Autism as an Unnatural and Supernatural Phenomena

“It seems intuitive to me that in order for us to naturally develop to our full potentials we must take into account the fact that there is a process that transcends our control that must be respected and allowed to flow within its ordained pathway.”


Beyond the Soul’s Meridian June 8, 2016

When eyes can’t see the mind is blind.

Today, one of the greatest concerns to the health of our children is the issue of Autism.  Current scientific estimations are now reporting that as many as 1 out of 50 children born in the United States (predominately males) are afflicted with autism or ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). (1)  Rates of autism from other developed nations are similar to US numbers with rare exception.  Despite many theories as to the cause of this epidemic there does not seem to be a consensus within our conventional science to explain why this phenomena is happening.  Even in my experience within the integrative health community, the true etiology of what is occurring still remains a mystery.  Despite our twentieth century theories suggesting that it is due to toxins in the environment, heavy metals and preservatives within the vaccines, hyper-stimulation of the immune system either through the immunizations or natural illness, GMO food products, etc, etc, the correlations between these substances and practices are at best weak. Yet, there are three very distinct empirical observations that have been made within recent times that are now strongly suggesting the primary reasons for why we are now saddled with this current specter of Autism.

The first observation comes from a study mentioned in JAMA Pediatrics October 2013 noting a strong association between forced deliveries of children through induction of labor by IV pitocin or ripening of the cervix with topical prostaglandin. (2)  Mothers who underwent this procedure had a 40% increase in children with autism.  Despite baffling theoretical relationships between the substances of pitocin and prostaglandin and their relationship to the cause of autism, I had proposed through my previous discussion (see Chapter 5 pages 89-92 in Beyond the Soul’s Meridian PDF file) that the etiology may not be physical in nature.  As stated beforehand, the timing of birth and therefore our astrological signatures are vital for us to complete our life’s mission here on earth.  The reasons for this are complex and have to a certain degree been outlined in the previously mentioned discussion.  Therefore, the cause in this case may be related to an unnatural or unanticipated time of birth more so than any identifiable physical substance.

Brain development and neuronal migrations within the brain remains fluid for a significant period of time before and after birth.


Despite the fact that the infant brain contains more individual neurons than at any other point with its life, the brain continues to grow in size, complexity, and function.  If something goes wrong with this very delicately balanced process, such as a congenital cataract obstructing the stimulation of a neuronal pathway by light, then neural migration and transformations do not occur within the visual cortex and the person can be permanently blinded.  Vision only develops if the light obstruction is removed.  Most experts believe that the removal of the cataract should be done as soon as possible but in most instances are forced to wait up to 6-8 weeks due to complications of the procedure including risks of glaucoma. (3)  To those who care for the autistic, there is a nature to this affliction which strongly suggest limited soul capacities and elements of blindness.

In holistic medicine, the ancients had an understanding that it was not just the light of the sun that was striking and entering our bodies but also additional energies emanating from individual points of light from the entire cosmos.  The most critical sources would be from the seven largest and intense celestial bodies that constitute the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  The energy that is admitted from these focal points of light also enter into our bodies through the chakras and generally it is understood that these are near the endocrine glands that are associated at these areas which include the pineal, pituitary, thyroid/parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, and gonads.  These glands can be thought of as an extension of the neurosensory/neuroendocrine system. The Pineal gland is referred to as the third eye, so in descending fashion we have additional eyes where these celestial lights are entering. If the process of birth is hindered through an early precipitated forced delivery it is quite possible that these energies would have an entirely different effect on neuronal migration.  It would be logical to conclude that if neuronal migration is stifled, then this would have a detrimental effect upon the developing psyche and therefore a completely different if not unintended outcome.

Studies published in JAMA in 2011 and Archives of Neurology in 2007 demonstrate that there are indeed signatures within the developing brain suggesting aberrations of neuronal migratory patterns leading to increased cellularity in the prefrontal cortex, abnormal cortical patterns, connectivity, and neuronal organization causing dysfunctions in the way that the hemispheres of the brain communicate to each other. (4, 5) These abnormal brain patterns seem to be occurring well before vaccinations are administered or environmental toxins are being encountered.

It seems intuitive to me that in order for us to naturally develop to our full potentials we must take into account the fact that there is a process that transcends our control that must be respected and allowed to flow within its ordained pathway.  This is not to suggest that we must never induce labor, but we must respect the fact that the process must occur as naturally and as compassionately as possible.  It appears to be no coincidence that the rising rate of autism directly correlates to the rise in unnatural deliveries.  Once our vocation collectively becomes cognizant of these facts, I suspect that we will apply these procedures more judiciously and the autism rates may start to decline.

The second observation was also published in JAMA Pediatrics in early 2016 which indicate an 87% increase in children born to mothers who used SSRIs (selective serotonin receptor inhibitors) mainly for depression (6) Despite this observation there are other studies within conventional medicine that have not show this correlation.  The Pharmaceutical industry maintains that this observation is not related to the SSRI.  As time goes by and the evidence mounts this viewpoint is becoming more difficult to defend.

It is also quite possible that the major factor contributing to this observation is not so much the SSRI as it is the state of the mother’s consciousness during pregnancy.  In Chapter 3 of Beyond the Soul’s Meridian (page 45-46 of the PDF file) regarding our adopted world view, I had mentioned a tragedy that I witnessed regarding the effects of severe emotional stress during pregnancy.  In this case the daughter who assumed the role as the main caregiver of one of my patients—who had opted for aggressive and invasive procedures for terminal cancer—conceived a child at the beginning of this ordeal. Her child was born about two weeks after her mother’s protracted and agonal death with an incurable genetic disorder (Trisomy 18).  This baby died about two weeks later.   Although it cannot be “scientifically proven” this observation strongly suggests that the stress and emotional state of the mother was not conducive to a healthy and viable child.  Although this case is not an example of autism, lower forms of stress could certainly have detrimental affects upon the developing fetus.

Again there is a direct correlation between our growing epidemic of psychological “illness” and the rise of autism related diseases—although I would not label those suffering from the effects of exponentially rising ambient chaos, fear, and stress as actually having a “disease” as much as conventionally reacting to an anticipated effect that may be purposefully engineer. All of this is just common sense.

Our mythologies give us a clue as to how important it is for us to minimize the amount of stress that a mother and developing fetus should endure during its development.  In a very interesting interview that occurred in 1995 by the spiritual teacher Joanna Cherry with the alleged Princes Sharula Dux from the inner earth Agarthan city Telos describing what life is like in a higher evolved civilization, the process of birth is mention:

JC: Would you describe a typical life in Telos, from birth?

SD: Well, when a woman first realizes she’s pregnant, she goes to a temple room where she’s given lots of loving support and surrounded with beautiful pictures and music. She sees her baby as beautiful and perfect. This love and perfection go right into its cells. Wonderful building blocks! Both parents talk to the child with great love, sing to it, etc. So it really knows it is loved and wanted. Pregnancy lasts only three months.

JC: Three months! But how does the baby survive?

SD: That’s all a baby needs in the womb; it’s born quite healthy and strong.

JC: What a difference!

SD: When the baby is ready to be born, the mother goes to a birthing section of the temple, where she’s assisted by a birthing priestess. The birth is under water–painless–which is best for both the mother and the baby.

JC: Why is that a good way?

SD: As birth usually is on the surface, the baby’s umbilical cord is cut long before it is ready or able to breathe easily and naturally. Often it is struck in order to start its breathing, so its first breath is taken in pain and fear. This leads to people shutting down their breath during life–being half alive!–and to diseases such as emphysema and other lung problems.When a baby is born in Telos, it slides right in to warm water. It feels right at home. It continues to be connected to the mother by the umbilical cord for perhaps half an hour, while it floats around and rests from the birth process, being loved and welcomed by its parents. Finally, it starts to breathe fully on its own. Only then is the cord painlessly cut with a laser.For the next two years, the father stays home to help with this crucial time of the child’s life. It’s vital that both father and mother, female and male are present for a child to be fully balanced. Each child is given twelve sets of godparents, most often with children of their own. It spends time with all these families, and begins to feel like all the world is family. This discourages cliques from forming, and de-rigidifies family patterns.  Education begins at three years, and it’s based on the intelligence of the child, not its ignorance. Meditation is taught, reading, dance, sports, math, acting, abstract concepts, playwriting. The kids are taught to think for themselves, and work things out. In a “play and learn” concept, they learn self-expression without violence. (7)

Well, perhaps Telos really doesn’t exist, and then again perhaps it does.  Regardless of these facts, I would really love to live and in a place that would foster such practices, and I believe that this is really the point.  Mythologies such as the inner earth’s Agarthan Empire and its cities such as Telos, fuel our imagination giving it form and shape through hopeful inspirations for a better future.  It seems impossible to me that such thoughts could contribute anything but a positive outcome to the health of those souls that are preparing to incarnate into this world to not only experience life and love within the full spectrum of its manifestations, but to fulfill their ordained evolutionary goals.

The third observation has to do with folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation. This information was presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) on May 13, 2016 suggesting that there is a direct correlation between elevated levels of folic acid and B12 in the mother and the development of autism later in the child. (8)  If these observations are correct the results of this research are profound.   It was discovered that in mothers who had above normal folic acid levels there was a 200% increase in autism, in elevated B12 levels there was a 300% increase, and if both levels were found to be elevated in the mother 1760% increase in autism developing later in the child. It has been previously established that both folic acid and vitamin B12 play essential roles in the neuronal migratory patterns of the developing fetus and infant. (9)

Not only is this observation astounding, but it appears to prove realities within science that conventional allopathic medicine has remained ignorant upon since the medical industrial complex took over.

The reasons for this observation are twofold.  The first has to do with the limitations of three dimensional, Newtonian, evidence based, conventional medicine.  Within this mindset we have a tendency to fall into the trap of more is better—meaning that if substances such as vitamins are good for us, them more vitamins will be better.  Yet, virtually all studies looking at vitamin supplementation in otherwise healthy people that have no pathological or nutritional reasons to have a vitamin deficiency, demonstrate that the process of adding additional vitamins to our diet is detrimental to our health.  Studies anticipating lower cancer rates and increased longevity actually showed the opposite effects.   Vitamins are not benign substances by any means and in many instances can be dangerous to our health.

At this point is would be important to consider the concept of Mitochondrial Hormesis (Hormesis).  This observation conveys to us that every substance has both positive and negative effects which is dependent upon the concentration that a person is exposed to. (10)  An example of this would be vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  Although it is routinely consider as a health benefit, mega-doses of vitamin C increased cancer rates.   One could also look at the heavy metals.  At high concentrations mercury (Hg) and lead (Pb) are toxic substance, but at homeopathic dilutions where trace amounts of substance are found or in the highest dilutions where very little if any molecules even exist, positive therapeutic effects are routinely observed.   The idea is that these small amounts of toxins are actually priming our health body (also known as the etheric or vital body) which is an energy body that when stimulated in the proper way, enhances our health.  The right amount of stimulation is called eustress which literally means “good stress”. An example of this can be seen in physical activity.  Just the right amount of moderate exercise is a health benefit, but no significant benefit is noted from too little and it can even be detrimental from too much.


Mitochondrial Hormesis from Wikipedia

It is also essential to consider the source of where the vitamins are coming from.  Ultimately this must be from a living entity which has vitalized the chemical structures.  There seems to be a significant difference between nutritional substances that come directly from living sources (breast milk, honey, nuts, grains, fresh produce, eggs, diary, fish, meat, etc.) and that which comes from the breakdown of substance from complex to elemental forms through natural decay or artificially processed means.  It is becoming clear that through these destructive processes the energetic vitality and therefore the nutritional benefit of the substance is destroyed.  There appears to be a tremendous difference between vitamins derived from whole and unadulterated foods and those that are artificially produced.  Far more can be said upon this subject.

Therefore it is exceeding possible that normal patterns of neuronal migration is impaired by elevated folic acid and vitamin B12 levels that are coming from non-living sources in abnormally high doses.  Clearly, there appears to be a benefit from these substances from lower doses.  We must also consider the source from where these vitamins are coming from and it must be as natural and unadulterated as possible.

In the country of Cuba where vaccination rates are close 99% of the pediatric population, autism rates are exceedingly low.  As of 2013, only 185 cases have been reported in a population of over 11,000,000 persons.  This small number amounts to 0.00168% of the population as opposed to 1-2% of the United States population.(11)  Although Cuba’s financial resources are meager, the nation prides itself on its health care and medical education system which provides a substantial amount of physicians who routinely administer health care throughout many parts of the world.  The reasons for this exceedingly low autism rate are thought to be related to the practice of not routinely treating fevers in infants and children.  But perhaps most interesting, prenatal vitamins are not provided for pregnant women until their second trimester.  The absence of prenatal vitamins in the first trimester is offset by increasing meat and fish consumption. (12)  It is widely regarded that these “Cuban” vitamins are consider less potent than those from the US or Europe.  Yet, it may be that because of their lower potencies, derived source, and the fact that doctors are incapable of prescribing until the second trimester, that autism rates remain the lowest in the world.

Hopefully through these considerations we can begin to see where empirical observation is leading us as to the real cause of autism.   What I believe we should gain from this discussion is an appreciation for the fact that we are designed to be the way that we are.  We must learn to discover and trust the wisdom that has been embedded within our existence and enhance the processes that nature is subtly drawing our attentions towards.   We must also refrain from forcefully deviating if not destroying what nature and the spirit has already provided for us.  We must learn to work in harmony with these forces to enhance our lives while resisting the temptation to egotistically improve upon what we do not yet fully understand.   First and foremost, our actions must bring no harm to those that we treat or to the forces within the natural world that ultimately determine our state of health and wholeness.














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