From Anarchy to Synarchy: The Emergence of a Global Conscience

“Under optimal conditions, the death of anarchy leads to the condition of an ascended understanding most accurately defined as Synarchy. In its highest form, Synarchy means the binding back of chaos, deception, struggle, and willful destruction through the universal understanding of love and truth.”

Beyond the Soul’s Meridian August 1, 2016

Just when you think that it can’t get more bizarre….

Recently, I was searching the internet and found the most outrageous headline which read;

Buckingham Palace Admit Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Not Human.”

This was posted on the tabloid news outlet on July 5, 2016.  The article alleges that a statement was posted on the official Royal website ( announcing that indeed the Queen is not a mere mortal, but something other than human:

Earlier this week the Queen was seen by thousands of people in a form they were not acquainted with.  We seek to reassure the public that the Queen is still the Queen, and remains the respected and loved figure that they have always known.  While she may not be human, she is a devoted leader and Monarch, and believes her subjects will grow to accept her and her family for what they are.” (1)

The article goes on to claim that the official statement was posted for only a few hours and then pulled.  It is interesting that there was no official archive for the 5th of July on the official Royal website.  The statement was posted from an alleged screen shot taken shortly before the article was taken off line.

Perhaps even more interesting is that there has been a rash of recent public sightings of Queen Elizabeth shape shifting into a non-human reptilian form, including a constellation of reports posted on social media network related to her unorthodox appearance on June 11, 2016 during her televised 90th birthday celebration. (2) Apparently, these comments were removed as fast as they were posted.  This information has only been reported in the tabloid journals but it is directly correlated to the alleged “official” disclosure made almost three weeks afterwards about the Queen and her family not being human.

In addition, the internet tabloids have also reported that Russian leader Vladimir Putin personally witnessed Queen Elizabeth and many other prominent world leaders shape shifting. (3)  Allegedly, Vladimir Putin has gone so far as to claim that he believes most of the world’s political leaders and ruling class are also cold blooded reptilian-human hybrids belonging to an ancient Babylonian cult.  According to the article, Putin allegedly stated, “that the evidence [of this fact], ancient and modern, is enormous.” (4)

Today, we are living in such a sad state of affairs that it is very difficult to determine the excrement that is being disseminated through the media versus the information that is really valuable.  The previously mentioned Sony documents (see beyondthesoulsmeridian July 2016 post) published in WikiLeaks in 2015 substantially validated the fact that major media has long become the venue for Globalist propaganda. (5)  Although there may still be some information that is factually reported in the mainstream media, there appears to be a gradation that follows a pattern suggesting that the more powerful the media source, the less reliable and more Globalist agenda oriented this information becomes.  Although the tabloids are not considered a major media source, they are by default gaining in influence, which means that they are also becoming infiltrated with disinformation.  I would also suspect that many of these tabloid news outlets are influenced if not created by the same agencies associated with a maleficent power-base that is still attempting to maintain control and that the information being disseminated through these lesser news organizations is at best partially truthful.  My personal estimation is that in the best of circumstances 80% of what is being reported has real worth.

Therefore, as to whether there is any merit to the claims which these lesser news outlets are making is solely up to the individual to freely determine.  I suspect that these embedded truths are intentional, and if one really thinks about it—highly alchemical—which is a practice that has always obfuscated truth.  Yet once we develop the eyes to recognize it, we generally find that truth is hiding in plain site.

Since contemplating these revelatory articles about the Royal family, I cannot help but think of the song God Save the Queen, which was written and performed by the musical artist John Lydon (A.K.A. Johnny Rotten), from the infamous British punk band The Sex Pistols.  In fact, the more I think about it the stranger all of this becomes as it truly seems that John Lydon was either privileged to some very inside information, or he is a highly intuitive soul who was seeing what many others are beginning to visualize.  The song was released in the summer of 1977 and was performed by the Sex Pistols on a chartered boat that was piloted down the Thames River during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.  The endeavor ended in chaos, but the point was made, as Johnny sang:

God save the Queen,

She ain’t no human being…

And our figurehead,

Is not what she seems

There were many other individuals during that time who seemed to be connecting to the same type of collective truth as many were intuiting that something within our society was not right.   In the waning years of the 1970’s things rapidly began to change for the detriment of mankind, and the artistic souls who could sense this were calling it out, if not yelling it.  These seers of truth were truly existentialists who made up the core of what became the punk-rock movement.  Virtually all of them were crying out for social justice.  Many still living today are spiritually charged if not enlightened individuals.

At the height of this transition, the messages being called out were for chaos and forceful change.  It was the Sex Pistols again who created the movement’s anthem with their song, Anarchy in the U.K., a song which Johnny screams out:

I am an anti-Christ,

I am an anarchist,

Don’t know what I want,

But I know how to get it,

I want to destroy the passers by,

Cause I want to be anarchy

It was anarchy, the breakdown of social order, which literally became the concept behind this collective awakening.  This is also the beginning of all alchemical methods which start with the destruction of archaic, conventional, and conditioned thought. This always leads to confusion and chaos in the beginning, but if this process is allowed to naturally progress, eventually clarity with ensue.  As Jesus stated in the second statement in the Gospel of Thomas, the seeker shall seek until he finds, when he finds he will be disturbed, but then he will be astonished and will eventually reign over all. (6)

Yet, anarchy cannot be indefinitely sustained as all revolutions are ordained to eventually end.  Of all of the great souls who have lived within our earth bound human culture, it was clear that Jesus and the Apostle Thomas were highly aware of this archetypal procedure.  In fact it was Thomas the skeptic, who must be considered the most existential if not modern member of the Apostles, who has channeled this transformational message to the generation of humanity that most desperately needs it—as we are all now living in a time of monumental transformation.  Although this transformation is inevitable, it does not come freely and is neither a passive nor even a guaranteed positive experience.

In more recent times, our dear friend Rudolf Steiner understood and expressed the fact on many occasions that a healthy form of existentialism was the last phase of Ego development before spiritual transformation could occur.  In his time (the last decade leading up to the First World War), Dr. Steiner was a leading European Theosophist and a fascination within the Austrian-Hungarian-German intellectuals, as his lectures were attended by the likes of Albert Einstein, Christian von Ehrenfels, Max Brod, and Franz Kafka. (7)  Franz Kafka not only attended some of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures, but sought counsel with him shortly afterwards.  Kafka recorded his impressions of the meeting on March 28, 1911 in his diary.   Although he does not go into any great detail as to the advice that Rudolf Steiner gave him (outside of changing his diet), it was quite apparent that Kafka was going through the initial stages of an alchemical transformation and was seeking insight into his soul’s journey, as he stated:

I feel that a great part of my being is striving toward theosophy, but at the same time I have the greatest fear of it. That is to say, I am afraid it will result in a new confusion which would be very bad for me, because even my present unhappiness consists only of confusion.”

Regardless as to how Rudolf Steiner responded, Franz Kafka went on to become one of the century’s most influential existential artists—which, within his short life—clearly seemed to have been his destiny.  Perhaps if Kafka lived today he could have continued on into an evolutionary path of higher enlightenment and ascension, but he died before the age of 40 years, which for most men, is the minimal age when this transformational process truly begins.  Furthermore, Kafka’s work was needed (as was John Lydon’s) to help catalyze the shift in our culture’s global spiritual awakening.

The actions of both of these men are actually examples of Chiron energy, which has become a very powerful element for our personal and collective healing and for our spiritual growth.  Chiron was a Centaur who selflessly sacrificed his life for the betterment if mankind without any expected reward.  Yet the Gods were so impressed by his truthful and heroic nature, that they placed him among the constellations as Sagittarius to continuously help guide our actions.  As a renowned teacher of medicine, music, archery, and prophecy, he mentored many of humanity’s greatest heroes. Yet he was wounded from a poisonous arrow that he had taught his pupil to make.  This injury eventually led to his sacrificial death.  Chiron was known as the wounded healer whose inspirational presence is still needed for the growth and ascension of mankind.

The reason for Chiron’s presence is obvious.  By design, in order for our human transformation to be successful there is an element of heroism that must come forward as we will invariably have to face the metaphysical master of the Ego itself.  This metaphysical master is also known as the lesser Guardian of the Threshold and is literally the embodiment of our karma and therefore our fear. Many others have come to understand that these independent dark forces within us are collectively organized. This is why Franz Kafka was so afraid, and why all of us living within the confinement of our Ego are so afraid, because for the most part we are still to some degree ruled by this fear. Kafka went on to write about these very issues of struggling with fear, karma, and the personal and collective negative forces which constitute threshold guardians in his work Before the Law and The Trial. (8)

Perhaps just as relevant is Kafka’s writing of the four legends of Prometheus.  In this work he gives commentary and insight to a seemingly ineffable mystery as he wrote:

The legend tried to explain the inexplicable. As it came out of a substratum of truth it had in turn to end in the inexplicable.”

The legend of Prometheus conveys to us how humanity was given forbidden knowledge of the natural word by betraying the secrets of gods to men. For this and other transgressions, Prometheus (who was himself a Titan), was punished by the god Zeus, being chained to a rock and having eagles tearing open his flesh feasting upon his liver by day, while regenerating it at night, only to be torn apart again the following day.  Since Prometheus was a Titan he was perpetually condemned to this suffering because he could not die.  Eventually, this torturous cycle was broken and Prometheus was released but in his place another immortal had to willfully consent as a sacrifice, which was the beloved Centaur Chiron.  With the help of the mortal Hercules, Chiron took upon himself the sins (karma) of Prometheus and released him from his torment.  In a sense, we have all become victims of this punishment through the burden of our own karmic transgressions which we have accumulated living through millennia of egotistically oriented life cycles.  This fate amounts to the same abstract paradigms and rules which encompass conditioned egotistical life that existentialists, such as Kafka and Lydon, were struggling and calling out against.

The outcome of a life lived within these third density egotistical and existential paradigms should come to no surprise and are about as bleak of an ending as any of Kafka’s stories.  Rudolf Steiner had prophesized well over a century ago—in the time when humanists were predicting a utopian future through secular science—that egoism would bring to the world the rise of the Ego’s metaphysical master in the form of an incarnated being which he referred to as Ahriman (Satan).  Within this transitional time he predicted that a struggle would arise which he called, The War of the All against All, which would transcend nations as individuals would vie against themselves for power—all trying to recreate the wheel and the world in their own image.  The heartless politics of today, with its sheer lack of any meaningful or effective consensus, deception, and hidden agendas, clearly demonstrate how truthful these insights really were.  In a sense, there has been the rise of many anti-Christs who, because of their soul’s limited state of consciousness, are working very effectively to enslave humanity (including their own self).  All of this is propagated through an illusion of freedom and free will, which again is impossible to understand unless it can be seen from a state of awareness that has ascended past an egotistical perspective (for a more detailed discussion see Chapter 9, The Nature of Free Will in

But what if Kafka was aware of Chiron’s potentials and the spiritual nature of life’s journey?

In 1977, a comet-like planetoid body was discovered which flies in a highly elliptical 50.7 year orbit between the cosmic pathways of Saturn and Uranus. (9)  This newly discovered celestial body is now recognized and given the name Chiron. Throughout our human experience it has been universally observed that consciousness shifts within us in time related stages.  Generally, these are in seven year cycles.  Even though an understanding of these transitional states of consciousness are known to a lesser degree in the psychological sciences (such as Erikson’s Stages of Development) a more practical awareness of these transformational cycles is virtually non-existent in the minds of most modern persons. Furthermore, most of us will to a greater degree arrest our potential expansion of consciousness through programmed conditioning and the pursuit of egotistical endeavors well before this process has evolved to its natural fruition.

All of us born into Earth bound life are affected by Chiron’s energies which occur most powerfully after 7 x seven year cycles have elapsed, which is around the age of 50 years.  This is the point in our life when Chiron is returning to the position in our natal chart to where it was when we were born.  The return of Chiron signifies the release of a renewed spirit along with the death of what is no longer important, as we must all become psychologically and spiritually whole to face the lesser Threshold Guardian and our karma.

In a very real sense what dies are the enslaving forces within us, impulses towards selfishness, and anarchistic tendencies which all constitute a lower level of Ego based third density consciousness.  What is then birthed through this death is a greater understanding of connectiveness in higher fourth density I am consciousness.   Again, it is only through this higher level of Oneness where consensus can be durably constructed and where free will can truly be experienced and fully exercised.  Under optimal conditions, the death of anarchy leads to the condition of an ascended understanding most accurately defined as Synarchy.   In its highest form, Synarchy means the binding back of chaos, deception, struggle, and willful destruction through the universal understanding of love and truth.  This is exactly what Jesus is stating when He said that eventually, “the seeker will reign over all.”

The concept of Synarchy was principally related to the influential nineteenth and early twentieth century French esoteric scholar Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre.  Saint-Yves claimed that much of the information that he was privileged to know came from his correspondences with highly evolved human beings who lived below the surface of the Earth in a subterranean Empire known as Agartha.  Saint-Yves believed that this advanced culture was the primary source of all occult knowledge and that only a small group of individuals living on the Earth’s surface were actually evolved enough to know it.  This became the basis for the obscure and hidden nature of this information, namely because most persons were not psychologically and spiritually capable to understand, let alone able to safely wield this level of power.

The guardians of this forbidden knowledge were members of occult schools who began sharing this information with more spiritually evolved individuals in the United States and eventually Europe.  Many of these persons became very prominent within the spiritualist movement of that time gravitating towards the emerging Theosophical Society.  These members were constellated around the legendary clairvoyant Helena Petrova Blavatsky (HPB), herself a colleague and admirer of Saint-Yves.  Eminent individuals within the Theosophical movement included Rudolf Steiner, who became the General Secretary of the German Theosophical Section.  Although there had been a tradition of Western mysticism within these countries, this form of information remained firmly entrenched within esoteric groups who did not want to divulge any of it to the public.

The exception to this code of Omerta (silence) was Rudolf Steiner, himself an adept of Western mysticism, who believed that eventually the Theosophical Society would be the vehicle of full spiritual disclosure.  Yet what was being initially disseminated through the Theosophical Society was very Eastern in origin.  This Eastern mysticism, promoted through writings such as A.P. Sinnett’s Esoteric Buddhism, fit very well within the emerging materialism of the time. (10)  To this day, there remains a bias in our science and philosophy towards Eastern spiritual practices to the exclusion of Western mystical insight.

By 1912, Rudolf Steiner had abandoned Theosophy and created the Anthroposophical Society.  The central tenet of this endeavor was to bring forth an understanding of what Steiner called the Mystery of Golgotha and how this relates to every aspect of our life’s activities.  Yet, the consideration of this mystery has been wholeheartedly ignored by the manufactured partiality of our culture within the science of our egotistically based existence.

In a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner on October 10, 1915 in Dornach, on the history of the occult movement in the nineteenth century, Steiner discussed how debates ensued within hidden Brotherhoods as to how much information should be freely disseminated to the public. (11)   Among the occultists, two opposing camps eventually ensued which were called the exoterists and the esoterists.  The exoterists (who Steiner equated to the radical left) were those who wished to make some form of this sequestered knowledge public, while the esoterists (who Steiner equated to the conservative right) continued to believe that this information should only be revealed to initiated souls prepared to receive it primarily through an occult society.  As Steiner conceded;

We must realize, too, that history shows repeatedly that open communication of esoteric knowledge leads to calamity, and that those who get hold of such knowledge are themselves the cause of obstacles and hindrances in the way of its propagation.”

Inevitably, Steiner’s approach was to disseminate this information publicly through rigorous scholarship married to the ancient wisdom of our culture’s mythologies and Western Alchemy within modern empirical scientific observation.  It was understood that this process would create fertile ground to receive initiated wisdom safely, but that in many instances this process would take lifetimes to achieve.

For most modern egotistically orient souls this prospect of gradual enlightenment was, and is still, unacceptable. Yet another way was offered through the exoterists which expedited the process, but in doing so bypassed the central tenet of Western enlightenment which is spiritual ascension through a living understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha.  The reasons why this method was offered was explained in many instances by Rudolf Steiner, but the motives have now become obvious to anyone who is developing a level of consciousness beyond their conditioned Ego.   In the rapid ascent of awareness that the exoterists offered lies a hidden materialistic agenda.  As Steiner suspected, it was H.P. Blavastsky who was being manipulated by special interest groups that infiltrated the exoteric Brotherhoods which were steering humanity into a very materialistic form of enlightenment for their own geopolitical agendas.  Steiner referred to this group as the left wing:

Thus a real battle raged around her, on the one side with the honest purpose of substantiating much of what the initiates knew; on the other side, for the sake of far reaching special aims……

Already at this time these left wing brothers had their own special interests.  At the moment [October 11, 1915] I do not propose to speak about these interests; if it were necessary I could do so at some future time.  For the present it is enough to say they were brothers who had their own special interests, which above all of a strongly political character.   They envisaged the possibility of achieving something of a political nature in America by means of persons who had first been given an occult preparation.”  (12)

Today, by simply connecting the dots, one can easily see that this has something to do with the rise of Ahrimanic power and the unbridled egoism of American hegemony, intentionally corrupted politics, and the inevitable rise of the War of the All against All.  Attached to these lectures is a concept that Steiner denoted as the “Eight Sphere” which is directly related to free will.  Although his lectures on the subject were very esoteric, a concept arises that strongly suggests a materialistic sphere of consciousness was purposely created that acts as a spiritual rat trap to the souls of humanity who become embroiled in egotistical pursuits or willfully refuse to exercise their full heroic potentials:

Whenever people give way to fatalism instead of making decisions through their own power of judgment, they show their inclination to the Eighth Sphere. And everything that passes in this way into the Eighth Sphere disappears from Earth evolution, does not go forward in the right way with Earth evolution

Wherever truth is trying to assert itself endeavours are made to transform and re-cast it in such a way that it can somehow serve the opposing Powers. And various endeavours cropping up among us at the present time must be regarded as an effort to distort truth as presented here and apply it in a different sense. The craftiest way of doing this is to declare: the teaching itself is good, the teacher—worthless. The teaching is stolen from the teacher and efforts are made to apply it to some other aims. — What Lucifer and Ahriman would love to do is to be able to take the wisdom of the Gods lock, stock and barrel and transfer it to the Eighth Sphere.” (13)

Obviously, none of these statements make any sense unless we can think outside of our conditioned parameters of materialism and begin to realize that it is quite possible that our self-appointed handlers really are connected to trans-dimensional or non-human entities; and that their influence is trying to draw our soul’s awareness away from our ordained spiritual pathway by usurping our individual power from the Earth’s energies which are literally the embodiment of our higher principles.  Steiner mentions that the counterbalance to this is Love.  In order for this arising higher occult knowledge and its derived technologies to serve the Earth, it must be infused with Love.

It is no longer debatable as to whether there is indeed a global conspiracy to eradicate this Western principle of the Christ impulse from our collective consciousness.  From the emerging ideas of Synarchy articulated by Saint-Yves, endeavors to hijack this unifying principle rapidly ensued through the ignorance of egotistically based thinking.  From the beginning, Saint-Yves implicitly knew that our evolutionary fate was married to the Mystery of Golgotha;

Agartha will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus—when the Anarchy which exists in our world is replaced by the Synarchy.” (14)

Unfortunately, Saint-Yves believed that Synarchy would arise from the same occult Brotherhoods that Rudolf Steiner had warned us against—believing that consensus could be built through behind the scenes manipulation by oligarchies that derived their power from the hidden knowledge of the ancient mysteries.  Although still claiming the divine right to lead, today we can see how rapidly distortions emerged through the hidden power struggles of these negative-agenda based Brotherhoods and Royal blood lines.  This could only have been perpetrated by our overwhelming faith in political systems that were easily corrupted by Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces. This ultimately led to the rise of various forms of government that fundamentally function as a vehicle to amass power and influence for a select few individuals, corporations, and bureaucracies.  They also serve to generate fear and enslave those who have not yet sworn allegiance to their anti-Human, anti-Wisdom, anti-Love, anti-Christós-Sophia, draconian-reptilian endeavors.  Our country’s fate is no exception.  As Steiner so prophetically stated;

Endeavours such as those I have mentioned are directed to changing a Society in which freedom can prevail into a Society of slaves. That is the method which can serve Ahriman, for he sets out to make such activities useful to himself.” (13)

Today, our modern world identifies the term Synarchy with these sinister globalists and their emerging New World Order. Yet, it is essential to understand that their endeavors—and all of those persons whose souls become entangled in it—are destined to be imprisoned within the Eighth Sphere.  It should also come to no surprise that the only speed bump to the New World Order’s emerging agenda was Rudolf Steiner.  At least two assassination attempts were perpetrated against him by members of an occult Brotherhood intimately connected to the rising fascist party that became the soul of the German Third Reich.  Eventually, Rudolf Steiner died of a mysterious illness in 1925.  In some circles it was rumored that he was poisoned by members of this insidious group, but the claim has never been substantiated.

Yet, Rudolf Steiner’s legacy continues to live on.  In a letter written to his friend, the French philosopher, artist, and initiate Edouard Schuré, Steiner conveyed to him not only the inevitable downfall of the Theosophical movement, but something of even greater importance.

Without this Christ principle, the Theosophical movement [or any other movement] will have no decisive influences on Western cultures, which trace their beginnings back to Christ’s life on Earth.  Taken on their own, the revelations of Oriental initiation would have to stand aside from the living culture in the West in a sectarian manner.  They could only hope for success within evolution if the principle of Christianity were to be eradicated from Western culture.  But this would be the same as eradicating the essential meaning of the Earth, which lives in the recognition and realization of the intentions of the living Christ.”  (15)

The ideas birthed through the legends of Earth’s hidden Empire of Agartha—and the higher spiritual principles that manifest through it—appear to be the epitome of “the essential meaning of the Earth, which lives in the recognition and realization of the intentions of the living Christ.”  The obfuscation of this truth seems to be the primary action by those whose chief concern is holding us down and dragging us into the hell of the Eighth Sphere.  The only thing that can stop our handlers from doing this is to realign our souls’ energies to our higher spiritual self.  Within this ascended and more unified existence, the true concept of Synarchy will eventually become a living reality and we may very well come to find a home within the bosom of Gaia.

Verily, there is a King of our Earth that has never been openly mentioned in our society.  His name is Wisdom.  This King also rules with a Queen whose name is Understanding.  Their realm is within the Kingdom of I AM.  Anyone living among us who claims the right to fulfill this role— is a deceiver and harbinger of evil.

For a further discussion on the nature of the False King and the True King see Chapter 9 of (16)







6). The Gospel According to Thomas (2)


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