The Dark Beautiful Truth of Deepest Vision

“Through grand Cosmic cycles of celestial motion, the Light of Truth has come while the implosion of our parasitic relationship to the lower astral is becoming undeniably apparent. What is happening on a Cosmic scale is a major transformation in human consciousness.  This can only happen within an ascending realm of spiritual awareness.  The New Age of Aquarius (which came into manifestation at the 2021 Spring equinox) represents the age of the Holy Spirit.  In this Age, Christed consciousness manifests through the individuated souls of those who are choosing to meet It.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian January 22, 2022

The root cause of fear lies within occult principles.   The word “occult” is not a reference to any group, cult, or religious practice as it is to dark or “hidden” aspects of truth.  When I was a child, I feared the dark.  To this day there is still an apprehensive element within the darkness that my soul can sense. Without a developed ego, children can naturally sense this disturbing resonance within dark spaces, but we were all told that it was foolish to be afraid of that which cannot be perceived.

Regardless of this fact, it would be devastating to most people if they knew the truth.  The Bogeyman, and all the astral specters our childhood imaginations could sense, exist within a shadow or astral plane that entangles our consciousness.  This astral plane is an interface between the physical world and the spiritual.

The astral plane is unique to our earthly existence as it is directly related to the fall of humanity at the end of the Atlantean era and the draconian cycles of the Moon.  It is the Moon and the lunar nodes (known as the tail swallowing serpent called the Ouroboros) which imprison the soul within karmic cycles of linear time. It can be understood as a plane of self-imposed reparation for the injuries that we have all inflicted upon ourselves and the biosphere through egocentric existence outside the guidance of our spiritual presence.

After the fall from grace and the Earth’s descent into dense physicality, Gaia and the human psyche lay exposed to other-worldly entities that infested our planetary realm at the dark margins just beyond the veil.  This veil acts as a wall that maintains separation between the physical and astral realm.  Within the lower aspects of the astral world exists entities that have been so long detached from the higher spiritual plane that they can no longer survive through their own volition.

The Life-Force of this Universe is Love which is a Sympathetic Vibrational Force that empowers all entities that intentionally remain in coherence to it.  At certain references within universal existence, entities can evolve out of their conscious awareness to this sympathetic resonance into the linear time continuum to gain greater insights into the nature of their own identity and cosmic relationship to the ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

The longer a soul remains detached from Spiritual Source, the less one becomes aware of their connections, and the more detached one devolves.  Life Force is libido, and when a person becomes devoid of Love (meaning they lose their power to generate or channel it through their own soul) they dismember their whole entity and must cannibalize this force from other living creatures.  As time progresses, these individual entities became like J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Gollum” as caricatures and gross distortions of the innate intelligence of their own true nature.

Lower Astral beings can only survive through us by establishing a death culture that functions as a mind control generator of their host.  The entanglement of this dark astral distortion within the human ego becomes the basis of a hierarchy that promotes, establishes, and maintains control and fear within the human soul.

The dark hidden astral force principally functions to invert Love (and all that is congruent to higher spiritual principles), as it must enslave beings who are capable of manifesting spiritual love outwardly into energy sinks that manifest pain and suffering through imposed fear and limitation.  Suffering occurs when conditions are placed on Love and the flow is inverted from outwardly to inwardly.  These distortions manifest a sense of fear.  This fearful state of consciousness keeps humanity from ascending into a greater level of spiritual awareness while at the same time feeds astral entities with the inversion and subversion of our libido through pain and suffering.

It is essential to understand that the dark astral beings’ only physical instrument upon the physical plane are human hands.

As the energy of inverted love (fear) is channeled into the self, we must consider the fact that astral entities are attached and parasitic to the soul.  One must come to understand that we are constantly interacting with the astral realm through impressions and feeling.  At night, our consciousness journeys into this reality in a more direct way as awareness withdraws from the body into this shadow world.  Astral means star, and esoteric science teaches that we are microcosms of the macrocosm. This maxim means that a mirror image of the entire universe exists within the soul.  It is this inner journey we take at night when we sleep.

Through egotistical endeavors in our waking state, we create breaches within our soul that invite lower astral energies to reside within. Through negative influences that shape egotistical distortions, our autonomy and therefore spiritually derived free will dissolves, allowing dark entities to live parasitically by our pain and suffering through intentionally engineered tragedies and transgressions.  As the awareness of our noble origins dissipate, our dear astral “friends” seduce the soul into believing its worthlessness and powerlessness. So much so, that many fall into a state where insidious entities come to roost in the soul’s inner temple, which is an internal edifice where the union of the soul to spirit is ordained to occur.

The lower astral realm is infested with such entities that have long ago fallen into perpetual vampirism.  The only way they can survive is through usurpation and deception. For Ages since the fall of mankind, their existence was obfuscated behind the veil that separates the physical from the astral realms. This veil is now collapsing as the end-times of this relationship are now upon us.

Through grand Cosmic cycles of celestial motion, the Light of Truth has come while the implosion of our parasitic relationship to the lower astral is becoming undeniably apparent. What is happening on a Cosmic scale is a major transformation in human consciousness.  This can only happen within an ascending realm of spiritual awareness.  The New Age of Aquarius (which came into manifestation at the 2021 Spring equinox) represents the age of the Holy Spirit.  In this Age, Christed consciousness manifests through the individuated souls of those who are choosing to meet It.

The dark astral forces that have enslaved humanity since the Fall are painfully aware of the fact that the Earth is ascending and are doing everything in their power to prevent it.  As the Age transitions, so does our perception of time (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian March 2021 discussion on the Spring equinox).  The trans-dimensional beings of the dark astral knew that his moment would come.  Therefore, many diabolical schemes were hatched to consolidate power causing tremendous fear through the suffering and misery inflicted upon the populace in sickness and panic through a series of catastrophes culminated by the intentional release of the engineered bioweapon and its alleged “remedy.” It is the remedy which functions as a more deadly second stage attack.

It is important to realize the many disastrous events within our lives specifically led us to this point in time.  There were no coincidences or mistakes. Furthermore, the dark aspects of science played an essential role in this engineered pandemic, and in weakening the veil of separation between the physical and astral realms through monumental projects such as CERN  (see Beyond the Soul’s Meridian August 13, 2017 post entitled False Ascension, CERN, and Echoes of the Eighth Sphere).  These dark agendas weaken our resolve and allow greater infiltration of the astral realm within our physical existence.  If we could see what our soul is confronting, most people would be overwhelmed with fright.  In many instances, the media (through various forms of alleged entertainment) demonstrate to us how pervasive this dark infestation has become.

We all have the power to see into this darkness, but we must have the will to open our inner vision to sense it.

Within the a two-day period that preceded this essay, I experienced vision that I feel obligated to share with anyone who cares to know about the facts of these issues and how one can go about sanely approaching the truth of this inevitable confrontation.  Dreams are not to be interpreted literally as much as metaphorically, as they speak to us in the archetypes of our past, present, and future mythologies. This means that they take on familiar formats such as legends, literature, or movies.  At times, significant dreams may come out of something wholly unfamiliar.   Intuitions of the gut and the impressions of the heart must be integrated with the knowledge of the mind to understand their meaning.

All human beings dream, with four-five REM (Rapid Eye Movement) states per a healthy eight-hour cycle of uninterrupted sleep.  The REM state is our shallowest state of sleep and the closest level to wakeful consciousness.  Most people cannot recall their dreams, as a large percentage of it is mundane and related to memory processing that was experienced throughout the wakeful state of the previous day.  Much may be nonsensical, especially in deep states of sleep.

Occasionally, messages of great significance can be experienced that are provided to us through the guidance of the Higher Self and or Spirit Guides.  Even though dreams may not be remembered, there are lessons that are being learned on a nightly basis that the soul retains within a deeper level of consciousness.  Virtually all my significant visions brought forth into my waking consciousness occur right before arising in the morning.

Without a doubt, dreams can also be influenced by the darkness of the astral realm.

Dreams are also directly shaped by the quality and content of thought. Impoverished thought will create darkness, disorder, and chaos within the dream state.  A person dedicated in love to the ascension of their soul can precipitate dreams of great significance by sincerely contemplating sacred texts and scripture.  This is the method that the Christian Mystics practiced as it is understood that there is a living life force (Gnosis) embedded within the text of all spiritually relevant writing.  The knowledge conveyed in one spiritually charged dream of significance will eclipse years of motionless, mind-clearing mediation, which functions chiefly as preparation for divine vision.

Dreams are also influenced by celestial alignments. On the morning of the first vision, a full Moon was crossing into Leo while in opposition to an anterograde Mercury in Aquarius.  The energy of the opposition precipitates tension like the forces of nature on the prima materia which crystalizes it into a gemstone.

The Moon represents the dark hidden aspects of the human soul.  It is the sphere that harbors our dark astral energies.  From a mythological perspective, Moon is goddess Persephone imprisoned within the realm of Hades during our cycles of sleep.  Hades (Hell) is the realm of the dark astral entities that survive parasitically off human libido.

Mercury (Hermes) is the god who interceded on behalf of humanity and partially frees Persephone from her dark lunar imprisonment. This was a morning that opened a portal into the darkest aspects of the astral to not only view, but to intercede upon my own behalf through hermetic spiritual guidance.  The full Moon was just emerging from Cancer, which is heart-based energy, and had crossed into Leo, which is an empowering fire sign.  Leo can also be heart-based but is noble, forceful, and courageous.  It is interesting to see how elements of this vision are consciously entangled with these celestial alignments.

The First Vision

This vision can be called the Cosmic Parasite and it takes on the elements of a dramatic science-fiction movie.  It also appears that I either missed the beginning, or it started in a deeper state of dream consciousness beyond what I could recall.  All I can remember is that a precedent was set that told me that what I was about to experience was an event that had already happened to the Earth (many times on a smaller scale), and that it was a phenomenon that was well known to the scientific community.  In this instance, the scientific community was aware of these waves of darkness besieging the earth, because they precipitated them through their reckless and irresponsible “experimentation.”

The impression I had was that a major “invasion” was taking place upon the Earth’s biosphere that was unstoppable.  Through egotistical endeavors, the veil had been breached, and an onslaught of demonic astral beings were assaulting humanity at the dark margin of the physical plane.

The scientists who were witnessing this spectacle were petrified.  As a classically trained person of science, I was part of this group.  All forms of defense were thought of and deployed, but this had no effect upon the invading hordes.

From a distant perspective, I saw an enormous ship floating in space at the veil’s breach that had both elements of a geometric structure and biological features that suggested an immense cosmic parasite.  It was from this source, or mothership, that legions of dark, fearful, and voracious beings were emerging and overrunning the planet at the near-physical level.  I say near-physical because they were in the shadows and not quite apparent to those who were asleep.  To the trained eyes of the scientists, their effects upon humanity were apparent and devastating.

All methods of defense were useless and the only recommendation that our cutting-edge science could offer was to run and hide.  So, they took to burying themselves under the ground, or hiding in crevasses or caves.   From my vantage, this proved to no avail as the insidious swarm could easily sense through the cracks and fissures keying on an energy that their victims were manifesting.

The humans who they confronted were slaughtered mercilessly and consumed as fear pervaded the field.  It appeared that there was no stopping this final catastrophe.

Then I found myself within an edifice which I perceived as a sanctuary. Within it were many people of great and noble character.  I thought of them as people who lived within the principles of Divine Wisdom.  There were also many children in the room. The scourge was now upon us and the only thing I could think was to bear them no-mind and key off the innocence and love of the children.  There was no fear in this sacred place and the resonance of courage, good-will, and wisdom (Lion-Heart or Leo) prevailed.

I knew before the astral demons entered, that they would have no influence upon these souls because the courage of a sovereign and fearless human would recognize the hordes as inconsequential.  It was Love that bonded all of those standing within the temple. The astral specters entered but they were barely noticed and had no effect upon the health, safety, and well-being of those who stood in the Light.

A thought then occurred to me that the power of Love is a million times stronger than that of fear. Fear is the only tool that the dark astral realm can wield against us, and in our attempt to flee and hide from it, we are destroying ourselves.

There will be persons reading this testimony that will misunderstand the vision as an appeal to organized religion.  This is not the case, and on the proceeding night further insight was provided through another vision.

The Second Vision

This dream can be called the Secret Garden, and began within a comfortable, familiar, and innovative haven surrounded by nature at the margins of modern civilization.  It was almost as if it was a new, undiscovered, or an unnoticed place that was subtlety manifesting.  In this subtle Eden, I found myself with others testing new ways of growing plants and stewarding the land.  It seems that whatever I touched or configured was, to my amazement, springing to life and thriving.

I then found myself in a familiar sanctuary which was obviously a church. Within this edifice was a large group of people who were gathering to be led in service.  Entering the back of this space, I encountered a familiar and respected priest who I had known intimately for years. He was not excited to see me, and tacitly acknowledged my presence as he moved his way up to the pulpit.  He knew what is going on in the world and what is happening to God’s children, but he would not admit the painful truth to the flock for fear of being ridiculed and losing his stature.

As I followed him up towards the front, he grew uneasy and stopped, as I began explaining to him why he was obligated to tell his congregation what is truly happening to all of us on this plane of existence at this moment in time.

I told him how important it is to follow your convictions, to take back your God sovereignty, and to stand unafraid amidst the chaos and deception. A person who can do this stands up not only for themself, but for those around them. For there are many more souls than we think who feel the same way and resonate with this Truth. Honestly, this is something that I have been saying since the beginning of the lock-down.  Through work, at home, and in my dreams, I have resonated with this path for so long that it has become my soul’s shield and living mantra.

My intention was not to give a sermon, but once I started speaking, the priest moved away into the side isle toward the exit, and I found myself raising my voice so that he could hear me as the distance between us grew.  It was a strange situation, as I found myself unintentionally preaching to the priest and an apathetic crowd who barely recognized what I was saying. Raising the tone of my voice so loud that the priest could not distance himself from this message, he blended into the gathering, which took his cue and headed for the exits. At the end of this ruined service, there was (to my surprise) a few people left straggling, with blank eyes asking half-hearted questions.

Then a prominent elder approached and asked me if I was a “drinker.” Eventually, I was able to make my way out of the building and onto a courtyard bench. Yet, this elder was still at my heals, asking very mundane and uninteresting questions.  Finally, he once again confronted me saying that he was an ex-alcoholic, and then regurgitated a litany of his egocentric problems.

From the bench I noticed trees outside the courtyard that were completely ignored by the parishioners, which were bearing an abundance of fruit.  It was quite astonishing as I had never seen anything like this before. There were melons and grapes entangled within the fruit trees all ripening at the same time.  This strange phenomenon was completely unnoticed by the church flock, as though it was just some ornamental foliage of little consequence.  Deep within me, I knew that my previous endeavors in “Eden” contributed to this splendid manifestation. My soul was elated, and yet sadden by the fact that no one saw the treasure of this natural bounty.

My heart and soul’s attentions were instantly drawn to those trees, and as my awareness of the elder faded into oblivion, I found myself standing among them as though I moved effortlessly within the cadence of taking a breath.  Standing at the base of this inconspicuous orchard, I saw a gathering of family members.  In this group was my “Father” and woman who I identified as my “wife.” At closer inspection, I realized that the trees were bearing a fruit that I had never seen before.  It was the size of a small fist and appeared to be at the peak of its ripeness.

From my perspective, there was no way that all of this treasure could be harvested, and that most of it was destined to fall on the ground and spoil.  So, I was compelled to at least taste it and consume some of this bounty, which I found subtle, unique, and satisfying.

I concluded from the ripening of the fruit that it was probably the first day of September, and that the time of the harvest was upon us.  I then conveyed to my wife, that we needed to get to the orchard and harvest as much has we can.


My impressions from the second vision suggest that the church has universally failed us, once again.  Organized religion has never functioned to stop any of history’s genocides. Those who depend upon any external organization to protect their soul from inevitable deception, misery, harm, and even death, are wholly misguided.

Since our birth into this plane of existence, we have been programmed to seek a Savior who promises to right all the wrongs in our life, that is if we only believe and follow doctrine.  This form of redemption will never happen on the physical plane. Salvation resides only within our recognition and unification with the Higher-Self.  We can only be redeemed from perpetual enslavement when our individuated soul develops the wisdom and courage to claim our right to exist as God-sovereign beings living within the truth of our divine parental lineage.

The signs have been given. The harvest season is upon us. For those ascending into Christed consciousness, disclosure has already occurred. In the abundance of Gaia’s bounty, it is only the spiritually weaken, blinded by doctrine and egocentric existence, who lack the sustenance to not only survive, but thrive beyond their wildest imagination.

It is essential to understand that to ascend into the realm beyond the dark lower astral, one must face our deepest and darkest fears.  This is Cosmic Law as this process is entangled with our karma and the ruling dark egotistical shadow that we bear within our soul.

In no uncertain terms, Jesus told us to “Know the [whole] Truth, and you shall be free.”  This means that we must be courageous enough to sense into the deepest levels of our self and the world. We must have the wisdom and fortitude to sense throughout the light and shadow forces that surround us.

Know where the demons exist.  In their draconian doctrines and mandates. In their poisonous injections and corporately conceived therapies. In their stilted systems of education.  In their economies and governments.  In the fear and coercion that their medical system propagates.  In virtual electronic platforms and the frenetic energy channeled through its media.  And in the souls of the blind and the dead who manifest their dark perverted distortions.

Most importantly, know how inconsequential and ineffective their deadly anti-life energy is to a fearless human being who is ascending their soul in Christed wisdom.

The face of Ahriman and his legions have been exposed at the climax of their longstanding war with the Body of Christ.  We are not only the prize, but the battlefield of this epic struggle. Through their own volition, there will be many human casualties for the fearful who chose to remain incongruent to their higher nature.

For those choosing Love, our soul remains intact because the dark astral realm can only affect us if we give our consent to empower their distortion.  The desperate actions of the shadow forces have sealed their fate by exposing their inconsequentiality to one who embraces the Truth.

Our cosmic journey has brought us to the point where the Light of the Logos is reigning down upon us.  The demons cannot penetrate the realm of Love and Light which is now permeating their shadow realm.

Regardless of what you may think, there is no life force behind the despotic “mandates” because their deception (and therefore power) has been exposed.  Most importantly, their darkness is disharmonious with spiritual truth and therefore will not sustain itself within an awakening populace who has long become weary of their insidious, ridiculous, tedious, and farcical games.

Your love, well-being, and courage directly contribute to the demon’s collapse and to the rapid emergence of the New World which lies beyond the imploding veil of their fearful and perverted distortion.

In Good Faith,


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