Consciousness Soul: When our Consciousness Shifts from the “Ego” to the “I”

“It was always understood by our ancestors that when we distance our self from Love, God, and the Spirit, that our hearts would harden. In many ways this is the actual cause of atherosclerosis. The ancient Egyptian people knew that it was impossible to enter this ascended realm of enlightenment unless the soul’s heart became lighter than a feather. Anything that generates love, insight, compassion, joy, and wonderment is breaking down the constraining forces of the Ego and is opening a portal to a higher state of heart based Love (Christ) consciousness which invigorates and enlightens this astral (emotional) organ. It is said that when we experience astonishment we are bringing the impulse of Christ into our heart. This action spiritualizes the astral body by casting love and light into a dark space which is still for many a foreboding and frightening place.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian July 9, 2016

It is impossible to know what is really happening to our soul, world, and collective consciousness without actively looking outside of our conventional sources of knowledge.  Through traditional education and the programming that all of it entails, one cannot help looking into the future without a sense of dreadful concern.  Not only is a portrait of doom constantly paraded in front of us to gawk at through our science, education, news, and entertainment, but this message is even disseminated through critically acclaimed films such as Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Ridley Scott’s The Martian.  In both instances, we are gifted with a fecundity of sterile ideas based upon linear Newtonian logic that is programmed to appeal to our common rational egotistical sense.  Within the universal mindset that these films portray, we are victims of a random, chaotic, and spiritless existence where we are confined within the parameters of a culture of death that will very shortly consume us.  Within this paradigm, our environment is rapidly deteriorating, crops are failing, the fifth dimension is an isolated and lonely place, and it takes over a year to travel to Mars which is completely devoid of life.

In the movie the Martian, we sent an entire mission to Mars without any contingency plans.  And when something did fail, plans were devised by fourth rate scientists, which because of their sworn beliefs in secular science, could not offer any imaginative solutions outside of what most educated people in the audience were already familiar with.

In the movie Interstellar, we are shown our poor beleaguered Mother Earth dying because of climate changes and an inflexible ability to grow our food outside of fossil fuel GMO based technologies.  We are then led to conclude that abandoning our home planet for another “earth” is our only viable option.  It was even suggested that this is how we evolve, by killing off one planet and then developing technology to explore others.  In the end, we find nothing in space except sterile landscapes upon hostile and lifeless planets.  In the concluding scene we see that some of Earth’s inhabitants “jumped ship” and were living on a man made satellite that was orbiting around our dying if not already dead home leaving us to ask the question, “What happened to everybody else?”

Obviously, no one had ever heard of Rudolf Steiner or Biodynamic farming, because if they had they could have saved their planet.  But in order to accomplish this, the characters and the script writers would have had to evolve into a higher state of awareness that is outside of the parameters that both of these films were allowed to portray.

Although to suggest that there is some kind of conspiracy that designs and engineers this type of conventional and confining propaganda through artistic expressions to unsuspecting persons would be kind of crazy, right?  Well, perhaps it is not as crazy as it sounds.  In April 2105, over 30,000 documents and over 100,000 emails were disclosed to the public concerning collusion between Sony Corporation and the Rand Corporation (which is a Military Industrial Complex/CIA influenced think tank) in regards to the direct manipulation of the film and music industry. (1)  Although Paramount and Warner Brothers (Interstellar) and Twentieth Century Fox (The Martian) are not mentioned in this data dump, precedents has been long established (ABC/Capital Cities/William Casey/CIA, NBC/General Electric, CBS/Westinghouse, etc) between the media and elements within those trying to influence us through our governmental agencies and the military industrial complex.

This programmed indoctrination, which began centuries ago through our science, popular media, and basic education, has long ago served its purpose and now only exists to arrest our expansion of consciousness.  For people living upon the Earth today, we spend most of our time with our eyes cast down towards the ground living firmly within the will forces of our own individuality.  Although in the past this was necessary for our Ego development, by design it separates us from experiential realities beyond an awareness of a three dimensional state of existence.  Today, what we must come to realize is that a culture of death and limitation portrayed through science and the media has NEVER been our only option.  It is also imperative to understand that our consciousness is determining future outcomes.  When we are constantly barraged with the images of a death based culture within third dimensional/density limitations, we either live in constant fear of the future, or we choose to ignore it.  What must change is our ability to project into the future not only a hopeful vision of transformation, but we must develop an indelible certainty about this healing vision.  This is how we overcome our fear and successfully evolve.  Yet, we cannot acquire such a high level of fearlessness, certainty and understanding unless our consciousness shifts into a greater state of awareness.  This can only occur through direct confrontations with non-linear realities that constitute conscious encounters with archetypal experiences outside of Ego based third dimensional-density life.

There are some of us who are having these experiences sooner than others.  It occurs this way for many reasons, but historically we have always learned in this fashion.  Higher knowledge is acquired by someone and they are then compelled to disseminate this wisdom to the souls of other persons.   This process is only successful to those who have reached a critical evolutionary point who can effectively receive and understand these more spiritually charged messages.  In virtually all instances, this received information is generating and validating their own experiences and interconnecting their higher thoughts and insights with others who are courageous enough to share their vision. This process rapidly expands our collective consciousness and in many ways can even realign the nature of what constitutes the current form of our own being.

As author, physicist, philosopher, mathematician, and historian, Professor James E. Beichler so beautifully states:

As each succeeding generation in a species grows up over time, individual members of the species fill their inherited consciousness framework with new data and knowledge as new and more complex patterns develop within mind, evolving individual consciousness and slowly raising the level of the species’ collective consciousness. The progressive course of the species’ evolution continues as each individual consciousness becomes more complex in itself. From here on out, beyond the emergence of human consciousness, mental evolution becomes dominant over the processes of evolution as described by either Darwinian or modern biological evolution. In other words, evolution due to the emergence of complexities is a form of top-down evolution that can explain rapid evolutionary leaps among species that cannot be explained by the bottom-up evolution of Darwin (based on natural selection) or modern cell biology (based on beneficial mutations in DNA). This process continues until enough individual human consciousnesses have advanced the species as a whole to a threshold point whereupon the species consciousness as a whole forms a new shared complexity (Sheldrake’s morphic field) which emerges as an evolutionary leap forward”  (2)

Professor Beichler clearly suggests that it is an expanding level of consciousness that is driving our individual and collective evolution and that this expanding awareness is reconfiguring the human being from the “top-down” into a more rarefied entity. In this more enlightened form of human existence there will be no place within the human soul to fear the future, because each and every individual will know that their consciousness is eternal, that they have repeatedly come back into the world for specific reasons and goals, and that their source of love and wisdom is intimately connected to a higher self-entity that guides us through these journeys.

Earlier this year, as I was attending a holistic medical conference, I finally heard someone softly state something about the moment when “Consciousness shifts from the Ego to the “I”.”  I caught nothing else of the conversation.  Although I have my suspicion of who said this, I wasn’t quite sure and neither was the person who I thought made the statement when later that day I asked him to please elaborate.  It is also possible that the source was telepathic or angelic.  Regardless, it was a validating moment that I had been waiting to hear for many years as it gave me hope that there are some persons within my vocation that are beginning to understand.

In the study of esoteric science and human psychology there has always been a level of confusion delineating the difference between the little ego, big Ego, and the “I”.  In my experience there is still a lack of consensus and understanding.  Some refer to the big Ego as the “I” which in many instances is thought of as the eternal self or soul.  The little ego is generally thought of as the persona—an external manifestation of who we think we have become.  The previous discussion of Narcissus and Echo in Chapter VIII of Beyond the Soul’s Meridian addresses this issue in detail. (3)  In esoteric science there exists the concept of a four fold human being which is related to the vision of Ezekiel’s four angels (Ox, Eagle, Lion, and Man) and the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. These elements or bodies are referred to as the Physical body, the Etheric body, the Astral body, and the Ego body. (4)  In many circles this four fold concept is rigidly adhered to.  This is what constitutes a human being living an egotistically based life namely because our center of consciousness is based upon an awareness through our neurosensory oriented, logical, rational consciousness.  This is also referred to as a third density existence.

Yet in this model there is really no consideration for the “I”.  Although egotistical persons would assume that the “I” is exclusively connected to a personal identity, this is not the case.  To eliminate the confusion the “I” should be most accurately considered as “I am”.  Even from this perspective, one could easily assume an egotistical definition of “I am strong, an island, gifted, a bastion, etc.” Again, this is an egotistical view which remains oblivious to the higher meaning.   When properly understood, the “I am” perspective not only identifies our individuality, but most accurately strips away from it all attached preconceptions and egotistical personas.  From this perspective I have most accurately identified myself with the same name of all other seekers of truth, the one who is known as “THE I AM”, and also with the entity known as “I AM THE I AM”. In this evolved state of “I am” consciousness the individual is in communion with these energies and is able to see outside of an egotistical perspective.  In a sense, our soul is reconfigured into a less egotistical and more spiritually conscious entity.  This is why Rudolf Steiner called it consciousness soul.  It is also implicitly understood that our eternal soul does have a name, but most have not evolved their awareness to the point of truly knowing it.  That is why when a person steps out of their individual ego-persona, about the only thing that they can truthfully say about them self is “I am.  I exist. I identify and am now living within my true self.” This eternal consciousness is indeed the true self.  But as of yet, I still do not know it by its ultimate individual identity as my name in this life and many others that preceded it were merely transitory.

Well perhaps some day in this life I will come to know my true name, and then again maybe I will not.  Regardless, what is certain is that I must continue to expand my awareness through the growth of consciousness soul.  Yet, it is impossible for us to do this unless we can find the nourishment needed to grow and sustain it.  This is what is meant when the Master stated;

Man does not live by bread alone, but by every world that flows from the mouth of God.”

Sometimes this growth is equated with an acorn that under optimal circumstances will grow into a mighty Oak tree.  What is essential for this process is a unique substance that is derived from a source which is an entity far more spiritually evolved than we are in our current state of existence.  In our mythological scriptures this nourishment is known as Manna or Mana which was a heavenly food that was given to the people of God to sustain them.  In Polynesian culture Mana means an individual’s spiritual power derived from God in relationship to higher self.  In esoteric schools the word Manas is used which is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning mind.  It also means higher knowledge or wisdom.  In spiritual science Rudolf Steiner intimately related Manas to consciousness soul.  So it becomes essential to understand the relationship between spiritually derived vision (Mana) which is actually the food that our soul mind requires to grow and expand our higher consciousness (Manas).

Recently, I had a significant dream that helps to illustrate this point.  I was on a Mediterranean shoreline with my family watching my Father fishing.  Immediately, he hooked a fish and reeled it in.  This fish was magnificent and I instantly recognized it as a “Blue Mackerel.”  As I gazed at this beautiful fish lying upon the beach I noticed that it was quite large—about the sized of a King Mackerel—and it appeared to be wrapped in a blue garment.  My Father then stated that he really didn’t want this fish and that it belonged to me if I desired it.  Well of course I wanted it, and all I could think of was how this amazing fish would nourish and sustain my family.

I then heard a noise, and as I turned around I saw my Father and my sister wrestling with a strange animal that seemed to be wrapped in a large wet blanket of either seaweed or natural canvas which was brown in color and heavy in appearance.  The animal then again bleated out its cry and I recognized that it was a fetal deer folded up in a ball wrapped in an earth-like placenta.  My Father had dragged this in from the ocean and it was now being born.  Again, my Father stated that he did not want it, and again I accepted this gift as I envisioned nurturing and raising this animal with my son.  Although it is illegal to raise a wild animal, I knew that this was the right action.  Taking on the responsibility of raising it, this animal would become intimately related to us.  It almost seemed like we would be creating a new relationship with Nature and the natural world.  I bundled up the deer and the fish—and carried them home.  Then the dream ended.

Sometimes significant dreams are known as the Mysteries of the Spirit.  They can be specifically identified as the Mysteries of the Father and of the Son by messages that are conveyed by both of these archetypes.  Anytime a Father or a Son appears in a dream, it causes me to pay great attention to the message.   In this instance, the fish represents Christ. The blue cloak or wrap is interesting because many times Jesus is depicted as wearing a blue sash or enshrouded by a blue sphere which is believed to symbolize


Ascension.  I intuited that not only was this fish exactly what I needed for my nourishment, but also my family, which I understood to be the entire family of man living on this earth.  I specifically understood that this was an etherealized substance which we needed to spiritually expand our consciousness.  Without this nourishment there was absolutely no potential for growth and in fact we would likely perish.

The deer was also a blessing. It represents grace, compassion, and gentleness through the forces of the Earth’s hidden feminine nature.  I took it to represent the potential of a new covenant between the ascended soul and Nature as we will in the near future live in complete harmony.  It is interesting that I understood that this animal would be raised with the intimate cooperation of my son.  At the time of the dream I was thinking of my own son, which could be understood to mean the generations that are to come after us.  But I think more importantly it means that this healing and nurturing must occur within the presence of the Son, which should also be interpreted as Christ.

Esoteric science conveys to us that life is interrelated through a process of ascension.   This begins from the most elemental forms of mineral substance ascending into plant life, animated and organized animal life, emotionality, intelligent human thought, expanded consciousness, and higher organizing energies which comprise the elements of the spiritual realms.


At the lowest levels, this inter-relationship is obvious as we can clearly see that lower forms of life exist in a symbiotic relationship with life forms that are above it. (5) Although parasitic relationships do exist, most interactions are interdependent and balanced.  Yet this process does not stop at our intellectually based Ego as many assume, but continues throughout a spectrum that most likely consists of twelve levels. (6)  Today we are living within this time of transformation ascending from an egotistical human being (third density) into an enlightened “I am” human being (fourth density) and the substance that fuels all of this is gifted to us from more evolved spiritual beings that constitute inspirational impulses, archetypal vision, and spiritual guidance.  The source of these visions is derived from higher evolved transdimensional, extra/inter-terrestrials, spiritual, and/or angelic beings who are naturally casting off what is to them the secretion of their lowest manifestations—like a tree shedding its leaves or an animal exhaling.  My dream suggests that these higher visions of spiritual sustenance are gifted to us through the wisdom and compassion of highly evolved benevolent beings.

We are also karmically related to these higher beings, and in order for them to ascend into a higher state, we must also be successful at our task. There are even some persons (like Professor Beichler) who are suggesting that we are on the verge of evolving into a new species. Considering all of the energies that are now converging upon our individual soul and our collective biosphere this all seems very probable.

It is critical to understand that these higher thoughts which are gifted to us are actually alive—as opposed to the dead ideas which are force fed into us through Ego based conditioning.  Consciousness soul (Manas) is nurtured through spiritually charged invigorated archetypal ideas.  It was clairvoyants such as Rudolf Steiner over a century ago who observed that we were beginning to spiritualize our astral body which is manifested through the cardio-pulmonary system and seated within the energies of the heart chakra.  In a sense, consciousness is shifting from the head into the heart which is the essence of becoming an ascended fourth density enlightened human being.  It is interesting to note that although the heart is considered an involuntary organ, it is composed of striated muscle which is voluntary.  In actuality, the heart is both involuntary and voluntary as we are learning to control its action through processes of mindfulness and awareness.  From an evolutionary perspective, it is predicted that we will develop greater voluntary capacities over our heart energies.

Yet, if this transformational process does not occur at some point before the middle of our life, the consequences can be disastrous. It was always understood by our ancestors that when we distance our self from Love, God, and the Spirit, that our hearts would harden.  In many ways this is the actual cause of atherosclerosis.   The ancient Egyptian people knew that it was impossible to enter this ascended realm of enlightenment unless the soul’s heart became lighter than a feather.  Anything that generates love, insight, compassion, joy, and wonderment is breaking down the constraining forces of the Ego and is opening a portal to a higher state of heart based Love (Christ) consciousness which invigorates and enlightens this astral (emotional) organ.  It is said that when we experience astonishment we are bringing the impulse of Christ into our heart.  This action spiritualizes the astral body by casting love and light into a dark space which is still for many a foreboding and frightening place.  This whole process is based upon developing a complete understanding of love through all of its manifestations, which quite frankly, is a glorious and joyful road to travel.  What we will come to know as a living reality is grace and the fact that love is not only a direct manifestation of our higher spiritual self—but the universal constant.

This higher state of awareness through the development of Manas (Christ consciousness or consciousness soul) is setting the stage for something even greater which is the transformation of our etheric body. As Rudolf Steiner stated;

Precisely as we raise ourselves to Manas, so in the further course of evolution shall we someday acquire the life-spirit, Budhi, through the transformation of our etheric body.” (7)

This life-spirit or Budhi is what many consider to be the higher self which is directly related to the Holy Spirit.  When we become fully aware of our etheric capacities, we will then develop complete control of our environment in harmony with the spiritual realm living within the integrated presence of our life-spirit or Budhi.  This appears to be the fully evolved capabilities of the human being.

The path that leads to all of this transformation begins upon the foundation of Christ consciousness.  Yet, it is impossible to initiate this transformation until we fully realize this essential fact. The second coming of Christ has already occurred—within the etheric.  Clairvoyants such as Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, Robert Powell, and Edgar Casey have conveyed to us this indisputable fact.  Today, in our current state of Ego development, the appearance of an externalized Christ upon the physical plane would constitute a vehicle of spiritual transformation that would be about as effective as watching a political rally or the Super Bowl.  Absolutely nothing would change.  Significant transformation must occur within each and every individual in the same fashion that occurred within the entity of Jesus through the universal pattern of “Ascension.”

In a recent broadcast of Wisdom Teachings hosted by the author, New Age scholar, and visionary, David Wilcock, he concisely summarized the ideas of ascension, higher beings, transformation, and the second coming of Christ by stating;

This is actually the greater community of intelligent beings, who are doing their part to advance “their agenda” forward, which is the same thing that you can hear about in Christianity. This idea of the “Second Coming of Christ”, which we grossly misinterpreted as thinking to mean one messianic figure comes down and that it’s all him—and all we have to do is just worship—when in fact it is actually talking about the birth of the “Christ Consciousness”.  So, the idea is that the resurrection of “Christ”—to use Christian terminology “The Ascension”—is not just something that happens to Jesus; ‘Oh, the Son of God is going to return and everyone will be cool because there is an ascended being here.’  No, no, no, it very clearly states that this is going to happen to us—and you have to do the homework.  So we’re all going through that process—we’re all going through that conscious evolution—and apparently, in certain cases, some of these “bleed throughs” start to happen.  As we learn the truth, as disclosure rolls forward, the process is actually awakening these potentials within us.”  (8)

The “community of intelligent beings” that David Wilcock mentions may be part of the same community of beings that Rudolf Steiner had mention almost a century beforehand who are feeding our imagination and nurturing the expansion of our consciousness.  These “bleed throughs” that are mentioned have to do with synchronicities entangled within this expansion of consciousness through higher ennobled thoughts.  In the case that David Wilcock is using as an illustration, the entire village of Dulali in Nigeria witnessed an apparition, in March 2011, which was a vision of a futuristic city floating above their village. (9)   It was reported that this city was of a highly evolved nature which emanated sounds and had highly detailed activities occurring within it.  Despite the skeptics, this vision cannot be satisfactorily explained by any known scientific phenomenon such as a Fata Morgana, which is a complex mirage confined to the horizon.  A similar anomaly occurred over the skies in China, on October 7, 2015, witnessed by thousands of persons which CNN explained away as another example of a Fata Morgana despite many inconsistencies with the witnessed vision and the nature of complex horizon based mirages. (10, 11)

In the case of the Dulali incident, the Chief Iman of the village Mallam Shehu Liman concluded;

We believe that maybe Allah used those sightings to open our eyes to see how Jinns (spirits) live in their own world. Allah is great, and there is nothing He cannot do on earth.

All of this must be taken in with the greatest level of caution.  Although the people of Dulali are sincere, it must be recognized that forms of psychological warfare have been developed that include Voice to Skull technologies (also known as V2K) that modulate sound on a microwave carrier that implant voices within a persons head.  In addition, the Air Force’s project Blue Beam, which may have begun as early as 1994, worked on developing technologies that could project holograms across the sky playing upon people fears, religious beliefs, superstitions, and general lack of discernment. (12)  Therefore, it is impossible to take testimony from anyone solely on face value even when it is being sincerely conveyed.

On the other hand, credible research amassed by persons such as Charles Fort suggest that this type of strange paranormal phenomena seems to have been occurring long before any of these diabolical technologies were developed and will continue to occur long after these devices ever become fully operational. (13)  The challenge for all of us today is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the only way that this can be accomplished is by becoming an initiated knower of truth.  This will only occur if we can develop the courage to confront the shifting realities of the astral world, which is the source that generates our doubts and fears.   This endeavor will never be successful unless it is firmly grounded upon, and married to, the words, deeds, and actions of humanity’s most trusted and benevolent beings.  Every experience must be judged by the truth that is ingrained within its message.  Furthermore, regardless of the source, it must be validated by synchronicities and independent wisdom sources.  As the scriptures tell us on this matter;

Be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.”

This can be interpreted to mean that a highly developed, fully awake, and discerning mind is critical to evaluate the incoming mythologies, scriptural passages, spiritual visions, intentional deception, partial truths, and unexplainable paranormal phenomena.  This process of scrutiny must not be marginalized because it is really our only viable way forward.  No higher authority exists outside of our inner abilities of discernment if it is guided by an awareness and relationship to the higher spiritual self.  This can only occur within a soul that has ascended into Christ consciousness.

Within the parameters of third density Ego based linear-logical life, we see only a bleak and desolate future based upon a form of conditioning that ultimately promotes a culture of fear and death.  In this Ego based worldview very few individuals (if any) can actually benefit from it.  Yet, when we develop the capacity to step outside of this confining paradigm and into “I am” consciousness, we now have the capability and freedom to not only transform our own self, but the world around us.  This is actually what our handlers fear most—that we will awaken to these greater truths and ascend into an enlightened state of being.  There is no secret method to this process.  It is as natural and as effortless as taking a breath, as long as we can develop the insight and courage to trust the guidance of our higher self nurtured through the forces of Creation’s higher spiritual beings.


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