Healing Through Revelation

“Ultimately, the goal of this endeavor is to help shift the reference of our consciousness and ascend into a higher state of awareness. Once this transformation occurs it becomes impossible to go back into the state of perception that had preceded it. Not only will you change, but you will have changed the world for the better.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian May 10, 2016

This site is devoted to understanding the concept of healing with no limits or qualifiers.  Healing means becoming whole.  Becoming whole means taking that which has been separated and putting it back together.  What has been separated from us through millennia of developing an understanding of the machinations of the physical world—is spirit.  In reality, spirit is only isolated from our Ego centered conscious mind and therefore it seems to have no place to exist within the illusionary state of modern existence.  Through decades of studying the art of medicine as it has been taught to our modern physicians I have discovered that regardless of the approach or techniques applied, healing cannot be accomplished unless the spirit is invoked. This can only be accomplished within the parameters of love.  If love does not exist healing cannot occur.  Optimally, this is most enhanced through a state of grace.

Years ago as I was struggling and juggling with various approaches to healing, an epiphany occurred to me as I was attempting to explain the deeper and more mysterious nature of the soul to a small group of semi-interested medical students.  This type of teaching endeavor is one that I am exceeding familiar with and can in many ways be a humbling if not frustrating experience depending upon how receptive and spiritually aware the student may be for this sort of knowledge.  Ultimately, it is nearly impossible to convey significant knowledge of the occult nature of our inner self as real insight must come through personal experiences that essentially constitute encounters with the higher self (spirit).  Yet, there is a phase or state of development that must occur within every individual soul that prepares us to receive this spiritually charged knowledge at some point later in our life.   If the essential foundation constructed from the acquisition of a higher level of knowledge transcending the confinements of purely secular science does not occur, then not only will a spiritual dialog fail to happen, but even if it does the experience will not be fully understood.   It was at this point in discussing this concept with my students, when I fully realized that the most powerful and effective remedy that we can offer to ourselves and our patients was to comprehend truth at the level of the mystics.  It is most interesting that the emerging reality of Epigenetics is now supporting this exact viewpoint which is simply that overall it is our state of consciousness that primarily determines our health.

This level of understanding quickly leads to a confrontation with sentiments expressed through scriptural sources that only a few years ago would make most persons of science roll theirs eyes, close the book, or move on to another web page.  Today, these aversive reactions still occur in modern day secular intellectuals but their numbers are rapidly dwindling.  It is fair to state that the secular intelligentsia of our recent past is a contracting minority and that most of the educated people living today would welcome the idea of bringing together science with elements of a higher wisdom.  As will be illustrated through the series of discussions that represent the body of this presented work, the salvation of all forms of science, if not the world, depends upon the success of conjoining the elements of science and religion back together again—as it was in earlier times.

So when a very wise person told us that we must come to know the truth before we can become free, we should earnestly reconsider the potentials of this statement. Within the context of this statement an argument was made by those that had initially received the message along the lines of, “What are you talking about?  We were born as free persons so how could the concept of slavery apply to us?”  The wise man answered that our lives are in a chaotic, illusionary, and at times delusional state, and as long as we remain in this low and disordered plane of awareness, we are enslave to those errors and mistakes.   He then conveyed to them an analogy stating that as a slave one could not be part of the family that it serves.   But He also stated that as the Son of the family, one belongs to it forever.  And further, He stated that freedom must occur through an interaction with the Son.  If this process is allowed to occur through the archetype of the Son, then we will be free indeed and we will serve not as a slave but as a child of this enlightened realm.

Against the backdrop of the existential facade that has been engineered to keep the soul’s considerations from achieving communion with a more liberated way of viewing the world, one can easily dismiss these sentiments as wishful flowery thinking with no real substance. Unfortunately, what we are failing to realize is that the harsh realities of the world existence primarily due to our lower state of consciousness and that we are indeed co-creators of our own reality.   Not only will disordered thinking make us ill, but it has a direct effect upon the overall health of the biosphere.  Therefore the opposite is true, and when our thinking becomes clear guided by our intrinsically higher principles, not only are we healing ourselves, but the biosphere itself.

Clearly, there are forces that have been intentionally placed to impeded if not stifle our freedom to reconfigure our life’s realities in communion with the impulses of the higher self.  Yet, it is essential to realize that adversarial forces intentionally exist not only to catalyze a process of transformation, but also expressly for us to overcome these powers that constitute opposition and enslavement.  This is ultimately accomplished when we understand that as these forces of oppression are recognized through the light of our higher consciousness, they are rendered impotent.

Through higher states of consciousness it is recognized that thought is collective.  Not only that, but thought and wisdom exist outside of the parameters of time.  It is a fact that information is not exclusively disseminated to us in a linear state but can exist in a circular fashion in reference to time.   Examples of how this commonly occurs will be illustrated within the presented discussions. Once this is understood it may feel more comfortable to again consider a comprehensive approach to knowledge as it was done in the time before scientific thought became divorced from the potentials of non-physical phenomena.  This does not mean resurrecting superstition and religious doctrines, but merely fostering a developing awareness that life is cyclical and it is our consciousness that constitutes the phase of existence that we find ourselves interacting within.  Some of these interactions are clearly outside of the strict definitions of the physical realm.  Outside of the physical realm there remain elements of our own self that interact and maintain communion with these unseen forces.

The method employed throughout these discussions is alchemical in nature.  It is only through the practice of Alchemy where we can make sense out of nonsense, join together what has been separated, and extract the pearls that have been intentionally hidden from our awareness within the deepest recess of a mound that constitutes a dung heap of corruption, deception, and ignorance.  There is a give and take dynamic to this process which not only challenges the seeker of wisdom, but ultimately transforms the nature of the inner self.   In the beginning, all that this process may achieve is a sense of darkness, agitation, and confusion which constitutes the beginning of all alchemical reactions.  Yet if the seeker is sincere, these confrontations will act to catalyze meditative and contemplative thought which has a tendency over time to expand awareness and open an inner dialog to the higher self (spirit).   As was in my case, this dialog will occur in a heightened state of awareness usually within a dreamscape.  It has been predicted by venerated sources that it will be within our dreams where higher knowledge will be disseminated to the elements of the receptive soul in this transformational time that we now find ourselves living within.  In the end, the student may be astonished to discover that this process is intimately related to the redemption of the inner self through the archetype of the Son.

This work is not intended to replace anything that has existed before it.   If anything, it should inspire the seeker to validate the knowledge that is being channeled through it by discovering their own independent sources which would include not only spiritual and scientific material, but also personal experience.  This work is clearly not for everyone, but may resonate most effectively with more existential, heretical, and or platonic souls that have an inclination for Gnostic thought.

Ultimately, the goal of this endeavor is to help shift the reference of our consciousness and ascend into a higher state of awareness.  Once this transformation occurs it becomes impossible to go back into the state of perception that had preceded it.  Not only will you change, but you will have changed the world for the better.  Yet the mistake that most students make is that they erroneously believe that this transformation can occur solely through willful action—which constitutes an egotistical and intellectual endeavor.  It is true that willful action is necessary to initiate the process.  This is simply developing and fostering not only an impulse to know higher truth, but some method of contemplative introspection which constitutes a form of mediation catalyzed by earnest intellectual endeavors.

Yet even this is not enough, as the final component of this transformational process must occur which is simply an act of faith.  At the beginning, I use to say that we must have faith within the human experience of those who came before us and have walked the same pathway.  Today I realize that this is still true, but that their testimony which was left behind for us to discover in the form of our science, mythology, art, and scripture, was also done to ensure that they would not forget hard won truths that were disseminated not only to their progeny but back to themselves when it became time for them to reincarnate again into the physical life. In many ways, venerated writings are truly an act of self preservation.   But to take this to the final state of understanding, we must eventually defer to our higher spiritual self.  This in itself is an ultimate act of faith as it constitutes subjecting our egotistical self to a force that we are not yet consciously aware of and as such remain skeptical if not afraid of.

Another major focus of this work is an attempt to illustrate through personal testimony how this process might unfold.  As always, it is important the remember that it is my own mythos.  But it is just as important to acknowledge that my personal experiences would have never occurred if I had not contemplated testimony that was sincerely conveyed by many others.

In a time when global transformation through a myriad of disclosures are occurring all around us, it would be impossible for me to remain silent in regards to these mystical experiences.  Furthermore, enlightened insight is occurring or will occur within each and every individual that openly welcomes it.  The nature of this information must be freely shared to all who have the capability to understand it as the truth that is being disseminated constitutes our greatest capacity to change our environment and therefore to heal.

Again, this website has been freely created within the spirit of holistic healing.  Any ideas that promote our ordained ascension of consciousness and therefore wholeness and well being will be welcomed and embraced.



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