the world in black and white.

This Age has ended and we must now ask, “What did we learn from this experience?”

Perhaps, that a joyless life is one without the presence of spirit.  Regardless of Ascension, we are still living here as human beings within the bosom of Gaia.  As Children of the Widow we are here to rectify all that has come to be distorted through the Dark Ages of egotistical misdirection.

It is time to restore the energies of the sacred Bull back to its proper alignments.


The goddess Europa was the epitome of joy, grace, intelligence, and beauty.  So much so, that Zeus was stricken by her and transformed himself into a bull carrying her away to the island of Crete, where she gave birth to three of his children.  According to Ovid, the attraction was mutual.

And gradually she lost her fear, and he  offered his breast for her virgin caresses.  His horns for her to wind with chains of flowers. Until the princess dared to mount his back.  Her pet bull’s back, unwitting whom she rode. Then—slowly, slowly down the broad, dry beach.  First in the shallow waves the great god set.  His spurious hooves, then sauntered further out’til in the open sea he bore his prize.  Fear filled her heart as, gazing back, she saw. The fast receding sands.  Her right hand grasped.  A horn, the other lent upon his back. Her fluttering tunic floated in the breeze.”

The balance between masculine and feminine power is obvious from this insight.  There is no force of will, only sensuous energies being exchanged at the base chakras that ground us back to Gaia.  This is a powerful observation and a universal archetype as Venus is the natural ruler of the Taurus.  This is why the Bull is sacred as it is ruled by the goddess of love.

The Bull also represents the Physical human body which is married to what is known as the Etheric body.  Throughout our earthly life, these two bodies are inseparable.  Although the heart is associated with love, it is the Etheric body which is the field of sympathetic vibrational energy which holds together the fabric of the universe.

In astrology, Taurus represents the Physical body which is ruled by the Queen of Love (Venus).  Without the presence of the Divine Feminine, we live in abject misery and an impoverished state of health.

The union and balance of feminine power to the masculine energies of the Logos manifests within the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor.  Hathor is considered the Eye of Ra or the consort of Ra.  Ra (as the deity of the Sun) is divine masculine intelligence (Logos).  As consort to Ra, Hathor is considered as the feminine counterpart to the cosmic Logos.   It is the rising of the divine feminine in balance to the divine masculine which is now marking the New Time of Aquarius.

The feminine Logos is finally making its way back into our consciousness.


Hathor is depicted as goddess with the horns of a bull encircling the sun and carrying an instrument known as a sistrum.  The power of Hathor manifests as the cosmic intelligence of dance, music, fragrance, procreation, love, romance, and ecstatic humor married to the wisdom of the Logos.

The sistrum usually carriers the image of Hathor at its base and represents the vibrational sympathetic energy released by any being enraptured by the joy, poetic symmetry, humor, and divine intelligence manifested through her device or through those divinely inspired through the channeling of the absolute truth of the divine feminine Logos.   The power released by Hathor’s sistrum breaks down all physical barriers created by ego’s scepter.

The power of the instrument of the divine feminine Logos levels the rule of any and all archonic rulers and their minions.

As we look towards the days of May, let us not forget this time as the heart of the spring season manifesting the power of the Divine Feminine Logos.  This is the time of the resurrection of the body which can only be accomplished with our feet firmly planted  upon the earth, our senses entangled within the restorative energies of Gaia’s abundant beauty, and the power of divine Truth in union with our spiritual linage.

For if we cannot resurrect the body in the joyful and intelligent manifestation of the Divine Feminine, in balance with the Divine Masculine, we are as good as dead.

Do not let the fear generated by egotistical and spiritless hype, and the disinformation of virtual “reality” platforms lay your soul to waste.

These days, the only thing that remains in short supply is common sense.

The rest is merely an abstract illusion.

In Good Faith,


4 thoughts on “Hathor: Joy in the Presence of the Feminine Logos”

  1. I don’t know you, but, because of a friend, I do know of you. As I look through your litany of fantastical musings, praising the likes of Rudolph Steiner, Raving out in front of a white board, not unlike Glen beck, or broadcasting your videos with a woman that nods her head yes not unlike a bobble head doll, I am stricken by the fact that a supposed learned individual, can be so susceptable to conspiracy and fantasy.

    Your illuminating writings about confronting ego and the dissaproval of ego controling all would make sense if you were consistant. You are so egotistical in your writing and having to be right/correct, weather it is your staunch refusal of science (unless it brings in your money of course, or feuls your faulty arguements), your crazy comparisons to Nazi Germany (and many other Trumpian fantasies) or youre many childhood visions, that can now be somehow retrofitted to fit your silly narratives. I could go on and on, but, I will get to the point.

    You have every right to believe in batshit craziness, I am sure you have an audience of at least 100 other crazies to read it every month. I wonder weather your clients out in Mokena would share the same attitude towards absurtidy.

    Well one thing is for certain, your craziness has not been lost on your family. The simple fact that you believe in all this nonsense, but can not accept your son for who he is or has chosen to be is beyond the pale. As a supposed MD you should have the knowledge base to accept! As a father you should have the non egotistical heart to accept and love with absolutely no conditions. Shame on you and your higher planes, you are evil, and your ego can not take the fact that your little family is not perfect. Maybe Rudolph Steiner has a cure for it, but in the meantime your ego and decisions are uncomprehensable. Pray to your savoir Donal Trump, maybe he can help! In the meantime keep writing your pointless essays, and crazy white boards. You have a responsibility as a father Shame on you!


  2. No Ego huh?? Haha you are a Spiritless piece of shit. Hail Trump! Hail Alex Jones! What a fool! What a disgrace!
    You’re no Doctor, you’re no Father, just useless! Disgusting


    1. Well, I have been called worse.

      It is astounding to me how those who seem to harbor the most ill will and visceral hatred for me take the greatest interest in my life’s work. As those who are diametrically opposed to the ideas that I have articulated seem to have read everything that I wrote and pay great attention to my personal life looking for any weak link or character flaw that can be exposed. I should be flattered by the attention but that would be too egotistical on my part because quite frankly my personal life is relatively ordinary in its imperfections, limitations, and struggles. This should come to no surprise.

      What is being attacked here are spiritually charged ideas that are in contradistinction to an enslaving narrative that attempts to beat down anyone who voices an opinion against their controlling propaganda. One thing that I can guarantee, is that whoever sent these messages is not a sincere person as much as an agent, shill, minion, troll, or non-organic tool of the dark hierarchical cult that is imploding as we speak. I have long stopped caring about the origins of these letters because the source is always veiled and I have no interest in engaging in their divisive games of deception.

      Six years ago, on May 10, 2016, this website was launched as a sanctified space to embrace Christ Consciousness within an egotistical landscape that scorned, ridiculed, and beat down intellectually all souls who carried within them a voice, knowledge, and or interest in knowing the Higher Truth of Spiritual Love and our soul’s irresistible affinity towards It. This is what my soul has been charged to do, to help counterbalanced an overtly misogynistic culture that is descending rapidly into further illness, chaos, conflict, and dark void that there may be no way out of. If there were any doubts as to the veracity of this endeavor, events that have unfolded past Beyond the Soul’s Meridian’s conception have validated the need for this sacred space with a vengeance as virtually all aspects of society appear to be unraveling before our eyes.

      In retrospect, I am merely a person who has been trained to see beyond the limit of our soul’s conditioning. This is simply because I desired it to be so.

      As we were all told:

      “Because you see Thomas, you believe. Blessed are those who have not seen and believe.”

      This truth was conveyed within the beginning of the Piscean Age that has now ended. In the new Age of Aquarian Spirit belief in anything is no longer acceptable. We must know, and we must come to this awareness without seeing things in a direct, linear, visual, and or egotistical fashion because the world is infested with obfuscations, deceptions, and lies propagated through a secular science and its machinations of propaganda that is only interested in the control and enslavement of humanity.

      For blessed are those souls who have not seen but know.

      The forces behind this hatred for the Spirit and free human Soul have been outlined, discussed, and exposed in detail throughout many of the essays, lectures, and discussions posted on this site. This personal endeavor is only a drop in a deluge of sincere spiritually charge information that has taken hold and now growing within the fertile ground of Gaia in ascension— and there are hundreds of millions engaged in this endeavor.

      This process of knowing is energized and driven by the Solar energies of the Logos within a method of Soul (Sol) purification akin to the Alchemist’s transmutation of gold. Within the sequential steps of alchemical purification, the slag of corruption rises and separates from that which resonates with the soul’s love and truth acquired through lifetimes within this multi-staged technique encompassing sequential revelations through Ages. For what is corrupt will eventually be burned off or transfigured and integrated through a series of distillations that we are now all going through in these final steps of revelation.

      Through this process, all that has been hidden will be revealed, and in doing so, we will be given the opportunity to see whether it is viable within the Logoic Light of Truth that is forcing it to be exposed. In virtually all instances, what is valuable will be integrated while that which is corruption will involute into a virtual matrix, be burned to ash, or dried to dust.

      Within the spirit of this alchemical process, everything that is hidden must be revealed to be shown for what it truly is. For the most part, I have refrained from pointing fingers or naming names because it is divisive and foments conflict which I do not welcome within this space of shared ideas that invokes the presence of Christed Consciousness within the world’s awareness. Furthermore, what appears to be overtly evil, confrontational, and insidious, may be serving a beneficent purpose when viewed from a perspective beyond waking consciousness. We are told not to judge others, and that is what we must do.

      Yet darkness exists which cannot be ignored, as the process of spiritual ascension is to transform and integrate adversarial experiences for our own personal growth and the greater good. In esoteric science, this alchemical process is known as the Great Work. When confronted by hatred and evil intentions, it is always best not to react, but to view it from an objective perspective and ask, “What is this experience teaching me and how can it be harnessed as a force for change in a constructive and compassionate direction?”

      Ignoring the darkness and all its challenges in “overt positivity” is simply a fear driven defense mechanism, which inevitably comes back to us in empowered forms until it is acknowledged and processed in a productive way. Keep in mind that this must be within a reasonable limit of injury and suffering. As Jesus states:

      “Blessed is the man who recognizes where the brigands will attack, so that he can arise, gather his forces, and arm himself before they enter.” Thomas (103)

      Out of all the subjects discussed within this space, those that have dealt with Christ-Logos-Sophia have precipitated the most vehement responses. So much so, that all I can do is marvel at the time and energy invested within the fomentations of verbal abuse, hatred, and hexes. After all, all that we are doing is expressing and exchanging freely an understanding of spiritually charged insight in God’s Love and Grace within the individuated and collective human experience.

      Thank you for these comments, Mr. Lawrence “Oh-man,” as they have once again validated and reinforced the sentiments that were expressed in the first essay that I posted on this site.

      “Clearly, there are forces that have been intentionally placed to impeded if not stifle our freedom to reconfigure our life’s realities in communion with the impulses of the higher self. Yet, it is essential to realize that adversarial forces intentionally exist not only to catalyze a process of transformation, but also expressly for us to overcome these powers that constitute opposition and enslavement. This is ultimately accomplished when we understand that as these forces of oppression are recognized through the light of our higher consciousness, they are rendered impotent.”— Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May 10, 2016


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