Anointing with Fire: Spring Equinox 2022

“The activities of the Sun will ultimately serve as a “Chrism” to burn away all that is within the soul’s libido that is not congruent with the Light of Truth.  Since Lilith is placed in Gemini, there will be two paths that can be taken.  One will lead to ascension of the soul, and the other further into the dark matrix of control and enslavement.  We baptize with water and anoint (chrism) with fire.  Regardless of what you have believed in the past, we are going through an essential sacrament on a global scale.”

Beyond the Souls Meridian March 21, 2022

This year’s Spring Equinox occurs on March 21, 2022, at 10:33 am CST.  This event marks the season of transformation that is destined to affect the physical body in the greatest way possible.

The 2021 Summer Solstice alignment signified the formation of a Grand Cross within the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus.  It has been demonstrated that celestial energy has been working in temporal patterns which represent not only the four seasons, but the four bodies of the human constitution. Screen Shot 06-12-21 at 03.09 PM

The energies of the summer focused upon the Lion which represent the etheric or spiritual body.

The energies of the fall focused upon the Scorpion’s transformation into the Eagle and Golden Phoenix related to the human heart.

The energies of the winter focused upon the restructuring of ego which have a living relationship to the spirit for our mind’s intelligence to transcend into the heavens.

The energies of this spring will open the gates to initiate the transformation of the human body.  This alignment involves Uranus in the sign of the physical human body, which is the Bull or Taurus.  The astrology suggests that the nature of this transformation will be sudden and explosive, so expect personal, national, global, and cosmic events which may trigger not only a shift in awareness, but a rearrangement of our physical attributes.

There are some sources of information that are suggesting that this transformation is destined to occur at the level of our DNA, which is possible for several reasons.

The first is based upon the direct observation of the Sun’s activities over the next few months which demonstrate that Sol is highly active while a massive sunspot has positioned itself to confront the face the Earth over the next few weeks.  Solar flare activity has been high, and it is expected that during this time we will be in line for a massive coronal ejection. This activity has been so dramatic that one of the largest (if not “the” largest) solar flare or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) was observed last month.  It is suggested that if this energy had struck the earth, that it would have been as dramatic (if not greater) than the 1859 AD Carrington event.

Further evidence of this powerful solar activity is seen in the destruction of over 40 Space X satellites which were launched into this recent geomagnetic storm.

The solar outbursts increased atmospheric drag by at least 50 percent, which is pulling the satellites back down to Earth shortly after launch, according to Miriam Kramer for Axios.

At least 40 of the compact, flat-panel satellites are now in the process of re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, where they will be incinerated in a fiery explosion. One satellite was filmed burning up over Puerto Rico early Monday morning.”

These facts must be enhanced with a greater understanding of the nature of the Sun itself. Contrary to popular belief, our Sun is more energetic than nuclear, as it acts as a massive capacitor which discharges energy at its coronal surface but is relatively cool within its interior.  We can easily observe this phenomenon through sunspots, which are disruptions of the coronal surface which cannot be readily explained within conventional nuclear fusion theory.

The Fusion-Core based theory of the sun is the one accepted by most professional astrophysicists, and the vast majority of observations of the sun are made assuming that this model is “true”. Yet, the observed attributes of the sun, such as sunspots, coronal mass ejections, the solar wind, the “11-year” sunspot cycle, and Birkeland currents connecting the sun to each of the planets are all electrical phenomena. None of these phenomena are clearly predicted by the Fusion-Core model of the sun, though there are elaborate theories which rationalize why they occur in light of the observation of the phenomena.”

In addition, there is an overwhelming body of evidence (based upon the principles of Epigenetics) suggesting that our genetics can be modulated, or even modified by energetic sources which can either heal or harm.  We can say assuredly that over many decades there has been a barrage of external forces that have been unleashed upon the human body causing detrimental effects.

What we may be experiencing this spring is at long last the release of cosmic energy that will transform the human body through a process of realigning genetic distortions that have occurred through modern living and our disconnection to Nature and the Spirit.  This may happen at multiple levels of energy (or energetic consciousness) as our DNA contains sequences (previously thought to be regarded as “junk” or nonsense/missense sequences) that act as receptors to “Self.” This means that our DNA (or an energetic field that manifests the DNA) is listening to us, which is why the ignorance of ego plays the primary role to our physical detriment, while the wisdom of the heart plays the primary role in establishing our well being and health.

It is the Sun that plays the essential in this physical transformation and overall healing. Sol serves the essential role of manifesting etheric energy into the solar system, the biosphere of the planets, and into all life that lives within the systems.  Without the Sun’s energy, life within our biosphere would end.

This etheric energy permeates all life within the Universe and stems forth from a Central Source. Within our galactic system, it is the Galactic Center (otherwise known as the Central Sun) where this universal power emanates from. From an enlightened scientific perspective, this is how “God” is defined. We can see this as Light within the Baryonic (visible) Universe, but we can also feel it as Love within the dark, hidden, or “Innerverse” when egotistical distortion is not blocking the mind and our soul is in resonance to it.

This etheric power enters through the core of our being; therefore, the unfettered heart is always in resonance to it. All resonate with this energy as it is the life force that keeps the Universe in sympathy to itself.  This is the bestowed Grace that connects us to all life.

Once this truth is experienced, it is known and can never be “unknown” ever again. More importantly, this knowledge frees us from the paralyzing fear that the Universe, and specifically the Sun, is destined to harm us. If one can understand the relationship that the Sun has to the Universal Source and its obligation to foster and protect its planetary children, then we would understand that the Sun’s energies are being governed by higher powers that function to release us from the bondage of lower existence in the dense physical matrix.  An ascending soul becomes congruent to this process.

As we were told, Love is the Firmament that permeates all existence.  This is a fact that science is no longer contradicting as the ether of the ancients (etheric field) has become entangled within the concepts of a Plasma Universe, filamentation, and Birkeland currents.

Baryonic matter in the Universe is almost exclusively in the plasma state. It forms structures on a huge range of scales, reaching from the kinetic electron and ion microscales to the size of the entire observable Universe. These plasmas include very diverse objects such as magnetic cavities around comets, planetary magnetospheres, the solar atmosphere, the outer heliosphere, accretion discs around compact objects, galaxy-scale “Fermi bubbles,” the intracluster medium, and the intergalactic medium permeating the cosmic web. The key difficulty in understanding of all these objects lies in the two-way nature of the intrinsic multi-scale physics of plasmas: processes on the largest scales affect the small-scale physics, and processes on the smallest scales affect the large-scale evolution of plasmas.”

It is the last part of this statement that is the most intriguing, as modern science is now embracing the microcosmic-macrocosmic relationship that esoteric science has always taught.  As Above So Below.  All is integrated and interrelated which has always been the nature of the Etheric Field, which is the intelligence field of the Universe obedient to cosmic forces that guide it in the Infinite Love and Light of Spiritual Truth.

Keep in mind that humanity is an integral part of this process.

Lastly, we must consider the astrology, which indicates a tremendous amount of solar, life force, and soul activity is destined to occur now and within the next few months. Perhaps we can begin to appreciate how celestial alignments can affect the Sun.  Consider the fact that Sol is connected energetically to the Galactic Center.  Astrology teaches that within certain geometrical alignments (or aspects), energies can be modified within astral (star) and planetary bodies themselves.  This means that at certain angles or aspects power can be detracted to enhanced at a scalar (or etheric) level.

Screen Shot 03-19-22 at 04.30 PM

This Spring equinox of 2022 demonstrates powerful alignments that will have a tremendous effect upon our human constitution.

To begin with there are two Stelliums in Aquarius and Pisces.

The Aquarius Stellium consists of Saturn, Juno, Venus, Mars, and Vesta.  This energy is trine to Ceres in Gemini and square to Uranus in Taurus. Aquarian energies are Promethean, meaning that they are of the mind and power of the New Age of the Holy Spirit that is now upon us.

Saturn in Aquarius transit has been upon us since March of 2020 and is restructuring spiritual and religious thought.  More so, it is restructuring society’s values.  In conjunction with Juno, it suggests the Hieros Gamos which is the Sacred Marriage of soul to spirit ascending us to a higher level.  This energy is echoed within the Stellium as Venus is married to Mars also representing this union on a personal level. Finally, Vesta in conjunction with Mars suggests that this alignment is part of a Grand Plan that is being executed according to the Higher powers of Heaven in the energies of the Aquarian Age.

This Stellium is squaring Uranus in Taurus.  Uranus is an element of Sky Father, which activates expansive and explosive energies that connect to modern thought, new ideas, and technology.  I suggest that in the best light, this massive Stellium bearing upon Uranus will be the catalyst triggering rapid upheaval and transformation.  Its placement suggests that this will occur within the human body (Taurus). This may also involve finance and material resources. Because of the square, this energy is confrontational and may be opposed or detrimental to those clinging to egotistical thought contrary to the nature forces that will either explode matrices of technological enslavement of the human body, or trigger mechanisms of enslavement and or death.  Since the natural forces of balance, union, and enlightenment are squaring Uranus, we can think of this as the derailment of the transhumanist movement that threatens to enslave humanity for those choosing to ascend.  Conversely, it could be a death blow through spiritual annihilation to those who refuse to embrace their own divine nature.

In addition, a Stellium in Pisces comprised of the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury contributes to this purging and cleansing energy which seems to be the major theme for this spring season.  In the Tropical system of astrology, the Sun is always at the zero-point of Aries at the Spring Equinox, which resets the system back to the point in time that it was created (approximately 2160 years ago) which was the beginning of the Age of Pisces.  The rest of the Stellium is within the Sign of the Fishes, which is the most spiritually evolved of all the Zodiac and represents the marriage of two streams of thought, the union of polarities, and collapse of duality.

The energies of Neptune in conjunction with Sun will ascend it into its highest spiritual octave and this will be the time for the revelation of hidden or secret knowledge.  I sense this is the moment when this process of revelation will be initiated.

Also, within the Stellium is Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Pisces which suggests that these revelations will be welcomed to those who can hear it.  It would be akin to hearing the gospel for the first time.  Jupiter in Pisces suggests the nurturing aspects of Jove.

This Stellium (through the Sun) is making a T-square to Lilith (Black Moon Lilith) and Central Sun opposition.  This suggests a triggering or precipitation of tension between Lilith and Central Sun.  Lilith Central Sun opposition represent the primal libido (life force) at the soul level versus the primal “light-force” at the spiritual.  The healing energies of the Solar-Piscean alignment triggers this opposition which I would suggest will have animated effects within the Sun itself.  This may be the metaphorical or metaphysical trigger for the dramatic solar activity that is now being observed.

The activities of the Sun will ultimately serve as a “Chrism” to burn away all that is within the soul’s libido that is not congruent with the Light of Truth.  Since Lilith is placed in Gemini, there will be two paths that can be taken.  One will lead to ascension of the soul, and the other further into the dark matrix of control and enslavement.  We baptize with water and anoint (chrism) with fire.  Regardless of what you have believed in the past, we are going through an essential sacrament on a global scale.

The final aspect to consider is Pluto square Moon.  There was a spectacular full moon on the 18th of the month which heralded the Moon’s relationship to Pluto.  The Moon travels fast and was trine to Pluto on that date.  At the Spring Equinox (2 days later), Moon is square to Pluto at the cusp of Libra which indicated transformation of death within the human soul.

I sense this as the death of egotistical control.  Moon is represented by the goddess Persephone who was abducted by Hades (Pluto) and forced to live within the shadow realm during one third of her life.  Persephone is the goddess of spring, and this alignment suggests a confrontation which will help to liberate the soul from her obligation to this enslaving marriage.  Consider it an annulment.  In the sign of the Scorpion (cusp of Libra), this energy will be transformative into the sign of the Eagle, giving greater soul-sight.  With one foot still in Libra, this will empower the soul to champion Divine Truth and Justice.

Final Thoughts

The celestial alignments suggest that there will be many changes that will precipitate this spring. These changes will be transformative at a very physical level.  There is no way that we can prevent them, for not only are they ordained to happen, but we are seeing first-hand evidence of global and personal change through world events.

The best advice I can give is to let it happen and ride it out.  Months back, I was given an analogy in a vision after I was recovering from a very well-known disease that is now rapidly fading from the media and therefore from our collective memory.  In the dream, I was told by my Guardian Angel in no uncertain terms that I was ascending.  She told me this while I was a passenger in her car that she was driving in a Mardi Gras parade as the Zulu Queen.  This was the chariot that was carrying me to an ascended place.

The point being, that there was nothing I could do to stop this process as the die was cast.  As my angel, she told me that this is how her ascension happened, meaning that it was out of her control, and nothing could stop it.  This is when I realized that you might as well relax and enjoy the ride, because we are only going to get there when we get there.


Enjoy the parade folks because the journey is always better than the destination.

In Good faith,


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