Goddess Athena: Mother of the Heroic Soul

“We are now living in a New Age which is manifesting with the rise of the Divine Feminine coming back into balance.  Throughout history, there has always been a third champion of Truth and the human cause who makes herself present in the inner world of human consciousness.  This is the goddess known as Pallas Athena or simply Athena.  Pallas Athena is virtually the only goddess who can stand up to archonic deception and injustice as she was literally born into existence to do so.  Like all the gods of the Pantheon, her nature is synergistic to ascending people.  Athena’s true power resides within the human mind.” 

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian February 25, 2022

Discernment, otherwise known as the “Knowledge of Good and Evil” is a quality of the mind that is God-gifted. A soul can learn discernment through the spiritual realm or by the wisdom of their own experience, but cannot acquire it through conventional instruction, various forms of teaching, or virtual platforms.  This inability to gain wisdom is because one’s insight is limited due to lack of experience and or a direct connection to their higher spiritual self.  There is a chance that a person can gain insight through personal mentoring, but only if heart-centered love is exchanged in a state of grace between the pupil and the teacher.   

In the mysteries of the ancient world, a group soul was connected to a spiritual teacher who was considered not only an initiate but an adept to the wisdom of the Master of the soul-group that devoted their lives to experience the living truth that was channeled by these shining leaders.  Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Hipparchus, Siddhartha Gautama, Yeshua ben Yosef, Paul of Tarsus, Hypatia of Alexandria, Francis Bacon, and many others, were great teachers of these mysteries that were connected to Masters of the pre-diluvian ancient world who had ascended beyond the limited world of linear consciousness.

The souls of the ascended masters remain connected to the school and its pupils and when a student becomes an initiate of the mysteries, they become entangled within the karma and dharma of the Master. What is also important to understand is that these teachers and Ascended Masters were themselves guided by the living gods and goddesses of the human pantheon.  In a very truthful sense, all knowledge is connected to the living Light, Life, and Way of the Divine Father-Mother of the living Spirit.  The living Light is the Logos, the living Life is the Zoe, and the Way is the path of Love that integrates and balances all living energies to zero-point.  Above all else, Love in I AM Unity consciousness is the ultimate Master of this tradition.

The Way is arduous and will never be given to any truth seeker, let alone another living soul, unless one is determined to overcome the obstacles, deceptions, ignorance, and existential challenges that the ruling handlers of our human imprisonment set forth in front of us to negate any progression to our soul’s liberation.

If you have not already figured it out, we are amid a raging cosmic battle where you are the coveted prize of the transgressors who have been entitled to usurp every aspect of your being.  One could say that their right to usurpation is also God-given, as this draconian group has been intentionally placed to challenge us, ultimately on an individual level.  These rulers are relentless in their attitude to possess us and are beyond any sense of remorse for transgression committed than an otherwise healthy human being would feel.  The rulers are also referred to as the “Archons” and can be thought of as lower, darker, insidious aspects of a cosmic presence that govern us from beyond the veil of secrecy.  The power of this darkness is based within the lower astral plane of consciousness that exists within the human soul beyond its physical boundary.

Therefore, these archons are rarely, if ever, seen with human eyes and can only exert their will through manipulation of human activity which appeals to conditioned lower ego and always involves mind control, deceptions, enslaving technologies, and Faustian bargains.

The current situation on this planet has arranged itself into a global construct to specifically isolate us on an individual level so that many are forced to hide behind masks of egotistically generated fear.  The rulers’ distorted logic is hurled against us with such impunity that it mocks any convention of common sense or decency.  This observation was made way before the beginning of the lock-down as all one had to do is critically analyze their “art forms” and symbols to sense the typhon’s wrath that has been unleashed upon us.  Without the capacity to see beyond their lies and distortions, you will be decimated.  This is the reason why we are forbidden to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” because it makes us greater than they can ever imagine.

So, we can die like a coward on our knees as a slave, or we embrace the impulse to see beyond the illusion and step forward as an individuated sovereign being in the Light of Truth.

In our culture’s timeless and universal traditions, wisdom is only imparted to the souls who care enough and are brave enough to overcome their innate inhibitions to seek out covert information obfuscated by draconian forces that will stop at nothing to keep us ignorant and subservient to their sadistic will of unbridled domination. Anyone with open eyes can see their true intentions as it manifests upon the world’s stages in real time.  Unfortunately, this is not a play, but an element of our earth-bound life that is seeking to destroy us.

It is undeniable that there are many people living today that are devoid of this critical capacity for luminescent spiritual insight which is destined to come to them only through suffering.  There is no pleasant way to state this as the many are blinded by their conditioned ego. The reason why this deeper awareness does not exist within the waking consciousness of the many, is because the programmers at the top of the ruling pyramid of Hierarchy know that they must limit the awareness of their subordinates to have control over them.

This system of enslavement is how the last Age was ruled as Pisces represents imprisonment.

We have now entered a New Age where the remnants of the old one is dying.  The light of Aquarian truth has weakened the darkness which still holds tremendous power over those they enslave.  Indeed, the door is now opened, but many are still refusing to leave the confinement of the paradigm that acts as the imprisoning bars of their jail cell.

A process of liberation is manifesting for those who are preparing to leave the prison, but this can only be accomplished when one turns to the truth of the spiritual realm for guidance.  Without the grace of guidance and assistance from your Higher Self and the spiritual world we will never be able to escape the confinement of the archon’s mockery, scorn, and abuse.

The New Age Transformation

From the point of the New Age transition (heralded at the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the 2020 Winter Solstice, the 2021 Spring Equinox Union of the Divine Masculine Alpha and Feminine (Omega), and the Grand Trine and Cross 2021 Summer Solstice) we are deep into the 2021-2022 Winter season (at the time of this writing) which embodies the transfiguration of the Ego in the Spirit of Aquarius.

Aquarian energy is Promethean, meaning that it is a capability gifted to humanity to champion our cause for a better life beyond the limit of subjugated fate.  Animals do not have this capacity.  Your dog or cat has a soul, and even a spirit, but is does not have an individuated spirit that can sense truth beyond the world that you provide for them.  Even animals in the wild lack the capacity to calculate probabilities.  This is the Promethean gift of “Forethought’ or as a dear friend recently stated, a perception of “Foretruth.”

This year’s winter season is where we must claim and win back the God-given capacity that we have always carried with us as our birthright. The fate of Prometheus has been discussed many times on this site.  Essentially, humanity was punished for possessing the capacity of Forethought.  This is also the essential message of Genesis, which is that we were punished for disobeying the rulers and obtaining the capability of forethought and insight (from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) that was as great or greater than the “gods” who enslaved us.  When the “gods” realized what Adam and Eve had done, they were banished from the garden for being god-like.

Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever...”— Genesis 3:22

It is always interesting to consider how in a monotheistic religion this reference to “one of Us” appears.  This plurality of God which we were always conditioned to believe as singular, is unexplainable according to conventional doctrine.  Those living within their gifted discernment recognized “one of Us” as a reference to the archons that have usurped the role of God and “rulership” over us. This appears to be just as the Gnostics have always claimed.

For the sin of eating the fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil, we were cursed by “God” and forced to leave the Garden.  For the titan Prometheus (and later the centaur Chiron) who gifted humanity with the lofty Air element of forethought (and later refined by Chiron with astrology, archery, poetry, and healing) he was chained to a rock for eternity while Zeus’s eagles fly down from Heaven to feast upon his liver.  As previously stated, (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian essay entitled Prometheus) this is the same fate that all human beings suffer while living life through egotistical struggle in dense linear time.

To further salt the wound, Pandora, the wife of Prometheus (or in some versions his brother “Epimetheus,” meaning hindsight) was given a box that when opened, released a mixture of coveted blessings and dark astral specters that cause human suffering through disease, war, and pestilence.  What is left in the box is “Hope” which some philosophers identify as the worst form of suffering, because it holds us fast to a promise embedded within a system that was never constructed for anything else but our own enslavement.

Zeus did not want man to throw his life away, no matter how much the other evils might torment him, but rather to go on letting himself be tormented anew. To that end, he gives man hope. In truth, it is the most evil of evils because it prolongs man’s torment.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

It is said that in Zeus’s infinite wisdom, not all adversarial beasts are ever completely vanquished within his rules of engagement.  This sparing of some of the evil players is the same reason why not all evil is vanquished in the movies; to spawn a sequel.  In Zeus’s perspective, mankind always needs adversarial forces to challenge the future heroes, as this struggle is a major aspect of our earthly life.

The Roman name for Zeus is luppiter which we call Jupiter.  He has also called Jove and is a root name for Jehovah, which became a synthesis of Jove and Yahweh through the Roman Catholic system.  This entity is the being that we have been conditioned to recognize in our Western culture as the sky-father “God” of lightening, thunderbolts, power, and wrath.

These attributes are inconsistent with the living manifestation of Jupiter which is recognized as one of the major planetary bodies affecting mankind at a very deep transpersonal level.  What has been referred to as Jehovah in Western culture is a combination of the transpersonal celestial energies of Jupiter and Saturn.  This is true since Saturn (or Kronos) was a vanquished titan who was subjugated to the rule of his son (Zeus).

In Roman culture, the god Saturn took on the astrological qualities of Jupiter while the god called Jupiter took on the astrological qualities of Saturn.  Meaning, that the externalized patriarchal “God” of Western mythologies has a two-faced aspect of nurturing, joyfulness, and forgiving and one that is stern, domineering, and punishing.

Enter the New Age of the Goddess Pallas Athena

The governing forces which stem forth from Zeus have been adversarial to the growth of human consciousness.  If there was no assistance available to humanity, we would be forced to live in perpetual subjugation.  But this is not the case.  Even though there have been champions of the human cause, they acted as externalized mentors that were most appropriate for their time.

Prometheus was disengaged on a personal level with humanity, focusing more on a grand concept of humanity at a global level.  This altruistic characteristic is also an Aquarian trait.

Chiron was a beloved teacher, and appealed to humanity on a more personal, Christ-like manner.  He even sacrifices himself for the benefit of the titan Prometheus and takes on the perpetual suffering of mankind.

We are now living in a New Age which is manifesting with the rise of the Divine Feminine coming back into balance.  Throughout history, there has always been a third champion of Truth and the human cause who makes herself present in the inner world of human consciousness.  This is the goddess known as Pallas Athena or simply Athena.  Pallas Athena is virtually the only goddess who can stand up to archonic deception and injustice as she was literally born into existence to do so.  Like all the gods of the Pantheon, her nature is synergistic to ascending people.  Athena’s true power resides within the human mind.

Athenian energy has never been (and will never be) vanquished by the archons and is the only power that we possess that can not only keep the wrath of the archons at bay but empower a divinely inspired human being to become greater than the externalized god of Zeus-Jove-Jehovah.  Our capacity to overcome archonic domination was prophesied around the events of Athena’s conception and birth.

It is widely understood that Athena is a virginal goddess, as she was never known to have taken a lover or husband.  This statement is not exactly true, as she is the mother of millions of sons and daughter throughout time.    Athenian energies are the energies of the mind of God, which is the Logos and is Christ-like.  We can think of Athena as the feminine aspect of the Logos, who is not conceived of the womb but of the mind. Athena is a presence of mind balanced in action and timeless wisdom.

Athena is also considered the prototypical muse and was so great that Sir Francis Bacon (aka William Shakespeare) wrote praises to her as the “Greatest of All Muses” influencing the sole body of his ideas.  Indeed, Athena is the secret meaning of the name William (from Wilhelm meaning will, desire, helmet, protection) and Shakespeare which is the action and attitude that the goddess takes from the moment of her birth in full battle dress shaking a spear at her father Zeus.  Despite her vigilance and aggressive attitude towards her father, Zeus looked upon Athena as his most favored child.

The Birth of Athena

The mythologies of Athena are vast and there are many permutations of her saga.  She means many things to many people at different times.  In the new Aquarian Age, Athena is playing a fundamental role in our ascension as she is the essential wise consul to the heroic soul.

Athena’s mother was the titaness Metis.  The qualities of Metis are prudence, wisdom, and cunning.  Metis was considered the wisest of the Gods and was instrumental in assisting Zeus to defeat his father Kronos (Saturn). Eventually Zeus takes Metis as his first wife, but instantly regrets the union as he later realized through prophecy that any child from his union with Metis would be extremely powerful.  The first child was to be a daughter, and the second, a son more powerful than Zeus himself, who would overthrow his rule and become the new King of the Cosmos.

But Zeus lay with the fair-cheeked daughter of Ocean and Tethys apart from Hera [..] deceiving Metis although she was full wise. But he seized her with his hands and put her in his belly, for fear that she might bring forth something stronger than his thunderbolt: therefore did Zeus, who sits on high and dwells in the aether, swallow her down suddenly. But she straightway conceived Pallas Athena: and the father of men and gods gave her birth by way of his head on the banks of the river Trito. And she remained hidden beneath the inward parts of Zeus, even Metis, Athena’s mother, worker of righteousness, who was wiser than gods and mortal men.” Hesiod, Theogony, 929

Because of his fear for the power of Metis and her offspring, Zeus swallow Metis whole after he discovers that she is pregnant with child.  Three days later, Zeus develops a headache so massive that he commands the black-smith god Hephaestus to strike his forehead with an ax.   From this wound emerges Athena dressed in full battle armor pointing a spear at her father.  This is not considered to be a violent or aggressive gesture, but one of forethought and vigilance through an awareness of her father’s potential wrath.  Above all else, Athena is the prototypical defender of truth and justice as she is goddess of both aspects.

Athena was also known as Tritonia, meaning triple born or third born. Athena was birthed through the mind of God in union with the Wisdom of her mother, which makes her more balanced than any other god.  Being born from the head, makes her a child of the air-sky element of intelligent forethought.  This is the reason why her counsel is beyond compared to the children that she mentors.  In this sense, her children become balanced in the father’s power and the mother’s wisdom, becoming just as prophesied, greater than Zeus himself.

Athena is a child of the Logos, and therefore an essential element of Divine feminine Christos-Sophia archetype.

The Eagle and the Owl.

In the Secret Book of John, Jesus tells the Apostle that He (Christ) was the reason why Adam and Eve were compelled to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as He literally says,

“I caused them to eat.” – The Secret Book of John (Adam in Yaldabaoth’s Paradise)

Jesus then states that He is like an eagle perched in this Tree of Spiritual Truth.

“I appeared as an eagle perched on the Tree of Knowledge! [Which is the Epinoia from the pure Providence of Light.] In order to teach them and raise them up from sleep’s depths.”— The Secret Book of John (Adam in Yaldabaoth’s Paradise)

The price of spiritually derived truth to see beyond the archon’s deception is always hard won, and once obtained is paid for by a measure of wrath from the rulers.  Zeus is associated with an eagle, as in the transformational power of our lowly scorpion driven linear consciousness into the golden Phoenix of ascended wisdom.  The eagle also represents our subtle ego body, whose power has a devastating effect upon the physical body in waking states of awareness.  The punishment for bringing God-consciousness into the lower plane of existence is taxing to our physical health because it is incongruent with the enslaving energies of the archon’s rule.  This example is illustrated in the life of Jesus who manifested unconditional love in a world that would only allow love to be measured out according to the ruler’s draconian conditions.

To a great degree, limitations of love still exist and remain the cause of our greatest suffering.  The restoration of human health is completely dependent upon reversing this incongruency with our innate loving tendencies. Our transition into the New Aquarian Age is meant to address this problem at its core.  We cannot accomplish this transformation without the assistance of the Divine Feminine Logos.

Athena’s energies are stealth and to the greatest degree protected because she does not actually live on the physical plane of human consciousness, but within the human mind-soul, giving us the knowledge to discern between what is deceptive and what is truthful. This makes Athena’s energies more resistant to the wrath of the rulers because it is only imparted to those heroic souls who seek to acquire it in battle against the hordes that act to enslave us.

Within the mind-soul realm, Athena is not associated with an eagle, but its nocturnal counterpart, the owl.  Owl represents wisdom, which can see into the dark places where others cannot.  Because the owl is a creature of the darkness, Athena exists deeper within the subconscious aspects of mind-soul.  She is the distant voice that whispers truth into the ear of those who have calmed their conditioned consciousness to the point where she can be heard.

For those who can hear her voice she becomes their guiding mother.  In this relationship, we become greater that those who seek to rule and destroy us through their perversions of Love and Justice.

Pallas Athena in the Heavens

One of the greatest of all synchronicities is when we thoughtfully give name to a person, planet, animal, plant, or thing.  We have the power to create it by naming it.  This was a God right bestowed upon us and is elaborated within the mythologies of Genesis as Adam is given the power to name all the creatures in the world.  This is also an example of co-creational capacities with the spiritual world.  As everything that we do and create (that has any value) is connected to the energies of the spiritual realm.  In naming a child, we know that the name is already known, we just need to discover it.  This process is steeped in spiritual inspiration.

The planetoid Pallas Athena was discovered in 1802 by astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers  within the asteroid belt which exists between the planets of Mars and Jupiter.  That means that Athena is a goddess presence that lives within us channeling the powers of the heavens through her being and making aspects to our luminaries and major planets.  This is exactly how Athena functions in the mythology, as counsel to our soul’s awareness and individuated talents.

Because she is a heavenly body, Athena also affects us on a global scale.  Throughout our Piscean-Aquarian Age transition, Athena has been present within many significant aspects.   Recently, Athena has been aligned with Neptune in the sign of Pisces signifying a mythology that involved a choice given to the ancient Grecian city state of Athens.  The choice of power versus peace, where the ruler of Athens (King Cecrops ) and his people chose the wise counsel of Athena.  To a great degree, our culture is now being given the same choice, to live in truth, love, independence, and justice, or under the tyranny of power.

Regarding the recent Winter Solstice of 2021:

There is also an opposition Lilith in Gemini and Vesta in Sagittarius.  This axis is being squared by Neptune Athena conjunction in Pisces.  The Vesta Lilith opposition creates tension between the two bodies.

Vesta in Sagittarius is a higher devotion to Universal Truth and acts as the Guardian of the Sacred Flames (Spiritual Truth).  Vesta has been playing a major role over the years in the Cosmic Plan that is being executed for the ascension of humanity and the biosphere.  Vesta will be in close approximation to the Logos energies of the Sun and Central Sun.  There may be a component of self-sacrifice in this arrangement.

In opposition to Vesta is Black Moon Lilith in Gemini which is the manifestation of our Life Force energies.  Lilith power can be mystical and magical.  Harnessed in her lower energies Lilith is a force for enslavement, coercion, and destruction.  In her ascended state, Black Moon Lilith becomes an essential element of the Divine Feminine and the driving force of our creativity.  This is the essence of our powerful sexual-creative energy and depending upon where it is channeled can be a force for constructive transformation or destructive annihilation.  Her position in Gemini suggests the potential for both paths.

Oppositions offer us the opportunity to balance the energies.  This will be assisted by Neptune and Athena conjunction in Pisces squaring the Vesta-Black Moon Lilith opposition.  This square represents a choice that is given to us through the mythology of Athena and Neptune. When the ancient city of Athens petitioned the pantheon for its sponsor, a choice was given to them by the embodiment of Athena or Neptune.  Both gods bore gifts to the city.  Neptune offered a gushing spring of seawater which represents naval/military power.  Athena offered the olive plant which represented peace.  The city chose Athena’s gift.  We are now facing a similar decision between dark occult enslavement to our fears and lower desires, or an enlivened state of existence in a reciprocal relationship with the heavenly realm.”

The energies of Athena live within all people of this world, and it is now high time to look within our hearts to find her.

Final Thoughts

Within the mystery schools of the Ascended Masters, Athena plays an essential role as wise counselor and patroness.  As a goddess, Athena represents the final authority to the highest levels of Spiritual Truth and Divine Justice that we can possibly know.  This means that even the Ascended Masters look upon Athena as the highest manifestation of the Logos or Light of Truth.

Athena holds prominence within the mission of Christos-Sophia as patroness of the Emerald Fifth Ray and Violet Seventh Ray.  The Ascended Master of the Emerald Fifth Ray is Hilarion who lived as Paul of Tarsus.  Athena’s guidance empowers and supports the actions of those who seek to not only transform themselves but the world from Ages of enslavement from a system of abuse that is fading into oblivion.

The energies of Athena are essential in preparing the world’s ascension into I AM Christed consciousness.  Without our soul’s connection to her divine feminine Logos power, we can only play a backdrop role as a victim in the struggle for freedom of our individuated soul and Gaia’s ascension.

The path of ascension unfolds as a child prodigy of our Great Divine Mother.

In Good Faith,


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