The Journey to Olympus

“As we move through the season of winter and transition into the New Year, the energies of the celestial realm are destined to reconfigure our Ego body.  In the same way that Ganymede was favored by the Logos, those who remain courageous in their God-Sovereignty will be most affected by this transition. For those souls who seen nothing worth salvaging within the lower realms of fear and deception, our flight to Olympus is a journey that is not only welcomed, but one that we have been ordained to take.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian December 21, 2021

The Winter Solstice heralds the birth of a new spiritual season.  This is the time when Sol comes into alignment with the Galactic Sun at the end time of Sagittarius preceding the season of giving in the time of Capricorn. This transition promises to bear incredible riches for those who have prepared themselves for the transformation that is upon us as we move in opposition to the energies that the Summer Solstice prophesied.

On June 20th of this year, a Grand Cross along with a Grand Trine emerged that focused its energies upon the essence of the human soul, represented by the Moon in Scorpio.  This alignment suggested a tetramorphic configuration within the astrological signs of a fixed cross.  In this configuration, there is nowhere to escape as the energies of this great transfiguration play out within the seasons that began at this year’s summer Solstice alignment.

The summer 2021 brought us the reconfiguration of the Leo energies which represent the subtle etheric human body.  These energies manifest most powerfully during the Lion’s Gate energies of late July and August which is when the transfiguration of Christ is celebrated.  This Logos energy has now risen and activating within the etheric.  This is the true second coming that has been predicted to occur as a thief in the night.

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The Fall season of 2021 demonstrated a reconfiguration of the Scorpion energies near the November 11th portal which was a moment that transfigured the energies of the human heart from lowly Scorpion into the ennobled Eagle.  Within the signs of the Zodiac, it is the eighth position of Scorpio where the greatest capacity for change is destined to occur.  This moment was heralded by a Yod (Finger of God) pointing to Venus in Scorpio which represented the human heart transfiguring itself within this highly mysterious and transformative sign.

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This Winter season begins at the Solstice on December 21 at 9:59 am CST.  This moment will bring forth mysterious energies suggesting that we are indeed living mythology through the astrology of the times. One can harness energy by simply feeling the powers at work through our soul.  Our capacity to feel will be enhanced as the essence of soul (represented by the Moon), will be positioned in Cancer (which the Moon naturally rules) and is also the essence of heart centered feelings.

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Moon will be in opposition to Pluto conjunct Venus, which suggests tension and precipitation of action triggered by the union of the energies between the dark feminine (in the form of moon goddess Persephone) and masculine energies (Hades) in Capricorn.  Venus will be in retrograde, and these energies are destined to reveal more that has been hidden within the shadow forces of the human ego and the dark astral elements of the human soul.  We may also see elements of abuse against the human soul escalate and or finally be acknowledged and understood at a deeper level as the reality of habitual and pervasive transgression against humanity will become clearer to many that have ignored it.   I intuit it as truth crystalizing like a gem in a rock.

What is important to sense is that the Moon will be supported greatly by the Sun in conjunction with the Central Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius. These alignments form a Yod that focuses our attention on the Moon.  One can say that this precipitates deep contemplation or meditation on these alignments as they affect the deepest aspects of soul.

Within the structure of the Yod is the base energies of a narrow triangle that focus the energies at the pinnacle, which in this case is the Moon in Cancer.  This alignment is telling us to pay attention to it.

The Sun in conjunction with the Central Sun in Sagittarius is the Logos energy that not only empowers but is creating a special union with Moon.

The other base of the Yod is Jupiter in Aquarius which is empowering a transformational moment within the human soul.  Within this astrological alignment is a hidden energy, in the form of Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede, that embodies the transformation of the season.

Ganymede is the inspiration and the hidden meaning of Aquarius.  As the story goes, Ganymede was a beautiful young man so favored and loved by Zeus that his eagle came down from heaven and brought him up to Olympus.  From this heavenly realm, Ganymede became Zeus’s bearer of libations.  He was so much coveted and favored by Zeus that his wife Hera bore jealousy to the affections cast to Ganymede who he made immortal by placing him in a coveted position within the heavens in the Aquarian constellation.  Keep in mind that Hera was murderously jealous of everyone and anything that distracted Zeus’s attention away from her.

There are many interpretations of this mythology regarding Ganymede and the nature of his relationship with Zeus.  So much so that it was a subject of great debate among the ancient World. From a lower linear dimensionality, where love exists conditionally in exchange for something else, an intimate relationship between two masculine entities is viewed as a homosexual exchange.  To complicate the matter, Ganymede was a youth, and therefore this relationship has been viewed as pederastic.

The ancient world was built upon the rituals of pagan occult practices.  In many instances, initiation rites involved (and still involve) homoerotic acts that represent descent into an enslaving realm of occult ritual that is the essence of hierarchical control.  These ritualistic practices have been occurring for eons and involve the habitual abuse of the stronger and more powerful against those who are viewed as weaker and more vulnerable. Admission into systems of control always involve an exchange regarding your body and soul’s energies (and capitulation of individuated God sovereignty) for materialist and egotistical gain in a world that is based upon abuse.  There is always a Faustian bargain with an enslaving entity that covets what most people see no value in, which is the freedom to control and manifest the energies of your body and eternal soul as your heart determines.

From a higher perspective of consciousness this relationship takes on a different meaning.  In the higher realms love is unconditional.  Love is recognized as a life force and is given freely within a society that exists as a unified whole.  Furthermore, life is interdependent upon itself, meaning that our interface with lower and higher realms of life is co-dependent (See Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 2016 Consciousness Soul).


Our relationship with more evolved god-like beings is reciprocal.  This is because they have all given a part of their energies to us as the power of Jupiter (Jehovah) exists within all souls from an astrological perspective.  This means the gods are entangled karmically to us and that our well being is directly related to theirs.

Both Socrates and Plato argued that a lower sexual exchange is a distortion of the mythology that has been usurped by many cultures for nefarious purposes.  From an etymological perspective, the name Ganymede is derived from ancient Greek “ganu” meaning taking pleasure and “med” meaning to think about, to judge, to rule, to heal, which are all related to mind-soul functions.  This is a reference for the love of one’s mind-soul or psyche.

The energies of Jupiter (Zeus) are jovial and expansive and when situated in Aquarius, shower us with an abundance of unconditional giving that becomes the basis for humanitarian principles in a new and evolving society. This alignment is devoid of any signs of abuse or abduction.

Through this higher intimate relationship with the Logos comes immortality through an honored role within the pantheon.  Many will be searching, and many have already identified the transformational roles that they will be playing in Gaia’s ascension in Unity consciousness.  We are now in Aquarian time, and those who have maintained the beauty of their soul-mind in a shining and fearless state (despite the chaos that surrounds them) are irresistible to the heavenly realm.  These are the souls that are destined to ascend into fifth density consciousness.

While all this cosmic energy is focusing upon the Moon and human soul, there exists a reciprocal Finger of God that is pointing back towards the Sun.  This Yod is based upon the Moon in Cancer (which is the focus of the first Yod) and Ceres in conjunction with North Node at the cusp of Taurus.  These alignments create a balance and illustrate the relationship between the human soul and spirit, for God cannot exist without humanity, and humanity cannot exist without God.

Ceres (Demeter in Greek) is the goddess of the harvest.  North Node represents the potentials of all that the human soul can be.  It can be viewed as Dharma in opposition to Karma represented by the South Node.  Ceres is well positioned in Taurus and represents physical comfort, abundance, Mother Nature, and the Harvest.  Ceres is also the mother of Persephone (the Moon goddess), and therefore the mother of the human soul. Persephone’s father is Zeus. Ceres is considered a gentle and loving energy.

Ceres is in Taurus while conjunct North Node is at the cusp of Taurus in Gemini.  The twin energies of Gemini suggest two potential paths, one that leads to victory (in the spirit of Pollux) and one that leads to disgraced and defeat (in the spirit of Castor). Since the time of the lock-down (see January 2020 Beyond the Soul’s Meridian) the astrology of a severely afflicted Moon predicted that many would give away their God sovereignty and commit themselves to the disgraceful path of vanquished Castor.  This winter Solstice is the time for transfiguring the death of the human spirit (through the soul’s capitulation to the dark egoic forces of the anti-spirit) into the resurrected Phoenix which was initiated during the heart of the 2021 fall season.

We are, through the energies of the North Node, Ceres, and the Moon, reconfiguring or co-creating a new reality and relationship with what we perceive as God.  The Aquarian Age heralds the moment when the Logos manifests through Christed individuals in God sovereign power.  This New Age will only be for those who have the common sense and the courage to claim it.

The South node is always in opposition to the North and at the solstice will be situated in Sagittarius in conjunction with Mars.  This could represent martial energies that are related karmically to our soul destiny.  Chiron, the wounded healer who mentored all the great champions of ancient Greece in the ways of balance, forethought, wisdom, and healing is trine to Mars, which ascends the energies into a Michaelic archetype.  As a centaur, Chiron is the manifestation of Sagittarius, and his energies are transforming our primal wound in a healing fashion.  Chiron is in Aries which is a powerful combination for action to self in a heroic fashion.  We may be witnessing martial action involving karmic transgressions that will have a healing effect.

There is also an opposition Lilith in Gemini and Vesta in Sagittarius.  This axis is being squared by Neptune Athena conjunction in Pisces.  The Vesta Lilith opposition creates tension between the two bodies.

Vesta in Sagittarius is a higher devotion to Universal Truth and acts as the Guardian of the Sacred Flames (Spiritual Truth).  Vesta has been playing a major role over the years in the Cosmic Plan that is being executed for the ascension of humanity and the biosphere.  Vesta will be in close approximation to the Logos energies of the Sun and Central Sun.  Their may be a component of self-sacrifice in this arrangement.

In opposition to Vesta is Black Moon Lilith in Gemini which is the manifestation of our Life Force energies.  Lilith power can be mystical and magical.  Harnessed in her lower energies Lilith is a force for enslavement, coercion, and destruction.  In her ascended state, Black Moon Lilith becomes an essential element of the Divine Feminine and the driving force of our creativity.  This is the essence of our powerful sexual-creative energy and depending upon where it is channeled can be a force for constructive transformation or destructive annihilation.  Her position in Gemini suggests the potential for both paths.

Oppositions offer us the opportunity to balance the energies.  This will be assisted by Neptune and Athena conjunction in Pisces squaring the Vesta-Black Moon Lilith opposition.  This square represents a choice that is given to us through the mythology of Athena and Neptune. When the ancient city of Athens petitioned the pantheon for its sponsor, a choice was given to them by the embodiment of Athena or Neptune.  Both gods bore gifts to the city.  Neptune offered a gushing spring of seawater which represents naval/military power.  Athena offered the olive plant which represented peace.  The city chose Athena’s gift.  We are now facing a similar decision between dark occult enslavement to our fears and lower desires, or an enlivened state of existence in a reciprocal relationship with the heavenly realm.

The confining and structuring powers of Saturn in Aquarius will be squared to the expansive and explosive powers of Uranus in Taurus.  Saturn is reconfiguring an understanding of our spiritual relationship to the heavenly realm. Aquarian energy is humanistic and Promethean which is spiritually derived.  Uranus in Taurus is radically changing how we relate to the Earth, the material, and the mundane.  Uranian changes are revolutionary and Uranus rules Aquarius.  This square suggests the precipitation of transformational events.  This alignment also suggests that the energies of Saturn will be shaping these changes in a controlled fashion guided under spiritual principles.


As we move through the season of winter and transition into the New Year, the energies of the celestial realm are destined to reconfigure our Ego body.  In the same way that Ganymede was favored by the Logos, those who remain courageous in their God-Sovereignty will be most affected by this transition. For those souls who seen nothing worth salvaging within the lower realms of fear and deception, our flight to Olympus is a journey that is not only welcomed, but one that we have been ordained to take.

This is a journey that cannot be envisioned because only the Logos knows the way, and the truth, and the life of it.  Our only requisite is to have faith in the NOW time of I AM Christ consciousness. Our present or gift will be God’s presence. Listen for the cracks in the facade that covers the wall of lies, watch for the portals, and let go when it is time.

Our destination is within, not without.

In one way or another, our chariot has arrived, and we are now on it.

In Good Faith,



For further discussion of the essence of the 2021-2022 transformational events please see following video lecture:

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