The New Covenant of the Aquarian Age

“Think of a royal court or an executive board room meeting and envision what they have in common. 

Then ask, who is the smartest person in those scenarios?

The answer is never the king or CEO, but the ennobled fool that in many instances is laughed at and ridiculed.  Yet the fool is tolerated because they can enlighten the mood as a valuable bag to punch. The fool makes the small feel large.  From a spiritual perspective, the fool acts as leavening to eventually elevate the collective consciousness of the groups that their soul must consort with.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian April 15, 2022 (Good Friday)

The Easter season promises rebirth and regeneration to those who come to meet it from whence it springs forth.  This transfiguration will not occur within the confinements of Hierarchy’s mechanical, virtual, ceremonial, or theoretical platforms, but must be within a living space that interacts with the energies of the Sun and Earth.  This is the reason why those who are of the truth have been imploring everyone (with ears to listen) to find (through sacred breathing) the inner space of peace within their heart and bring this stillness into Nature in communion with the presence of the Divine Mother.  It is the Father who is streaming-in the Solar Fire and Light in preparation for this Holy Union. It is within our inner sanctuary where we will be at one in the presence of our Spiritual Parents.

This place of presence is envisioned as a Garden Temple.  The Temple being of the Divine Father and the Garden being of the Divine Mother.

As illustrated in the celestial alignments of the Spring Equinox, 2022, transformation through solar transfiguration is occurring as these words are being written.  Yet, what is happening is not yet in communion with Gaia, but an essential preparation for what is to be experienced for those who have resolved to move forward out of a spiritless construct that no longer functions within the new energies of the Aquarian Age. The final remnant of the last repressive Age is simply inertia which only exists because we have been conditioned to follow its archaic patterns of control and know nothing else. Our heart knows better, but the mind and body are still functioning solely out of habit.

All Ages in cosmic time are determined celestially and have specific energetic characteristics that directly affect our collective consciousness.  The seeds of Aquarian existence have been sown for many years (if not centuries) and are now preparing to spring forth in a garden that is destined to grow beyond our wildest dreams. The spirit of this garden will be unconditional giving within an ascended state of cooperation and love that has never been experienced within our life cycles on this magnificent planet.

The Birth and Death of the Piscean Age

The Piscean Age was heralded by the Greek astrologer/astronomer/mathematician Hipparchus of Nicaea (190-120 BC) and his personal discovery of the procession of the equinox. In essence, Hipparchus created a form of astrology that married the reading of the heavens to the moment of his discovery.  This form of astrological reading is called Tropical (from the ancient Greek tropikos, meaning “as the turning” or “belonging to a turn”) and is widely accepted in the Western world as the standard to interpret the alignments of the heavens.

It was estimated that Hipparchus became a recognized astronomer from 162-127 BC.  Hipparchus’s Tropical astrological method emerged after his two books on precession (On the Displacement of the Solstitial and Equinoctial Points and On the Length of the Year) were written in the time between 146-127 BC.

Additionally, his Star Catalog was thought to have been completed during this time, around 135 BC.  This productivity likely represents the fruition of his work, and although it does not survive, the body of his writing was referenced by the great ancient astronomers/astrologers who came after him, including Ptolemy (who I suspect was the reincarnation of Hipparchus).

From an esoteric perspective, the pinnacle of our life’s potential and achievements peak around our fiftieth year, which can be viewed as our personal Pentecost.  Within Hipparchus’s life, Pentecost would have occurred around the year 140 BC. In my humble opinion, this was the start of the Age of Pisces, which was the point when Hipparchus manifested into the world his discovery of the procession of the equinox.

It is important to recognize the year 140 BC for two reasons.

Firstly, it marks the beginning of the astrological Age of Pisces. Astrological Ages last approximately 2160 years.  We are now in the year 2022 AD.  Adding the additional 140 years BC from the point where the procession of the equinox was discovered, adds up to 2160 years (140 years BC + 2020 years AD = 2160 years).  This is the time we are now living, which is the transition between two great Ages.  The passing Age marks a sinking culture of death ruled by fear.  The emerging Age marks an ascending culture of life, ruled by a higher expression of love.

Jesus refers to this time (in the parable of the Weeds) as the end of the Age and explains to the Apostles:

The One who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, and the good seed represents the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. As the weeds are collected and burned in the fire, so will it be at the end of the age.” Matthew 13:37-40

Yes, to all those who can see, hear, and read the signs, we are now living in this prophetic biblical time.

Secondly, 140 BC allows us to mark the ending of the last Age of Pisces, which is now dying before our very eyes and transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. From Gaia and Heaven’s perspective, this has already happened, which is a fact that is not only reflected in the body of my work, but one that is being shouted from the roof and mountain tops by all enlightened souls who have the perception to not only feel the new energies, but to know and live within them.

In the past, we have been told ad nauseam, to meditate and breathe, and then to meditate and breathe some more.  Advice for this behavior varies from minutes to hours per day in various methods, positions, and places.  Eventually, we come to understand that sacred breathing is meditation. This has been in preparation for the Now Time that has finally come into our reality.  Understand, that meditation and sacred breathing is not a process, but a state of existence in the Aquarian Age.  It is only the lower energies of the last dying Age that pull us back into dense confrontational constructs where we habitually become shaped and hardened by fear and anxiety in preparation for potential collisions.

Leaving our Piscean Imprisonment

The time of Pisces was heralded by the initiates of the ancient Greek mysteries who understood at a soul level that the Age of Aries was dying and something new was being birthed.  It was our ancestor’s dawning of the New Age of the Fishes which fixed itself upon the mystery that occurred on Golgotha.

This was the time of Jesus of Nazareth, whose only offense was the manifestation of Truth and Unconditional Love into an Age that became more brutally oppressive to everything that He taught us—and that the Community of His Love stood for. In this truth He tells us:

I came here to set fire to this world and how I wish I could see it blaze!” Luke 12:49

In this passage from Luke, Jesus goes on to state how the people in this world will be divided in the Age initiated by His incarnation.

For those who were enkindled by His presence, which ignited the fire of Christ within, the next two thousand plus years would be one of stagnation, suppression, and spasms of brutality. In contrast, those souls who embraced materialism rose in power, stature, and influence as spiritual consciousness dissipated from the human collective.

Fortunately, this Age is now passing.

Pisces represents the highest level of spiritual initiation, yet it also represents imprisonment.

How can this be?

Think of a royal court or an executive board room meeting and envision what they have in common.

Then ask, who is the smartest person in those scenarios?

The answer is never the king or CEO, but the ennobled fool that in many instances is laughed at and ridiculed.  Yet the fool is tolerated because they can enlighten the mood as a valuable bag to punch. The fool makes the small feel large.  From a spiritual perspective, the fool acts as leavening to eventually elevate the collective consciousness of the groups that their soul must consort with.

For a spiritually enlightened person living in egotistical confrontation, it does not take many lifetimes to realize that the ruler’s game is rigged and that a just soul will not survive if one confronts their distortions in a head-on fashion.  Just ask any Essence, Gnostic, Neoplatonist, Alchemist, Cathar, etc. Therefore, survival in the past Age depended upon the capacity to blend into the scenario as an observing witness and patiently wait until action or word could bring attention to God’s Truth understood at the level of their 3D game.  This was accomplished through the art of jest.

From ego’s perspective, the ennobled fool seems childish, but is tolerated because they are perceived as inferior to blinded intellectual arrogance and not a threat to their established hegemony.

Emergence into the New Age

Our time of patiently waiting in the background is now ending.  Truly, the ennobled fool has not changed their demeanor as much as the consciousness of the present time is shifting.

Therefore, perception is changing.

The goal is to now maintain an open heart when confronted by these lower density challenges instead of reflexively closing that channel behind an egotistical coat of armor. This is a meditative practice in the zero-point of Zen, best practiced in an applied state of being in the rhythm and tasks of life.  As the draconian energies of the preceding Age dissipate, I would go so far as to state that existence becomes more enlivened in a greater state of child-like joy. The worst thing that ever happened to us is that we grew-up in a world that ossified our heart, mind, and soul.

As more awaken to their heart consciousness, the ennobled will no longer be recognized as foolish, but the enlightened teachers that they incarnated into this world to be.

We can apply this essential fact to the teachings of the Master when He told us that we can only enter heaven as a child.

Furthermore, disciples of the Truth (such as C. G. Jung) echoed this teaching which leads us to the understanding that the egotistical shadows (which develop beyond the point of childhood) are simply personas that we wear like thespians in an ancient Greek play.  Much of meditation, mindfulness, and sacred breath is allowing us to distance ourselves from the conditioned mind and into a state of consciousness that resides in our heart’s temple where the soul exists within an infinite state of potential in Grace and Unconditional Love.

From this higher state of knowing and living, is the reference where action upon our plane of existence manifests from.  Yet if we all lived in an egoless mind-clearing zone of deep mediation, nothing within the physical realm could ever be accomplished.  We still must do the work, which is always a blessing when guided by an enlightened and enlivened heart in God consciousness.  This is the meaning of becoming a child once again by removing the egotistical masks that conforms us to stereotypical behaviors, thinking, and rules of draconian Hierarchy.

Living easy within this example of childishness encourages countless others along this same enlightened path.

The heart-centered state of consciousness never ages, and once we truly go back to it, we will find it far more comfortable to live within this enchanted realm of existence than when we were hiding behind the masks of ego. As a child of God, we are a free citizen of the Universe, and we will find that it is far more arduous to lift-up the masks than it is to just leave them off.

In many ways, this is the Gospel of this Spring’s season in this new Aquarian timeline, heralded by a Stellium in Pisces involving Sun-Neptune-Jupiter-Mercury (see last month’s Beyond the Soul’s Meridian essay entitled Anointing with Fire: Spring Equinox 2022).  This alignment tells us that all that has been hidden is being exposed, and that once it is recognized, we will welcome it as Gospel.  This means the emergence of a new covenant between the human soul and the spirit.

For in each celestial Age, a new covenant is birthed.


Keep in mind that our interactions with the movements of the celestial bodies is a direct method of human interaction with the spiritual realm.  When we engage this process of not only reading, but feeling the Heavens, we are truly melding body, mind, and spirit.   Hipparchus’s method of reading the astrology is fixed upon the Sun crossing into Aries at the Spring Equinox during the Piscean Age that he determined.  This readjustment to this epic crossing is known as the zero point of Aries. Although time progressed in a linear fashion, it stood still from an astrological perspective, stuck in a circular reference to the beginning of the point where the Piscean Age was marked.  This was no mistake, but an intentional act to fix the sky to a reference which reflected the biblical events that signified the beginning and end of the passing Age.

Astrology and the signs of our current times are telling us that we are destined to experience a moment within our soul’s temple-garden that will be profoundly spiritual.  This will be akin to a Damascus event, which is an epiphany.  Meaning, the moment that God is born within us.

I sense that this will be the ignition of the Fire of Christ within, which we will (through the experience) become cognizant of and will never forget.  This will manifest as a greater perception of Love, that is unconditional.  This will become our living Truth in a new covenant within an ascending World-Age for those welcoming it with open arms, hearts, and minds.

I suspect that these events will be personalized to the individuated soul yet will transfer objective archetypal truth.  Celestial alignments and scripture suggest the Sacrament of the Chrism (known as the anointing of Fire) is bearing upon this Spring season.  How it manifests on an individual level is yet to be seen, but the following dream is a shining example of what this could entail.

This vision occurred to a friend and truly enlightened soul one week after he participated in a ceremonial Sundance in June 2011.

“I am walking down a narrow canyon along a dry stream bed.  It is twilight or the canyon is so narrow that not much sunlight is reaching the bottom.  There are large boulders along the path, causing me to walk around them.  I round one of the boulders and come to a cave entrance. I go in. The cave is the size of a small room.  It is clean and dry, with a small driftwood fire burning in the center.  I am alone. I sit down before the fire. A feeling of warmth and relaxation comes over me.  I lose myself in the dance of the flames. Creator’s voice comes to me in my head.

Creator: “Step into the fire.”

Narrator: “But I will be burned and no good will come of this.”

The fire burns taller and larger, burning more fiercely.

Creator: “Step into the fire, you can trust Me.”

Now I am afraid, and the fire continues to grow.

Creator: “Step into the fire, only your fear will be burned.”

I stand; the fire is now as tall as I am. I am terrified of being hurt, or even burned to death. I step into the fire. The flames caress my body like a deep tissue massage. I can feel the change, internally. It feels good. Through the flames I can see the back of the cave dissolve into a shimmering mirage.

I know that it is time to leave the fire and walk into the mirage.  It is a waterfall, coming down the canyon wall. As I stand in the waterfall, my form becomes translucent. I still have a form, but the water is flowing through me as well as over me.  My fears that I took into the fire have turned into ash and the water is rinsing the ash away.  I step forward out of the falls and into a shallow valley. This valley is alive with energy; I can feel it coming up through my feet.  There is a hum of energy that raises the hair on my arms. My senses are alive with this energy.  But my senses are doing things that they do not normally do.  I can smell the sunlight. I can hear the grass and the trees growing. There are no earthly words to describe these senses.  This sensory input is filling the voids left by the burning of my fears.

I lay down in the grass with my head reeling from the input.  I notice a small turtle climbing out of the stream. It is walking toward me.  As it gets closer, it grows larger.  I am not afraid.  The turtle walks over me, and the underside is hollow.  It settles down over me, and the inside of the shell turns into the inside of a sweat lodge.  A true feeling of peace has settled over me, mind, body, and spirit.  Creator again speaks to me.

Creator: “NOW it is time to pray.””

As demonstrated in the astrology of this year’s Spring Equinox, (see last month’s essay entitled Anointing with Fire: Spring equinox 2022) and this vision, solar alignments will act as a means of purifying the soul and spirit.  Eventually, this is bound to manifest within our ascended physicality as all consciousness has a direct bearing upon our prosperity, health, and well-being.

This event was prophesied by Jesus when he stated that we will go on to do greater things than He because “I am going to the Father.”

Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. — John 14:12

There is nothing to fear from the chaos and the dark energies that have befallen us unless we chose to cling onto the corruption still within us that is destined to be burned away.

We must work with the spiritual realm in an ascended state of stillness and peace without any preconceived notions or egotistical expectations.  Most importantly, we must surrender ourselves to our Higher Self and the guidance of our Heavenly Parents for this event to manifest in all its glory.

Stay engaged in the natural world around us, for this is the realm of the Divine Mother who speaks to us through feelings and impressions within Nature’s manifestations

Pay attention to the dreams and synchronicities that our mind registers, for this is the realm of the Divine Father.

Intend to embrace this experience for it is required initiation into the new ascending Age.

Soon we will come to “know” without question that we are not alone and that the Universe is Just and Purposeful.  Regardless of our past, we are loved beyond comprehension as Children of the Creator.

Most of all, there is nothing to fear in the presence of the Spirit, as the distortions that we have come to know as “reality” is all part of a dense and corrupt illusion that no longer serves any purpose to an individuated soul seeking union with spirit.

In Good Faith,


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